Legendary Sportscaster Vin Scully: "I'll Never Watch Another NFL Game"

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A week after his old team lost to the Astros in the World Series, famed L.A. Dodgers Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully made an appearance at the Pasadena Civic Center last night for "An Evening With Vin Scully", where he shared some choice opinions about Major League Baseball, and professional sports more broadly.

During the event, an audience member asked Scully for his thoughts on the NFL anthem protest, to which, as Deadspin first reported, Scully responded that he was so repulsed by NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem that he decided to never watch another NFL Game.

"I have only one personal thought, really. And I am so disappointed. And I used to love, during the fall and winter, to watch the NFL on Sunday. And it's not that I'm some great patriot. I was in the Navy for a year -- didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything. But I have overwhelming respect and admiration for anyone who puts on a uniform and goes to war. So the only thing I can do in my little way is not to preach. I will never watch another NFL game."

As Sports Illustrated notes, Scully’s remarks come at a relatively safe time for him, as he retired last year after almost seven decades as a broadcaster for the Dodgers. Over the past two seasons of the NFL, players have been kneeling during the National Anthem, despite the NFL guidelines encouraging players to stand and place their hands over their hearts.

Scully, who will turn 90 later this month, briefly served in the Navy before beginning his broadcasting career. National Anthem protests have been far less common in the MLB, where Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell, has knelt during the national anthem.

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I'm with you Vincent

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go fuck yourself Roger!  You've fucked it all up for all time Roger.

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Haven't watched a single game this year.


Not virtue signaling......just zero interest.

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He's a dumb fuck. I'll watch when I have time.

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Well, it seems like it took him long enough…


I stopped doing that nonsense over 25 years ago.


 I  think the Bears won the super dish about then.


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Me too, Vinny!


End the NFL!

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I have successfully completed NFL Rehab Program.  NFL Free for 60 days Look forward to getting my 60 day chip.  Life is good without the NFL.

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yes. They must be forced to stand for Great Leader and his song. THAT is why we fought foreign wars against Fascism and Communists.

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~"Friends of Vin."~


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I too have been football free. It's been hard this year because I live in Eagles Country and they are 8-1 and according to the news, getting better as the season progresses. 

If they make it to the Super Bowl, I may watch that. 


I havn't watched a game in years but happened to be in a resturant Sunday when a game was on and I became easily drawn back in to watching. I guess it is just like pretty much any other adictive behavior. 

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Funny but I was a rabid fan as a youngster but as I have aged I came to care less and less.  Then when they started makiing all these weird rules and the refs started making bizarre calls I just got fed up and as a result I havent watched a game in several years.  Never mind going to one.  WTF wants to spend literally HUNDREDS of dollars to go sit in the cold in a hard seat with thousands of freaks around you so you can pay a shitload for parking and then pay a shitload  more if you want a beer or anything else.  Pretty bizarre actually.


Then to have these rich fuckers using the games as a lectern - even though I regard what they are fighting for as a serious issue, but the wrong place to make the point.  use your fame and notoriety, not the anthem.  While I no longer believe that America aeven remotely resembles what was once its promise, I still harbor in my heart dreams of what it could be, what it was intended to be.

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let's bring in some Irish Hurling instead

sorry, combat is entertaining.  except when there's life and limb involved, then its bankster bullshit and should not be tolerated

SoDamnMad's picture

Rather watch some good rugby.  No plastics helmets, little padding, hard hitting, run the length of the field without dying from being out of breath and Dam few CHEAP HITS.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Irish Hurling, is that something Irish people do after a few hours at the Pub? Just kidding, but I do have a couple of full blooded Irish Uncles who I've seen hurl a few times. They have always been a blast to be around. 

the artist's picture

 One by one we will take down all of the Marxist refuges and funding sources. 

Papa John, if you want to survive you better sign on to our list of demands for the NFL 

1. Fire Bob Costas and Roger Goodell

2. Fire every player who kneeled

3. Fire every sponsor who "stood by the players"

4. Invite every gold star parent to attend a formal apology/game. All expense paid trip. Every player and employee of the NFL should be in attendance. Fill the fucking stadium.

5. Establish an open forum where fans can veto any future Marxist/PC bullshit ad or sponsor

6. Refund all ticket holders who have been disenfranchised this season. 

7. NRA becomes official sponsor using gifted time slots for whatever message they feel appropriate. 

That is the list so far. We are open to other suggestions.

