Texas Church Shooting Leaves 26 Dead; Suspect Was Dishonorably Discharged From Air Force

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Update (8:50 pm ET): Trump offered his condolences for victims and their families after today's "horrific" shooting during a press conference in Japan.

"Victims and their families were in their sacred place of worship. We cannot put into words the pain and grief we all feel," Mr. Trump said in televised remarks.

"In dark times such as these, Americans do we what do best and we pull together. We lock hands and we joins arms. Through the tears and through the sadness we stand strong."

Meanwhile, a new photo of the shooter has been released...

* * *

Update (8:00 pm ET): A candlelit vigil is being held to remember the victims of today's shooting...





Meanwhile, the citizen who intervened to stop the shooter has been described as a neighbor who lived near the church...



* * *

Update (7:20 pm ET): The New York Times has published a list of notable mass shootings that have taken place at churches in the US in recent years. They include:

Sept. 24, 2017, Antioch Tenn.: A gunman carrying two pistols opened fire as Sunday services were ending at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, killing one person and wounding seven others; he also pistol-whipped a church usher who confronted him. The gunman, identified as Emanuel K. Samson, shot and wounded himself, the police said; he was taken into custody.

June 17, 2015, Charleston, S.C.: Nine people who had gathered for Bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a landmark black church in Charleston, were shot and killed at the landmark black church in Charleston by a white gunman, identified by the police as Dylann Storm Roof, who was arrested the next day. A 10th person was wounded. The dead included the Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, the church’s pastor and a prominent state senator.

May 31, 2009, Wichita, Kan.: A gunman shot and killed an usher in the foyer of the Reformation Lutheran Church as he handed out church bulletins after services. The usher was Dr. George Tiller, one of the few doctors in the country who performed late-term abortions. The assailant, Scott Philip Roeder, an anti-abortion activist, fled the scene and was arrested three hours later; he was convicted of murder in 2010 and sentenced to life in prison.

Dec. 9, 2007, Colorado.: A gunman shot two people at the Youth With a Mission Center at Arvada, near Denver, and then killed five people 12 hours later at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, before he was shot by a volunteer security guard, the police said. The gunman, identified as Matthew Murray, died at the scene of the second shooting. The police said he was carrying two assault rifles, three handguns and 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

* * *

Update (6:50 pm ET): The press conference in Stockdale, Texas has begun. Before it started, Gov. Greg Abbott reportedly confirmed that 26 people were killed in the shooting. Police say they don't have names of any of the victims.

The local district attorney said the state's "number one priority and goal is to the victims and their families right now."

"We have to make sure that that crime scene is handled appropriately, it takes time. Unfortunately that means victims' families are looking for more information than we have right now.

Another official said police have not yet determined a motive.

At approximately 11:20 the suspect was scene at a Valero gas station wearing all black. Shortly after, he entered the church and started firing. As he exited the church, a local resident grabbed his rifle and wrestled it away from him, causing him to flee on foot. The individual then gave chase. Police don't know if the resident shot him, or if he shot himself. His car crashed, and when police found it he had died after sustaining a gunshot wound.

Total dead is 26 and another 20 people have sustained injuries ranging from minor to severe. Ages of victims range from 5 years old to 72 years of age.

The investigation will take "a significant length of time." Multiple crime scenes are being processed still. There were people in the church who escaped, police said. Some of the victims were outside the church when they were shot.

Authorities won't release the shooter's name or confirm whether he was known in the community, though he has already been identified in the media as Devin Patrick Kelley. The first calls police received about the incident occurred after the suspect began firing.

* * *

Update (6:24 pm ET): One of the first responders speaking to CBS said he knew many of the victims in the church after growing up in Sutherland Springs, a small one-horse town in an extremely rural part of southeastern Texas.

"Why this church? Why people that I grew up with. Why them? I know everyone who goes to church here. I have tons of friends who had children in that church who I have no idea about. I have no idea if they're okay. It's very upsetting - very much."

Meanwhile, more details about the shooter are beginning to leak out.

Kelly was a former Air Force member who received a dishonorable discharge. He was court-martialed in May 2014. He previously held the rank of E1. Officials who've spoken anonymously to the media said there were no signs Kelly had links to terrorist groups.

CBS is reporting that fgour kids from one family have been shot...


The shooting has also been confirmed as the largest in Texas state history.

* * *

Update (5:45 pm ET): The shooter who killed at least 25 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas today has been identified by the Daily Beast as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley. Kelly was a resident of New Braunfels, a suburb of San Antonio, according to public records, and was married. San Antonio police reportedly raided Kelley's home on Sunday evening.

