Are The Rich Panicking?

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European elites are hoarding cash, the Japanese are stuffing safes full of high-denomination bills, the saudis are scrambling, and judging from the following chart, the richest Americans are getting increasingly concerned about the safety of their wealth...

For a decade, Security & Armored Car Services workers in the US have earned around $14 to $15 per hour.

But all that changed as President Trump was elected...

Demand for security services has soared driving wages up a stunning 24% YoY!

What are America's 1%-ers worried about? (the answer is simple... the rest of us)

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Are The Rich Panicking? NO! The rich are always celebrating.
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The 1% should be worried.

Inequality is going to get them linched.

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You mean "lynched"?? As in Bill went over to the other private jet on the runway where he got Loretta "Lynched?"


Good grammar and spelling will be linchpins to the revolution!!

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Maybe they're just stashing their loot? I mean, you gotta put it somewhere.

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I think they are worried about mass underemployment, including automation-based underemployment, which is structural, and what it means for their future profit-making potential. Customers (markets) will have to be more limited. They are also worried that governments or financial systems might collapse and seize their fortunes. After all, our system of laws has broken down, with illegal aliens pouring over the boarder for decades just being one of many indications. They are also worried about the stability of the currency. I learned that on ZH. It makes sense. Maybe, the US should back its currency with more gold or just transition to something like BitCoin. As a non-technical person, that part is a bit over my head. A lot of rich people are not financial experts or math-oriented. They are probably panicking, trying to figure out which of these theories is right.

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I don't thnk 'they', are worried about anything at all. They have enjoyed a generation of incredible low taxes, massive welfare payments to Israehell, tax free offshore investments, corruption on a scale never before seen on planet earth and all manner of  debauchery and lewd and lacivious behaivor, with zero consequences.

They aren't worried one damned bit.


But they will be. Very soon.

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UE, is what Trump is trying to avoid..Robots will come for all our jobs in time..the reptiles at the top have high iq experts looking into the fall out from AI & robots..

self driving delivery trucks to drones and taxi,, are just a few months away as we post..the easy way out is mass extinction events of the useless eaters taking up

space on the elite's planet..oh but billy gates is just working for the good of all,,right? while building secure safeholds in remote areas..

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Meh. I call bullshit.

Wake me up when the price of gold passes $4,000 /oz. Only then will I believe "the rich are panicking".

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Well we know that SafeCage is one armored car biz involved with Clinton associates and money laundering

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Now that they have stolen it all they have no plans to give back their ill-gotten gains.

The SA spectacle should cause the panic to increase.

The greatest fear of the elite is to have to live like the serfs they robbed.

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Yeah, I hope they have many sleepless nights surrounded by their bimbos, with a kilo of cocaine, their personal body guard, on their 300 foot yachts.

Somehow, I think they still don't get it. But they will.

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the richest Americans are getting increasingly concerned about the safety of their wealth


They should be more concerned with the safety of their health...

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What we need is a new series called 'Jew Watch'. Unlike Bay Watch, the purpose of this program will be to assign 1 million 'serfs' to monitor their every move. Where they go, when they go, who they talk to, what banks they deal with, everything right down to the tail fin numbers on their private jets.

After all, the main thing will be stopping the fucking Jews from fleeing when the shit hits the fan, ins't it?

east of eden's picture

You know, compared to the Babylonian Talmud, their 'Holy Book', haha, The Protocols are relatively innocuous. Even if the Protocols attempt to 'map out' a way forward for the most psychopathic, murderous, slimey snakes God every put on this earth, in 3,000 years, they still have not been able to achieve their political goals. What they have been able to do is create murder and mayhem on a global scale, over and over and over again. So, the answer is simple. 8 Billion people on the planet; 65 millions Jews; Shouldn't be too hard to get rid of just 65 million.

The only thing we need to know is who are the three hundred. We already know who the snake head is.

I'll bet you a hundred bucks, Vlad knows.

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Killing is not necessary. Iran and Russia have the right Idea. Not every Jew is a crook. Sun Tzu probably says something about don't back your enemy into a corner. Better to have a way out for everyone as Russia and Iran seem to realize.

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And so bebe, at the insistence of his psychopathic 'advisers' plans to start a war with Lebanon, backed up by the useless fucking turds in SA.

Tell you what bebe. Watcha gonna do when there are 5 million blood thirsty arabs climbing over your wall?

Wail? No. Wall. No' wail' like banshees you fucking scum.

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It could be said that "paper wealth" is merely a promise of future value. Unfortunately, this leaves much of society and many rich individuals vulnerable to rapid financial loss if the tides of fortune shift or if values rapidly change.

People tend to avoid tangible assets in their control because they are often inconvenient. Valuables can be a pain to have about and they often need to be insured which also calls attention to their existence. More on the danger created by holding your wealth in "paper" in the article below.

  http://Where Wealth Is Stored - .html

samsara's picture

"...promise of future value"

So, Electronic money, cash, are basically a claim on a chair(physical goods)

Let's see how well those "claims" work out when the music stops.
Lots of people will be "out of the game" with no chair.

Some of us have already transformed our "claims" into land, gardens, livestock, Au, Ag, Pb etc. And left limited amounts in electronic money, etc.

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When the shit hits the fan someone bigger and meaner than you will simply take your land or the government will simply increase the taxes to such an extent that you will lose it to a tax sale. After they take it they will give it to their friends. Nothing you can do about it. Assets should be portable and able to be hidden.

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I have a real hard time figuring how giving amoured car workers a couple dollars an hour gonna preserve the wealth of the rich.

east of eden's picture

Of course, it won't, but they probably believe it will. I have never been cheap when it came to handing out extra money I had for homeless people, or hungry families, or even helping a very special woman and her daughter rise up from poverty, but they 'think' differently. 'THey', and I include Anglo-Saxon pricks in this assessment, believe that dropping a dime or a quarter into the pan of some begger is doing something 'good'.

Well, Im here to tell them that it is far, far too little and far, far too late. Won't shed a tear at all when they fall. And they will. 


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"three richest own more wealth than the bottom 50 percent, "

"Are The Rich Panicking?"

I wonder why?

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$15 an hour will get you $15 an hour security

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You would not get anybody good round here for anything close to $15.

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you can carry $50,000 on a credit card,,or several, of high limit if you like..think about it. who will not run a credit card?? the whole world accepts them..

if they do not, well we are all fuk'd and it is the end.

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It would be funny to see the three million niggers and Puerto Rican spiggers rampaging from Harlem to Manhattan to cut the Manhattan jews' throats and loot their wealth when their EBT cards run out.  

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Will all this movement be detected as higher money velocity?

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Such stupidity, hoarding / stashing large amounts of fiat paper currency ....

I laugh at them !! Now IF they were stashing precious metals, that would be worth their time & effort.

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Have you used a gold eagle at Price Chopper ??