Art Cashin Lays Out Risks in Current Market

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We're likely to trade rangebound until 3:30, at which point the market will either spring higher or fall to pieces.

Art lays out three primary risks to this tape.

1. Political uncertainty
2. Credit market worries, highlighted by the fact that JNK is down 7 days in a row
3. Trump's tax cut bill is dead

Add these things on top of an already frothy tape, beset by amateur speculators and weak hands, and there is a significant risk here for further downside.

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This is going to be crazy, and I like the Liver comment lolololololo.


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faith and debt  when will it end

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Art, your liver called, it's time for the vodka and OJ

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Spare us, that shagged-out old fart looks like the chief zombie in "Land of the Dead".

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More like a sideline reporter at a pro football game... knowing what's gonna happen. he's said as much, so have many here and elsewhere... none thought the central banksters would push out trillions... all of this is helping to expose the system as corrupt as it is... but even still, few pay attention, so you are talking to the choir, same as in the late 90s and throughout 2000 as the boom started to crash and then pulled the rest of the market with it.... same game, 'not if, but when'... and Art's job is to make money for the company/clients... so as long as the central banks push, the market rises... until the buyers run out of money/debt to keep the illusion alive any longer. Art's said as much over the years... and it has been years... The PTB pumped in after 9-11... shifted their short trade to long... and ran it up, shifted back short and rode it back down... rinse and repeat... this latest version is just the usual BTFD.... but same game... same conclusion.

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I resemble that remark!

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You resemble a zombie, then.

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The Bond market is dead - Overseas junk bonds lower rates than US Treasuries, Negative yields, Central Banks, Bubble equity. Nothing to see hear folks