For The First Time In 13 Years, U.S. Deploys 7 Aircraft Carriers Simultaneously

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The US has simultaneously deployed 7 of the 11 U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers for the first time in over a decade according to the US Naval Institute. The three aircraft carriers with full air wings and strike groups positioned in the Western Pacific are the following: USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76); USS Nimitz (CVN-68); USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). Another four are conducting “short training missions as part of training operations or workups ahead of deployment”.  Two out of four are operating in Eastern Pacific -  USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) and USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) - and the remaining two are operating in the Atlantic, the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78).

Top: USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)
Center: USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
Bottom: USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), USS Nimitz (CVN-68), USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)

Back in 2016, six carriers were underway and that was considered a “milestone event” by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson. The last time 7 carriers were deployed dates back to 2004, according to USNI. The report quotes an unidentified Navy official to sheds more light on the upcoming drills:

The Reagan, Nimitz and Roosevelt strike groups are all operating in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations. Reagan is operating in the Sea of Japan near the Korean peninsula while Nimitz is returning to its homeport at Naval Station Kitsap-Bremerton, Wash. after a deployment to the Persian Gulf to conduct air strike against ISIS targets. Roosevelt deployed from San Diego, Calif. on Oct. 7 set to replace Nimitz as part of the continued U.S. operation against ISIS.

More basic details were provided by the report for the remaining aircraft carriers:

  • Vinson is conducting a planned sustainment exercise and flight tests with the F-35C Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter, while Stennis left Kitsap-Bremerton last week for training after coming out of a repair period. A sailor on Vinson was injured Friday after being struck with a plane being towed on the flight deck.
  • Lincoln is undergoing a series of qualifications following the completion of a mid-life refueling and complex overhaul and return to the fleet in May.
  • Ford is continuing years of tests and training before the ship will be fully integrated into the U.S. fleet and leave on its first deployment sometime in the early 2020s.

“Naval aviation is supporting the requirements of combatant commanders forward while building our capabilities for future deployments–and qualifying new pilots–with training near our shores,” Vice Adm. Michael Shoemaker, commander Naval Air Forces said in a Monday statement provided to USNI News.
“The addition of USS Gerald Ford is exciting, as we test the capabilities for the future. This optempo is not ordinary, but the demand for carriers remains as high as ever.”

Also on Monday, VoA's White House bureau chief Steve Herman, confirmed what had been speculated previously, namely that 3 of the carriers will participate in an extremely rare drill in "the estern Pacific", read off the Korean peninsula. As the report states, this would be the first time the “7th Fleet converged for the “first simultaneous three-strike group training operations in a decade”.

Last week, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Joseph Dunford tried to diffuse the situation, saying that “these three carriers are not there specifically targeting North Korea. This is a routine demonstration of our commitment to the region.” The exercise is overlapping President Trump’s 12-day excursion across Asia amid high-tensions between Pyongyang and Washington.

Indicatively, as of last week, this was the latest positioning of US Carrier Strike Groups, courtesy of Stratfor.

The timing of the 3-carrier drill in the Western Pacific coincides with President Trump’s trip to South Korea. As Trump’s latest tweet indicates (4:28pm), he is “getting ready to leave for South Korea”.

With 7 carriers deployed today of which 3 about to launch drills in Western Pacific, we find it odd this is all occurring around President Trump’s trip to Asia.

On October 28, North Korea accused the US of making “criminal moves for igniting a war of aggression”, after Kim Jong-Un learned three US-Navy carriers will operate in Asian waters. According to Jim Mattis, United States Secretary of Defense, said “our goal is not war, but rather the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”, something North Korea has previously said it will never agree to.

Finally, another drill that should be closely watched is Israel’s “largest-ever aerial military drill”, which started yesterday. Sometimes these drills "accidentally" go live. 

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cherry picker's picture

Hope they don't come close to any huge tankers or cargo ships, would hate to lose a few.

auricle's picture

Hope its only a 'show' of force. 

beemasters's picture

It's probably justifiable timing for China and Russia to send their military to Cuba to show commitment and offer a hand in friendship?

NoDecaf's picture

ee-aw ee-aw

giddy up tax donkeys!

these tubs don't float for free

IH8OBAMA's picture

Fatso KimUn isn't going to take that laying down.  Watch him surface one of his subs and fire a missile at one of our carriers.  The next sound heard will be the glug glug glug of water entering the sub's crew compartment through the big hole created when the sub was blown into two pieces.


