Former Yahoo CEO Mayer Blames Massive Hacks On - Who Else? - Russia

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Looks like this guy’s been up to no good...

In an apology that’s long overdue, considering Yahoo revealed two months ago that a series of cyberattacks that it had previously reported actually impacted all of its 3 billion user accounts, former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer apologized on Wednesday for a pair of massive data breaches at the internet company. But rather than take responsibility for the cybersecurity failures at company - which was absorbed by Verizon earlier this year - Mayer blamed the hacks on the most convenient bugbear available.

That’s right: Mayer - who gave the apology during Congressional testimony - is blaming the intrusions on the Ruskies, a charge that we’re sure will find sympathy among certain Senate Democrats.

But lest anybody get it twisted, Mayer - in a deflection of blame that was nothing short of Clinton-esque - managed to apologize without admitting ultimate personal responsibility, Reuters reported.

”As CEO, these thefts occurred during my tenure, and I want to sincerely apologize to each and every one of our users,” she told the Senate Commerce Committee, testifying alongside the interim and former CEOs of Equifax Inc and a senior Verizon Communications Inc executive.


“Unfortunately, while all our measures helped Yahoo successfully defend against the barrage of attacks by both private and state-sponsored hackers, Russian agents intruded on our systems and stole our users’ data."

Verizon acquired most of Yahoo Inc’s assets in June after Yahoo was forced to accept a lower bid following several unflattering disclosures related to the hacking incidents. Mayer also stepped down in June. Verizon disclosed last month that a 2013 Yahoo data breach affected all 3 billion of its accounts, compared with an estimate of more than 1 billion disclosed in December.

In March, federal prosecutors charged two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers with masterminding the 2014 cybertheft, the first time the US has charged Russia-linked hackers for alleged cybercrimes. Of the accused, one was arrested. Russia has denied the allegations, and there has been some speculation that the attacks were actually planned by the same North Korea-linked group of hackers that perpetrated the 2014 Sony hacks.

According to Reuters, Special Agent Jack Bennett of the FBI’s San Francisco Division said in March the 2013 breach was unrelated to the one Yahoo disclosed in December and that an investigation of the larger incident was continuing.

“We now know that Russian intelligence officers and state-sponsored hackers were responsible for highly complex and sophisticated attacks on Yahoo’s systems,” Mayer said on Wednesday.

The Senate Commerce Committee took the unusual step of subpoenaing Mayer to testify on Oct. 25 after a representative for Mayer declined multiple requests for her voluntarily testimony. A representative for Mayer told Reuters she was appearing voluntarily.

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"The Russians ate my homework. Honest, teacher."

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I wonder if we should do a background check on our Siberian Husky. He may be a spy. He does sniff around a lot, hmmmmm.

At least he's not a racist: he gets along well with our Maine Coon.

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Marissa Mayer, 2020 democratic presidential nominee!!!

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Another failed female leader!

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The accumulated cost to the national economy of the catastrophic impact of shoehorning women into top executive positions is incalculable. Flagship companies driven to the brink all with the goal of marginalizing the White male.

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Exhibit 1b: Equifax 

What's important here is that they're making a statement.  s/

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Mayer appears to be an alien clown in a human suit.

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She has a strange looking mouth...
Why is this bitch not in the kitchen?

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Oscar Mayer got into the kitchen first and won't let her in!

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I can't find a TV remote that I saw in the living room earlier today.

Fucking Russians.

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They are the 'Jews' of the day it seems, blame everything on them... instead of blaming the dog for eating your homework, you blame Russia... problem is this crap only works on idiots... good thing most all empires are full of them.

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So we are admitting that Russian hackers are 'better' than the Indian, Thai, and Chinese security guys we are importing to work at US tech firms?

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+1  ^^^^^

Any real question will always be treated as rhetorical by officialdom. 

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Still waiting for someone to demand more women work in sewage...

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I've encountered more than a few who felt quite at home in the gutter.

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Did Russian agents also reach out through her internet connections and rape her also? In Canada there is a case of rape being prosecuted where no physical contact was made.

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Mayer was the massive hack.  Joining Carly Fiorina in Silicon Valley legend.

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It,s never the douchebags fault

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She did sell a total lemon to Verizon for $4.5B...well, somebody there did...morals like that make used car salesmen blush.  Just go count your money on the beach somewhere and order a couple of moscow mules to smooth your mind...

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But were's the lawn chair pic at!

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This woman reeks to high heaven of Silicon Valley cronyism.  She embodies it.

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If she didn't have a vagina and all the associated body parts that come with a vagina she never would have amounted to anything. Yet Feminists applaud a woman who uses her looks to get ahead.

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Hollywood made a super important Morgan Freeman video who said we are at war with Russia, so that got cleared up for me.

For a minute there I was starting to think that psychopath F500 CEOs, Satanist globalist pedophile bankers and politicians and their IC enablers were the threat to humanity. 

I have time now to upload my nude selfies Facebook asked me to send them. They're going to protect me from revenge porn. Especially while I'm transitioning.

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I was hoping that she was at least fuckable.

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Isn't that the Jew Feminist project that cost yahoo 12 billion?

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Russian agents intruded on our systems and stole our users’ data."

She has of course released the evidence, what? No she has'nt, well I am shocked! at least Clinton released her servers to prove Russia hacked them.....what! she did'nt either, well our 21 Intelligence agencies who concluded Russia hacked the DNC, they must have released some evidence, at least a page perhaps, what! they did not either.... I am starting to think there might be a little bit of fibbing going on here to cover up for gross incompetence.

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LMAO!........She must be running for president next........

The marxocrat primaries,should be very entertaining, watching them squable over who`s the biggest Russia slayer.......

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Keep looking!

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Ms Krabappel, Santa´s Little Helper ate my homework.

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I'm not sure what the bigger crime is.  Marissa's severance package or the data breach.

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She was/ is incompetent.......