Here’s How to Deal With Overpopulation

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Via The Daily Bell

Anytime someone in an elite or powerful position starts saying the population is too high we should get worried. You can bet it isn’t their friends and family that they are talking about overpopulating the Earth.

Of course, they are talking about people whom they consider peasants. Definitely me, and probably you too. We are the ones crowding this little planet, and we are the ones whose carbon footprint they say is a problem. Nevermind that the elites burn more carbon flying to their global warming conferences than I use in a year.

But these elites are just so amazingly unimaginative. Either that or they just don’t want to find a solution to accommodate Earth’s growing population.

Prince William and his wife Kate are just months away from adding a third child to their family. Yet “voluntary family limitation” was his best suggestion for tackling a growing population. He specifically mentioned the fact that Africa’s population would double in the next 25 years.

You might expect a Prince to lack imagination on how to solve big problems. But shouldn’t the famous “genius” Steven Hawking be better at it? His best suggestion is to colonize other planets, which seems like quite the undertaking. After all, he predicts armageddon within 100 years, which seems like space colonization is a race against the clock. He certainly cloaks his predictions in a healthy dose of apocalyptic doom.

I believe we have reached the point of no return. Our Earth is becoming too small for us, global population is increasing at an alarming rate and we are in danger of self-destructing.

Let’s get one fact straight. The rate at which Earth’s population is growing has slowed. Yes, the population itself is still increasing, but as the global standard of living rises, birth rates decrease.

Earth’s population is no longer growing exponentially. Most indicators suggest that the population of Earth will level out around 11 billion people sometime around 2100.

And if everything else stayed the same, that would make some places quite crowded and unpleasant. I left Massachusetts in part because the population density is already too high. It was getting crowded and I like my space.

But doesn’t that suggest an alternative right there? I was able to move to a mini-farm in the middle of nowhere because I work online. As more people work remotely, proximity to a city will be much less important. Advances in transportation should have the same effect.

The other thing that annoys me is the utter lack of creativity and innovation that the elite exhibit when making these dire predictions. Space, they think, is the final frontier. Their imaginations run wild and skip right over the massive amount of space right under our noses.


Singapore is familiar with overpopulation. Because of innovative government, the island nation is a popular destination for emigrants. Singapore has expanded the island by importing massive amounts of sand to grow the land base. But they have also started digging.

Underneath Singapore, at varying depths, are pedestrian walkways, infrastructure service tunnels, public transportation, and an ammunition storage facility the size of 400 football fields. There is even an oil storage cavern the height of a nine-story building which can store 580 Olympic size swimming pools worth of oil.

Singapore isn’t stopping here.

The creative minds in our local government have recently launched an R&D programme called The Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge. The challenged statement is to “create new space cost-effectively and optimise the use of space to sustain Singapore’s long-term growth and resilience”. One of its many focuses is to create underground space for better urban living.

See where a little ingenuity can get you?


About 95% of the 7.3 billion people on Earth live on 10% of the land mass. Less than half of the Earth’s landmass is used by humans, whether for agriculture, industry, or homes. That leaves plenty of space to expand, even without going underground.

But 33% of the land on Earth is a desert. Doesn’t it seem easier to transform a desert into inhabitable land than to establish an Earthling colony on the moon or Mars? At least deserts have breathable air.

And it may not actually be that hard to make a desert into an oasis.

Stories abound about people in remote places singlehandedly reforesting acres upon acres of land.

One man in India planted a tree a day for 35 years, restoring over 1,300 acres of desert into a forest.

One of the founders of Church’s Chicken used his money to buy dry rocky land in Texas. Seven wells drilled hundreds of feet deep turned up no water. But by simply planting the right kind of native grass, rains started to percolate into the natural reservoir beneath. 50 years later, springs abound, wildlife has returned, and the ranch is a lush paradise.

A couple in Northern China planted 67 hectares of saxaul trees to stop the desertification.

A man in Africa named Yacouba planted 30 acres with different trees to revive an old farming practice that allows him to grow food in harsh desert conditions.

The best part about all these stories is that they involve individual action. These people didn’t need government grants and scientific studies. They didn’t have to limit anyone’s freedom, and they didn’t have to convince a majority to vote their way. They simply started doing what they knew would help them and their children live in a better environment.

