"Hopelessly Compromised": Judiciary Member Calls For Mueller's Resignation Over Uranium One Scandal

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Earlier this morning House Judiciary Committee representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) submitted a resolution calling for Robert Mueller to resign as special counsel overseeing the FBI investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government saying, among other things, that the former FBI director is "hopelessly compromised" as a result of his failed oversight of the controversial Uranium One transaction.  Here is an excerpt from a press release posted to Gaetz's website earlier today:

“Evidence has emerged that the FBI withheld information from Congress and from the American people about Russian corruption of American uranium companies. A confidential U.S. witness, working in the Russian nuclear industry, revealed that Russia had deeply compromised an American uranium trucking firm through bribery and financial kickbacks.


Although federal agents possessed this information in 2010, the Department of Justice continued investigating this “matter” for over four years. The FBI, led at the time by Robert Mueller, required the confidential witness to sign a non-disclosure agreement. When the witness attempted to contact Congress and federal courts about the bribery and corruption he saw, he was threatened with legal action. By silencing him, Obama’s Justice Department and Mueller’s FBI knowingly kept Congress in the dark about Russia’s significant and illegal involvement with American uranium companies.


These deeply troubling events took place when Mr. Mueller was the Director of the FBI. As such, his impartiality is hopelessly compromised. He must step down immediately,” Rep. Gaetz said in a statement.

Gaetz’s resolution currently has two cosponsors, both of whom are members of the House Freedom Caucus: Representatives Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX).


Of course, pressure has been growing on Mueller for the past couple of weeks and reached a fevered pitch when the The Hill recently reported the sordid tale of "Confidential Source 1," a man that the FBI used as an informant back in 2009 and who says he was silenced by the FBI and Obama administration when he attempted to come forward with information that linked the Clinton Foundation directly to the Uranium One scandal.

Toensing added her client has had contact from multiple congressional committees seeking information about what he witnessed inside the Russian nuclear industry and has been unable to
provide that information because of the NDA.


“He can’t disclose anything that he came upon in the course of his work,” she said.


The information the client possesses includes specific allegations that Russian executives made to him about how they facilitated the Obama administration's 2010 approval of the Uranium One deal and sent millions of dollars in Russian nuclear funds to the U.S. to an entity assisting Bill Clinton's foundation. At the time, Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of State on the government panel that approved the deal, the lawyer said.


It has been previously reported that Bill Clinton accepted $500,000 in Russian speaking fees in 2010 and collected millions more in donations for his foundation from parties with a stake in the Uranium One deal,
transactions that both the Clintons and the Obama administration denied had any influence on the approval.


“All of the information about this corruption has not come out,” she said in an interview Tuesday. “And so my client, the same part of my client that made him go into the FBI in the first place, says, 'This is wrong. What should I do about it?'”


When he tried to bring some of the allegations to light in the lawsuit last year, “the Obama Justice Department threatened him with loss of freedom. They said they would bring a criminal case against him for violating an NDA,” she added.


“The government was taking a very harsh position that threatened both your reputation and liberty,” the civil lawyer wrote in one email. In another, she added, “As you will recall the gov’t made serious threats sufficient to cause you to withdraw your civil complaint."

As we pointed out last week, "Confidential Source 1" has since been cleared by the DOJ to meet with Congress to tell his tale.

Meanwhile, the scandal took another turn for the worse earlier this week when, despite numerous assurances to the contrary from the Obama administration, new memos obtained by The Hill confirmed that, in fact, Uranium One yellowcake was exported from U.S. shores repeatedly between 2012 - 2014.

Yet NRC memos reviewed by The Hill shows that it did approve the shipment of yellowcake uranium — the raw material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons — from the Russian-owned mines in the United States to Canada in 2012 through a third party. Later, the Obama administration approved some of that uranium going all the way to Europe, government documents show.


NRC officials said they could not disclose the total amount of uranium that Uranium One exported because the information is proprietary. They did, however, say that the shipments only lasted from 2012 to 2014 and that they are unaware of any exports since then.


NRC officials told The Hill that Uranium One exports flowed from Wyoming to Canada and on to Europe between 2012 through 2014, and the approval involved a process with multiple agencies.

