DOJ To Russia Today: Register As A Foreign Agent Or Face Arrest

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Congress is using a decades-old piece of legislation to force Russia Today to register as a foreign agent in the US, adding that if the site doesn’t comply with the order by Monday, the DOJ could move to shutter its operations and arrest its top executive, RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan.

Russia Today revealed Thursday that the Department of Justice has given the site until next week to comply with its new interpretation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). RT has been operating in the US since 2005.

While undoubtedly disappointing in terms of its implications for first amendment freedoms in the US, the DOJ’s declaration is hardly a surprise. Under pressure from lawmakers, Twitter last month said it would prohibit RT from buying paid ads on its platform.

The FARA was adopted in the US in 1938 to counter pro-Nazi agitation . Washington has decided to apply the act towards the company that supplies all services for RT America on its territory, including TV production and operations. Just over 400 entities are currently registered under the legislation, though that group doesn’t include a single media outlet.

RT revealed Thursday that the DOJ sent a letter to the company in September saying it is obligated to register under FARA due to the work it does for RT. Most alarmingly, the law demands the disclosure of the channel's confidential data, including the personal data of its staff.

The move "will have serious legal consequences"and "compromise the safety of [RT] employees," the Russian Foreign Ministry previously explained.

Simonyan said on Thursday that the timeframe provided for the company by the DOJ is a "cannibalistic deadline." She previously said that the channel was being forced into "conditions in which we cannot work" in the US, and called Washington's demand an attempt to "drive [RT] out of the country."

Simonyan had said the decision put freedom of speech in the US under question. RT has been under pressure for showing the American audience "a different point of view."

Senator Konstantin Kosachev, the chair of Russia’s Foreign Affairs Committee, told journalists on Thursday that the Department of Justice’s decision is “a dirty political game,” adding that particular Russian media has been “selected” by US lawmakers. The senator called the move “an obviously discriminatory measure.” He went on to point out that there are “dozens and even hundreds” of foreign media operating in the US, including TV channels financed by foreign states, but none of those have been targeted.



The decision has nothing to do with setting up due process, Kosachev said. It is rather aimed at media which broadcast content “inconvenient” for US authorities. This means sharing information on its foreign and domestic policies, he explained, calling the decision an “infringement of freedom of speech."

As we reported last week, Moscow has warned that a move to restrict RT’s operations in the US would be met with a “surprise” response regarding American media working in Russia. "If someone starts to fight dirty, perverting the law by using it as a tool to eradicate the TV station, every move aimed against the Russian media outlet would be repaid in kind," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

And it appears those measures could be unveiled as soon as next week to coincide with the registration deadline, according to a report from Russian newswire Interfax.

Of course, US interests have been operating the English-language Moscow Times in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, and other media outlets funded by foreign states - for example, Al Jazeera - haven’t faced these types of restrictions.

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Jeff Sessions is a dope.

YUNOSELL's picture

What an absolute crazy world it is becoming

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Aah yes, the gloves are coming off.

theallseeinggod's picture

They don't care if american media stop broadcasting in Russia, nobody trusts them over there anyway.

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There is about as much trust of CNN in Russia, today, as there was of Pravda in the US, back in 1960.


The circle is half complete. (Darth Vader voice)

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

God I fucking hate world jewry.

Millions of fucking Mexicans living illegally in America.

Israeli citizens as Congressmen.

And if you question that?

Well you're being stirred up by Russian agents of course.

You must be a traitor.

Fuck jews.

And fuck cuckolds like Sessions.

The DOJ is a fucking joke.

giovanni_f's picture

there is something foul, rotten, putrid, filthy, in short, evil, deep inside the American national psyche.

Manthong's picture


..if Hillary is not a foreign agent... then nobody else is.

sun tzu's picture

Session is probably a bigger or kiddie bugger and is being blackmailed. Best for Trump to fire him

biker_trash's picture

He does have the effeminate look/soft face of a gay man.

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Pull a Goldman and change legal mumbo jumbo and POOF you're an american news org.

Then its first amendment time.

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Or move to Panama. Probably cheaper that way. Wait ... do both! Hey RT, I'll be your frontman in the USA! CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, BBC, and Nikkei all need to register as foreign agents for Israel in countersuit. 

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Its called shooting the messenger.... 

auricle's picture

How does Al-Jazeera get a pass? USSA losing the thought war so only USSA thought allowed.  

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If I travel I watch RT on my hotel TV.

Really, who bothers about American news crap: it insults my intelligence.

pods's picture

AIPAC, ADL, and any other pro Israel lobbying groups will never have to do that.

As for this clusterfuck, I thought that the DOJ was part of the executive branch?  

Doesn't Orange Jesus run the executive branch?  I always thought the president was the head of the executive branch.


Manthong's picture


Sessions... get your 1st Amendment Act together....

... or get the F out of our Constitutional government.


..the more I see what you do, the more I see something that reminds me of 1930's Germany.


so... do the tens or hundreds of millions of US citizens  who have watched an RT Youtube or opened up an page complicit in some kind of plot?


You    US .gov people are treading on very thin ice here. 


watch your steps....   the water is icey cold  if you step through it


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Just when you think the US can't get any skankier, it outdoes itself.

chunga's picture

Honest Hill'rey is laughing her ass off somewhere.

Dilly Dilly!

GlassHouse101's picture

Maybe it was RT's show "Watching the Hawks" that did it? LOL

khnum's picture

More likely those lovely shots of US Special forces embedded with ISIS- there is a war coming and RT still employs war correspondents as versus celebrities in 5 star hotels or on green screens fed by Pentagon approved videos,thats why they must go.

