Germany Loses Track Of 30,000 Failed Asylum Seekers

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Having reported on a leaked document overnight that exposed the spiralling violence in Germany's refugee shelters, news this morning, via Die Welt, that more than 30,000 migrants due for deportation have gone missing under Merkel’s watch, just adds to anxiety and division in the nation.

And as TruthRevolt's Vijeta Uniyal reports, the government has no clue to their whereabouts, German newspapers report.

Putting a spin on the situation, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry told reporters that some of these migrants may have self-deported. Despite this wishful thinking, it is more likely that most of these illegal immigrants are still within the country and have simply gone underground.

The news comes as Germany faces an imported crime wave. This year, police registered a more than 50 percent rise in crimes committed by immigrants. Going by the prevalent trend of underreporting migrant crime in Germany, the actual figures may be much higher.

Not just the law enforcement, but the German judiciary, too, has been clogged by asylum seekers. Courts are struggling to deal with the wave of cases filed by the migrants appealing the rejection of their asylum application. “The number of asylum cases being dealt with by German courts has risen by almost 500 percent in the past year,” reported the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

German newspaper Die Welt covered the ‘missing-migrant’ story:

More than 30,000 refugees, whose asylum applications had failed and were due for deportation, have gone missing without informing the authorities, media reports say. A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry told the Bild Zeitung,


“It cannot be ruled out that some of these people, due for deportation according to the Central Foreigners Register, have left the country or have gone underground without the Immigration Office noting the change in their status.”


The newspaper [Bild Zeitung] came up with the figure of 30,000 by calculating the difference between the number of migrants due for deportation and those collecting welfare benefits. According to the data taken from the Central Foreigners Register maintained by the government, 54,000 individuals were marked for deportation by the end of December 2016. German Statistical Office could only account for 23,000, the report said.  [Translation by the author]

The Police unions and people involved with the law enforcement have spoken up about the deteriorating law and order situation caused by migrants, only to be silenced by German politicians or labelled as bigots and racists by the media.

Last December, when the head of Germany’s Police Union, Rainer Wendt, warned that not everyone coming into the country was an asylum seeker and there were hardened criminals among the migrants, he was slammed by all the major political parties in Germany.

Ralf Stegner, deputy leader of the Social Democrats, Merkel’s junior coalition partner, called Wendt’s remarks "politically disgusting and stupid as one can get." A prominent German judge called Wendt "the Donald Trump of domestic politics" for daring to make the obvious connection between illegal immigration and crime. Calling someone ‘Trump’ is apparently the worst insult a liberal can come up nowadays with.

For Merkel and Germany’s ruling elite it is more important to shut out dissenting voices and carry on with their virtue signaling than to ensure the safety and well-being of ordinary Germans.

As for Merkel’s missing migrants: they won’t be missing for long. They will soon be resurfacing in Germany’s crime records.

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alangreedspank's picture

lol, yes absolutely. That's how they do it in the third world. We westerners are just too stupid to understand that doctors, lawyers and engineers are much more productive in "fugitive mode". Duh

alangreedspank's picture

How the fuck can this be a surprise to anyone ? They came by jumping the fence, you think they'll sit there and wait if told so ? Fucking hell...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"SAFE HOUSE" for Mossad/MI6/CIA trained getting asses kicked out of Dier ez-Zor!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And when they're aren't SUCCESSFUL blowing shit up in Iraq and Syria ( ( They'll rape your women and run over your pedestrians in Manheim or Nice spreading the "positive multiculturalism" agenda to those holdouts that refuse to get with the Brussels business model!

Handful of Dust's picture

"If you want to keep your alloo ahkbar, you can keep your alloo ahkbar. Ich promise."



KimAsa's picture

These people are human garbage. The Germans have no clue what's about to happen to them.

css1971's picture

whose asylum applications had failed and were due for deportation, have gone missing without informing the authorities

Shocked! Shocked I say!


Heading to Sweden likely, then Italy, France, Austria....

esum's picture

politicians selling out for votes.... what's new

same shit in the ussa

plus local free shit libtard soros funded idiots


Miss Expectations's picture

Incompetence or intention?  


CaptainMoonlight's picture

Cannot believe Merkel's head is still attached. Simply amazing. I guess humans are pretty darn fucking stupid, in the aggregate.

afronaut's picture

Good. Germans deserve it. So do French, British, Italians, Canadians, Australians. If you disagree with government policies, do something, otherwise STFU

Lost in translation's picture

whups... “mistakes were made...”

BritBob's picture
Asylum Seekers or economic migrants?


“More than half of the people now coming to Europe come from countries where you can assume they have no reason whatsoever to ask for refugee status… more than half, 60 percent,” said Frans Timmerman, vice-president of the European Commission, citing what he said were new, unpublished figures from the EU border agency Frontex.

Speaking on Tuesday with Dutch national broadcaster NOS, he added that these false refugees are mostly aspiring settlers from Morocco and Tunisia and are infiltrating Europe through porous Turkish borders in pursuit of better economic prospects.

Timmerman urged EU countries to accelerate the deportation procedure for those who pretend to be fleeing war or persecution. In this way, Europe would be able to provide support for those who need protection, he said


crazybob369's picture

At times I despair over how things are in this country. Then, I read about even more idiotic countries and politicians and I don't feel so bad. Thanks Germany, for providing some perspective.

Sudden Debt's picture

Just let them burn the place. Eventually people will get so fucking pissed off that we'll start a genocide to clean up the house.

And nobody will have seen it comming...


RafterManFMJ's picture

Vox Day, aka Tim Beale, sees it coming. Me too!