That makes me feel better about the food forest that I am growing on 10 sandy acres of the Florida panhandle. Over a dozen trees and many smaller plants have been added to the sandy soil, along with composted leaves, sticks, and goat manure. The reason we do it is to provide fresh fruit for us. A fortunate byproduct is restoring a sandy sunbleached pasture.

And all this is while plenty of good unused land still exists on Earth. These efforts will only accelerate as the need arises, with even more productive methods.

Prince William is worried about Africa’s population doubling. But Africa has about 0 people living in the Sahara desert at present. The land that Yacouba transformed from desert to forest sits on the edge of the Sahara desert.

Desalination of seawater provides another promising tool to turn deserts green. But the oceans themselves are yet another untapped resource for a growing population.


About 71% of the Earth is made up of oceans.

Seasteaders have been the butt of jokes for quite some time. But despite the adversity, dedicated people have soldiered on. Seasteading promises places to live, new sources of sustainable food, and positive impacts on the environment. To learn more, check out the book review I wrote on Joe Quirk’s book Seasteading: How Floating Islands Will Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians.

So the elite can have a field day with their doom and gloom predictions. But smart individuals know better. We don’t need drastic and genocidal policies to reduce Earth’s population. And we don’t even need to look as far as outer space. Individual action can solve any problems that come from an increasing population.

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Natural disasters, virus and wars will help reducing the population. If that's not enough, we are on the last leg of antibiotics. So worrying about over population is a bit waste of time.

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Seems the mysterious new disease with no know cure always pop up in Africa.  Sooner or later they will come up with one that truly fits their need.

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The world really IS overpopulated and it's destroying habitat and other species. The solution is really simple: provide birth control to the 3rd world and give women there basic equal rights and education. Give them the social license to control their own fertility and they'll typically choose to have less than 4 kids because it's just physically unpleasant having more. 


First world birth rates are below replacement it's the 3rd world that has to catch up. There where women are treated like breeding sows pumping out up to 15 kids each and suffering for it. Get birth control and empowerment of women to the top 100 birth rate countries.


You only need an heir and a spare. Anything more is goddam fucking selfish

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Great video! 

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When a person attempts to take on this subject and refuses to talk about race, then you know they're full of shit.

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Don't be a pussy. If you're going to down vote me then reply as well. The truth is that native Western populations are below average replacement population, so who are all these people having babies they are afraid to name? We all know who it is. It's minoritries from the third world. Europe is being swamped with a neverending steam of poor violent illegal immigrants from Africa for the foreseeable future. If you can't talk about that then you aren't really going to address the issue.

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Research the quality of life, health and longevity on populations that live at lower elevations. Start here in the USA with places like Baltimore, Maryland,  Salton City, California and New Orleans, Lousy-ana. From there go on to Memphis, Tennessee, Belle Glade, Florida and Oklahoma City. It's not just the dominance of poverty in these areas, viruses and bacteria thrive in low level environments. Go to any city you wish to check, and look at the lowest elevation neighborhood there. That is where you will find the poorest, sickest and most politically disenfranchised people in town. Of course they want us all "in the valley" {and I'm not talking the Napa Valley either}.

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The Nasty party - the conservatives are already killing the poor and disabled in the UK

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Singapore ... and whose freshly imported water supply did you steal today.

If you cut all ties to Sigapore with the reest of the world for 6 months you see how sustainable that place is.

Most major cities work the same way, require a vast area to genenrate food, power, etc to be sustainable.


gdpetti's picture

True, and it is completely coastal,..... subject to tsunamis when TFHTF.... same around the world... LA, Hong Kong, Seattle, SanFran, NYC.. etc. BUt then not many people pay attention to Mother Nature until she cleans house, and by then, it's a weeeee bit too late. Many richer areas of countries seek to separate themselves in this manner... Catalan is a recent example... some don't need to as they already control the rest of their country, like London.

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Earths population is still growing exponentially.  The article author doesn't doesn't understand how exponential growth works.

Debtpool's picture

Your use of "doesn't" has grown exponentially.

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It's not. Global population is growing at about 1.18%, down from the high in the late 60s of 2.08%. By 2100 it is projected to be under +0.15%. And that's probably erring on the high side. We'll either have a global war or a Yellowstone volacano type event or ecological collapse before then. Or, you know, the elites continuing with their engineering of infertility and low level biological and chemical warfare on everyone until the useless eaters are all gone. We're never going to find out what 12 or 15 billion humans on Earth looks like. 

