American Woman Faces 20 Years In Zimbabwe Jail For Tweet About Mugabe

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On Friday, Techzim reported that Martha O’Donovan from Magamba TV was taken into custody for a tweet that had allegedly been sent out by her during the Shoko Festival in early September.

Just when we thought the ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation was a big joke; the cops fire a warning shot!


We are reliably informed that at 5 am this morning, Martha O’Donovan of Magamba TV was picked up by the police and taken into their custody for ‘tweeting against the president’.


In actual fact, Martha retweeted a ‘tweet against the president’ and amongst the 58 other retweets, she was picked out. The police came in with a search warrant and proceeded to confiscate all her electronic devices.

The tweet has since been deleted but said this...

We are being led by a selfish & sick man @GomoDubi @tafadzwamarere@Busisa74 @caesarzvayi @mayor_justice @JessieFMajome @ProfJNMoyo@263Chat


- mmatigari (@matigary) October 11, 2017

As the weekend progressed the situation became considerably more serious.

Techzim reports that today, a charge sheet emerged on Twitter detailing her alleged crime. The government is laying two charges.

  • Subverting a constitutional government through Masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government by unconstitutional means, with the campaign allegedly being run under the social media accounts; @Matigary, @OpenparlyZim and Magamba Network Trust.
  • Undermining the authority of and insulting the authority of the president by tweeting as @Matigary a tweet that read “We’re being led by a selfish and sick man”.

Below is the warned and cautioned statement that O’Donovan signed (via Techzim)

HARARE CENTRAL CR. 15/11/2017     EXHIBIT ” ”



I, Martha Louise O’Donovan, aged 25 years, passport number 549812235 residing at XYZ* (address removed), Harare, having been informed by Detective Inspector Murawa of CID law and Order, Harare that enquiries are being made in connection with a case of UNDERMINING AUTHORITY OF OR INSULTING PRESIDENT AS DEFINED IN SECTION 33 (2) (b) OF THE CRIMINAL LAW (CODIFICATION AND REFORM] ACT, CHAPTER 9:23, in which it is alleged that on 11 October 2017 at 0941 hours in Harare, I posted a message on Twitter using username @matigary which reads, “We are being led by a selfish and sick man”, with a photo illustration showing that the President of Zimbabwe, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe is surviving on a Catheter, make this statement of my own free will.


While I have been informed that I ant not obliged to say anything in answer to these allegations, my failure at this stage to mention any facts relevant to my defence to them may result in a court drawing inferences against me. Whatever I say will be put in writing and may be given in court as evidence.


You are also advised that you are entitled to the following rights:-

  • To appear before a court within 48 hours unless further detention has been authorized by a competent court.
  • Not to be forced to make a confession.
  • The reason for detention.
  • To approach the High Court for an order of Habeas Corpus i.e an order requiring you to be released, or to be brought before the court for the lawfulness of the detention to be justified.
  • To be considered innocent until proven guilty.
  • To be informed promptly of the charge in sufficient detail to enable you to answer it.

Question: Have you understood the caution?
Answer: Yes.


Accused’s reply in English.

I deny the allegations being levelled against me as baseless and malicious. That is all I wish to say.

Techzim notes that O’Donovan has been remanded in custody, the Chikurubi Maximum prison, until 15th November.

Lawyers representing her have said that they’ll be applying for bail at the high court on Monday, 6 November 2017.

What is certain though is that the Zimbabwean government has started the dreaded crackdown on social media and is not going to wait for its Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill to become law. It’s not clear if this is the government’s new Cybersecurity ministry that’s already at work or an initiative by a different government agency.

O’Donovan, whose lawyers will be approaching the Zimbabwean High Court seeking bail, could face a maximum 20 years sentence if found guilty of the charges levelled against her.

To clarify - for posting stuff on social media, and in this case the “sick man” retweet, O’Donovan was masterminding an Arab Spring-type revolution - and now faces 20 years in prison!

The US Embassy is reportedly aware of the situation.

