German Army Prepares For "Break-Up Of European Union" Or Worse...

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The German military is preparing for a number of scenarios over the next two decades ranging from "the disintegration of the EU" to "multipolar competition" and the unraveling of Western order.

According to an internal report seen by Der Spiegel, the 102-page “Strategic Perspective 2040” report - adopted in late February and kept under wraps since then - outlines six scenarios for how social trends and international conflicts are likely to play out and influence German security.

In one of the six scenarios ("The EU in Disintegration and Germany in Reactive Mode"), the authors assume a "multiple confrontation".

The future projection describes a world in which the international order erodes after "decades of instability", the value systems worldwide diverge and globalization is stopped.


"The EU enlargement has been largely abandoned, other states have left the community Europe has lost its global competitiveness," write the Bundeswehr strategists:


"The increasingly disorderly, sometimes chaotic and conflict-prone world has dramatically changed the security environment of Germany and Europe."

In the fifth scenario ("West to the East"), some eastern EU countries are freezing the state of European integration while others have "joined the Eastern bloc".

In the fourth scenario ("multipolar competition"), extremism is on the rise and there are EU partners who "even occasionally seem to seek a specific approach to Russia's" state capitalist model ".

The document expressly makes no prognosis, but all scenarios are "plausible with the 2040 time horizon," write the authors.

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Ecclesia Militans's picture

Time to roll out the barrel Fritz

Haus-Targaryen's picture

What does it matter?  The largets German naval vessel currently useable is the size of a mid-size Hudson river ferry; there are no submarines which work, and of the 108 fighter jets the country has eight can fly.  Oh yeah, there is no money for practice rounds, thus soliders are given painted black broomsticks and told to say "bang." 

Denmark could invade and take Hamburg before eventually being stopped by farmers and police departments.  Germany has no military. 

johngaltfla's picture

Well, the Germans do have a lot of practice "unifying" Europe with their army...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

True, but that requires Germans to be in Germany and be proud of being German in Germany and Germany. 

The later hasn't existed in some time and the former is only true for another 10-15 years or so. If you look at people under the age of 40 its only true for another few years. 

Lt. Kommandant Muhammad bin Alsan will save us from the Russians surely. 

ACP's picture

Preparing for the break up of the EU?

So I guess that means they are preparing for a mass rape and beheading for the rest of Europe under the command of Obama bin Merkel.

Of course, that is if Abdel Fattah al-Sisi doesn't save them.

Strange days when an Egyptian general is the voice of reason in Europe.


svayambhu108's picture

Bad, Collapse might come and there are around a lot of armed fuckers...

new game's picture

armed fuker, ? ok, i won't take that as an insult...

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

We need a European Army NOW to curb these right wing populiust uprisings! Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders are TERRORISTS undermining a legitiamately appointed government! This is TEXTBOOK TREASON!

Satirical Writers Infiltrate and Mock the Left to Take Down Progressivism
Haus-Targaryen's picture


In your professional opinion, as an accredited writer, what should be done to people like Nigel Farage, Marine le Pen and Geert Wilders?  Should we put them in camps along with their supporters so as to re-educate them on the benefits of progressivism and having a multicultural and tolerant Europe? 



Dormouse's picture

I say let all the various muslim nations of Europe destroy each other and GEOTUS should offer white Christian Europeans refugee status if they agree to reeducation and depussification.

ramius's picture

riiight. The only thing you forget, is that 2 of those countries are major nuclear powers. If mussies take them over, the rest of europe can kiss it's arse goodbye. For the sake of Humanity, I hope one day reason will prevail. 

HowdyDoody's picture

US SF are in place on Russia's borders to trigger a suitable false flag event.



MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Personally, if I was an EU intelligence official, I'd "discover" a comprimising picture of Nigel Farage with an underage girl and then threaten to release it to the accredited media unless he promotes open borders and tolerance for Islam.

Satirical Writers Infiltrate and Mock the Left to Take Down Progressivism

zvzzt's picture

The left always need to "discover" things. Immoral on most things, so why not on "finding" stuff.. Sane people just discover.

(can't believe I even took the time to reply to a troll, but I guess there is a first time for everything...)

shizzledizzle's picture

Promoting tolerance towards a intolerant group. Let me know how that pans out. If the past 2000 years is any indicator... Not well.  

adonisdemilo's picture

"Intelligence official" in Europe, neither you nor any of the current Commissariat could ever deign to be worthy to that label. 

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Hello scumbag - back into mission after got banned just by appending an underscore so that you can establish a historical link? You sound way more stupid than

all the stupid party activist propaganda I heard in the former Soviet Bloc, seriously in 2017 you'll get an ear only from legaly registered retards. 

All Risk No Reward's picture

The German military reports to the Debt-Money Sith Lords through the politicians who are financed by the very same Debt-Money Sith Lords.

If one's paradigm isn't right, well, one will be confused.  And that's how the Debt-Money Sith Lord Supremacists want you.

miszczuk's picture

Great idea. And let's call these camps CC and put a sign which says "Multiculti makes us free" above the front gate.

miszczuk's picture

Great idea. And let's call these camps CC and put a sign which says "Multiculti makes us free" above the front gate.

Lordflin's picture

MDB... I fluctuate between you're a satirist, because no one can that big of an imbecile, to, wow, you really are a complete idiot. Either way you provide diversion. I never df btw...

totenkopf88's picture

MDB has a blog and it is obvious the stuff he writes is NOT satire- which is actually very disturbing.

