Saudi Helicopter Carrying 8 High-Ranking Officials & Prince Bin-Muqrin Crashed Near Yemen Border - All Dead

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The shocking latest twist in what has been a chaotic weekend in Saudi Arabia is news that a helicopter transporting 8 high-ranking Saudi officials (including prince Mansour bin-Muqrin) has crashed in the south of the Kingdom, near the border with Yemen.

As PTI reports, a Saudi prince was killed today when a helicopter with several officials on board crashed near the kingdom's southern border with war-torn Yemen, state television said.

The news channel Al-Ekhbariya announced the death of Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the deputy governor of Asir province and son of a former crown prince.


It did not reveal the cause of the crash or the fate of the other officials aboard the aircraft.

The crash also comes after Saudi Arabia yesterday intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile near Riyadh's international airport after it was fired from Yemen in an escalation of the kingdom's war against Iran-backed Huthi rebels.

Sky News Arabia confirms an earlier report from Al-Watan news..."Newsletter: loss of a helicopter carrying a number of officials in the southern Asir, Saudi Arabia"

Details are few for now but some headlines report that the high-ranking officials aboard included Crown Prince Mansour bin-Muqrin, deputy Emir of Asir province. He was a son of Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the ex-intelligence chief who briefly was Saudi Arabia's crown prince from January to April 2015.

The incident occurred as the officials were on their way back from an inspection trip to al-Saida al-Sawalha Center in the municipality of Mahail Asir...

A video, believed to be the last one of Prince Mansour alive, was released by the channel, showing him and accompanying officials boarding the helicopter ....

The crash site is reported near Abha, in the south of The Kingdom in the Asir Region, bordering Yemen. The area has seen a number of cross-border retaliatory attacks from Yemen in recent months, reportedly leading to casualties among Saudi troops.

There are sources saying all aboard have died...

The bodies of the deceased officials have been recovered, SaudiNews50 reported late Sunday, after posting a video of the recovery efforts...

So - Trump pushes Aramco IPO (out of the blue), Prime Minister of Lebanon forced to resign, Saudis intercept missiles, 11 Saudi princes arrested, numerous officials charged, and now a dead crown prince near the border with Yemen... Just what is going on in Saudi Arabia?


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Damn those cellphones.. make this shit to easy

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Q: What's the difference .... between a Saudi night gown .... and a Saudi shroud ? A: None of the above !

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No more mystery why the Bush family is badmouthing Trump.

"These things gotta happen once every five, ten years."

Clemenza to Michael, The Godfather

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I was perplexed by  Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri unexpected resigned imposed by Saudi Arabi and the detained Saudi billionaires with corruption pretext.

Now this helicopter accident near Yemen border, all dead?

What is next? Is it by a Houthi insurgency of Iranian supplied missiles attack?

This is neither a coincidence nor Providence, its deliberate by Saudis and western/I$$rhelli acts.The ME after Syrian I$I$ defeat is reshuffling by ousting the old dudes for I$I$rhell takeover.

I guess i am late for the news

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So sad. I’m sure all the slaves getting their hands chopped off for stealing a stick of gum are so sad. 77 virgins here they come.

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About time we had some serious positive news today.