Of course, we're certain that Mueller will promptly admit his conflicts and do the right thing...right?

* * *

Below is the full text of the Gaetz' resolution:

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Robert Mueller should resign from his special counsel position.

Whereas from 2001–2013, Robert Mueller served as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation;

Whereas as early as 2009, the FBI discovered that Russian officials were engaging in bribery and extortion, tainting the American uranium industry in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to strengthen their own nuclear program;

Whereas investigations into Russia’s corruption of American uranium-related businesses were supervised by then-United States Attorney Rod Rosenstein, currently serving as Deputy Attorney General, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, currently serving as Deputy Director of the FBI;

Whereas despite knowledge of this corruption, backed by documents and an eyewitness account, neither the Department of Justice nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the leadership of Mr. Mueller brought charges;

Whereas the Department of Justice actively threatened the liberty of a confidential informant embedded within Russia’s nuclear program who wished to inform Congress about Russian corruption of American uranium-related companies, and the FBI required this informant to sign a non-disclosure agreement, intentionally depriving Congress of information vital to national security and Congressional oversight authority;

Whereas Members of Congress have raised objections to, and concerns with, the sale of American uranium assets to Russian companies, and raised these concerns in official correspondence to then-President Obama as early as 2010;

Whereas in 2010, when the Russian Federation needed American approval of uranium sales, former President William Jefferson Clinton received hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from Kremlin-linked institutions, and requested approval from the State Department to meet with central figures in Russia’s nuclear industry, and eventually met with Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin at Mr. Putin’s private residence;

Whereas the Clinton Foundation has either directly or indirectly received undisclosed donations totaling millions of dollars from Russian-linked sources, including from officials in Russia’s nuclear program;

Whereas in 2010, Hillary Clinton, founder of the Clinton Foundation, wife of former President Clinton, and then Secretary of State, approved the sale of Uranium One to a Russian state-owned nuclear technology corporation;

Whereas any thorough and honest investigation into the corruption of American-uranium related business must include investigating the willful blindness of the FBI and its leaders;

Whereas under 28 CFR 45.2, no individual can participate in a criminal investigation if he has a personal or political relationship with any organization substantially involved in the conduct that is subject of the investigation;

Whereas under 28 CFR 45.2, no individual may participate in a criminal investigation if the individual’s participation would create an appearance of conflict of interest likely to affect public perception of the integrity of the investigation;

Whereas the Code of Federal Regulations, applied to Mr. Mueller, demonstrates that he cannot be allowed to investigate his former colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates;


Whereas these obvious conflicts of interest are unacceptable to the United States justice system and the American people:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved,

That House of Representatives expresses its sense that Robert Mueller is compromised and should resign from his special counsel position immediately.

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11b40's picture

Yes, Trump needs Meuller & Sessions gone, just to name 2, but this Nation needs it even more.

Oldwood's picture

If Sessions appointed a special prosecutor he and Trump would immediately be accused of using the presidency for political attacks. Trump was almost destroyed for firing

Yes we know that progressives are undoubtedly using government for political attacks but there has always been a double standard.

My point is that  progressives are more effective at destroying themselves than Sessions ever could be. They are digging themselves into a deeper hole every day. Congressional demands for Mueller to resign will fail but it will reinforce the complete lack of their credibility, and each day this transparency will erode more of these assholes from their corrupt base. Each day another progressive disses or disavows Hillary and the DNC.

Let the voices rise until Rosenstein is forced to hire a special prosecutor. Then there will be nothing progressives can do about it. And given the circumstances of apparent conflicts of interests, Rosenstein won't be able to slip in another ringer.

nonclaim's picture

The Obama/Hillary collusion turned the political/intelligence landscape into a heavy minefield. Trump has to walk it very carefully... and despite his most trusted inner circle working hard to clean it, all it takes is one step outside the narrow path and it's over.

On the other side of this field, however and most ironically, the Democrats turned into nothing more than a pack of rabid monkeys, screaming impeach! and throwing shit like there's no tomorrow... and carelessly steping over the very same minefield that they laid out. But some, like that blue hippo, are already seing the light (and bangs) and getting away as far as they can...

