Donna Brazile Has A Few Theories About Who Might've Killed Seth Rich

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Donna Brazile’s new book is out, and reporters at the Daily Caller, who apparently have already combed through the book, have published a series of stories summarizing the book’s most embarrassing and shocking allegations about the Clinton campaign and DNC.

Their reporting shows Brazile taking aim at other erstwhile political allies like former President Barack Obama, whom she blamed for leaving the DNC in disarray, while also revealing who she believes may have been responsible for Seth Rich’s murder.

Brazile says a chill ran down her spine when Hillary Clinton refused to concede to Donald Trump on election night of 2016 after a hushed mood had fallen over crowds of supporters at the Javits Center, who had arrived in high spirits, expecting their candidate to be swiftly anointed by the American electorate.

Unfortunately for Clinton’s most hard-core supporters, the voters had other plans. Furthermore, Brazile said Clinton’s refusal reminder her of Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore’s reaction to the election results in 2000, when Gore refused to concede and demanded a recount after results showed that George W. Bush had won.

Clinton adviser Minyon Moore “told me that at 1:30 a.m. John Podesta was going to address the crowd at the Javits Center and tell them to go home,” Brazile writes. “A shiver came over me, a memory of the Gore defeat, where we had Bill Daley go out and address the crowd because Gore was still wrestling with the results, as I knew Hillary was tonight."

In another surprising - and ultimately revelatory - anecdote, Brazile recounted how former Democratic National Committee chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz did not seem particularly concerned about the cyber breach that led to Wikileaks’ publication of internal emails.

DWS even waited more than a month after first learning of it in April. Then she refused to apologize to those affected by the breach.

As for the murder of Seth Rich - the subject of perhaps the most controversial claims advanced by Brazile so far - Brazile has a couple of theories - though neither involve the Democratic Party.

I felt some responsibility for Seth Rich’s death. I didn’t bring him into the DNC, but I helped keep him there working on voting rights. With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in his unsolved murder.


Besides that, racial tensions were high that summer and I worried that he was murdered for being white on the wrong side of town. [My friend] Elaine expressed her doubts about that, and I heard her.


The FBI said that they did not see any Russian fingerprints there.

Finally,  Brazile wrote that Obama “leeched [the party] of its vitality” in the lead-up to the 2016 election campaign.

“We had three Democratic parties: The party of Barack Obama, the party of Hillary Clinton, and this weak little vestige of a party led by [Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz] that was doing a very poor job getting people who were not president elected,” Brazile.

* * *

As the excerpts that were published before the book’s official release made clear, Brazile has a particularly strong distaste for Robby Mook, Clinton’s former campaign manager.

The intensity of her dislike is laid bare throughout her book. With that in mind, here are 12 choice quotes about Mook, courtesy of the Daily Caller.

1) The Cultish Nature of the Mook Crew

“I want to talk about the arrogance and isolation of the Clinton campaign and the cult of Robby Mook, who felt fresh but turned up stale, in a campaign haunted by ghosts and lacking in enthusiasm, focus, and heart."

2) ‘What Does This Have To Do With The Russians?"

“From offstage, I could hear Robby Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager, pretaping a segment before the roundtable. Robby was talking about the Russians, and the Russians, and the Russians, and I thought, ‘What does this have to do with the Russians?‘"

3) ‘Leaving You With The Impression That He Has Listened To You'

“Try as I might to explain it to Brooklyn, all of my urgent pleas felt like they were words falling down a well. Take Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook. He had this habit of nodding when you are talking, leaving you with the impression that he has listened to you, but then never seeming to follow up on what you thought you had agreed on."

4) ‘Everybody Worshiped The Data And The Analytics'

“The young men that surrounded Robby Mook–and they were all men in his inner circle–had mastered a cool and removed style of politics. They knew how to size up voters not by meeting them and finding out what they cared about, what moved their hearts and stirred their souls, but by analyzing their habits. They could take all the things you bought while shopping online in the last six years, analyze them, and say they were confident that they knew pretty much all there was to know about you. … Everybody worshiped the data and the analytics."