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Guess he never had crabs or the clap.

jin187's picture

Stop giving aid to third world countries, and irresponsible parents in industrialized ones. That's an 80% world population drop within 5 years, once we stop subsidizing artificial lifespans for people that are fucking themselves to death.

Hkan's picture

Solution criteria:

Find place no one wanna live. 

Nature provides all u need.

No assets but what u eat and need for survival.

Small communities.

etc etc....

Going a long way stealing ur only assett ur labour force is not gonno be worth it. 

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FYI the earth is not infinite in size, and humans cannot continue using it's resources at an exponentially increasing rate, which seems to be something you are advicating. 

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Not really. Isn't sea water a resource? One cup has enough of the hydrogen isotope dueterium to power New York city for a week. Just need the technology to produce commercial nuclear fusion power. Fresh water we have plenty ever heard of the NAWAPA project. Too bad they wacked Kennedy before he could get it going (in short capture some of the annual run-off from the snow pack in Yukon Territories of Canada and Alaska and channel it in the the major western aquifers). estimated cost today $1.2 trillion. Something Trump should think about if he wants to get re-elected in 2020.

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Is your city an official United Nations Refugee Resettlement City. All across America, the Obama communist worked with the UN to designate US cities as refugee resettlement cities. The UN and Obama communist plan was to flood the nation with 3rd. 4th and 5th world ECONOMIC refugees when we don't have the jobs for our people. Obama ordered the borders wide open and no restrictions, no checks, just come on in and take what you want. The Federal Government is still packed and loaded with these communist who believe the US no longer existed and we were/must to SUBMIT to UN one world government rule. The UN would make our laws and administer UN laws to our nation. Obama ordered agencies, departments etc, and didn't confer with congress. No laws passed just executive order, now with a new president, the same Obama communist in the government are not following the new presidents executive orders, they plan on continuing the one word government plan, one world bank, one world currency and one world religion of worship of the state. It is called International Communism. It is the long term goal of International Communism and it will do away with the USA as a country. The UN and US government is loaded and packed with communist determined to force this agenda on America regardless of how we voted. We voted no, but it continues. The federal government must be purged with a RIF of 500,000 workers and their contractors. Complete agencies must be torn out by the roots, because many agencies duplicate state agencies. It is a waste and we are being over run with workers we don't need or want. Why would you bring in people who hate our guts, because that is what the communist want, once the population is a majority hate our guts ethnic, then the communist get the vote and power each time. Obama said we must make America more a nation of color. Obama is a communist anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American culture, pro-homosexual to destroy the nations social mores. All this while Jew controlled CFR and Bilderberg Group directs the US beast of burden for more wars, now it will be Africa and more refugees. Trump will be gone after his terms and the flood gates will open to destroy us and we will submit for UN one world government. Get out now. The communist rigged the election and failed, next time they will rig it more. Your vote will not count next time and when they get power again, it will be over for our country.

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Here’s How to Deal With Overpopulation


Stop taking in Immigrants nuf said

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I like the idea of colonizing the world's deserts. It makes far more sense than building on the best most arable land as we do now.

I would add that mountains are the best... because the water situation is mitigated by springs, moreover that since there is always large topographic changes in mountains, water can be gravity fed. The advantage to gravity fed water is that it functions fine when electricity is out.

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The Earth is not over-populated. The population centers are crowded but the Earth is very roomy.  I did the maff and here it is:

7.6 billion people, each granted 4 square feet to stand on, worked out to 1090 square miles. This sounds like a lot, but it equals a square 33 miles on a side.

The tiny state of Rhode Island would encompass the crowd (although a few percent would be standing in the water.)

Compare R.I. to the land available over the face of the Earth and you can see the Earth is not crowded, just the stinking cities in which we've concentrated ourselves.  The elites just want our numbers decimated so they can control us all that much easier. 

IvannaHumpalot's picture

that's nice, dear. plenty of room for each person spread out. But not counting deserts i guess where you can't grow food. Or available water supplies. Or room for habitat for the other species on the planet... but i guess habitat and wild places don't matter to you.


Or the fact that 7.6 billion will just breed to the limit of the food supply and become 14 billion. Or the pollution and waste they make.


Maybe a better idea is for people to use the cheap, effective birth control (condom, the pill, implanon) and just have 2 kids each. An heir and a spare. Everyone gets a kid to love if they want but that is below replacement so we can start taking some of the burden off the planet.

quesnay's picture

Everyone in the world could comfortable live in a standard house with a yard easily fitting into the state of Alaska*

* - This was a 'Fermi' problem worked through in a book (Guesstimation or something ...).