FoggyWorld's picture

Seems to me that Sessions can fire Rosenstein and that would be the first real move he has made since he took that job and went to sleep.

Oldwood's picture

You don't get it. Trump and surrogates must rope-a-dope, making lots of noise but doing NOTHING except appearing weak and ineffectual. If Trump actually uses the weapons afforded him they will impeach, which while not currently able to remove him (maybe) would still be a stain and inhibitor for any Trump agenda.

Trump fired Comey...at supposedly Rosenstein's suggestion, and subsequently Rosenstein hired Mueller to investigate Russian collusion AND possible obstruction directly relative to Comey's firing. Got it?

This is a snake pit deliberately constructed to be so. Trump can't kill all of the snakes so his only tact is to get the snakes to kill each other.

The continual and building exposure of the progressive's REAL actions will make it impossible for Mueller to not investigate, and even if he does, has lost all credibility. Rosenstein will be forced to hire a special prosecutor as Sessions will recuse himself.

This is bigly greatness!

FreedomWriter's picture


Each day these turds expose themselves to more and more public scrutiny.

When Mueller handed down his BS indictments, he could have just shouted: "your vote didn't count, the swamp is in charge now, so be quiet peasants, eat some cake". He made the two-justice state official for all Americans. Even libtards were stunned by his Comeyesque recklessness.

Eventually, America will scrape this turd off its shoe and get on with Making the Country Great Again.

But Trump is effortlessly playing these assholes like a violon.

He simply lets them sink lower to show Americans what they really are:

"Traitors to the Republic"  "Guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors".


"Criminals",  "Frauds" and "Corrupt Federal Officials"

This symphony plays on with each tweet truth-bomb, and with each feigned act of helplessness in the face of the swamp.

Priceless and effortless. Now the swamp creatures are beginning to eat each other alive.

Only 12 months until the 2018 midterms.

Swamp creatures need not apply.

Be careful about any swampies that won't take a side.

They are DS plants.

The alligators will get steadily bolder and roam further and further away from the water as the swamp drains. 

No place to hide, eventually they will be trapped inside their own lies and inconsistencies.

Only to be turned into handbags and shoes by the American people.

WATCH it happen or VOTE in 2018 and MAKE it happen.

Because it WILL happen.

11b40's picture

Sorry to disagree.  Time is tight, and action is needed.

Rosenstein?  He should be the first to go on the grounds that he is too compromised to serve as #2 at Justice, then present Sessions with the name of the person you want to replace him with.  Someone who is a verified supporter of MAGA.  Some prosecutor from flyover country - or Bill Black.  Appointing #2 does not require Senate confirmation. 

Once the new #2 is in place, fire Sessions.  Congress may freak out, but so what.  Getting a new AG confirmed would be torture, but with#2 acting as #1 while there is no #1 is perfect. Just don't even bother appointing anyone, or appoint someone they could never confirm to buy time.  The elections are next year, and the Dems are bleeding. The Reps need to have Trump in their districts.....supporting them instead of their primary oppoent.

Now, acting #1 is not going to recuse himself from anything, so he takes over supervison of Meuller, reviews the case, and pulld the plug....or puts it on the track he wants it on.

Then acting #1 should open an investigation into the FBI itself.

The Trump base would love it, and after a few months, the dirt that could be exposed should give the Reps a major victory.

See?  Simple.

Oldwood's picture

Simple in theory, not so much in practice. Trump does ANYTHING that can be spun as obstruction...the firing of ANYONE in the department of justice, including Sessions, will result in impeachment. Everything grinds to a halt. REMEMBER. Trump has NO friends in DC or much of anywhere within government. They would jump at the chance to get rid of him. All they fear is voter backlash, so they will simply enable progressives without taking an active roll...except for those already fully transparent. They will vote for things that will enable things to happen while claiming they didn't actually do anything. Same as it ever was.

I understand the lack of patience. Trust me...I do understand. But I also acknowledge that Trump is extremely vulnerable which is why we see him constantly veering towards agendas he has disparaged.