5) ‘I’m About To Kill Robby'

“One night when I went home I called Charlie Baker to warn him that I was struggling to keep Dolores contained. ‘Charlie, I’m about to kill Robby,’ I told him. ‘And it ain’t going to be pretty.'"

6) Does He Not Know Who I Am?

“Did he not understand that I had long-standing friendships with most of his superiors in Brooklyn, with the exception of Robby Mook?"

7) ‘Believed He Understood The Country By The Cluster Of Information About Voters He Had Gathered'

“Robby Mook believed he understood the country by the cluster of information about voters he had gathered.


I remember saying to him, after he described this very smart way he had determined which candidate people in a particular neighborhood were likely to vote for, that he was neglecting the whole story."

8) He Kind Of Unnerved Me

“He has a cool gaze of someone who has a determined sense of values and judges everyone by those principles. That inner cool makes someone like me who runs hot feel as though I’m bouncing off the walls when I talk."

9) ‘Robby Was Unwavering'

“Even when Clinton squeaked by in the Iowa caucuses and when she took a drubbing in New Hampshire, Robby was unwavering. He had a plan and he was sticking to it."

10) ‘They Saw Me Only As Someone Who Could Rouse Up The Emotions'

“Robby asked me to address the staff and volunteers, and I gave a speech off the cuff that was designed to remind them of the reasons we do this...


They saw me only as someone who could rouse up the emotions, but they were not interested in my practical advice. My feeling was that data was a tool for engagement, but there was no substitute for that human touch. This was a message that sunk to the carpet in the antiseptic rooms of Brooklyn."

11) ‘Dismissed My Report With A Condescending Tone'

“Mook’s lieutenant Marlon Marshall ‘dismissed my report with a condescending tone in his responses. He and Robby didn’t appreciate challenges to their strategy.'"


...And in the spirit of saving the best for last...

12) ‘I Could Hear Tears In His Voice'

“As the train pulled out of Philadelphia my phone rang. It was Robby Mook.


‘Madam Chair, I’m so sorry,’ he said. I could hear the tears in his voice. ‘I’m so sorry.'


‘I know, Robby,’ I said. ‘You did your best. You worked hard. We all did."

Now that the book has been released and read through by members of the media, we imagine all of the explosive revelations contained therein have, at this point, been widely discussed.

However, even if people continue to disgaree about the purity of Brazile's motives, one thing is certain: She has managed to deeply embarrass a Democratic Party establishment that has somehow retained its grip on power, even after the drubbings Democratic candidates have taken during the last two election cycles. Perhaps Brazile’s revelations - particularly the exposure of the Clinton campaign-DNC joint fundraising agreement will go a long way toward undermining the very forces that advocated for Clinton and her particular brand of antisceptic incrementalism.

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Blythes Master's picture

His name was Seth Rich.

InjectTheVenom's picture

Hi Donna :

how about you donate a portion (or all ?) of your book profits to hire a team of competent PI's to investigate Seth Rich's death ?


38BWD22's picture



Excellent idea.  Hope she thinks of that.

Probably will not donate shi'te though.

serotonindumptruck's picture

She needs to convince everyone that she has abandoned her divisive politics so that she can sell more books.

A political whore.

Nothing more.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Russian fingerprints somehow appear differently?  



knukles's picture

The Russians saw DNC/Arkancide footprints all over the young patriot

erkme73's picture

Their reporting shows Brazile taking aim at other erstwhile political allies like former President Barack Obama, whom she blamed for leaving the DNC in disarray, while also revealing who she believes may have been responsible for Seth Rich’s murder.


Am I the only one that had to look up "erstwhile"?   It means "former".  Because, you know, erstwhile is so much cooler than saying former.

IH8OBAMA's picture

It wasn't the Russians who murdered Seth, Donna.  You know deep in your heart that it was a Clinton who ordered the hit.


ThePhantom's picture

she's giving all the clues she can while not yelling CLINTON. she plays stupid so as not to die next..we will see about that. I think she's trying to point out the obvious without being "too forward"..

jcaz's picture

"I felt some responsibilty for Seth Rich's death....."

Classic tell.   Textbook.

