13 Baltimore High Schools Have Zero Students That Are Proficient In Math

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For the past several weeks, one Fox affiliate in Baltimore has been publishing some staggering stories about the Baltimore public school system under an investigative series called "Project Baltimore."  Just a few weeks ago we noted one of those stories in which an undercover teacher admitted that public schools routinely pass kids that never even bother to show up for class a single day during the school year.

Now, a stunning new installment of the Project Baltimore series from Fox 45 reveals that 13 public high schools sprinkled around Baltimore, of the city's 39 total, had exactly 0 kids that tested proficient in math. 

An alarming discovery coming out of City Schools. Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state testing data and found one-third of High Schools in Baltimore, last year, had zero students proficient in math.


Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state test scores released this fall. We paged through 16,000 lines of data and uncovered this: Of Baltimore City’s 39 High Schools, 13 had zero students proficient in math.


  • Achievement Academy
  • Carver Vocational-Technical High
  • Coppin Academy
  • Excel Acadamy @ Francis M. Wood High
  • Forest Park High
  • Frederick Douglass High
  • Independence School Local 1
  • Knowledge and Success Academy
  • New Era Academy
  • New Hope Academy
  • Northwestern High
  • Patterson High
  • The Reach! Partnership School

Meanwhile, digging a bit deeper, Fox 45 also found that of the 3,804 students in Baltimore's worst 19 high schools, only 14 of them, or less than 1%, were proficient in math.

Digging further, we found another six high schools where one percent tested proficient. Add it up – in half the high schools in Baltimore City, 3804 students took the state test, 14 were proficient in math.


  • Ben Franklin H.S. at Masonville Cove
  • ConneXions: Community Based Arts SchoolDigital Harbor High School
  • Edmondson-Westside High
  • Renaissance Academy
  • Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy

Not sursprisingly, only one Baltimore school replied to Fox 45 with a generic comment suggesting that improvement is difficult and "will take time."  That said, why do we suspect that 'improvement' will also take just a little more taxpayer money despite the fact that Baltimore already spends $16,000 per year per student...which, mind you, is more than many private schools that deliver far better results.

With these eye-opening results, Project Baltimore reached to North Avenue. But no one inside the building would sit down to answer our questions. Instead, we got a statement. Concerning our investigation, it read, “These results underscore the urgency of the work we are now pursuing. We must do more to meet the needs of all our students.”


That work, according to the statement, involves a new math curriculum started this year, enhanced teacher development and expanded partnerships to provide opportunities for students.


The statement concludes, “There is no simple answer that will close the achievement gap for Baltimore’s students. Though we all want to see results quickly, the work is hard and will take time.”

Of course, we're almost certain that these poor results have absolutely nothing to do with Baltimore's stellar, unionized teachers and administrators who will undoubtedly get to maintain their jobs and exorbitant public pensions despite the complete failure of their students.

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Sounds like the perfect place to recruit the next generation of pension board members.

Citxmech's picture

Just throw more money at the schools. 

That'll fix things for sure.

(Start with admin.  I'm sure the main problem is under-administration)

Antifaschistische's picture

4 cameras live streaming in each classroom.  Parents with access to schools portal can enter their childs student ID, and automatically be routed to their scheduled classroom to observe both teacher and students live.

THAT will start to change a few things...

...then when someone starts to blame ______ for the lack of progress, you just play the tape and watch.

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He meant to say "baby mama"

Chuck Walla's picture

He forgot the /s.  How do you get them to watch through a meth haze? 

DrData02's picture

Parent access will change nothing in the inner-city.

SoDamnMad's picture

I didn't hear any parent outrage to cause this investigation. It was more journalists hearing about the failure and digging into the statistics.

Goldennutz's picture





The only time baby momma and baby daddy show up is when little Keyshawn gets plugged by 5-0 and are looking to hit the Ghetto Lotto.

SoDamnMad's picture

The will steal the cameras. Use the cameras for home (and drug stash) security.