American Dissident's picture

If one accounts for areas humans do not want to live- it is quite crowded.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Parasites will live anywhere that free shit and free food are distributed.

Conax's picture

Yeah, like Nebraska. Ever driven across Nebraska?

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Not very much free shit there.

White Devil's picture

It makes me sad that this inbred monkey is pounding Kate’s snizz and repeatedly defiling her. She was a classy beotch until she fell under the spell of a royal inbred Jed.

oncemore's picture

Another one praising cultural Marxism.
I could not care less about the royals, but this guy is a typical Soros child.

gaoptimize's picture

Too late to be read, but the population and CO2/AGW crisis are completely artificial so elites can use them to control society.  Russ George ( ) did an ocean iron seeding experiment of the west coast of Canada.  The salmon harvest that followed was a record, more then 5X the amount of fish expected.  This could be replicated many tens of times every year around the world, feeding billions and brining atmospheric carbon back into ballance.

The elites know this and swat teamed him when he went to cash in his carbon credits.

Ink Pusher's picture

Have you not checked any real time unwhitewashed Pacific Ocean Cesium contamination reports ?

NoWayJose's picture

Prince William has the same defective genes passed diwn in that line. If you are worried about over population you can do two things:

1. Stop at 2 children - not three or more. Two is all you need to sustain the population. We have enough royals.

2. You speak out against uncontrolled immigration - which allows poor access to 'the dole' - and encourages them to have more and more children in order to increase how much free stuff they get.

But clearly, over population is NOT that important to him.

Iconoclast421's picture

One of the reasons deserts have no trees is because the wrong type of weather system can rip them right out of the ground. Just like a hurricane can rip up all the trees you planted in the florida panhandle.

The best way to deal with overpopulation is to remove the top 0.1%. Since they consume like 20% of the earth's resources getting rid of them would allow the peasant population to expand by another few billion.

Posa's picture

Parson Malthus (for many years director of the East India Company ) is the prototype of British Parsite Class intent on population control of vast plantation estates... in other words, a New Dark Ages.

Most official "environmental" organizations are front groups for The Parasite Class and their New Dark Ages dystopia.

But making and keeping the planet liveable requires proliferation of modern, energy dense technology and infrastructure and that's only possible with high productivity, high growth economies.


Northern Flicker's picture

Yes, just as a captain goes down with his ship; the elites could provide a good example by volunteering to be first.

libertyanyday's picture

7biillion and counting, there is no way to survive this exponentailly increasing number, the feminists have eradicated man...........and themselves.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Eradication of manhood is their well as scarfing-up all the pussy for themselves...then artificially inseminating it as planned, for more pussy and feminized man-slaves.

quesnay's picture

Except it is no longer exponentially increasing. It's asymptotically approaching 11 billion.

BigSwingingJohnson's picture

You and I - and the people that read this blog - are not the problem. it is the 70% masses that are too stupid to know what really goes on.

Ink Pusher's picture

The Bubonic Plague is running wild in Madagascar,In Africa Cholera is spreading like wildfire,The entire Pacific ocean is irradiated with Cesium. Population Control is underway.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

GMOs, Ebonic Ebola and weaponized smallpox will save the day.


Ink Pusher's picture

Good to see another realist on the boards....Bubonic Plague and Typhoid are making a huge comebacks. The WHO's collective willful negligence and blatant ignorance will paint an easy path for the pathogens....

luckylongshot's picture

The overpopulation issue is so controversial it was a welcome sight to see Prince William bring it up. Sadly the author of this story takes the line that there is plenty of room for expanding the population and PW should not have mentioned overpopulation but a careful look at the mass extinction going on indicates that overpopulation is a serious problem and it does need to be considered. While the scaremongers bring up killing people as the solution there are some easy non-violent ways to fix the problem, voluntary sterilisation is one, another is making parents pay for school for third children (this works well in Vietnam). Plenty of other ideas along these lines could be introduced if people were prpared to look at the problem. The core issue is whether we want our future generations to live sustainably on the planet or whether we will breed ourselves extinct, people need to choose which side they are on. If we want to turn the earth into a flaming fireball (as Stephen Hawking predicts) we can and all we have to do is keep breeding uncontrolllably.

Ink Pusher's picture

You've obviously never absorbed the messages inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones.

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.