No immunity for this chimp.

bamawatson's picture

good stuff; requires study and attention; good stuff  part 2 has interesting saudi perspective  part 3 is below, --- ---



just for fun!! go to 16:10 at third link (part 3))

serotonindumptruck's picture

I went to 16:10 at third link and listened for a couple of minutes.

Doesn't come close to 4chan's post about a Q Clearance mole who reveals plans to unseal indictments and make mass arrests for seditious activity, child sex trafficking by political elites, and rampant pedophilia.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

"But Brazile says in her book that she was “haunted” by Rich’s death because she feared shadowy elements associated with the Clinton campaign may have played a role in his death as retribution for leaking the emails."

So in other words, she is saying that even if "shadowy elements of the Clinton campaign" didn't kill Seth Rich, she knew that they had the capacity to kill---and that she might be the target by said "shadowy elements".  Thats all we really need to know.  That should be enough to launch an investigation, a REAL investigation into what really happened.  Clear your concience sister, just tell everyone who did it already.  You wonder why Seth Rich's parents are so quiet about the whole thing.  They probably have other kids, and they don't want them dead too.

loebster's picture

"shadowy elements"

That means the DEEP STATE. Meet them.

Tarzan's picture

I suspect Podesta is far more likely the heavy in Seth's murder.

Like the Seth Rich "conspiracy", Pizzagate too will yet rear its head.

webmatex's picture

But despite 30 years of the clintons crimes and the fiasco of the election and past 12 months of revelations - people are still supporting and voting for Democrats.

But with such corrupt and incompetent government, voting for either is sheer lunacy.

But finally the tsunami of truth is rising and gathering strength for that final surge across the DC swamp.

The tide is turning, the Gremlins are in disorder, we sense their weakness, we see their fear.

Trump has played a fine game.

Saudi 9/11 arrests (+$30 billion), pedogate arrests, Soros selling his $20 billion fortune into "foundation" obviously to avoid possible future sezure, massive damage done to Bush crime family interests, final days of the Clinton dynasty, Comey is in a coma, Obama starting to sweat profusely, McCain losing his teflon, Pelosi losing her mind, Brazil losing "one of her own", and of course the Russians DID NOT do it. 

The main course and dessert will follow.

By December my happy smile could turn to convulsive laughter - this whole thing is coming down so fast.

And Trump will be yelling "Happy Christmas"!




zuuma's picture

Tad optimistic, but a good summation, nonetheless.

wildbad's picture

she WAS the demonocratic party. now that the noose is tightening she is trying to distance herself from her co-conspirators.

no mercy unless she delivers real actionable goods on the clinton crime family and real deliverables on the seth rich assasination

The Alarmist's picture

Rich worked on "get out the vote" analyses that were probably used to pad HRC's primary vote counts to steal the nomination from Bernie. Having a pang of guilt, he downloaded the files that ultimately found their way to WikiLeaks. He paid with his life, but too late. Still, how, other than fear, did the Clinton machine keep Assange from publishing the worst of these files at a more relevant time?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Could have easily been John Podesta who ordered the hit.

I see she doesn't bring his name up. Why?

nmewn's picture

Could have been any of them, they're all fucking deranged.

But specifically on John Podesta, any mention of his name leads back to the Podesta Group and inevitably Russia! (audible is NOT what they (and she) wants. 

Thats not what she's after with this book, personally I think its a "hey, its ok to do a changing of the guard now" kind of full a blown in your face socialist party made up from the remnants of the DNC. 

The DNC is financially toast thanks to Bareass Obama, she was right about that. Hillary was buying off, errr, ummm..."financially supporting" the DNC...a national party. Burnie Marx added the "youthful idiot" exuberance quotient so thats the direction they will go. 

We'll see for sure soon enough.

Oh by the way, remember the Russian lawyer Natasha V? She was in court with...drum roll please...

"The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya occurred during a critical period. At that time, Fox News has learned that bank records show Fusion GPS was paid by a law firm for work on behalf of a Kremlin-linked oligarch while paying a former British spy Christopher Steele to dig up dirt on Trump through his Russian contacts. 

