Yield Curve Flattest Since 2007 After Trump Tax Plan

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If 'growth' was the goal of the tax-reform plan, the bond market ain't buying it...

The yield curve continues to slump...


Breaking down to new cycle lows - flattest since 2007...

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moar debt!!! that'll fix everything!!!

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So, the question is, where the fuck is my billion dollar loan for 1.25%?

Yeah, even I could be a "profitable bank" by loaning it back to the taxpayer!!!

"Full Faith and Credit"

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What a waste of Congressional time on the taxpyer's dime. I know how we can lower our tax rate. Fire 3/4's of Capitol Hill. 

Cash2Riches's picture

As Ron Paul recently put it, "don't get too excited about tax changes". Trump is doing his best, but the swamp is still too strong. 2018 can't come fast enough...

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Trump still telling people we will have 4% GDP growth. Bond market is saying NOPE WE WILL NOT!

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Who you gonna believe?  Trump or your lying eyes?

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What ever you say biatchezz... CTRL+P .......please...

You are doing a good job...

For the top 10% (Total Wealth ~ $950,000)

Bawaha ahahah ahah...



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The Fed still buying bonds?

Hkan's picture

Offisially or unoffisially?

earleflorida's picture

always [!] use the...---

eleven (11) year cycle?

'turn, turn, the turning`of churning'

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Don't believe the TRUMP tax plan is going to help the TWENTY TRILLION IN DEBT any time soon!!!  TRUMP can't simply flip a switch and make everything ok, it's gong to take prescience for years, maybe a decade.  HOWEVER,  we can at least change the direction we are headed in and TRUMP is doing that, in spite of all the conflict and attacks!!!! 

UNLESS, we enact the FAIRTAX!!!  Then it could be done in 3 to 4 years!!!  ABOLISH THE IRS and all the criminals that work there!!!

The FAIRTAX would be so bullish America it would simply be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!


Do yourself a favor and READ THE REAL BILL or check it out on the ACTUAL WEB SITE.  Don't take anyone's word about it, read it yourself!!!  It's truly amazing!!!


SETH RICH??????????




Hkan's picture

The rich are the guys running the presidency...go talk to them!

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Lol.  A flattening yield curve in a mildly inflationary economy.


Have we reached that point we all thought we would finally?  The fed can neither raise nor cut?  Checkmate?  Or is this Goldilocks?


Obviously fed magic has surprised us all.  Could what we all have expected come when we least expect it?   That is how markets work.  

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hey! short volatility! buy more stocks! The future is bright.


Great, so when am I going to see these "flat yield curves" on my loans?  This is Peak Theft in my book.