Millennials Prefer Socialism To Capitalism

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Donald Trump Jr. was right: It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about socialism. At least that’s what a survey published Thursday by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation appears to suggest.



Because for the first time in the study’s history, the VCMF said a majority of millennials prefer socialism to capitalism.

But there’s one catch…

Only 34% of millennials could accurately differentiate between communism and socialism.

...and seven in ten couldn’t accurately define communism.

Considering the extent to which radical leftist idealism permeates contemporary college culture, the fact that millennials feelings toward socialism. It also should come as no surprise that 70% of millennials underestimated the number of victims of communism. Nearly half were off by 50 million or more.

Oddly, a small percentage of Americans view communist leaders like Joseph Stalin favorably, despite his massive body count.

But while millennials still harbor generally more favorable views about communist icons like Stalin and Che Guevara, their numbers have dropped since last year.

Despite President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, only 60% of Americans are aware of the economic calamity taking place in Venezuela.

In summary, millennials, who now comprise the largest plurality of American voters and the largest generational cohort in the workplace, are decidedly more liberal than their older peers. Perhaps the fact that many millennials are too young to remember the Cold War has something to do with it. But one thing’s for certain, with polling showing Bernie Sanders to be the most popular politician in America, Nancy Pelosi and her corporatist cronies might see their grip on the party continue to weaken amid a resurgence of the American left.

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"Millennials Prefer Socialism To Capitalism"

No shit! Thanks to Lib control of public education, the kids get  socialist brainwashing from K-12. And then they get it doubled&tripled-down in the Lib colleges. So this is not a surprise at all.

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I am sorry Comrade.

But we need workers to shovel shit, not sugar.

Shovel you must.

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A Millennial Disease  

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Of course they love it. They all received Trophies growing up being Socially Engineered & Indoctrinated.

I also predict Crime rates rising in the future however, I digress.

Stay Strapped my friends.

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Let's see it by race now. Millennials vote so heavily blue and have increasingly lower test scores as the simple result of a rising rate of minorities. The white millennials have to carry more dead weight in their ranks than any other adult generation.

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"...see something...say something"that was good start at the gas stations

if you don't like your neighbor just come up with something...its anonymous

this is how it use to be in communism

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Bernie for president! At least bernie would have seriously  tried to drain da swamp, contrary to the clown in chief who still has no clue, but keeps on twittering and talking hot air.

Yeah, his zionist scumbag-son-in-law was right once upon a time. Even though this bibi ccocksucker doesn't know shit. as does his imbecile wife and her similarly imbecile daddy.

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until they turn 35 and realize the fs army is sucking them dry

this is nothing new - the young and/or broke always support redistribution to themselves

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"the young and/or broke always support redistribution to themselves"

ANYONE supports redistribution when all the jobs have left to foreign countries because the corporate Banksters can hire work at slave wages....

This country used to be fine...(50's, 60's 70's)...

It all ended (along with the "free market") in the 80's with the Fascist coup of Reagan, never-ending wars, supply-side, monetary policy consolidated MONOPOLY ....

The .0001% have left the planet....on our dime.

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I bet they are not taught how is it to be a real socialist worker

I guess in their view being rewarded an iron medal is prefferable to buying the latest trendy muscle car


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You have no land, no skills unless you take on a mountain of debt, and no job unless you acquire skills ... this is the "Capitalism" that is being preached to them.  Why is anyone surprised that they look for an alternative?

Capitalism is an easy sell when you're making a profit.
Communism is an easy sell when you're making a loss.

Besides, the banksters got bailed out, didn't they?  Even kept their bonuses.

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Would have rated up, but you described a Zio-controlled neoliberal like Reagan as a Fascist, therefore with heavy heart I down rate you.

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>> Bernie for president! At least bernie would have seriously  tried to ...

Lots of folks voted for Bernie in the primaries only to find him later asking people to vote for Hillary. This despite Bernie knowing full well what a crook Hillary is.

Bernie showed his true colors, not good, as crooked as the rest of them (sadly).

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Bernie is a SINO, socialist in name only. Bernie has been in government most of his life and prior to that he was kicked off a kibbutz in Israel because he was too lazy to work. The "clown in chief" is a multibillionaire who got that way because he has no clue. Yeah, right. You are a fucking idiot.

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HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Bernie didn't have the BALLS to stand up to a ham sandwich.

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There is NO true capitalism anywhere in the world.

Please tell me ONE single country where true unfettered capitalism exists.




JerkShart's picture

Washington DC, you can buy absolutely anything there.

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>> Please tell me ONE single country where true unfettered capitalism exists.

India is pretty darned close. India is probably the most accurate model for capitalism.

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To be fair! Their failures was 100% via disenfranchisement that took place since September 11 2001.

The last SEVENTEEN YEARS have been a fucking BAD joke for anyone without good parenting or smarts.