Blue Steel 309's picture

It is a show of targets. There is not a competent military on the planet that couldn't take out our aircraft carriers as a matter of trivial ballistic missiles.

Edit: let me go ahead and list all the countries that could destroy a carrier group in about an hour.

All of NATO countries, All of BRICs, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, North Korea, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Possibly several SE Asia countries, depending on how well China has armed them, assume they have. And I am probably missing several more.

Winston Churchill's picture

Its literally a show of force for the benefit of Russia and China at the summit.

The days of showing the flag are over,seems the Pentagram didn't get the memo.

I don't think the Chinese are not going to take kindly to being reminded of "gunboat diplomacy" days.

Xi and Putin are well aware of how easily these mass coffins are sunk,if a stray merchantman

doesn't do the job first that is.

Lets piss some more money down the toilet, not like theres any intention to ever pay it back.

Never One Roach's picture

I wonder how competent the pilots are on those Mother Ships are these days?

Winston Churchill's picture

The black hispanic lesbian midget ones are the best the USN has ever had, but then again

they never had black hispanic lesbian midget ones before,so who knows.

Hot bunking has never been so popular,so moral is high,so there is that.

Barney Fife's picture

China's plan is to park a cargo ship 3 miles starboard of each carrier. Direct hit! If I could be a fly on the wall of the bridge. 

First Mate: "Ohh look! Captain, a cargo ship!"

Captain: "Hmm, what's he doing so close to us, doesn't he know that we're the US Navy"?

First Mate: "Captain, may I suggest that we..."

Captain: "You read my mind! Full speed ahead right at that cargo ship. We'll show em' who has the biggest dick in this ocean. Can't wait to see them crap themselves getting out of our way". 

Like I said, direct hit!

Blue Steel 309's picture

Pentagram didn't used to have to worry about MAD, because they had the dollar backing them. That is rapidly changing.

monk27's picture

The Russians are still laughing their asses off, after our last "missile volley" in Syria, last spring, when we fired 59 Tomahawks (one didn't left the tube at all) to hit 23 so-called targets. The Chinese are more polite; they smile at Trump's twitters, then nod toward little Kim to signal him when to do his number, again...

dirtyfiles's picture

finally looks like they fix em all

Diatom's picture

Who gives a shit about aircraft carriers positioning?

We want to know Zircon missiles positioning...

gobsmack's picture

Meh, I was much more concerned when we recently had none deployed at all. I figured they brought all the floating bullseyes home cause they were going to start some real shit. If I as some random dumb schmuck am aware of missile swarms and next gen subs they are too, right? Right? Bueller?

Barney Fife's picture

Hmm, that explains the massive expansion of cargo ships in the Chinese Navy,

HRClinton's picture

They need to name the next one the USS Congress.

That way everybody will be gunning for it.

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

I read earlier that NK was going to fire a missle over Trumps head tonight. If so it's game on. NK will be lit up like a 4th of july bon fire about 30 seconds later. As it should be! You swing at Mike Tyson you better be ready for whats coming back.

Oliver Klozoff's picture

More presidential appropriation. 

serotonindumptruck's picture

Is that kinda like when some drunken idiot tries to pick a fight with you in a nightclub by repeatedly poking you in the chest and calling you a pussy?

I like Vladimir Putin's philosophy:

"If the fight is inevitable, be the first to strike."

jaxville's picture

Game on?  At least 15,000 dead south Korean civilians, many more injured within 24 hours. Seoul left in ruins along with 2% of global GDP. 

  Thats just the for sure of it.  What would happen if a carrier was sunk followed by a support vessel forcing a withdrawal.  How many Navy personnel would perish? If Red China provides satellite intelligence it is quite likely North Korea will be able to target a carrier group.

  What happens if Red China honors it's pledge to act in defense of NK in the event of hostilities and actually start shooting?  Do you think even one of the carrier groups will survive?

   If it goes nuclear, which American cities could be guaranteed NOT to be hit? 

  What does it really matter if King Ding Dong has nuclear warheads and reliable means of delivery?  Would that be less safe than Israel having that kind of capability?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"7" (count them) SITTING DUCKS! for Russian Kaliber and torpedo "warheads"!!!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

DPRK responds by deploying two strategic iron ore freighters.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

My Dad was an ex-Vietnam fighter pilot and this is WHAT HE TOLD ME... LONG... LONG... AGO!!!

TeethVillage88s's picture

Yes. It is Bait and huge waste of US Assets/War Fighting Capabilities if Sunk or Crippled.

serotonindumptruck's picture

If American aircraft carriers are sunk, it provides a pretext to go full thermonuclear with the rest of the world.