This is a life and death chess match of many levels as he is faced with more than one agenda and most definitely more than one opponent. I only know I could never pull it off. It is amazing to me that he has lasted and succeeded this far.

soyungato's picture

In the old days, when someone refused to sell you their property, they burn it down. Since it is a life and death chess match and Trump cannot fire Sessions, are you suggesting for Trump to shoot Sessions's dog for him to voluntarily retire ? In all seriuousness, if they have goods on Sessions, why cant Trump find them too ?

11b40's picture

I still disagree.  Getting 2/3's majority to impeach is a major hurdle, and Trump's base, Bannnon & Breitbart, as well as the Internet, and maybe even Assange, would explode on DC.  The Congress Critters are mean and tough so long as they think they are on top, but once punched in the face will tuck tail and run lest they not be re-elected next year.  On top of that, there is already a chorus in Congress calling for an end to this witch hunt.  Trying to bring down Trump would also force a major spotlight on all of this.  It is not like they are just going to show up one morning, bring up impeachment, and Trump is gone that afternoon.  It would be a total shit show in DC.

curbjob's picture

Sessions is a Alabama nutria;  in other words a large swamp rat.

He's one of Alabama's good old boys, elected like clockwork by sprouting jeebers at every turn and, the reason why the fucking state is 50th by every metric.

Bannons pick over here, Roy Moore, is even more fucking retarded, and may end up being responsible for  the democ-rats regaining  the senate . 


Yup down vote away, but I, having never voted for a democrat, will either sit this one out or take a stand in what clearly is a war on intellect.



Publicus_Reanimated's picture

You are completely mistaken.  When it comes down to that 51st vote, Roy Moore represents everybody in the whole blessed country.  If you want to have some impact on which way that vote goes, I highly recommend casting your vote for him.  Do it for me, please.

curbjob's picture

Sorry ,  I cannot vote for the tALiban. .. which is ideologically what Moore represents . 

How does he help the GOP in the Senate when he's the punchline of a bad joke ?

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

cant remember who but i saw on twitter that was misinformed, Sessions has not recused from U1

LiberateUS's picture

Sessions has failed as an American. Period. A disgrace.

Dolar in a vortex's picture

When I read the title, "Hopelessly compromised", my mind immediately went to Sessions.

He needs to go, if his knees were any weaker, he's be in a wheelchair.

I agree that Mueller needs to go, but I was disappointed to learn this wasn't about Sessions.

SheHunter's picture

The sobering thing is how quiet our vocal Trump is on Sessions. Likely both the GOP and the Dems are deeply embroiled in this scandal and our Trump has been so informed.  El Swamp walks both sides of the aisle.

drendebe10's picture

Sessions is a spineless pussy and muelhead is a corrupt progressive liberal democrap turd stooge. 

Urban Redneck's picture

ANY contract can be ammended (or terminated) by MUTUAL CONSENT of all the parties to the contract.

So all it takes is EITHER the FBI, or the Justice Department AND the witness, to mutually agree to terminate the NDA, and then the witness is free to testify... Surely there is A SINGLE competent lawyer in either the FBI or Justice Department, who would  actually like to get to the bottom of this...

This is NOT rocket science. 

MoreFreedom's picture

I'm willing to give Sessions time.  His recusal with a flimsy connection to the Russian investigation, while Mueller's and Rosenstein's close association with the uranium scandal and Russian corruption investigations, stands oiut like a sore thumb.   I see the situation as building to a boil where even Democrats in Congress will want Clinton and the uranium sale properly investigated.

I'd bet Putin did get Hillary's emails and used it to blackmail Obama and her (he sent her emails suspiciously using an alias, then lied about it claiming he learned of her server in news reports).  And their choice was to reveal the blackmail and the email contents, or cover it up, and appease Putin.  And give Russia the flexibility Obama promised Russian President Medvedev.  Why would Obama otherwise provide any flexibility to Russia, let alone promise more of it?


takeaction's picture

THese fucking Democrats now just admit everything out in the open...

They don't care...Why?


Because nothing will happen and they know it...

