Democrats Now Concerned Trump Is Colluding With China

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After trying (and so far failing) for a year to prove that President Trump and/or members of his campaign team colluded with Russia to throw the 2016 election, Democrats have now decided to pivot to a slightly tweaked new narrative which suggests the President may actually be colluding with China instead. 

As the Washington Examiner points out today, just as Trump gets set for meetings in China tomorrow, Senator Richard Blumenthal has suddenly taken a new interest in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China which rents commercial space in Trump Tower.

In a call with reporters, Blumenthal said a Chinese bank renting space at Trump Tower in New York is illegal without congressional permission and may be influencing Trump's policy decisions.


“To be really blunt, an arm of the Chinese government is paying President Trump rent for his building, and last year as you all know China granted President Trump 40 trademarks,” the Connecticut Democrat said on a conference call.


“These approvals of trademarks closely followed the president’s abrupt decision as president to honor the One-China Policy, a reversal of his earlier position," he said. "Shortly after receiving those trademark registrations, President Trump flip-flopped on labeling China a currency manipulator.”


“As he travels to China, we’re left wondering, Americans are left wondering if President Trump is representing American interests or his own, and which he’s going to put first," he said.


Ironically, while Senator Blumenthal was all too happy to speculate wildly about Trump Tower leases, he was somewhat less eager to answer questions about China's 'People's Daily' newspaper which leases space in the Empire State Building, a building which his wife's family manages.

But Blumenthal did not mention on the call that the People’s Daily newspaper is a tenant in the Empire State Building, which his wife’s family manages. He departed the call before a question and answer period with legal experts.


A moderator on the Constitutional Accountability Center-hosted call would not allow the experts to address whether Blumenthal is himself violating the clause. “The focus of this call is on the president and the lawsuit against him for his patent violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause," the moderator said.


Blumenthal’s office previously said he does not personally own a stake in the Empire State Building, and that such holdings listed on his annual Senate financial disclosure forms belong to his wife.


But Michael Stern, senior counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives from 1996 to 2004, told the Washington Examiner that under Blumenthal's logic, "President Trump could avoid any Foreign Emoluments Clause problem simply by transferring his financial interests into the names of his wife or children."

As laid out by Trump's attorney, Sheri Dillon of Morgan Lewis, back in January, his roughly 500 business entities were placed into a trust to be run by Eric, Don Jr. and Trump's current CFO Allen Weisselberg who were granted decision-making power over day-to-day operations without consulting the President.  Moreover, the trusts strictly forbid entering into new international business arrangements while new domestic arrangements have to be approved by an "independent ethics officer".

Trump’s businesses, which include more than 500 companies with $3.6 billion in assets and ties to more than 20 countries, will be placed into a trust. The trust will be overseen by an independent ethics officer and managed by Trump’s sons Eric and Don Jr., and chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, who will make decisions without consulting the president. The Trump Organization will terminate all pending partnerships, and won’t enter into new international business arrangements, such as licensing deals for new hotels, while Trump remains in the White House.


Existing Trump businesses, which include hotels and golf courses, will continue to operate and enter into new agreements, such as hosting weddings, parties and other events. Those will be reviewed by the ethics officer to ensure they are conducted at arms’ length. Trump’s debts will be paid down, according to their schedules.


“President-elect Trump should not be expected to destroy the company that he built,” Dillon said.

Of course, this 'scandal' could be easily solved via a quick review of the Bank of China lease at Trump Tower to make sure the rent is market based...but that's not really the point now is it?

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JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

Blumenthal is a GD idiot at best. He is a great Front Man for his useless liberal fuking state....make that the Northeast.........Turds in a big ole punch bowl

Cheka_Mate's picture


Every. Single. Time.

813kml's picture

Blumenthal should be more concerned with the flesh-eating bacteria he contracted while renewing his Israeli citizenship.

peddling-fiction's picture

Someone send these Dems for psychiatric evaluation.

Paranoia symptoms, and Pathological Lying.

Sociopathy and Psychopathy.

Sexual Perversion.

skbull44's picture

They're all criminals. The entire spectrum of the political class. Time to move on.

Dormouse's picture

Trump just gave the Chinese the finger when he saved the Petrodollar with Crown Prince Salman.

jcaz's picture

Dick is just trying to look like he does something for his graft.....

Pinto Currency's picture

Bill Clinton allowed Loral to give critical missile guidance techology to China so that China could target the US with nuke ICBMs.

Bill Clinton gave N. Korea a nuclear plant and fuel in 1994 to develop weapons.

Hillary Clinton helped to arm ISIS with Gadaffi's weapons.

And the Dems are worried Trump is going to help China.