But hours before the Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016, Fusion co-founder and ex-Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson was with Veselnitskaya in a Manhattan federal courtroom, a confidential source told Fox News. Court records reviewed by Fox News, email correspondence and published reports corroborate the pair’s presence together. The source told Fox News they also were together after the Trump Tower meeting."

whoyodaddy's picture

Her clue is in who she does NOT mention; you can bet she knows who did it.

perchprism's picture


Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz had her muslim Pawkeestawn IT guy do it.   They frequented the same DC bar scene.



Lyman54's picture

"She plays stupid" some would argue that it isn't an act.

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

"I felt some responsibility for Seth Rich’s death. I didn’t bring him into the DNC, but I helped keep him there working on voting rights. With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in his unsolved murder."

She had a chance to come clean and chose not to.

Welp, ya know wut tey say 'bout dem niggas: "You can take da nigga out da hood, but you can't take da hood out da nigga."

Bastiat's picture

Why the hell would the Russians kill Seth Rich if they hacked the DNC?  The stupid is so thick it makes my eyes sting.

ThePhantom's picture

my coffee was bad this morning...damn russians!

beemasters's picture

"Besides that, racial tensions were high that summer and I worried that he was murdered for being white on the wrong side of town."

That wouldn't be the real cause for you to fear for your own safety. In case you're not aware, you're not white! You're just too gutless to spell out whom you really fear, and that ain't the Russians.

Anon2017's picture

Even Jesse Jackson got nervous in DC when he heard footsteps behind him at night and that was many years ago. He was relieved when he turned around and found that it was a white person.

So a drunk white boy gets mugged on the way home from a DC after hours bar at 4:15 am, puts up a struggle and is shot to death in  a mixed neighborhood. It's all very believable to me and I say this as someone who was attending a major university and got mugged around midnight in the summer many years ago. Fortunately, I did not put up a fight and gave the dindus my wallet. He probably did put up a struggle and was shot to death at the scene.

11b40's picture

Read up on the fine points, especially his time in the hospital.

austinmilbarge's picture

Did you forget the part where nothing was stolen from him?

Capt Tripps's picture

I won't insult your intelligence by presuming you believe what you typed.

johngaltfla's picture

Psst. Fatso, er, Donna, please meet Ms. Clinton and her "campaign team" in Fort Marcy Park at 11 pm tonight.



insanelysane's picture

The FBI didn't see Russian fingerprints there???

But the FBI never investigated the case or did they???

Hata Mari's picture

Well, they grabbed the computer(s) and put them under lock & key. There's that.

Yog Soggoth's picture

She is at the very least complicit in knowing about the hit. Remember she started off with" I was completely in the dark about everything," then she pulled the slave card out. The Russia narrative is dead, and she is playing stupid. If the truth comes out, that book will be bonfire material. 

Lumberjack's picture

Could be DWS along with Clinton. DWS probably hired Black Cube who discovered the seriousness if the matter and referred some experts who could do it.

funthea's picture

At the end of the day, despite her reminesces of idealism and grandeur, she worked with and for the Devil herself. There is no walking away from that. She owns it, now and forever. The only thing that can cleanse her soul, is to turn states evidence and start talking about what she really knows, despite that most likely implicating herself as an accomplice in the crimes. 

Eyes Opened's picture

Debbie Was-a-man Shultz has the eyes of a murderer...  

Consuelo's picture



Methinks the Podfather had enough latitude to make that decision...

847328_3527's picture

My take is that Brazille realizes those Sunday talk shows don't want her any mo ever since she was exposed leaking the debate questions to Crooked Hillary. So that's a big financial hit esp since the DNC don't want her neither.


She sees the wealthy [hypocrit] negroes like Maxine, Al Green, Conyers, Sharpton, etc and asks herself, "Why can't I be dat rich?"

So she puts togther a book, half fiction half trute, and then promotes it.

Makes the rounds, book signing, hoping enough Somalees will buy it and make her as rich as Maxine and live in a $4.3 million dolla house also.

She'll never be as filthy rich as those kneeling blacks, but she can at least live BIG from the book if enuff sheeple buy it.

buttmint's picture

Wow! Wow! Wow! I need to pop moar POPCORN! I forward this ZH article onto Hillary ass-kissers and it drives them beserko to know their candidate is a thief and criminal!

