"This Is Crazy" - Antarctic Supervolcano Is Melting The Ice-Caps From Within

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As we’ve pointed out, the supervolcano phenomenon is hardly unique to Yellowstone National Park, where a long dormant volcano with the potential to cause a devastating eruption has been rumbling since mid-summer, making some scientists uneasy.

Surprisingly active supervolcanos have been documented in Italy, North Korea and, now, Antarctica after scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have found new evidence to support a theory that the breakup of Antarctic ice may be caused in part by a massive geothermal heat source, with output close to the scale of Yellowstone National Park.

Of course, if accurate, this theory would help rebut the notion that man-made climate change is in part responsible for the melting ice, Russia Today reports.

A geothermal heat source called a mantle plume, a hot stream of subterranean molten rock that rises through the Earth's crust, may explain the breathing effect visible on Antarctica's Marie Byrd Land and elsewhere along the massive ice sheet.

While the mantle plume is not a new discovery, the recent research indicates it may explain why the ice sheet collapsed in a previous era of rapid climate change 11,000 years ago, and why the sheet is breaking up so quickly now.

"I thought it was crazy. I didn't see how we could have that amount of heat and still have ice on top of it," said Hélène Seroussi of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Seroussi and Erik Ivins of JPL used the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), a mathematical depiction of the physics of ice sheets developed by scientists at JPL and the University of California, Irvine. Seroussi then tweaked the ISSM to hunt for natural heat sources as well as meltwater deposits.

This warm water lubricates the ice sheet from below, allowing glaciers to slide off into the sea. Studying meltwater in western Antarctica may allow scientists to estimate how much ice will be lost in future.

During their initial work, Seroussi and Ivins created simulations using higher heat flows than 150 milliwatts per square meter, which did not align with their space-based readings, except for one area: The Ross Sea.



Their calculations showed that, in certain sections of the sea, a heat flow of at least 150-180 milliwatts was required to create sufficient meltwater flows that matched with observations. They now believe the mantle plume is responsible for these higher-than-average readings.

The Marie Byrd Land mantle plume formed 50 to 110 million years ago, predating the Western Antarctic ice sheet. The mantle plume theory was initially proposed 30 years ago, but it’s not the only theory. Another posits that the sheer weight of the ice sheets causes melting deep below the surface.

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Just looked up the story ..  a naturally born child ingests bacteria, slime, whatever from the mom's birth canal and rectum, hence colonizing his gut with bacteria from those sources. A child who does not travel down the birth canal does not have that experience and  his / her gut is colonized differently. Makes sense to me. When I was a kid those "wacky scientists" were held up as an object of ridicule for studying .. drum roll .. cow farts. Yes, the study of methane from cows was held up as the ultimate money waster. Of course, cattle are a significant source of greenhouse gas and thus the subject is a legitimate area for study. Here in the USA it is popular to ridicule science and any sort of intellectualism. Oh by the way the study of the impact of gut flora on health is booming, it's a promising area of research, has great implications for health. Most people eating factory food ingest Roundup, which kills and harms gut flora, thus impacting our health. I really don't understand reacting to news like this with anger? Hmmm.

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There's real science and then there's grant searching "science".

We're sick of paying for bullshit by professional bullshitters. If it's real science then let private concerns fund it.

Oh, problematic. They want useful conclusions.

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"I love seeing scientists dumbfounded."


I use to feel the same way about strippers.



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Usually scientists are dumbfounded.  When they learn something new that's a success.  And hopefully they get it right.

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

They are not scientists, they are satanists. I would not believe a single word that comes out these so called scientists.

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Don’t worry, send a few more million to Al Gore and you’ll be fine.

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Muh carbon credits!!

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Tax those inflamed ice poles.

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That's some hot ice!

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Can someone please throw Al Gore in it?

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I had a engineer PhD friend tell me that "climate change" was real.  I said bullshit, he said "Are you a scientist?"  I said, NO and neither is fucking Al Gore.  He then preceded to claim that as an engineer he was a scientist.  Again, I said bullshit.  You're a fucking engineer.  Big difference in someone that studies atmosphere and weather and you who studied and teach engineering.  It might be in the same ballpark, but it's a different game.

Al Gore was a C student with an undergrad degree in Journalism, what a fucking expert.  Stupid people everywhere.  Al Gore has ZERO expertise in anything science related.

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

Tell your ignorant PhD friend that he:
1) form of life is based on carbon
2) amount of chemical elements on this planet is finite and extra carbon is not delivered from out of space
3) every biomass on the planet uses carbon to construct organic matter, such as leaves, branches, trunks of trees, animals and humans.
4) tell him when leaves in the autumn fall on the ground they decompose they release carbon in the atmosphere, so the leaves fallen on the groun in a country like Canada "pollute" far beyond than any carbon emissions.
5) tell your ignorant PhD friend to buy a book on orgznic chemistry that he probaly skipped in school and spend a few hours each evening to study the rotation of carbon in nature.

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As a mechanical engineer who studied thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer I thing AGW is bullshit. I have not come a cross another ME either practicing or teaching who believes this "settled science" either.

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"I thought it was crazy. I didn't see how we could have that amount of heat and still have ice on top of it,"

Next up:

Scientists discover that the Sun generates heat, and is responsible for daylight. Quick, raise taxes!

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Scientists are just another form of fake news. They'll suppress studies that contradict their fake claims. They'll defame anyone who disagrees their religious dogma.

Pretty much the same as every other libtard.