The gunman was killed after a chase with police, but it's unclear if he was shot by law enforcement, or if he shot himself.

Trump has reportedly been briefed on the shooting, according to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Trump has also spoken with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott by phone.

Reporter are waiting to be briefed by law enforcement. Here's a live feed for the press conference:


ABC News reported the shooter recently showed off an AR-15-style rifle on social media.

* * *

Update (5:30 pm ET): According to the latest count, Police said "approximately 25 people" were killed and another 10 wounded in today's attack. Unconfirmed media reports are saying police are searching the home of the deceased gunman for explosives. The gunman's name has not been released. Police initially scheduled a press conference for 4 pm, but reporters are still waiting to learn more details.

* * *

Update (5:00 pm ET): Rep. Vicente Gonzalez told MSNBC that today's shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas wasn't terrorism related. He added that 25 people have been confirmed dead. He said he heard reports that 24 people have been confirmed dead, while 20 people are injured. We won’t have final numbers until probably a few more hours." Media reports are now saying 25 people have been confirmed dead.

Gonzalez added that "apparently the shooter was not from the area, he was from outside of that area."

He added that, based on what he knew, he did not believe the incident was related to terrorism, but "was some kind of other incident that has to do with the church or the community."

"It's a rural community and a conservative, mostly farmers and ranchers and people who work out in the oil and gas patches," he said, adding that the community was "very tranquil and very safe."

* * *

Update (4:30 pm ET): Democratic leaders are already pushing for Congress to reconsider gun control legislation after today's shooting...



Speaker Paul Ryan has offered his condolences...



Meanwhile, CBS is reproting that a six-year-old boy named Rylan was shot four times and is now in surgery...


Annabel Pomeroy, the 14-yer-old daughter of Church pastor Frank Pomeroy is also reportedly among the dead. Both of her parents were reportedly out of town.

Sen. Ted Cruz has also offered his condolences...



* * *

Update (3:15 pm ET): While the official casualty count has not been released, preliminary estimates that there were between 20 and 30 fatalities would make today's shooting the deadliest at a US house of worship in modern American history. In addition, some two dozen people were injured.

* * *

Update (3:30 pm ET): More details about the shooting are trickling in. A law enforcement source told CNN that a man walked into the church and began shooting about 11:30 a.m. local time. Agents from the San Antonio field office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are en route to the scene, the source said. The FBI's crisis management team is already there assisting investigators.

The Connally Memorial Medical Center in nearby Floresville, Texas, is "accepting and assessing victims" from the Sutherland Springs church shooting, according to hospital spokeswoman Megan Posey. The number of victims is unknown at this time. Several small children are reportedly among the dead.

The shooter was killed after a brief chase north into neighboring Guadalupe County, according Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office spokesman Robert Murphy. It is unclear if the shooter was killed by police or took his own life, Murphy said. Witnesses say they heard about 20 shots being fired in quick succession while the church service was underway.

Sutherland Springs is in Wilson County, about 30 miles east of San Antonio.

Local media are now reporting that more than 27 people may have been killed.

* * *

Update (3:20 pm ET): President Donald Trump, who arrived in Japan earlier today for the first leg of an 11-day Asia tour, tweeted "May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan."



New details about the police response to the shooting are starting to emerge: Police officials told the local NBC affiliate that the shooter was killed following a vehicle pursuit. US Marshalls and the ATF are also reportedly part of the response, which one source said suggests the shooter might have had warrants out for his arrest.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot tweeted that his prayers were with the victims and that an update from the Texas Department of Public Safety would be available soon.


Abbott also released an official statement:



* * *

Update: Wilson County Commissioner Albert Gamez Jr. spoke to NBC and said police have confirmed that a single shooter walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs and opened fire. He added that, while details remain sketchy, the number of fatalities could be as high as 27.

Initial reports said as many as 15 people were shot. As many as 24 may have been wounded. The FBI's crisis response team is helping local police with the investigation.

* * *

Update: Energy Secretary Rick Perry tweeted that he and his wife send their condolences and prayers to the victims.



* * *

Update: The area surrounding the Church has been blocked off by authorities. Family members of Church congregants are waiting to learn more about their loved ones.





* * *

Update: NBC News now reporting that several people have been killed in today's shooting.


The FBI is also reportedly responding to the incident. Police haven't said how many people have been shot, but the number could be more than 20. The shooter reportedly fired more than 20 rounds from a semiautomatic weapon. Witnesses say medical helicopters were called to airlift victims to safety.