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Relax folks, I'm sure AIPAC will be next.............

11b40's picture

Yes, and the exact date is the 12th of Never.

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And it's about to get crazier. This is one of the last remaining dominoes to fall before they start WW3.

In the last few weeks alone... from the 7 US nuclear aircraft carriers deployed to the Korean peninsula - to Israel's largest ever air force drill with 8 other countries - to Israel's threat to expand their occupation in Syria past the Golan - to Saudi Arabia/Israel de facto declarations of war on Iran and Lebanon - to NATO readying EU civilian infrastructure for war - to RT being banned from America and possibly every other country after the US sets the precedent, I fear the final countdown has just begun.

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Only two words seem to catch Grandpa Sessions ears these days

Russians and Reefers

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Brazile sent him a copy of her book and signed it.

"With love, Donna"

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He recused himself from things pertaining to Russia, Russia, Russia.

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In his home state I hear that Sessions is referred to as Deputy Dawg's special cousin.

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Meanwhile, Hollywood & leftist Saudi Arabians are dropping like fucking FLIES.


Two of the largest sources of anti American & anti Trump money & propaganda. The same people that are responsible for fake news, 9/11 & radicals in US streets.


It must be a fucking coincidence.


These people are slowly cutting the legs off of the Deep State chair with Hilary & others standing on it with their heads in nooses.


If Sessions needs to do more Trump will call him on it- he just did a few days ago.

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Also note the fly in the oinment with the Time Warner merger and CNN divestiture.

FoggyWorld's picture

Trump better get  moving on this because this country is on the verge of falling apart while Sessions sleeps. 

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There is no left or right when it comes to foreign policy. The deep state is not one monolithic entity and its various crime syndicates fight each other for power. The Hollywood pukes are most likely being outed by Bannon and more power to him. The SA "leftists" as you call them were the crowd funding ISIS and actually in bed with the CIA/NEOCONS (your management). Its all just a distraction so the next war can start. Just stop with your left/right BS. 

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Appreciate the sentiment Chunga, but Sessions is far from being a 'dope'...


There is great pressure and likely much of it borne of being compromised in some fashion.    The Farce is strong with the Clinton machine...

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OK.  He's just selfish then because he is protecting himself at the expense of the United States of America.

chunga's picture

Yeah it's not just him, it's all of them congress, trump, everything.

Here they are writing books taunting, practically bragging about their crimes because they know nobody up there in DC will do a damn thing about it.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Oh good, I like this trend, I can't wait until CNN, the NYT, and WaPo are required to register as (((foreign agents)))

Justin Case's picture

This sounds like Germany 1935, the crack down on the juice establishment. History repeating. Juice of merica are pulling off what they learned in Germany now. Only their propaganda is allowed to mold the minds of merica. How long before they start blocking ip addresses? Rebirth of communism?

TheLastTrump's picture

It's the other way around.


Russia, communists, radical Islamists like Iran, liberals, Nazi's are all in active coordinated opposition to the USA & the interests of freedom globally.


You shitwads that think fingerpointing Jews is a good idea are the Nazi collaborators of the day like Soros the Swine.



“This reminds me of anti-Semitism,” Putin said. “The Jews are to blame for everything. An idiot cannot do anything himself, so the Jews are to blame. But we know what such attitudes lead to. They end with nothing good.”


11b40's picture

Opposition to the USA?  Sounds like the way I feel about my own country today.  

You say Russia is working in opposition, then use a Putin quote to justify the point you want to make.

I thought the most radical Islamists were the Wahabbis, spreading terror and building radical Mosques all over the world.

Who are the Semites, by the way?

Justin Case's picture

Just because I criticize Jews and highlight inconvenient facts that make Jews uncomfortable does not mean that I "hate" all Jews. Most Jews, yourself included, view any sort of criticism of Jewry or any sort of independent analysis of various historical events as somehow "hateful" or "bigoted" - even "anti-Semitic." I find this weak, childish mindset to be totally contrary to my own personal intellectual outlook and worldview, and Western political and intellectual traditions historically.

Criticizing Jews or anyone else - Blacks, Mexicans, illegal aliens, homosexuals, women, etc. - does not equate to "hatred" of the individual or collective group being criticized. This typical Jewish position is so weak, pathetic, and dishonorable I am finding it more and more difficult to tolerate.

Grow up buddy. Stop whining and crying about my alleged "hatred" of Jews and objectively deal with the facts and perspectives I am presenting if you want to continue this dialogue.

Consuelo's picture



The knee-jerk anti-semitism canard is anything but weak and childish.   It is a carefully crafted response to keep hidden the true crimes committed against ethnic Russians, before, during and long after the 1917 take over.   And also to keep hidden the geographical lineage of who these people are and where they came from...

Justin Case's picture

weak and childish excuse in a discussion as a reason for telling the truth. That is what it meant in that context.

Jack Oliver's picture

Hidden because the perpetrators of those crimes against Russia - control the media !!

Justin Case's picture

Russia, communists, radical Islamists like Iran, liberals, Nazi's are all in active coordinated opposition to the USA & the interests of freedom globally.

Shoulda went to see the doctor when you fell off the turnip truck. You swallow that like a cheap strumpet on a meat stick.

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Wake up, then educate yourself to the facts and then, grow up.

Patriotism can be a wonderful thing but not when it refutes truth