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No, no, no.  It's CO2 and it's ONLY CO2 caused by people, not the BILLIONS OF TONS of the shit that comes straight out of the world's ocean every year.  

ONLY PEOPLE CAUSED THIS.  Nothing else.  All scientists agree.  There's nothing left to talk about.  It's a closed subject.  Shut the fuck up and pay your carbon tax or we'll throw you in jail for scientific sedition and general meanness.


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Thunderbolt and lightning
Very, very frightening me
(Galileo) Galileo
(Galileo) Galileo
Galileo Galilei

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Haven't heard from Scaramucci in a while...

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So if the Antarctic ice sheet is melting, and the ice North of the Arctic Circle is melting, then that should cause global sea levels to greatly decrease, as ice occupies more space than the surrounding water.

I don't see why anyone would have a problem with this.

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And with the rate of evaporation..more dry land

any_mouse's picture

The mass of the ice caps pushes down on the sea around the poles, raising sea levels away from the poles.

So as the ice caps melt, the pressure is eased, and new ocean front property can be financed and insured against flooding.

MrBoompi's picture

Sealevel has been steadily rising, but at a very low rate, a rate that has nothing to do with CO2 concentration.  


Akzed's picture

The Arctic ice is floating, so if it melted it would have no more effect on sea levels than it is having now.

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I am still waiting for the last great unproven theory.

Whisky is good for you.

I will invite all y'all to my nobel prize ceremony.

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Who says it isn't?

They must be crazy!

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Is this the cataclysm we have been partying for since puberty?

shankster's picture

There's at least one ancient mariners map that shows Antarctica ice free...so go figure.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Some of the 'geographic pole shift' theorists believe that the continent of Antarctica is actually the location of the lost City of Atlantis that Plato referenced in his Socratic Dialogues.

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It's been more than three decades since I studied this stuff but we came out of the previous ice age around 60M years ago, caused by the formation of the himalayas, and the planet was ice free for the next ~25M years. Around 34M years ago the first ice sheets started forming in the antarctic. But an ice age/epoch is technically defined as having ice floes in both the southern and northern hemispheres so it wasn't until ice sheets began forming in the arctic which was 2.4M years ago that the current ice age officially began. 

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Speak for your self and your own Ancestry with your idiotic pseudo Scientific Matrix mind boggle. it might be true for you though, but not for most of us. Perhaps you were formed in a soup can that went south on the shelf.

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I have always had trouble with the millions and billions of years stories and the super slow processes they claim.  Take one look at the razor sharp mountains in western Wyoming and all of the volcanoes literally all over AZ, NV and CA, and how their black basalt flows don't even have sediment on top of them (literally there are hundreds of them "extinct") and it becomes pretty apparent that there is plenty of evidence of catastrophism and a whole bunch of weird stuff happening all at once.  None of those things are as old as they say they are either, if they were you wouldn't be able to see the clear black flows from all of them with zero sediment on top.


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The speed of light has been recorded to be speeding up, so, time moved quicker in the past.  That can account for how rocks can appear to have "aged" millions and billions of years, when the Hebrew year is currently 5,778, and is supposed to be a measure of "since God spoke the solitary phrase that brought the world into existence", that solitary phrase known as "uni-verse".

since the world was created on Saturday night, October 6, 3761 BCE.

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but but einstien the fraud said the speed of light was always constant he also said there was no ether(proven wrong) which his whole theory was based on

Internet-is-Beast's picture

The speed of light (in the vacuum, mind you) is the reciprocal of the square root of the product of two permiability constants. This was shown by Maxwell. Einstein used this in a Gedanken experiment in which a beam of light in a railway car originates from the ceilng and is reflected from a mirror directly below back up to the place of origin in the ceiling. Inside the railway car the trajectory of the beam is vertical, but to someone standing on a railway platform next to the tracks, the trajectory of the beam is a V due to the forward motion of the train. You use this, the Pythagorean theorem, and the fact that the speed of light, denoted by 'c', is constant. If you do this calculation correctly, you get the famous gamma constant that accounts for time dilation and length contraction in relativity. As Einstein correctly said (and his audience laughed), "It's all very simple!"

Akzed's picture

Relativity was ginned up to refute the Michelson-Morley experiment.

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality." -N. Tesla


oday's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/n/nikolatesl401270.html
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Get about as oiled as a diesel train
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Is that in the Talmud?


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Alien Life Forms are being revealed with the melting of Antartica. Maybe Atlantis as well?

Why else would there be such a stampede of DC Swamp Types to Antartica over the past years? Word around the campfire is that "what will be revealed will challenge our role in the Universe." HEADY STUFF.

Newt Gingrich


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John Kerry (8th November 2016---Election DAY!)

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Lotsa other VIPs from other Nations.





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Don't forget Hitler and his Nazi's hiding under the ice cap.

Kprime's picture

ancient mariners?  they were looking for the edge of the earth they came across the Samoan islands and thought it was Antarctica.

Proofreder's picture

It's the Russians

or the (((  )))

Democrats ?

Yes, yes, yes, IT IS A VAST CONSPIRACY with water at the core.

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Precious bodily fluids, even.

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Heat melts ice. Confounding indeed!

Kprime's picture

you must be a relative to Al Gore.

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I didn't believe this so I put an Ice Cube in my coffee..guess what happened?

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'I didn't believe this so I put an Ice Cube in my coffee..guess what happened?'

You were given a PhD and are now booked on Oprah?