"It's A Dud" - Nationwide Soros-Funded, Antifa 'Uprising' To Remove Trump From Office Fails

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Authored by Alex Thomas via SHTFplan.com,

Despite widespread attention in the press, the “Refuse Fascism” multi-city Antifa plan to remove Trump from office has completely failed, with protests in most cities turning out under a hundred people who were at times outnumbered by Trump supporters that had shown up to counter what the Soros-funded group had claimed would be millions of people intent on driving out the “fascist Trump/Pence regime.”

The group had spent an unknown amount of money promoting the protests, even going as far as to take out a full page ad in the New York Times. On top of that, they also received widespread attention in the mainstream media for the last week yet none of that apparently mattered when the time came to show up for the communist inspired revolution to take out the rightfully elected president.

A variety of videos of the protests across the country were posted throughout social media, most showing such a laughable turnout that one news outlet led with the headline “ANTIFAIL.”

Reports of violence were also surprising low, with the only notable exception being a women arrested for throwing her drink on a Trump supporter in New York City.

In Boston a Trump supporter posted footage of what looks to be a couple dozen people planning Trump’s demise.

Protests in Chicago were also relatively small and not even close to what the groups behind them had hoped for.

As Breitbart noted, protests in the Antifa “stronghold” of Seattle were also surprisingly small.

One protester in Seattle turned up with a Soviet flag. I can only assume that the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, all of which hate murderous totalitarian ideologies, will give it the same kind of coverage they devoted to the swastika at Charlottesville. That’s how it works, right?

What looks to be the biggest protest happened in New York City with a couple hundred people showing up. (LOL)

Infowars.com covered multiple protests across the country with over 7 hours of footage showing the complete failure of the Soros funded anti-Trump protesters.

Owen Shroyer covered the protests from Austin City Hall and reported that, “It was nationwide, they spent millions of dollars on this, they bought a full page ad in The New York Times, today rolls around and its a dud!

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JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

Punks for 12 bucks an hour...pay them George

RAT005's picture

Foiled by iPhoneX, bad weather, and general uselessness.

ACP's picture

Here's antifa actually demanding their money from George Soros during a protest earlier in the year:



HockeyFool's picture

Antifags failed bigly. Sad!

Grave's picture

ANTI-Freedom - Agents of evil

NoDebt's picture

A bigger dud than the iPhone 8.


ThanksChump's picture

Maybe NAMBLA meetings conflicted with Antifa's protests.


That's like, HALF, their membership.


Fucking shitflake pedos.

Froman's picture

Well done sir.  You just made the milk come through my nose laughing on that comment.  Your comment reminded me of a friend of mine (who now is who when he is on a crowded subway train and he is talking with someone that he knows just as the person is exiting the train he will loudly say something like:  "Good seeing you (insert name here).  I hope that you have a great time at your big NAMBLA convention down in Key West next weekend" or "I am sure that nothing will come of the fraud and embezzlement charges but you hang in there."

chiswickcat's picture

The potential protesters barely get out of their basement dwellings on a weekday, not gonna get them out of bed on a Sunday. No way!

bh2's picture

He's going to have to raise his price to get "protestors" to show up.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Fight for $15....



BandGap's picture

Shit, I bought a new shirt for this.

SybilDefense's picture

My T shirt says "It ain't Right to Hate.  Its LEFT"

Dr. Engali's picture

Damn that Apple and their iPhone X release date screwing up our coup. If I wasn’t such an iZombie I’d organize a protest.

DirtySanchez's picture

I don't think soros gets to spend his hoard of shekels in hell.

Once again, he'll be sucking cock for pocket change.

Implied Violins's picture

I say, don't drop your guard. This might have been planned to get people to discredit Antifa as a force and let their guard down.

If there is one thing these fucks share, it's cowardice and the will to attack 'gun-free' zones - like churches...and shopping malls. And they especially like to strike when no one is thinking of them.

waspwench's picture

Violins:   You beat me to it.   This is exactly what I was about to post.