Maybe Trump is playing 3D chess? If Trump spins a NK/China deal of meet and greet and ASIAN FACE and delisting of tensions, then maybe we can all smile?


We all dodged a serious bullet by the Cuntess NOT GETTING ELECTED! I have a bounce in my step in the morning for thr past year. Who will settle the Seth Rich murder? Certainly NOT Clinton Crime Family, nor the Bushes...nor John "SKIPPY" Podesta. May I recommend two truthy sources? 1) How about Obama and Michael wanting to toss the HildaCunt under 'DAH bus? There is no love lost between these vermin eating themselves.

(2) And of course, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Trump is waiting for the political tide to shift before he can cut a deal with Assange to be welcomed. Assange's FAMILY AND KIDS have born a helluva price to keep the ideals of America alive. And Assange is Australian! How many of us would want to live holed up in an Ecudaoran Embassy? Kudos to Ecudaor!

With Uranium One cracking, people formerly in HRC'S CRIMINAL CAMP ARE WAVERING. Hillary is going to begin singing to get a snazzy room behind bars. She knows it is coming and wants to take others with her grown-over pussy. Has this Bag Lady in Chief ever had sex in her life? Donna Brazile is just the start!


Let the Fat Lady SING!


Popcorn....with a melted stick of real unsalted butter poured over freshly popped popcorn garnished with Brewer'S YEAST FLAKES!

LET ME KNOW ZH'ers---and Id be honored to cook up for all comers--- a batch of my special movie popcorn. Who needs TV or NFL football when we have the Clinton shipwreck unfolding before our eyes!

Yes...hang the nooses! I'd gladly assist Dr. Steve Piecznik, Alex Jones, Rush, Ron Paul and other true PATRIOTS string the nooses to hang the Clinton Bush Criminal elite. Soros as well. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!


Failing that, how about fresh dogshit done up to look like cake?

Let the Clinton'S EAT DOGSHIT! CLINTON OPEN FUCK YOU FOUNDATION! Stealing money from the US Treasury sent to assist Haitians and the fucking criminals helped themselves!



A Sentinel's picture

It is shocking how one has to conclude that they’re actually beginning to bury the Hilary scumbag. It seem like it’s for survival. That’s about the only thing I can imagine motivating them to turn on the beast.

serotonindumptruck's picture

It's not so shocking if you apply the metaphor of a sinking ship.

The rats are some of the first to abandon ship when the ship is going down.

Kelley's picture

Sometimes less is more.

Brazile couldn't have made the point any better even if she had shouted it into a hot mic.

You better believe Hillary's ears perked up with a hundred pounds of steam coming out of them ever since she got wind of Brazile's book dedication. 

Today everyone is asking themselves, "Why did Brazile mention Seth Rich?" What do you suppose the first answer was that popped into their heads?

A Sentinel's picture

“Robby (Mook) was talking about the Russians, and the Russians, and the Russians, and I thought, ‘What does this have to do with the Russians?‘"

It’s Alinsky Donna. Accuse the opposition of what you’re guilty of.

And that, folks, is my guess - that Hilary was in kahoots with some contingent of anti-Putin, good-old-fashioned Stalinist retreads she’s been close to for the last half century.

J S Bach's picture

"Karma" is the most appealing aspect of the Hindu religion.  It's wonderful to see its possibilities being played out within the perverted and corrupt Western societies.

insanelysane's picture

Kinda like the time they went on all the Sunday shows to say how a youtube video sparked the Bengazi attack even though emails from days earlier had Hillary telling Chelsea that it was a directed attack.

Gorgeous's picture

Yeah, and she feared for her life because...Seth Rich was white and got caught on the wrong side of the tracks??  Donna, don't give us reason to doubt you!

Laowei Gweilo's picture

she may very well be just saying what people want to hear

just 'selling' controversy to sell books


'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'

and she may indeed deserve a worse outcome, but if it means more doom for the DNC or Clinton, then she's one rat maybe best out of the trap