Overfed's picture

His website is very obviously (to me) satire. If you have much of a memory, you would recall one Sen. Dianne Swinestein proclaiming from the rooftops that freedom of speech only applied to "accredited" journalists/news outlets.

Shortly afterwards, Accredited Times sprang into existence. It's pretty obvious.

If the article linked below isn't obvious satire (though lacking the Onion's rampant silliness) to you, you need to have your sarc detector repaired.

strannick's picture

Mbd.. Your a tteasure. Never play it straight or remove the mask

TheReplacement's picture

He is no treasure.  He is playing it straight.  What he doesn't get is that he is proposing a very dangerous game and I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand the consequences of losing by the rules he suggests.

Overfed's picture

It's satire. He is masterful at never breaking character. Imagine if Daniel Day Lewis were a satirist.

The Wizard's picture

 On the contrary, we need the military to recognize the true enemy, global elitist parasites in DC and Brussels, and storm their buildings placing them in the gulags where they belong.

MBD is an excellent troll or is one hell of a cynic.

you know they are lying because they are talking's picture

MDB!!! Good to see your still around. Been awhile since I've seen a post from you. I was worried you were banned, or worse.

I luv your posts. Hope you don't mind if I downvote you.

valjoux7750's picture

Shut the fuck up million dollar douchebag. I cringe at everything you write. 

fbazzrea's picture

apparently, the link was not clue enough... looks like you'll need to be more specific with an explicit sarc tag

waspwench's picture

MDB:   I fixed it for you.

We need a well-armed citizenry NOW to eradicate these extreme left-wing traitors!   Merkel, Macron, Juncker, and a host of other EU employees, funded and abetted by Soros, are traitors and terrorists masquerading as legitimately appointed government!   That is TEXTBOOK TREASON!

BarkingCat's picture

They sure seem to have missed that scenario

Fucking idiots. Nationalism is not a problem. People can be nationalistic (proud of their nation) and get along great with their neighbors.

In their idiotic drive to destroy the actual nations of Europe, the idiots like Merkel and Macron and Junker and Tusk are planting the seeds of  future conflicts.

LA_Goldbug's picture

and they have a leader who believes in Brotherly Love (trans. rape) of All Nations. Golden Lady Merkel.

rbg81's picture

This time around their goal will be to make Europe "welcoming" for Third World refugees.

BobEore's picture

Whatever 'strategic studies' the German military has managed to perform lately,

the IDF has done 10x over - and - thanks to the reams of stolen American (and no doubt German!)technology they seem to always have at their disposal... are doubtless both better disposed to 'predict' the future...

and perhaps more salient... make the future happen.

The \breakup of Europe/is ONE of their goals - and it underlies the tactical alliance which tel aviv and moscow have been operating since end of winter 2016/ a stealth takeover/degradation of the NATO alliance is another.

But - uber alles - its' the transfer of the Germans into the Eurasian camp - under a special status... not exactly 'satrapy' as they are now... not exactly as "partner"/// as they shall surely be persuaded to believe by their wooers.

With - and only with - that lineup in working order, could the Eurasian, Sraeli-led cartel ever hope to fully eliminate the resilient ability of the occident to come back from defeat.

And as careful observers have known for over one year now... it was the task given to the puppet POTUS which Sraels' domestic fifth column ensured the victory of - to break down the long ties between the 'western partners' in preparation for that coming divorce.

Today = one full year hard at it... one can indeed say... of the Drumpfs' success at his assigned task...

Heck of a job, Brownie~!


williambanzai7's picture

Shove them black broomsticks up Merkels Soros

SoDamnMad's picture

80% have beards (the men - sarc) so in a chemical attack they are all compromised.

Is-Be's picture

Now what would Adolph do if his people were despised and broken on the wheel?

Giant Meteor's picture

Get bogged down in the Russian Winter ?

zvzzt's picture

I don't think we need all that stuff... War isn't coming from abroad but from within. No use for subs or large surface vessels for that. More helicopters/drones etc. End NATO, build up militia's Swiss style and keep within the borders. Military is an extension of politics and current politics is the problem. France, Poland, Russia are not going to invade, especially not if a neutralist, mercantile political system is in place. No allegiance to anyone except Germany (copy-paste for other countries of course). 

illuminatus's picture

The million pound elephant that no one is mentioning is the fact that Germany is an occupied country.

BarkingCat's picture

Soon to be double occupied.

waspwench's picture

And that occupying force will be the basis of the German sponsored EU army.  

It will be an army of mercenaries with no sympathy for, or connection to, the native Europeans.   It will be used to control and eventually destroy them.

The EU elite seems to think that they can use the occupying force to consolidate an ESSR but I think they may find that they have a tiger by the tail.   Islam will not treat these useful idiots kindly once it is in the ascendant.

quadraspleen's picture

"there are no submarines which work,"

Didn't they sell all the working boats to Israel?

totenkopf88's picture

Germany also sold their soul to Israel because of The Biggest Lie Ever.

Thats what Xi said's picture

It seems it all is rigged for paybacktime on Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy, etc. The (silent) war is already on; killing, rapin, looting and killing their economy. And the new rethoric versus Erdogan is probably designed to fire up the fuse.

totenkopf88's picture

The Zionists loathe Europe, and it shows. The jews have always had a hard-on for Germany- that magical 6 Million number was bandied about by them in the Early 1930s.