Yesterdays "protests" were a fake-out.   Everyone who was in the know knew not to bother to show up.   Soros has plenty of shekels to waste on setting up a non-event so that people stop taking antifa seriously.   The timing - winter weather setting in, and the holiday season beginning - makes it very obviously not the time to begin a revolution.   I have no idea what antifa is up to but it ain't over yet.


Now is not the time to write off antifa.   Pay attention everyone.

Mtnrunnr's picture

Lol. You guys need to get back on your schitzo meds

curbjob's picture


"Now is not the time to write off antifa.   Pay attention everyone."


No ! Absolutely NOT.

You don't write of 347 screaming hipsters smack bang in the middle of a failed administration ! 

No my trembling  lambs, you elevate them to the level of Isis and then promise to bring them to their knees while you get the NFL to stand.


lakecity55's picture

Fuck off commies.


curbjob's picture

Check garbage can tonight after checking under every bed ... don't forget the kids room.

I Write Code's picture

Useless idiots.  Would have expected many more.  We know they're out there.  What does an agitator have to do these days, to get them to show up? 

MoreFreedom's picture

"What does an agitator have to do these days, to get them to show up? "

Pay them more.  Hillary got 100 staffers to sign a letter denouncing Brazille.  Imagine that many staffers for someone with no job.  She'll be burning thru her money quickly, and pissing off a lot of Democrat politicians who'd like some of the campaign donations she hogged.  Especially considering how so many of them are out of jobs thanks to the Obama/Clinton administration. 

Chuck Walla's picture

Hey, Braack got to keep those millions. That was part of his "campaign" fund. Now' he's on the "Foundation" scam as a parking spot to pay his lavish expenses.

curbjob's picture

"What does an agitator have to do these days, to get them to show up? "


Free craft beer ... preferably with "Zombie" in the name.

ZeroIntelligence's picture

Hey I'd show up for free craft beer, better rethink your strategy there!

Theta_Burn's picture

Can't wait for the vids of these fair weather fags demanding that Soros pay them..


readyforit's picture

I heard their Soros checks didn't arrive.

Pendolino's picture

Honestly, your check's in the mail.

True Blue's picture

Hey, it's George Soros; there's probably a hundred or more Czechs in the ashtray alone...


Oh, you said "check's."


Nobody For President's picture

I first read that as 'soros chicks'...

E.F. Mutton's picture

There are few things could have kept these fearless warriors from striking a blow for the cause:

1.  Mom made Mac n Cheese!

2.  It's kinda cold out

3.  Sniffles

Hulk's picture

4. Time change triggered them emotionally, causing them to flee to their safe spaces...

cbxer55's picture

Time change always triggers me. I hate these four months when the sun goes down early. I'M TRIGGERED! Where's my craft beer? 

True Blue's picture

Had to shop for ZeroCare in their jammies...

shovelhead's picture

The Revolution is...conditional.


ArmaG3don's picture

Hey Soros Let's fight like a men face to face meet me at the corner i won't be carrying no knife (i would).

Giant Meteor's picture

Awwww, what a shame ...

Poor things ..

wisefool's picture

they are harshing my buzz. I guess I will pay of the national debt.

The New Feudalism's picture

I don't think this means that Soros has dried up and blown away.  Plenty of soft targets like school busses, malls and churches for him and his miscreants to exploit yet.

San Pedro's picture

In a bombshell, Politico reported on Friday that the federal government has been worrying about the rise of Antifa since “early 2016,” and even labeled their activities “domestic terrorist violence” — yet the Obama administration said nothing publicly about Antifa despite ample opportunity to do so. According to Politico...http://www.dailywire.com/news/20526/bombshell-fbi-dhs-warned-about-antif...

pippi68's picture

Hilarious failure. But does make one wonder if the frustration had the deep state killing innocent people at a church in Texas.

Bes's picture

of course

it was

no one, not even

the left

gives a fuck about


emo, blacked out idiots

the right needs a new boogie man


John_Coltrane's picture

Hey BES you need to get rid of that misleading vowel in your nom de plume so your comments align with your handle.