Facebook Founder Warns "God Only Knows What It's Doing To Kids' Brains"

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38-year-old founding president of Facebook, Sean Parker, was uncharacteristically frank about his creation in an interview with Axios. So much so in fact that he concluded, Mark Zuckerberg will probably block his account after reading this.

Confirming every 'big brother' conspiracy there is about the social media giant, Parker explained how social networks purposely hook users and potentially hurt our brains...

"When Facebook was getting going, I had these people who would come up to me and they would say, 'I'm not on social media.' And I would say, 'OK. You know, you will be.' And then they would say, 'No, no, no. I value my real-life interactions. I value the moment. I value presence. I value intimacy.' And I would say, ... 'We'll get you eventually.'"


"I don't know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because [of] the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and ... it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other ... It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains."


"The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them, ... was all about: 'How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'"


"And that means that we need to sort of give you a little dopamine hit every once in a while, because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever. And that's going to get you to contribute more content, and that's going to get you ... more likes and comments."


"It's a social-validation feedback loop ... exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology."


"The inventors, creators — it's me, it's Mark [Zuckerberg], it's Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it's all of these people — understood this consciously. And we did it anyway."

In this 'confessional', it appears Parker has become "something of a conscientious objector" on social media.

Howeever , as Axios notes, Parker ends with just enough crazy to make you wonder...

"Because I'm a billionaire, I'm going to have access to better health care so ... I'm going to be like 160 and I'm going to be part of this, like, class of immortal overlords. [Laughter]


Because, you know the [Warren Buffett] expression about compound interest. ... [G]ive us billionaires an extra hundred years and you'll know what ... wealth disparity looks like."

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"Does ZH make people feel on edge because they permanently expect an imminent financial crash?"

No, that's just normal paranoia.  Everybody in the universe feels that.


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It is not parnoia if they are really out to get you.


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And even if it is paranoia, that doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you!

*checks over shoulder*

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You either believe that the Fed has figured out a way to keep society at a 'permanent high plateau' or 'it is just a matter of time'.

Did I miss one?

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Everything is out to get you. It's life on this planet.

All the schemes and lies in the world will never change that, no matter how strongly we yearn for Utopia.   But drugs in our water....that might work

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"But drugs in our water....that might work"


By drugs in our water, are you referring to fluoride, the mass medication that many of us have known since we were young (despite its toxicity)?

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Did you hear about the paranoid dislexic who was worried he might be following someone?

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Paranoia is an integral component of probability theory. The odds are that there is much to be paranoid about.

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They say so. And this fat billionaire fuck could live to 165, I could care less, so long as he doesn't suck away precious air from the same room (no chance of that thankfully).

He is conscious about the damage he and his have caused and continue to do so. He handsomely profited from it, he doesn't give a flying fuck about the victims, however countless they may be. He is fair game for all I can understand about this world.

Try and live 165 with a hatchet going through your thick skull, since billions in the bank account won't save you from the judgement. Great people of the past understood that, that's why Alexander the Great wanted to be buried with only coins to pass river Styx after conquering known world. Pure hubris. You would think that after fleecing billions off poor slobs exploiting their psychological loopholes one would at least have some decency to keep his mouth somewhat moderated, fuck off into a distant corner and try and preserve this wealth. Fuck no, I'll run my mouth like a wild horse announcing how awesome and superior I am. Yeah, like the world has never seen overrated schmucks before. /Rant over

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And all the while Zhedgers don’t even realize they’re using the website like social media cucks anyway.

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I upvoted you.  Let's be buds, and send each other pics of our avocado toast.

(Also, please upvote me back.)

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Can I play the evil Russian this time?

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Kinda, but we aren’t posting videos of babies, cats, and dinner. We’re talking about important shit—like how we are all completely fucked and there isn’t a goddamn thing we can do about it except die with one hand holding a gun and the other holding our gold and Bitcoin key.

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damn didn't know ZH could be so funny #morninglaughs

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So glad to hear you say that. I'M NORMAL. I can't wait to tell my wife....

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(((Zuckerberg))) was just trying to be helpful.

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The farther you stretch a rubber band, the harder it snaps back.

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The author of this post is a Court-Certified Expert Witness in Computer Crimes. (To validate my remarks about browsers below.)


You wrote: "Does ZH make people feel on edge because they permanently expect an imminent financial crash?"

I think you have hit the nail on the head answering the question that also needs to be asked, "Why do so many people put up with all the flaws and abuses heaped on them by the ZH web programmers?"