* * *

In an incident that authorities are describing as a "mass casualty situation," between 12 and 15 people have reportedly been shot at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a small community south east of San Antonio. The people were presumably attending a Sunday church service when a gunman opened fire. Few details are available. The gunman is still "active" according to the latest police reports.

Here's a live feed from the scene courtesy of KENS5.

Unconfirmed reports on social media claim that more than a dozen people have been injured during the shooting, though it is not clear yet how serious their injuries are. Kens5 Eye Witness News claims that a two-year-old is among the shooting victims. Neighbors are reporting that a gunman entered the church and opened fire before taking off in a vehicle.


Police say the suspect is dead, and that children were reportedly among the victims.



Multiple agencies were responding and medical helicopters were dispatched. Check back for more details.


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the smell of desperation as the deep state panics..

when all else fails, release the kraken

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probably Popovich showing his liberal stripes

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They say the guy hopped out of a car and hopped back in. Then they say he is dead, without describing how.

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he hopped out just long enough for his passport to fall out of his suicide vest.

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“a gunman entered the church and opened fire before taking off in a vehicle.”

..it’s Texas, for God’s sake ……how did the criminal get even a step away?

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Even most gun nuts aren't like me.  I carry everywhere all the time.  Most people do not.  

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You know, when your fathers and grandfathers were fighting a big evil in the ‘40’s ….

..one of the Navy slogans was “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”.


I put the little .380 Ruger away... it's just the Glock 23 from now on.


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Catchy little jingle it was. But frank loesser was a disgusting looking jew. Jews don't believe in God. But they have no problem invoking Him to convince goyim to fight their battles

Lol @ "evil". My grand uncle was taken pow by the Germans. Never had a bad word to say about them. He agreed with patton: we fough on the wrong side.

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was not there... did not do that

.but maybe 25,000,000 Eastern Europeans might have a slightly different posthumous perspective.

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The shooter lost massive amounts in Vegas casinos ...



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False Flag, True Flag, the state benefits

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buries buffalo donna bra news

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Does anyone know if the shooting was before or after the police chase?  Did the cops chase him to the church where he shot people, or did the cops chase him from the church after he shot people?

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Latest - armed resident shot the suspect, causing him to flee and ending the shooting.  Susplect likely bled out from wound, but it's not confirmed yet if he suck-started a gun of his own at the end.



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26 less religious fanatics means a stronger gene pool

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Holy SHIT! Who knew that Hillary(!) was here posting as jbvtme. You lost, Cankles. Get over it.

Odds are that the murderer was a YUGE Bernie/Hillary(!) supporter just following orders.. 

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If he was dishonorably discharged (federal felony) then he wasn't a legal gun owner, was he?  Not that the gun control kooks will be able to figure that out.

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You are correct. A dishonorable discharge negates your ability to legally own a firearm in the United States.

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Texas Church Massacre: Who really did it and why?




How does this happen, except by purposeful design?

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FBI, who else?  Same M.O. as the first World Trade Center bombing.  Provide the patsy, provide the van, provide the weapon (dishonorably discharged individuals are barred from gun purchases).  Make sure the patsy gets killed.  Lather, rinse, and repeat.

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He was dishonorably discharged for domestic violence.  Was probably treated by Air Force doctors and consulars...which means there is a 100% chance drugs were involved. 

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Right, so what would your world be without Galileo, Copernicus, oh and Sir Isaac Newton... you know... the man responsible for the mathetmatics (Calculus) that is responsible for everything you use everyday in your entire pathetic life that moves.

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Heretics -one and all. Fit only to boil in the pit of boiling sewage for all eternity 

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> 26 less religious fanatics

I think it's a sin that they're using religion - Christianity, more to the point - as a backstop for their projects. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Are we to suppose that there will be one big 26 person funeral, being these people were all from the same church, or will it be more of a marathon? Any chance we'll hear about it?

I bet we don't see one real body, much less a single funeral.

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Last sermon from Sutherland Church - something is not right here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHw_QeZqHxs


Sutherland Baptist Church youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdOnLqJxTx8


EDIT: I don't even see 26 people, WTF, this is starting to stink like shit.

lil dirtball's picture

> 26 less religious fanatics

I think it's a sin that they're using religion - Christianity, more to the point - as a backstop for their projects. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Are we to suppose that there will be one big 26 person funeral, being these people were all from the same church, or will it be more of a marathon? Any chance we'll hear about it?

I bet we don't see one real body, much less a single funeral.

