Sudden VIX Collapse 'Rescues' Stocks From Trump Tax Trouncing

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Sometimes you just have to laugh...

VIX was samshed to 9 handle to eensure that the market signals its approval of the Trump Tax plan...


Everything recovering from the initial reaction...

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Absolutely remarkable...

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Just the way the game is played.  Or should I say the way the algos are coded.

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See, I TOLD you it was a buyable dip.  You had at least 6 minutes to get in on it.  I know everyone here did.  I have great faith in all of you.



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Everything is wonderful!

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It algos well that ends well

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That is why you all should buy Bitcoin, yeah yeah yeah, it's a fraud, a tulip, back by nothing... but as of now, the central scammer can't maniuplate it yet! 

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I don't know still -- I have a feeling TPTB would rather have assets flow into Bitcoin as a diversion from other other asset bubbles. For example, if money is going into it then the slower the housing bubble increases, but most importantly it diverts money away from physical gold and silver to help keep these prices down.

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Once futures trading starts, and if I had to guess it’s not far off, then they will manipulate it as they do gold and silver. Controlling price through proxy.

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gotta have green for AAPL the king earnings

thank you janet powell......the (((market))) is taking bets on its passage.

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Just those "free market" forces...


"Full Faith and Credit"

same as it ever was...

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that was the invisible f*ckin' hand . . .

Bay of Pigs's picture

HT to the new Tyler.


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'samshed' is my new favorite word

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he's typing one handed.

so am i.

but i'm eating a sammich at subway in switz.

all glory to the globaalists

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Yes I did laugh,, right after I bought the dip.

jamesmmu's picture

that was a dip? omg

this is crazy, whenever you see dow in red, buy the fuck up. probably most insane bubble ever.


Traderone's picture

I bought the ES, far more volatile than the Dow.

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

And I grabbed a bit of Russell, more volatile still, then added more, but for sound quant/'technical' reasons, not just because it 'dipped.'  :)

Will stocks snap-back to new lows after they reveal the cuts only apply to one-handed barbers in Montana?   Stay tuned ...   Good luck, fellow trader

Traderone's picture

My strategies are a litle more nuanced than simply buying a dip ( Don't want to bore the pants of the good folk on here) . We simply ran a few stops stops below the Globex low (context) then the buyers jumped in and shorts started to cover= let's roll. Stop is obvious enough. Good luck to you too. 

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

Ha, you know I was pulling your leg, lampooning the view that mindless trading works.  o:)

If we get to yesterday's high, would be a pretty penny ...

(Just shot a double-eagle in Wii Golf [traders' distraction], perhaps this is my day ...)

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The world has been run by phony BS fakery for decades, it sure is staging a snowflake style tantrum in its effort to maintain the facade.

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

I guess we have reached a "permanentaly high plateau" 


If only my stacks could!

Bryan's picture

Whew, that was close.  Thank you, PPT!

Al Huxley's picture

Don't read so much into it - maybe everybody at first was very disappointed in the plan, but then after a few minutes of consideration they all realized they loved it, and needed to sell volatility immediately at any price. 


Doesn't ALWAYS have to be manipulation by a few mega institutions owned and operated by a a few ultra wealthy control freaks with a proven track record of lying, manipulation and corruption.

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yeah, sorta like when Trump was elected. Dow futures that night were down like 900 points, and gold futures up like $200. I guess Shlomo and Menahem realized that there wasn't really a Plan B to go to, or at least they hadn't prepared for one.  So they reset the machines.

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Im selling the rally, this baby's going down

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Ya smashed vix too low man, now its going to rip back up lol

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And you complain about Bitcoin volatility!!!!! Bwahahahahahhahahahha!!!!!

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I knew the PPT would get back soon from their coffee break. Watched the usd/jpy drop right as vix was smashed. Short dip. Take a pee break and you missed it.

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A very interesting chart btw. Is Vix preparing a pop up?

Same pattern, same outcome?

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It's a Bitch being a Pessimist in an Optimistic World.

( serious statement not /s )

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The Invisible Hand ....of Capitalism ...   neo Bolshevik Federal Reserve Bank...