NAANANANANANANANANAAAA........you can't do shit.......you little prick Sessions...

Hahahahahahahah.........something is going to happen....

and Oh look at all of this on the front page of CNN...Nothing.

We are coming for you fuckers in 2018 and beyond.  I am with Bannon...and I will not forget Seth Rich.    I want a Seth Rich Shirt...and I want a Seth Rich bumper sticker...


Seth Rich is to this story as Building 7 is to 9/11.  Seth is the person "They" don't want you to dig into...

chunga's picture

Why should they care? The Clintons have been operating with impunity since the Rose Law Firm days, the feckless frauds on the red team and their fake investigations have been a day late and a dollar short for going on LITERALLY 40 years!

Any minute now! Dilly Dilly!

Chupacabra-322's picture

Pssssst, Chunga....They’re all in on it. They’re all in on the

Tyrannical Lawlessness

Business model.

chunga's picture

I went ahead and voted last time but if it stays like this I won't do it again.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Chunga,

Quite the optimist?

There ain’t no changing this. When an institution is as

Tyrannically Lawless

as it presently is. The Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths dont want it or need it changed.

We’re at that preverbal moment.

GreatUncle's picture

There is a name for it where "bribery and corruption" is now...

your one and only favourute Clinton P2P.

Legitimised in the twinkle of an eye.

Wrenching Away's picture

There is graffiti all over Seattle that hangs around months or years before getting cleaned up. I noticed that recently someone spray painted "Who killed Seth Rich?" in several places around the city. That shit got cleaned up asap. Coincidence?

Al Gophilia's picture

End the Fed. Everything else is a sideshow.

KrazyMax's picture

Lock him up!

I would REALLY enjoy seeing him having to share a cell with HRC, except that would likely be considered cruel and unusual punishment!

jimmy12345's picture

Trump is guilty.   

jimmy12345's picture

Trump is guilty.   

Gladi8tor's picture

America Needs Rudy Giuliani  to prosecute the cabal

N0TME's picture

Of course, we're certain that Mueller will promptly admit his conflicts and do the right thing...right? 


I won't hold my breath.

Cman5000's picture

Washington DC. " You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy,”

William Dorritt's picture

You will never find Sub Chapter S Corps

anywhere else in the USA other than DC where the Silent partners don't have to appear on any paperwork.

It's how money is laundered in DC.

The latest innovation is a Charity Fund with the pols as the administrators.

chairman of the bored's picture

Can't stand looking at that cocksucker!

HRClinton's picture

"With apologies to cocksuckers", so to speak.

At least their work is honest, if messy and potentially dangerous.

shovelhead's picture

I've always been quite partial to cocksuckers of the female persuasion.

I cannot condemn them. It's a noble thing they do.

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

Not messy with proper technique.

Oldwood's picture

Again, lured onto a self destructive hubris. They just didn't think it would EVER blow back on them.

Dickguzinya's picture

A lout and a scum bag of the highest order.  His buddies; the clit-ons and barry o-loser are part and parcel to the same old same old that we've been subjected to for years.  mueller and sessions should have been shown the door months ago.  They're all a waste of a human being.


Deep Fry the Mueller donut. 

DaBard51's picture

Well.  Damn.  Had to happen on a Friday.




When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

Thought Processor's picture



Uranium One is the tip of the iceberg, as anyone knows who has taken one look at Meuller's resume.


He's job is obfiscation and cover-up.  Period.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well, what did he do to put BCCI in the Spot Light or to Prosecute?

What did he do to Illuminate the 2007 - 2017 Global Financial Crisis?

- Sand Bagger at Least
- Insider, Corrupt at Least
- 911, Insider Collusionist at Least... in fact could be threatened by any Trump Exposure of 911!!


TeethVillage88s's picture

Is this really a thing? Cause, corporations rule federal Govt, and the USA... would think Meuller is insider with full faith & support of Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, whatever... pope, black pope, TBTF, Brexit Opposition, EU, NATO, CIA/MI5/MI6... Brit Parliament

"Hopelessly Compromised": Judiciary Member Calls For Mueller's Resignation Over Uranium One Scandal"