Dems have an acute case of projection.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Wasn’t Trump during the campaign promising to stop China trade practices, China currency manipulation, and China’s trade policy with America?

What happen to that Thursday in the Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark in Billings when Trump promised “We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore.’ 


skbull44's picture

Yes, the campaigning Trump was so much different than the current rendition as President. Such a disappointment.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Disappointments to whom?

He got 40 trademarks in China for his business/investments.

Now he just needs to get one trademark for US small business. It’s call investment. Will he?


DownWithYogaPants's picture

Blumenthal the walking cadaver.   He could be on the Walking Dead without make up

overbet's picture

Sorry mother fuckers. We have a President who has done something constructive with his life. Produced something. Is a businessman not a community organizer. You got a problem with it? You want another hack politician to lead? Too fucking bad. We did it your way for a long too long time and look where the fuck it got us. Go fuck yourselves libtard democrat scum. I hope Trump starts open carrying like a fucking cowboy boss. 

IH8OBAMA's picture

All Democraps everywhere can GO TO HELL!!!!

boattrash's picture

I'll tell ya when those motherfuckers really need to worry, that's when Trump starts "colluding" with the American people and said militias.

The Wizard's picture

Trump sees the writing on the wall when it comes to the petrodollar. Even the Saudi's who swung the deal with Kissinger can see the demise of the petrodollar. Goldman doesn't want to give up on the control and use their political hacks to push their agenda. China would like the U.S. to join the silk road on its terms, not Israel/U.S. terms.

Dollar should not dominate the world - Russia & China joining forces to shake the dollar's monopoly  


Xi Appeals to Trump: Let Us "Look Far Ahead and Aim High"

On the eve of Donald Trump's trip to Asia, Chinese President Xi Jinping is taking steps to actively shape the tone and content of his upcoming Nov. 8 summit meeting with President Trump, as well as to weave Russia and India into the emerging New Paradigm. In a speech delivered to the advisory board of Tsinhua University's School of Economics and Management, composed largely of high-powered American business and financial leaders, Xi first reiterated his commitment to forging good China-U.S. relations based on win-win economic cooperation, and then stated that "China is willing to work with the U.S. side to look far ahead and aim high" to establish a "community of shared future for mankind."

When the Chinese President calls for looking "far ahead" and aiming "high," these are not mere empty phrases—as we are so used to hearing from vacuous politicians in the West. Recall that Xi just led his country through the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which adopted a concrete perspective for "building a beautiful China and a beautiful world" by the year 2050, centered on extending the Belt and Road Initiative to the entire planet. Recall that China has raised 700 million of their own people out of poverty in merely three decades, and that they are now embarked on helping Africa do the same, as well as any other part of the planet smart enough to accept their offer to collaborate. And recall that Xi Jinping has put a proposal on the table to the United States to join the Belt and Road Initiative, almost from the moment he launched the policy back in 2013.

It is extremely important that Xi Jinping is speaking out ahead of the summit with Trump, Helga Zepp-LaRouche commented today, to create an advantageous climate for that critical meeting. He has placed his thoughts and proposals out there beforehand, and that is good, she said.

Now it is time for Donald Trump to take a lesson in statecraft from Lyndon LaRouche. One cannot defeat one's enemy by merely countering his assaults and parrying each of his thrusts—as preposterous as these may be with the Mueller affair. One has to {do} exactly what your enemy is trying to stop you from doing with his attacks, because he knows that it means the destruction of his own bankrupt system. Do what your enemy most fears from you, and put him on uncharted, defensive ground.

In this case, that means that Trump must act like a true statesman and use his summit with Xi Jinping a week from now, to avidly take up China's standing offer to join the Belt and Road Initiative. And he must silence his tormentors by bankrupting their masters, swiftly reinstating Glass-Steagall banking separation. Those measures will put an end to the City of London and Wall Street's speculative empire—quicker than you can say George Papadopoulos.

Publicus_Reanimated's picture

Well said.  Westerners don't know the Chinese have been successfully planning and building infrastructure on an immense scale for hundreds and hundreds of years.

HoyeruNew's picture

How dare you use real facts against Americans? Who the fuck do you think you are? downvoted you go!


francis scott falseflag's picture

Since when do Americans expect politicians who win elections to follow

through on campaign promises?  


Obama the Peaceful bombed somebody every day of his two terms.  

The Democrats would have loved it if he could have run and won

a third term so he could have bombed humans for four more years. 

fx's picture

Waiting for the headline: "Dems concerned that Trump colluded with Dems..."

Stuck on Zero's picture

Can anyone think of a US politician (other than Rand Paul) who represents the U.S.?