TruthHunter's picture

8. Stop subsidizing stadiums from my money.


BTW, I never bought a ticket. I've watched

a few games on the tube, but the advertisers

would go broke on what I've spent.


Football would be a part time job - 30k max, if more people were like me. 

the artist's picture

Thank you. Ill add that one to the list. Very good point. Their margins should be slim and they should pay for all the extra hidden infrastructure they utilize...Traffic cops. Road maintenence. Water treatment etc. 

I wish someone would start a new league with the original rules and uniforms. Encourage local teams to form and test their mettle with other local teams on even footing. Get back to the romance that started it all. What has happened with big govt and big corp with over regulation and rule changes that make it impossible for average people to play the game has also happened to the NFL...by design. 

Why is a sport that is impossible for the avrage American to play somehow our national sport??? Maybe this is the real appeal of Baseball???

ne-tiger's picture

With concussion rate > 90%, it's more real than drone fighting wars by US military.

IH8OBAMA's picture

The days of "our niggers vs. your niggers" are just about over.


BarkingCat's picture

You are the dumb fuck. Not even because of this idiotic player protest.

I quit watching sports few years ago because overall what you have is a bunch of conceited millionaire assholes.

ne-tiger's picture

Hey, is his fucking point not doing cloth worshiping?  I only watch occasionally and you were probably addicted. 


What's the fucking point anyway? These millionaire assholes will be there with/without your watching because we are US of Assholes and land whales remember?

the artist's picture

The real point here is that the establishment is being shown the power of the well organized boycott. 

This is the first of many. 

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I'm fine with not worshiping the military display before the games. If the billionaires are upset then they can remove it.

I started turning away when Monday Night Football became a cable only game, then you had Coastas lecturing us about how guns are bad before nfl games, then they started fixing (or helping) certain games (legal since they declare the nfl an entertainment event and not a sporting one), then all the interviewers and sideline commentators became women, then women began chairing some pregame and halftime shows, then women refs, superbowl halftime shows that were disgusting, then the entire feminist thing of suspending a player even though the court found the claims were not sufficient for charges, add to that having to watch NFL ads where they make as if all men are women abusers and rapists and even include emotional fake tears,

The NFL owners for some reason allowed the NFL to become a feminist supporting and championing, virtue signaling BS organization. Guns are BAD, (thus hunting is bad), you Men are bad women abusers and pigs, you must accept/like women lecturing you about football, Lesbians are good refs, --Wonder if the jewish ownership has something to do with that.

Oh, and it is just embarrassing watching the pregame show on Sunday (either of them) where the white members try desperately to "black it up" for the camera. Even the fox show is pretty unwatchable now.

the artist's picture

You mentioned something that I have been saying for years. That the game is fixed. I cant imagine why anyone would invest anything into it in the first place. I have been trying to save my brother from his addiction for so long now. It has hurt him in terms of his productivity...Big Time. He has studied the game and stats and is totally (was totally) absorbed in somehting that is useless. All at the expense of real knowledge and productivity. All of that compounds like interest. 

'The Fix Is In' a book that describes the legal case you mentioned above. Ladies and gents, there are many many ways to fix a competition. From obvious ref payola to team doctors pulling a player. Bottom line is that the NFL is a co-op, they all have a vested interest in the entire league doing well. A fraction of a Billion is better than a large fraction of a million. 

Well I finally have my brother back. A fucking gift from the gods if ever there was one. I advise you to jettison this bullshit pastime in exchange for actual life. Spend time with your family doing shit. Build something. Make some extra cash. remodel your bathroom. Change your oil...anything but piss it away. We may see a measurable increase in the GDP if this keeps up!

Thank you DJT for curing my brother's cancer. Fucking miracle. 

Bigly's picture

In the last 20+ yrs., saw part of the NY v NE superbowl. That's it.

It's a waste of your time. Pretty much all tv is.

TheLastTrump's picture

3 years/ no games for me.


I grew up watching the NFL. Miss it on Thanksgiving & Christmas. I blame the leftist media & useful idiots who buy into their propaganda.

NumberNone's picture

Not NFL but Charles Barkley 20 years ago started the mindset with his comments that 'I am not a role model'. It began the theme that athletes are in it for themselves and owe nothing to the fans or the game. Of course the MSM that would not know a touchdown from a homerun cheered it and encouraged it.

Well here we are 20 years later children seeing this are now playing the game and think this is about them and what they want. Shove their ideals down the throats of fans because after all they owe the fans nothing.

