Michael Lewis Reveals His New "Big Short"

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When the award-winning author of “The Big Short,” “The Blind Side” and “Moneyball,” stopped by Yahoo Finance yesterday to discuss his latest book, “The Undoing Project,” he was predictably asked for his next "Big Short" idea.  And, after downplaying the value of his opinion, and those of everyone else for that matter, Lewis offered up a rather surprising answer: "The NFL."

On our afternoon live show The Final Round, we asked Lewis what part of the market might become the next “big short.” He was hesitant to answer, saying, “You’re asking the wrong person. Everybody will be a little stupider, if I answer that question. Can I answer this way: When people roll in with some big prediction, and they actually seem really certain about it, be very suspicious of them… When people come at you and say, ‘Oh, this is the short,’ it’s an interesting exercise, but the more serious they are about their prediction, the less seriously you should take them.”


But after the live show, Lewis thought of the NFL: “The NFL has real business problems. The CTE issues… I’ll give you the next short: the NFL.”


As we've noted multiple times over the past several weeks, as of the halfway point of the current NFL season, television ratings are down an average 5% compared to the same point last year, and nearly 20% from 2015.

Meanwhile, NFL sponsors are reportedly “nervous” amidst the ratings dip and the ongoing political controversy, and at least one, Papa John’s, has publicly said it will pull back on its NFL advertising.

Of course, Lewis noted that his answer was given in jest and admitted that "he’s not sure how a person would go about shorting the NFL just yet"...

Lewis, an influential thinker on sports leagues and their finances, may be on to something. On the other hand, he added that practically speaking, he’s not sure how a person would go about shorting the NFL just yet.

...but, we have an idea...how about all of the media companies that have sold billions of dollars worth of NFL advertisements and are about to get crushed by 'make goods' when they don't deliver the eyeballs they promised ad agencies? 

Yes, we're looking at your ESPN...perhaps the next 'Big Short' has already begun?

Here is the full interview with Lewis:

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Unplug folks. I did it years ago and haven't regretted it once.

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Go back to leather helmets.., no more targeting, problem solved.

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id rather see 33 death row inmates fight to the death and the lone survivor faces off with HRC

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I cancelled my cable 4 years ago. 300 channels and nothing was ever on worth watching.

As for the NFL? I stoppped watching that too. But being an ex-Lions fan, it wasn't hard to do.

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i watch when absolutly nothing else to do(1 game so far-the vikqueens) OR circumstantial, as in get togethers and the fuking thing has most everybody glued to it. some week ends i completly forget and check the score monday. otherwise the tv is basically ruko/netflix viewing only. disgusting thing chap. just fuking sike4ning piece of shit sitting there. doubt it will get replaced EVER...

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Lewis must be a ZH fan and read the comments...

I posted that here as soon as the owners started losing their collective minds and backing the drama queen kneelers.

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Owners threw kneelers under the bus the moment their stadium tax subsidies were threatened.


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Wishful thinking.  But a nice dream.


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But I love celebrity worship, big universities, big sports, big media, Wall Street, and the political parties.

Because everything is AWESOME!

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If college football was outlawed, what would replace "football Saturdays" for people like myself? Start with "Game Day" at 8, games kick at 11 a.m. - games all the way to 11 p.m. followed by the recap shows.

Throw in the beer, pizza, my bets; those Saturdays where I go to games (Bloody Mary's, Conecuh Sausage, getting my game face on, the roar of the crowd, the drama of a close-game or key down, the comeley football belles, the fight songs, etc.).

I can think of no similar experience that will replace that. Bowling tournaments? Soccer matches?

Apparently people at ZH wouldn't miss it, but millions of us would.

BTW, donations to academic programs at colleges would probaly plummet. So too would the number of students who even want to go to college. Cheerleaders and majorettes and marching bands would disappear.

Businesses like hotels, restaurants, bars, gas stations, grocery stores that sell tailgating grub, and places that sell team merchandise (college book stores) - all of which make lots of money on game weekends would suffer. RV sales would decrease. Little kids who get excited about going to games would have to spend another prosaic Saturday playing in the front yard. Newspapers who sell extra copies on Sunday morning (for game recaps) would see sales and readership declines. 

On the plus side, "academics" would no longer be "corrupted." America would become a much smarter nation.


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