USSA has adopted the Samson Option as an offensive deterrent.

dlweld's picture

We have to destroy the world to save it! I mean, duh...isn't it obvious?

jonjon831983's picture

Well... think of the maintenance costs that will be saved? Win Win

CosmicSauce's picture


U.S. military wants all of these carriers destroyed. They want new ones!

And the invasion has already been planned and scheduled.

Why else bring all of this hardware to Asia...?

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

They will most likely collide with one another and then have to put in to port for $13.8 Billion in repairs.

JLee2027's picture

Might be a triple play. North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela. All at once.

NihilistZerO___'s picture

North Korea is not what it seems. Question why they were given Nuclear tech post Cold War in the first place? And not by their commie friends in China, but by the US? The US has propped up NK for decades with food aid and who knows what else through back channels? Why? We can steam roll through Iraq but we fear the Kim clan? Who really controls and what really goes on on North Korea?

We know unimaginable crimes like human trafficking and organ harvesting as well as human experimentation take place in this world.

In an entire country that is closed off to the world, what could take place?

Would you logically assume that those who empower this country benefit from its continued existence?

serotonindumptruck's picture

Perhaps more importantly, does the US gain any benefit or advantage by provoking and preemptively attacking North Korea?

This is the Death of Empire.

Dying empires always go on the offensive and attack nations that are believed to be weaker.

If Trump thinks he has big balls, he should deploy those carriers to the Formosa Straights, the Crimean coastline, and the North Sea near Murmansk.

If you're gonna start shit with someone, pick on someone your own size.

DjangoCat's picture

No, no...Kabuki theater designed to scare the masses.  Instill dread, give it all up for the gummint to protect you in the 


RationalLuddite's picture

I'd be interested as to why you think Cuba. I think there might be a false flag EMP in the Gulf of Mexico to really kick all this off for the MIC psychopath gangsters. Safer there. Gulf oil wells rapidly becoming a liability.say  it is from a NK sub with Iranian engines or something.  I do know that their 'sonic weapons' reason for removing US staff from Cuba is BS. So there is the casus belli re NK and Iran partly.


Then on the other front encourage inexperienced MBS in SA to create chaos there. Just give the youngster enough rope. New managed chaos (Lavrov). Price of oil = Oil Shock 2.0. Stock-Equity markets crashes if it hasn't already. Western world ameaniable to US-Israeli annexation / preemtive war (SUCH BS) for the sake of world stability (create the problem,  blame others or the victim, demand extra powers and resources to fix said problem).  'forcing' the US to use their 2 huge local bases to take control in SA & Qatar. Grabs oil fields and tge Iran-Qatar gulf gas fields. Possibly uses nuks on Iran. Huge inflyx of refugees to EU hobbles that competition too. Divide and rule.


USA saves the world again.


Thoughts on my thought bubble?

east of eden's picture

I think, unfortunately, that there are a lot of people in the Pentagram that think exactl the way you do, and that scares the hell out of me. It should scare the hell out of you too. Do you you think you just get to 'do this' with no blowback? As in nuclear war, limited or otherwise?

RationalLuddite's picture

I am not from the US and was clearly not advocating this strategem. It was clear that i wasn't supporting such an approach. I just shooting the breeze with what their psychopathic ideas might be, looking at the available pieces and hypothesizing based on past modus operandi.

 So complex with what is happening in SA & NK  that it is very hard to know who is losing control. I think this moment could be seminal when looked back upon in 10 years. But no perspective now and hust too much speculation that i would appreciate being better directed on or hear more plausible, Occam's Razor friendly suggestions.  Paredoilia hsrd to avoid when there is so much noise.

Xena fobe's picture

The US does need to insure a steady supply of oil.  SA selling oil for Yuan and deals with Russia are not acceptable. But I don't think $120 oil and crashing the maket are deliberate objectives. 

east of eden's picture

The US military is quantitatively incapable of such a thing. Get lost.

pparalegal's picture

Trump touching down in S Korea is waiving a red flag at Kimmie. Everyone knows it and expects him to do something nutty. We shall see.

Oliver Klozoff's picture

Trump is planning on giving the kimster an even uglier haircut.

Masher1's picture

You all recall Pearl don't you?? Same thing here, just different boats.

1stepcloser's picture

Hide the me-so-hornys....the yanks are cummin

FredGSanford.'s picture

The USS Hillary Rodham Clinton, is on its way to the gulf.

strannick's picture

Its on its way to the Horn