In Ze No's picture

Different sport but Latrell Spreewell choking. ...was it his coach and only getting a slap on the wrist because he was a "star" set me free from my weekend tv addiction.  

BabaLooey's picture

Gotta Love Vin.

The leftoid-shitfucks can't touch Scully.

One of the few with a pass.

BabaLooey's picture

.....people on the planet that  - because of their reputation, can say whatever they wish - without massive backlash.

Few have that  Scully's one of them.

By his explanation of his feelings, he was able to take a "side" - and anyone bashing him/tweet/twatting to show their "outrage" would be pilloried. 

the artist's picture

I upvoted you for using the word of the year...


Got The Wrong No's picture

I was totally impressed by his use of the word "pilloried" in his second post. I forgot that word existed. 


the artist's picture

Its been replace by the word 'Hillaried'

Actually the word of the year is "Cuck" but I got ahead of myself.

Hal n back's picture

nobody is talking about how much money average  and all players make in professional sports.Or announcers whether at scullys level or not. Or teams. Or netwrks (except we see it in ESPN now.

Its not like I have a choice in whats paid because I do not go to games because I am too cheap. I did not know the Eages were a good team this year.

But I and everybody else buys products that sponsor sports and crappy TV shows so this brings in the news media and Hollywood etc. No choice in a lot of that but we do buy a lot of generic stuff as the prices are much lower--in many instances the same stuff--without advertising cost and without paying for the junkets.

My last golf tournament I atteended was perhaps 30 years ago-wined and dined at a corporate tent. Baseball and football and Bball and hockey stadiums have suites and now upper "quality"  regular seating complete with food service included that companies of all sorts buy -and probably take a bigger deduction than they should.

Same i guess goes for politics -lobbiests, foundations, constant fund raising and campaigning.

It seems everybody trying to game the system, the poor, mid income and high income and ultra high income.


I'll pick on Megan Kelly -she has gone from a harsh appearance on Fox to a much softer appearance on NBC I think. Because of money. What does she provide, how much does she, or anybody else on a tv host gig make, are they worth it and our costs  for that is built into the system. Is Matt Lauer worth his pay-it muct be since advertisers pay fo rthat show. Advertisers dont care--OPM.

when free agency came around,the owners fought it--untill they learned they could pass thru the costs pretty easily and it would increase the value of their teams. Thats inflation.

My wife says its all about what the market will pay--ok, I buy into that but somewho thay cost trickles down to all of us whether we go to games or not. If we watch game on tv, we pay for it  in internet cost or cable TV cost or both.Same cost if we do not watch.

Same for movies--when cable started the upfee enabled one to watch movies, now you still pay of cable and internet and pay extra for a movie pacckage of dreck AND pay a fee for first run movies and now we have the netflix stuff.

Pay here and pay there--our cost of living has gone way up.

I am trying to find a way to easily cut the cord  but my wife still wants certain shows. We are in negotiation but the problem is if you want just a few things it adds up fast and it brings complexity to it all. Ready to say screw it. Cut the cord.

Just saying, folks, think about it from this angle.





the artist's picture

Brilliant comment. 

Like adding air to ice cream...We are fucking ourselves. 

Boycott this shit. 

Stan522's picture

The pop ups using an android is debilitating to functionaly using ZH...

Bigly's picture

Stan, i put the yandex browser with the associated adblock. Works like a charm.  


Now if i could only get an adblock for my ancient, non-supported ipad

Green2Delta's picture

Firefox Focus takes care of those pesky ads. 

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Bullish!  And anyway, who gives a shit?  BTFD!

j0nx's picture

For the 11th time: Goodell must go. Only then can the league heal and someone with some beans take over and put the hired help in its place. Sports players are employees of the league and as such are hired help that can be benched, fired and banned for life for breaking rules if so desired. It's time for the owners to start acting like owners instead of little bitches. Maybe then and only then will people return to watch the games. It starts with Goodell. Until then we all know they aren't serious about reform.

Paul E. Math's picture

The anthem protests had zero to do with the military. Why do so many people want to make the protests about something they are not?

Song_Of_Roland's picture

I stopped watching the NFL, but this weekend I decided to watch "my" team play because a friend was coming over. Talk about a waste of time. The extra time that I had gained from not watching the NFL I had spent with my family or attending to something else. This was time much better spent.


Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Same as it ever was... But THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT given the "printing presses" bad decisions both PAST and PRESENT!!!