On the reply page alone there are 24 ads. On the home page, I've seen as many as 94. These ads are so intrusive they make reading ZH on a smartphone an incredibly angering experience. (Yeah, I know: "AD BLOCKERS!" That's nice if there were browsers which could handle all of ZH's web programming flaws. There aren't.)

Well, the best browser for a mobile client is not Edge (G-d forbid!) It and the demise of Windows 10 Mobile, and Microsoft's smartphone business, and now even its OS business, shows what happens when an Indian engineer is made CEO of a company that needs constant "evangelism of its products" to prosper.

Not to mention (which I'll mention) the obvious cultural differences that keeps India a hellhole of poverty and perversion. What makes anyone think that someone from a country that can't run itself can run a corporation? He's an engineer, with all the psychological limitations that come with that profession, combined with a culture imbued in him that is dysfunctional. Conclusion: Short MS.

Nor is Chrome (NSA whores), Opera-mini (unreadable), or Firefox (nearly as dysfunctional as Edge. They both insist on remaining 32-bit platforms in an online world in which the multiple incarnations of the browser (AKA "Tabs") eat up too much memory available in a 32-bit environment.).

The most popular and fastest mobile browser is UC Browser (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UC_Browser). Yes, it is a Alibaba product with all that that entails. Unfortunately, I haven't found an ad blocker for that browser.

However, every other browser out there, especially Chrome - which leaves all of its tracking software installed even if you "uninstall" Chrome (to see how it works, use Windows Resource Manager and check its activity on the CPU, Disk, and Network graphs even when it is "closed.") that has ad blocking software is any match for the faulty programming of the ZH website.

Sorry for the extended OT . . . 

Back to his comment, like nearly all Internet media, ZH employs the same validation activity as does FB, Twitter, and so on. In fact, the original self-validation drug was Rush - telling you how correct you are to believe what you believe (regardless whether if it is from the right-wing perspective . . . or if you are left-wing, reinforcing what fools the right-wing is.)

Sooooo . . . that explains why you will put up with all of the ZH flaws and abuses against you, and like any other addict, you will seek ZH out to get your fix of positive reinforcement for your beliefs.

For example, if you believe the gov is a criminal enterprise, you will be validated relentlessly on ZH. If you believe Trump supporters are subhuman slimeballs, again you will read everything they write as a positive reinforcement for that belief, marveling at your interpretation of their thoughts as validations of your opinion of them.

And the Jew-haters have a fertile field at ZH for positive reinforcement, as do Black-haters, Brown-haters, red-haters - speaking of racial identification and not politics, yellow-haters, LGBTQ+ haters, in fact, anything you want to hate will be positively reinforced by the "diversity" of haters on ZH.

It's "Everybody Wins!" at ZH no matter what you believe, or who you hate.

There was a time when ZH had a gold mine of thoughtful commenters who would educate readers. Unfortunately, they have been buried by 140-character dumb-asses.

So to those whose intelligence is limited to relentless drivel, please, GFY, then E S & D.

ZH addicts are already on edge, permanently expecting whatever it is that they expect: financial collapse; gold soaring when fiat collapses; Stalinist Totalitarian government; civil war; race war; cultural war; nuclear war; too many to list. ZH is the drug of choice for these people.

Congratulations for your perceptive post.  


Donate Moar's picture


"There was a time when ZH had a gold mine of thoughtful commenters..."

Seems like we still do.

A bit more sparse than before, but there's still some meat on the bone.

- - - -

As a has-been software engineer, I would like to know why my browser (FireFox) hangs when I click the 2nd up or down arrow.

AdBlock Plus removes ALL ads on my Windows 10 spy device, but I can't solve the click problem.

Any ideas?

Just mail them directly to:  WoodManBrown@Yahoo.Com

(See, I trust everybody!)


TuPhat's picture

Other people have mentioned the same problem with the arrows.  I think it must be intentional on the part of ZH.  After an error message I can click again but the second click sends me back to the home page and I have to click on the article again.  I think ZH likes the extra clicks on their articles.  This all started when they revised the web site and the articles went down hill at the same time.  Grammer and spelling went went bad as well.  Robot writers perhaps or maybe ZH is all written in India.  I am not a programmer so I don't really have a clue but it makes me less than satisfied.

MarsInScorpio's picture


Only rarely do I see any corrections in ZH. Proofreading is not included with the content, it appears.

When you actually try to research ZH, it is a very secretive corporation. The truth is, who knows who really runs ZH? For all any of use know, ZH is a honey-pot operation to get a record on everyone who posts here.

Remember, if they have your email address, they know who you are.