PT's picture

Escrava:  I don't always like what you post but the 11 idiots who gave you red arrows are idiots!  ;)
Everything you said was true.  In fact, if you dig up Trump videos from the '80s you can find him saying exactly the same thing - except about Japan instead of China.  Plus, he really did not want to be President back then.  In fact, if you look at the interviews then you will notice that MSM wanted him to be President while he did not want to be President.  ("I really wouldn't want to do it.  I enjoy what I do... But I would not rule it out altogether ... if no-one else will ... because they are 'killing' us out there [ in the market place ] ... I hope someone else will do it because I do not want to do it.  I'm having too much fun doing what I do ...")

But China is our friends and trading partners.  That's why we had to give them all our manufacturing jobs and technology and buy all their crap and ignore their slave labour and they are wonderful Capitalists now and we have to trade with them becoz Free Markits and Whirled Peas and except when they are naughty Communists and steal all our technology and use naughty trade practices and their hackers are smarter than our hackers ...

And MSM is racist for saying nasty things about Russians and Chinese and Syrians and North Koreans and Iranians and ...

francis scott falseflag's picture

"Trump gave the Chinese the finger when he saved the petrodollar"


What are you babbling about?  The Chinese have over three trillion petrodollars.

I'm sure they don't want to see them as worthless as your brain

1 Alabama's picture

this guy is having some wierd dreams at night.

Croesus's picture

Explosion (of)

I'd swear they are deliberately trying to destroy the last ounce of credibility they have with their own supporters, but I'm beginning to have my doubts as to whether anybody at all takes them seriously.

runswithscissors's picture

Only the deep state controlled propaganda media take the commie/democrats seriously...seriously

DanDaley's picture

No doube this latest insanity is coordinated. I used to see them as myopic, ignorant of history, degenerate, etc., but now I just see them as flat out evil. 

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Democrats Now Concerned Trump Is Colluding With China

My response: Unbelievable!!!!!

DEMOCRATIC PARTY is SPIRITUALLY SICK and under DEMONIC control. Their hearts are deceitful above all else and desparately wicked.


HRClinton's picture

This (((guy))) is compromised.  Right down to his very DNA.


Bigly's picture

He liked underage girls when he was over 18, see his wife.

He lies all the time.

He's a short fuck with little man syndrome.

He is a strident commie.


I did not even have to mention affiliation or dual citizen as the above are bad enough.

Antifaschistische's picture

this is getting confusing...

Putin is jealous because Trump is trying to form some alliance with China, so Putin is forming an alliance with the American media (the propoganda wing of the DNC) to slam Trump...because Putin wants China to be loyal to him...but China wants Putin to be loyal to them...but Trump wants the Chinese to be loyal to us.

I need a drink

shovelhead's picture

Easy Tiger...

Blumie's a decorated Vietnam Veteran.

Just ask him.

PacOps's picture

Hahahahahahahaha ... it just keeps getting better.

Our elected officials clearly have too much free time on their hands and minds.



chunga's picture

A lot of bad headlines for the tribe today.

They aren't all bad sure, but the ones we heard about today are not good.

HRClinton's picture

A. Schiff is a Sayanim. An avid member of the Ashki Kosher Nostra (((AKN))).



shimmy's picture

Dumbocrats are just never going to learn. What morons. 

curbjob's picture

The balls on these people ...

here's an idea; take every member of Congress and look at their net worth when they  were first elected, and then compare that to their current net worth.

It really should mirror the increase in wages of their constituents  ... however my brief analysis shows that the exponential gain in their wealth is better represented by that of a Russian or Chinese industrialist . Why is that ?

Peter Pan's picture

I don't know how much their improved asset position would amount to but I can guarantee that the total of all increased wealth of all congressmen would be less than Hillary's on her own.

aliens is here's picture

Fking great another fake charges. Who is going to be the special counsel now? Comey? Fking DemonRats never stops.

BendTheFed's picture

W/ Israel more likely

Irving Phelps's picture

And all voters want to know who the Demo-Craps are working for? Deflect and dodge....

chrsn's picture

I wonder if he's colluding with Antifa

earleflorida's picture


mr. 'we gotta bad deal-nafta', is neotiating for moar trump towers in hong kong, shaghai, and shenzhen for the wailing`wall zio's at 33 liberty to open their trading desks to GS on the second largest stock exchange in the world in terms of capitalization and turnover!

making america great!

Everybodys All American's picture

Is that Blumenthal a demon possessed lizard man? What is wrong with all of these democrats? They are literally mentally ill. lol

Ristretto X4's picture

Yes - that is their lizard boy. Throw him some tasty flies to see that serpant tongue!

i2choose's picture

So, if Russia was a nothing burger, is this a Chinese take away?