You cant honestly tell me that the average millenial that made it through the "public" school system today is in as good a position as the previous generation, let alone completely brainwashed into socialism/communism to begin with.

On this account i really feel for the millenials - they simply dont know better & never experienced what could be.

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Parents are also to blame for not taking sufficient interest in the education of their children. It should have been very clear to any parent paying attention that their children were being brainwashed by deeply disturbed left wingers. 

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Only two kinds of socialism:

Eating out of dumpsters.

Soon will be. 

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That would be like room service.

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Under socialism millions die of hunger.

Under capitalism millions die of obesity.

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Go visit a Socialist country the dumpsters have nothing in them to eat, or the grocery stores. 

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The real take-home is that the majority of people (not just millenials?) - 55% - got the definition of Fascism wrong. Likewise, only 67% answered Captialism to the definition hinged on "free markets" etc. - was this just a highly cynicall sample or are these people actually retarded?

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Don't forget Headstart programs, infant to kindergarten. Who needs a family when you can coerce your neighbors into paying for your house apes.

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I grew upin Socialist Yugoslavia - and I left at the age of 23 (I moved to England and 13 years later to USSA). I have to say (having experienced both ideologies) - it was much better then and peopel were much happier and far more socially connected, sharing, laughing, having fun etc. Girls love men, no relgion-like fake Gay BS as here in the USSA (where more than 40% of th State Department is gay, Hollywood and all other shit media also). 

They are still happier  - I see that every time I go there which is usually once or twice a year. Everyone is married has beautiful kids, nice pretty wives who can cook, are university educated, love kids and breast-feed them anywhere they want without anyone noticing or trannnies, no MANIC fake 'happiness' and other crony capitalist BS - no homeless heroin-addicts all over the place like in SF, LA, NY etc

People love to help each other, eat far better food than we do here, are healthier, better looking laugh much more than we do here in this gulag of debt-slaves...

Crony capitalism is the worst possible system by far

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I have read that Capitalism is Jewish usury.

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Having been to Romania many times to help with an orphanage I can say that the "advantages" I saw to socialism are that people are, in general, too poor to be able to get by in life without the help of others.  So friend, family, and community connections are fairly strong.  And many are too busy worrying about being able to buy food to be out play acting in the street over SJW issues.

Become a wealthy country and people don't need to relate to others.  They also have plenty of free time to shriek in horror in the streets over not getting enough free shit from the gubmint, etc.

Yes, many very attractive women in Romania.  Many of the incredibly attractive ones leave for men with money in other countries. 

Killdo's picture

I guess Yugoslavia was different - lots of Romanians used to swim across river Danube to Yugosalvia and to claim refugee status. I know there was a refugee institution not far from where i lived - I remember seeing them as a kid - they seemed nice and friendly people. I guess their dictatro Chaucesku was very corrupt and they were not allwoed to travel I think . In Yugoslavia everyone was allowed to travel - adn it was very free - actually much freer than we are here in the US. 

I was surprised myself when I went back after 20 year or so )a few years ago) how well they lived in Serbia and how happy everyone was (interestingly people there don't spend time pondering if they are adequate or 'happy' - as Americans do - thye just are happy and socially engaged). All my cousins had great jobs and houses, cars etc and lots of kids and all their wives are great and they have sense of humor. I am pleasantly surprised ever tyme I go back . 

My little nephews play soccer outside (in Belgrade - it's a big city) at 10pm with their friends. It's safe for kids (I see the same thing in Tokyo). Kids play a lot with other kids (and are good in school - one of my nephews was the best in math for his age - in the whole country. Yet he plays tennis, soccer etc. Kids there do many different things and are not scared of anything (the opposite from fearful English kids)  - they are confident, amusing to watch how they joke and interact with their friends. It's socially much more sphisticated and engaging than what I see here. 

And although I am not a racist  - it's always interesting to see shitload of white kids in schools (unlike here in SF where it's rare to see a white kid) - actually everyone is white. That's refreshing (although I saw a few I think Qataris when I was there last time  - they looked happy and felt welcome I think ). I like to see societies in any continent with a critical mass of a dominant culture which is strong enough to carry itself on. 

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Problem is: Politicians keep piling on pay-per-child freebies to reward womb productivity more than work productivity.

Millennials like socialism. Well, here is how they get it:

1) Irresponsibly have more kids than they can afford as a single mom or a sole, male breadwinner in an immigrant household,

2) Work only 20 hours per week—the welfare reform minimum—which is the only way to ensure that they stay below the ultra-low income limit for welfare.

They can then get free or nearly free rent in Section 8 housing or reduced-cost rent in nicer, safer, mixed-income apartments. These apartments are nicer than most college grads, working full time, can afford. The rent goes down in cost, the higher the womb productivity. The landlords get a per-unit tax credit to build them. Childless people can live there, but they have to pay full-market rates that make the apartments too expensive for most childless, single people to afford.