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How can he be a sick man -  he is only 93 years old - she should have called him a wise man.


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Ahhh, that pesky law against free speech.. and being charged as a criminal nonetheless. Sick and selfish world we live in.

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Because Zimbabwe already has the Libtard utopian dream of Ministry of Truth that is enforced by the strong-arm and jackboots of the goobermint.

Painful, the African libtard victory must be.

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Chikurubi Maximum prison, 

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Guess if she's using the "we", she's made her choice;

The upside is that she'll get when she's 45-  still time to change the world.... Or not.....

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It's a good thing she's in Zimbabwe. In the U.S. a comment like that against Hillary and you could get suicided.

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Bail was set at 500 trillion dollars, which O'Donovan paid from her pocket change.

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Chikurubi Maximum Prison looks like a short stay location .... not in a good way:-

Life In The Cells

Life in the cells is said to be unbearable due to lack of supplies like proper food and blankets. The prison has been operating for almost a decade without running tap water as it owes the authorities.[1] Breakfast is slated at 8.30 am, lunch at 10.30 am and supper at 1.30 pm.[2] In 2010, food handouts were banned though inmates were to be getting very little food.[3] Inmates however continued to die of starvation though the government has been refuting such claims arguing that the Grain Marketing Board has long been supplying maize.[4]

Male Section

The cells are categorised (categories range from A to D) depending on the crimes committed. Those housed in the D- Class Section include murderers. Each cell is occupied by at least 25 people.[5]

During the decade of crisis which engulfed the country and mostly in 2008, inmates ate once on a daily basis. They were given porridge or overcooked vegetables.[6] Prior to that (2007), there was an outbreak of pellagra (vitamin B3 and protein deficiency disease) which was alleged to have claimed the lives of about 23 inmates.[7] One of the former inmate who narrated his ordeal alleged that in 2008, a cemetery was opened within the prison as it was a common phenomenon that each morning at least a dead prisoner was found lying on the floor within the cells. He stated that between July 2008 and December 2008, decomposing bodies were kept in the cells.[7]

It was reported that during the same period, two inmates shared a roll of toilet paper, a bar of laundry soap and 25 millilitres of toothpaste which was meant to last for 3 months.[2]Human Rights Activities began to raise eyebrows arguing that the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) and the government in general was contravening Article 24 of the International Bill of Human Rights.[5]

Female Section

Life in the female cells is more or less akin to the conditions in which their male counterparts are subjected under. The D-Class Section however houses the mentally challenged as well as those convicted of murder unlike in the male cells where the mentally challenged are grouped together with other inmates.[8]

One of the challenges faced by female inmates is the unavailability of sanitary wear. Despite the fact that there have been several reported donations of toiletries for women by various organisations, inmates highlighted that they are never given such products. Only those who are frequently visited by their relatives only have access to such products.[8]They in turn employ those in need of such products to work for them. Those employed are euphemistically called 'mabrasho'.[8] Several civic organisations such as the Female Prisoners Support Trust have since been formed to advance the plight of female inmates.

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Having ruined Rhodesia from a Bread Basket to a Basket Case and made it clear to all White Africans that they are not wanted, that they are Marxist Zimbabwe's foremost Enemy, NOW they want Rhodesians to 'come back' to Fix It All. No Thanks! NEVER!

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And in Germany and a couple other former white countries you go to prison for 20 yrs if you publicly voice questions about the holohoax.

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Yep freedom is being attacked on every front.  In the good 'ole USSA, I remember a woman getting roughed up, tossed in the pokey, and is still facing serious charges for "laughing too loud" at a certain Attourney Generals swearing in ceremony.  I guess in Zim, they wait for you to put it in writing, at least there's that....









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Free speech only works one way, as she's just learned.

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Now she gets to experience that in person!... life on a leash. :( 

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Actions speak louder than words. Not such a smart or savvy tweet.


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she was one of 58 people who did the same thing.   she was the only one picked up.  


I think we can guess who her employer was.....