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>Going to church makes you a religious fanatic

TBH you need to be dropped out of a helicopter to your death.

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Hard to explain that to someone whose motto is "Richard Dawkins said it, I believe it, that settles it."

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Maybe you should check your facts before you start spouting nonsense asshat.  He's an athiest.  

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Look like the shooter was swimming in your end of the gene pool. 

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Thanks Bama. Very nice indeed.

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US is collapsing thanks to dump white trash conservatives... At the end there is going to be So much losing, that the country is going for a civil war, or totalitarian regime.

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Movies and video games have poured and glorified graphic death and violence into minds for the past 25 years. Now throw in social media with its snuff porn making virtually any form of torture and murder available to anyone at any time...its clearly the churches and the conservative viewpoints destroying the fabric of things.

If only people were allowed greater access to Harvey Weinstein's talents.

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Cops are like mafia enforcers. Like always, they have saved nobody. 

Thanks to a local resident, this crime spree has ended. He is a real hero.

There is no decent Law in America: first, criminals commit terrible crimes, then we all have to pay for lawyers, prosecutors, judges, prisons, prison guards, and endless appeals and eventually an early release.

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USA cops are simply another gang among gangs

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The story has changed again. Latest is that he exited the church and a citizen shot at him outside, he then drove away and the citizen followed him. Then they "found" him dead away from town but for some reason did not know if he shot himself or was shot by the citizen. As if the citizen disappeared.

Initial story was that he jumped out of a vehicle, ran into the church and then ran out and drove or was driven away.

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Gives new meaning to Sunday MASS...and 'illegal' DISCHARGE(D)...

Cigar...nuevo Tejas record...surpasses 1991 LUBY'S lunch special...

VERY ODD...parishioners not packing heat...Tejas gun laws were liberalized after LUBY'S shooting...preventable...FAKE NEWS!

In a great twist of Texas-style irony, the mass murder at Luby's Cafeteria in 1991, where 23 were shot to death and 20 wounded, led not to calls for gun-control but to the passage of legislation signed by Gov. George W. Bush that eased the way for citizens to obtain concealed-carry licenses.

Hennard was 35 years old at the time of the shootings, his birthday was the day before the massacre. He was unemployed and down on his luck. The son of a housewife and retired Army officer, Hennard had previously served two years with the U.S. Navy, gaining an honorable discharge before joining the Merchant Marine in 1977.


An ex-Marine goes on a killing spree at the University of Texas

Pattern...MIC seems to be a problem...not militias...

USAF rules...for now...

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Buries LV muliple shooters including ON airport adjacent to concert - audio from air traffic controller concurrent


now four live uninjured witnesses dead including a lawyer post event- the LV situation has unraveled whatever the objective - too many points of contact are investigating -


so this one is early in the game but - it is not credible at this point unless a very good motive close to the local people is discovered by other than the establishment


the TV narrative is GUNS - early on focus for control - so they want the weapons gone before the final plan is underway and then it will be too late

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This kind of thing is normal in USA. They regularly have shoot outs.

Used to call it “Cowboys and Indians”. There is a whole film genre about this kind of thing. Happens all the time out there.

It’s not even news.

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> It’s not even news.

It's prolly not even real - but I concur, anyhow.

With all these victims, I bet it'd make for a mean six degrees of Seth Rich game.

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He's Antifa, but you'll never see that confirmed because the FBI is a bunch of leftist commie sympathizing traitors.

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look at that fucker's picture...$10 bucks says he's a leftist.

Crackpot lefty shoots up a church...Dem Politicians immediately DEMAND gun control.

Can you imagine if he had shot up a mosque?

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> look at that fucker's picture...$10 bucks says he's a leftist.

Ten bux says he's not real:


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brown/black = terrorist

white = shooter/disgruntled/cross wired/conspiracy

i read that somewhere

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He has no ears. He's AI. This is just more bullshit from the Fun-N-Games Dept.




... continual crisis ...

"You live in a theme park." - Joe Walsh

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is a Zino luvin' Zino-shill. Watch it Texas. While he's in power, it's False Flag open season on you and yours.

You don't need to reason why. You just need to do and die - for Gov. Abbott and the Zinos.

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Your tinfoil hat is WAY too tight.

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The ONLY way this will ever end is if OPEN CARRY is the law of the land.

There must be deterrents for these psychopaths.



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Now that Kansas is open or concealed carry for non-felons, no permit required, we don't have problems like this. I am always packing heat whether at church, sporting event, movies or shopping. Home on the Range, where the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day.