Millennials can also get free food on this womb-productivity plan, with the average mom taking home more in free food per month than I made working full time at the Department of Human Services for a week as a college grad. It is also more than I made in a week of full-time work as a multi-licensed insurance agent. The average momma gets $450 per month in EBT.

Some get monthly cash assistance in the hundreds, along with energy assistance. They get a tax-time cash reward for reproduction, a refundable child-tax-credit check of between $3,337 (for womb productivity in the amount of 1 child) and $6,269 (for womb productivity in the amount of 3 of more kids).

Now, if you work full time, productively, meeting the sales goals every month, coming to work every day and staying all day, your rent will take more than half of your pay as a single, childless person, assuming you can afford the dignity of an independent apartment at all. The average, per capita income in my state is $19k. In a $10-per-hour job, your take-home pay is $1,400 per month, and rent for a miserable, one-room hovel is $750 (minimum).

There is no free food if you work long hours without the womb productivity. There is no free rent, no monthly cash assistance and no energy assistance. And the average tax return for a single, childless citizen at that low wage level is $300 or less. It will not cover even one minor, extra bill.

When you are single and childless, hard work often does not pay, but a little part-time work as a married momma who leaves work at 2:30 every day with the phones ringing off the hook with paying customers, and for protracted periods (afternoons, days, weeks) due to family emergencies like baby travel soccer, pays off, resulting in more luxury money.

Government accommodates that lifestyle as well (career moms, working families, working moms).

In the world of fake feminism, womb productivity pays.

Work productivity often does not pay at all.

Due to the womb-productivity rigging, employers also like a workforce with “somethin’ comin’ in” from government or an ex spouse, as one employer put it. That way, the employer does not have to pay enough or offer hours sufficient to ensure that an employee with no unearned income for womb productivity can cover major household bills, like rent and food.

Soph's picture

Lazy people like socialism, ergo, I am not at all surprised a majority of millenials like socializm.

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Look around, pin-head. We don’t have capitalism in da USSA so - how would the youngins know what it is?

And when they see the banks getting bailed out while granny gets a 1 ZIRP fucking and feasts on cat food - what do you expect?

When they pay SS taxes yet know they will never see a dime returned - what do you expect?

I’m all for socialism myself - as long as the bankers and their pals hang. Look forward to it, in fact.

Billy the Poet's picture

Those who wish to have their earnings redistributed can send me a check.

ThirdWorldNut's picture

So the deep state is now going to claim we need to fight Russia to save us from capitalism?

AllTimeWhys's picture

My generation is so fucked up. Ask ANY of these dumbshits what Socialism is and they won't know what it actually stands for.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Your generation is not the only generation that has seen the rigged job market, which offers a lot of part-time, temp and churn jobs that will not cover rent without unearned income from 1) a spousal income, 2) a child support check that covers rent or 3) pay-per-birth monthly welfare and child-tax-credit welfare.

Blue Steel 309's picture

So capitalism works awesome, it is just that nobody has done it properly? Ya know, kinda like communism?

This argument is falling apart

Billy the Poet's picture

Capitalism is the process in which one makes preparations today in order to be more profitable tomorrow. It puts food on your table, a roof over your head and a sophisyocated computing and media machine in your home. Every human being who is not simply sitting under a tree eating bugs has benefited from capitalism.

Le_Zabroso's picture

Capitalism is not perfect, we all agree. I mean, no system has produced more stupid "pie in the sky" Commies--so that right there tells you it needs work.

Show me a better alternative *in practice* comrade, your adjunct lib-art garbage theory is just that--garbage theory.  

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We only have un-cushioned capitalism for childless people, the most hated group in America. Everyone else has a mixed economy.

Killdo's picture

I agree with you - like real communism it does not exist. What we have here is crony capitalism  - maybe the real one is actually great I just have never experienced it (I spent 13 years in England, 12 or so in the US and a few years in Canada). 

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I would say that millennials like others support socialism because they see that the rich capitalists are getting richer while socializing their losses onto the poor tax payer. Think TARP. And these rich capitalist bankers who benefitted from TARP are the ones who don’t support socialism as they want to remain the rich capitalists.

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Wrong again.  They want people dependent on government handouts, so then can breed a generation dependant on them for everything.. TADA!  BEG FOR YOUR SLAVERY FUTURE SLAVE.

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Bernie is too conservative for many of these misguided kooks on the left. They want the next Fidel, Che, Hugo, Stalin or Mao.

Bill of Rights's picture

Well then feel free to pack up and screw fucken loss here if anything the Country would improve ten fold...

ug's picture

They are smart enough to realize that the 1% have a stranglehold on the Economy, that is why.