Easyp's picture

Berlusconi once described Merkel as "an unfuckable fat arse" he should have added "brainless".

crazybob369's picture

All of this begs the question: Was Hitler wrong, or simply a visionary who saw what was coming?

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

The latter. Becomes more apparent every day.

Herdee's picture

Germany and the rest of the European Union helped the Americans in destroying Libya. It did the same to Afghanistan and Syria with no plans for the future, just support the American NeoCon war machine and kiss ass. And the result is what you see from bombing. Now piss-off Turkey even more and you'll get millions more refugees from WAR.

OleMiss22's picture

Where did all the German men go? Oh yeah, they died at Stalingrad.

IronForge's picture

Just put a Bounty on their heads (alive, for the record), get them Incarcerated, Deported, and on every Country's Immigration Watch List.



JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

Give them all a BMW....the maintenance will break them

BigSimes's picture

I live in Germany in a main city.

These missing people are everywhere. I see lots of Middle Eastern guys who are totally clueless, they are just peasants really. There are always criminals but I also bet some will go 'home' when the welfare is removed, if it ever is.

The German locals are in complete denial or too scared to voice their real opinions politcally until recently (as if AfD 13% makes a difference), and it's easy to see how Germany became a fascist country, because these days they sleep walk into the great multi-cultural utopia / unknown blindly following their Fuhrer. Merkel probably has an inner circle that feeds her the good news, just like AH in his bunker. She'll never walk her blonde daughters past the seedy eyes of low intelligence, Christian-despising foreigners.

I also see the point about demographics etc, but it's all BS. Robots will take jobs. 3rd World Countries should not be drained of their smartest moving to the West.

If you try to argue any counter point of view to the German mainstream media (which you have to support via a mandatory feeof about €220 per year even if you don't own a TV) with an uninformed German, they have been taught to suffer so much guilt from WW2 that the alternative 'mindset' does not exist.

A politician in Sweden summed it up nicely, something like this: "If we admit that multi-culturism is failing, then we have to admit that 60 years of policy is a failure."

So there you have it, in the West, since WW2, too many people are too proud to admit they were wrong, and would rather the next generation clean up the mess.

This kind of mass mixed migration has never, ever, happened before. Hope for the best!

bornlastnight's picture

Ich kann hören Merkel zu den Deutschen sagen: "Köpfe, die ich gewinnen, Geschichten, die Sie verlieren."

Eins, Zwei, Zuppa!!!

Aubiekong's picture

Its too late for Germany now.  Demographics puts europe into the muslim catigory in just a generation or so...

falconflight's picture

It's too late because their populations are throughly indoctrinated into the holy sacraments of diversity and tolerance.

Mike Masr's picture

They propably went to Sweden where the women are hotter and the men are all passive cucks!

Sparkey's picture

I believe this is all according to plan, the 'apparent' incompetence of Merkel the German Plolice, the laws, as they are written, the conditioning for helpness of the German People, everything is designed to destabilize Germany and Europe, but what about America?

Listening to an alt media Commentator this morning and he mentioned that; Antifa met with Alcida at the G20 meeting, Alcida is at the G20? Antifa is taking full page adds in the NYT for their civil disobedience exercise tomorrow, an exercise, supposedly, to destroy the elected Trump Presidency and replace him with what or whoand by who?

hooligan2009's picture

the blatant stupidity of government

in the US, DHS question "are you a terrorist?" - d'uh

in europe, "we are stoping your benefits as don't think you are a refugee, please report to your local plice statiom after you have spent this months allowance of 500 euros, here it is".


Aubiekong's picture

Why are liberals hell bent on destroying their own countries?  Allowing muslim invasion is asking for your own death...

GunnyG's picture

Because Liberals are LIFERS (Lazy Ignorant Fucks Expecting Reasonable Sandniggers) and they lack any common sense.

motoXdude's picture

Oh what could possibly go wrong?   I'm sure Merkel has a plan!

GunnyG's picture

I say this happening in the 80s while stationed overseas and touring Germany. Lots of Turks and other ME losers standing around scratching their asses, doing nothing, and getting paid for it. A German babe that I was dating stated that many Germans then were disgusted by it all. Too late now.

TheSilentMajority's picture

They wish it was only 30k.

It’s more likely to be 130k+.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Indeed. It is probably against the law in Germany to count, when refugees are involved. So it must be an estimate.

mrtoad's picture

"just adds to anxiety and division in the nation". No shit Sherlock! Thats what the governments want. 

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"We welcome the immigrants and their vibrant dive...hey quit that...don't touch me...Get your fucking hand....HELP...HELLLLLLPPPP!!!!."

JLM's picture

Someone bleachBit-ed them and they disappeared. Took a cue from Hillary... .

ironmace's picture

Wo sind sie hin?

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

A truck rental angecy in Hamburg just reported 30,000 truck rental reservations.

......I think we may have found them.

Of course they are all using legitimate ID's,CC's, Proof of insurance, etc.



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Maybe they will find a mass grave.

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Alot more diversity trucks coming your way you get what you vote for cucks

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The leadership of Germany sucks. It's that simple.

Is-Be's picture

Now what would Adolph have done?

Genghis Kahn?


Oh. Silly me "because 2017". 

"Culture is not your friend", quoth Terrance McKenna. I'm sorry Terrance. You just blew yourself out of the water with such a self destructive statement.

Culture is the glue of society. It would appear that you are right though, it is falling apart.

I hope that we can save the genestock. The homogenization of humanity is the opposite of diversity. The woodchipper  is an instrument of destruction.

Yet there is hope. Designer babies. What parent would not want the very best for her child?