HRClinton's picture

There's more to it than that.  It's culture & genetics. E.g...

I have a relative who teaches Gr. 7 at an Indian Reservation out West.  He says that almost all his students have tremendous difficulty even handling Basic Arithmetic and Gr. 7 math.  Stuff that was child's play for his kids, is a mountain for these kids.

But it's not politically correct to say that Group X is simply IQ deficient.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Running Bears never could read or write, but he could chuck a spear at a buffalo!

PlayMoney's picture

They obviously aren't measuring by common core standards

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"We wuz mathematicians and shit"

Wage Slave 927's picture

Who needs math? What's really important is to learn how to put a condom on a cucumber.

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Looks like they're fucking that up too.  Come on Margret Sanger, do your job!

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RacerX's picture

Are there one or two "F"s in MAF?

Cloud9.5's picture

This is not difficult to understand. The welfare state provides the basics.  This provision does not require any effort on the part of the recipient.  In this environment, why would you spend your time learning tedious math equations? 


Public school is a daycare for welfare moms.  For students public schools are a place for socialization.  Students understand that their survival is not contingent on anything taught in public school.  Their survival is contingent on working the hood.

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Antifaschistische's picture

In Houston, we send them to one of our top public schools dedicated to the "performing arts" since math isn't their apptitude.   Throw in some fancy title that contains "hope" or "academy" and make it sound like a prep school.   We don't tell them that "making it" in the world of "performing arts" is even harder than becoming a professional athlete.

at least you don't have to know any music to do rap.

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"'Bout tree fiddy"

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no, no, they got it.  NPV of 5 kilo over 5 years at 5%.  Basic gang entrance exam question.

Joe Mama 3's picture

I used to live down by Dave and Busters off richmond, and I had a neighbor whose kid went to the High school for preforming arts downtown. 16 and chunky, she proudly informed me that their high school had no P.E.

Joe Mama 3's picture

Robert E. Lee high on Beverly Hill, a great place to start !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grew up north of houston 59 north 100 or so miles, we have our own issues, i used to run with a chick from texas city that was scared shitless to ride out into the national forest with me, I could show you some scary fuckin places along the angelina river. all white. the school district i grew up in has a better math track record than this baltimore mess for sure, but where I'm from kids are taught that Moses and Noah founded america !!!!!!!!!!!! dont ya know !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Mama 3's picture

( comment ripped off from other zerohedger from week or two ago.....)



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Niggers.  The bad part is they want to fill up your kids classrooms with these future inmates.  Low IQ dindus because "diversity is strength".

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My wife was a teacher, that would not allow our children to go to public (government) school. Am gratefull for some reason!

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Really so sad.  They are crippled for life.  And math is FUN!!! 

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If we were honest and merciful, we would stop telling blacks that they have the same abilities as Whites. 

A simple IQ test could sift out the 5-7% who are capable of doing the work, and the rest could be released from the charade we currently go through with them.

Most could instead learn a trade.

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My grandfather completed the sixth grade. He became a carpenter and painter. Ended up in Commiefornia and painted airplanes for McDonnel Douglas for 20 years.

My grandfather knew enough to get married prior to having offspring and he knew how to show up on time and work. NIggers don't learn either of those skills.

I say pay for them to go to school through the sixth or seventh grade. After that? Get a job or prove you are smart enough for the taxpayer to keep paying for you to be educated.

No sense in throwing good money after bad. Even niggers understand that concept.

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They are learned trades.  Pimp, drug dealer, transporter, lookout, enforcer.

Sarcastic? Yes.  But also true - unfortunately. It's a horrific and very damning reflection on a society, that has lets things devolve to this: Few honest and decent paying jobs for Blacks.  Escapes?  Government jobs (DOD, Police, Alphabet Agencies) and Entertainment (sports, TV, music). Manufacturing is dead, or has few Blacks who are capable enough.

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