For more than you'd ever want to know, visit these links:



https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/zerohedge.com (ZH is is in serious viewership trouble - this link will show up just how bad it is. This is what happens when you  have a site that is viewed 67% on mobile platforms, and does the horrible things it does to anyone trying to view it. Eventually, they say, "Fuck it!" and stop visiting. That is what is happening to ZH. Of course, you can't reach anyone at ZH, and they know this too, so obviously they don't care. That makes the ownership question even more interesting because a for-profit operation would be very interested in stopping the bleeding.)

http://zerohedge.com.hypestat.com/ (According to this site, ZH should pull down about $4-million annually from advertising.)

http://zerohedge.com.websiteoutlook.com/ (This site values ZH at $1.43-million.)

If ZH is reviewing this post, banning me won't change your reality . . . however, you know how to reach me to discuss getting your numbers and revenue up.


jeff montanye's picture

why not the usual suspects: likud mossad zionists, all forces that benefit from the deep state, foreign policy establishment (wall street, big oil and military industrial complex)?

that is the ones behind the legacy media who desperately want their huge information and propaganda advantage restored.

MarsInScorpio's picture

Donate Moar:

The answer to your question about the arrows is possibly the flawed programming in the ZH website. However, I just read the concept that it is not a programming flaw, but rather it is a deliberate programming entry to force more clicks on an article. I have no problem whatsoever believing any web site will do anything it can to its users to up its click-count.

My next advice is to dump Firefox. It is increasingly buggy.

Replace it with Opera 64-bit.


It is a derivative of the Opera.com browser (in fact, the site is a 64-bit extension of the 32-bit Opera.com site.)

They update the browser regularly, usually in a 7 day - 14-day interval.So save the URL so you can go up regularly and update your browser.

It will import your bookmarks/favorites so you won't lose any of those.

The advantage of a 64-bit browser is memory availability. You are experiencing problems with any 32-bit browser in today's online world because they cannot handle the amount of memory needed to run HD videos, or streams, or lots of tabs. A 64-bit browser overcomes those problems.

If you prefer to use something more familiar, then MS has released a 64-bit version of the Internet Explorer browser. You will find it available for download at:


Although the article is labeled "for 8.1," you can run it on any 64-bit version of Windows, including Windows 10.

Here is the way to enable it, and get rid of the bug-infested disaster called Edge:


The final steps are to get 64-bit Java:


And then update Flash for Explorer. Make sure you go to this site using Internet Explorer to get Adobe to download the proper version of Flash, and for Opera 64-bit after you install it:


Make sure you uncheck all the check boxes which try to load Chrome or Google onto your computer. Do this for your Firefox browser as well.

I apologize for not emailing you back, however, revealing my address is tantamount to revealing my identity. Please understand my reluctance to do so.

LotUnsold's picture

Interesting.  My browser, Chrome, doesn't hang but it freezes for a few seconds on the second and subsequent upticks.  It can be quite a long time on slower machines.

New_Meat's picture

Donate, it is a feature that Sacrilege added to prevent a rampage of serial down-voting.  Annoying as shit  Goes with the script that runs the greenies and the junks.

The joint has been infested with snowflakes trying to earn their spurs in SJW 101.  Often retreds who flunked, come through.  And the talk radio guys keep mentioning the Tylerz.  Tracking by FB and evil GOOG.

- Ned

chiaroscuro's picture

I pretty much just ignore the ads and for some reason they don’t really bother me. I post comments on ZH from time to time either when I feel like I have something useful or uplifting to say, a view point to defend, or to ask a question. I decided fairly early on that “chiaroscuro” would be a character, very similar to myself as a person but not necessarily a direct reflection me, who exists primarily to serve the ZH community as a sort of modern rendition of traditional feminine virtues. I felt this would be beneficial to ZH since I see a lot of traditional masculinity here, which I love to see, but which is incomplete without a female counterpart. There are certainly some strong women on here as well but I wanted to offer an archetype more so than an individual. Sometimes my individuality comes out but I try to stay in character.


As a character chiaroscuro never has a bad day, has no needs of her own and belongs to no one. Chiaroscuro offers a sharp contrast between light and dark. She builds morale and loves virtue. She virtue signals but does so consciously and with a sense of purpose. She upholds and defends Christianity along with traditional Western culture and intellectual traditions. She is a motherly/ sisterly figure who listens and does all she can to pull the men out of despair and strengthen them so that they can better fight for the causes both they and she believe in. There is no shortage of trolls on here trying to seed confusion, division and hopelessness. I decided chiaroscuro would be a one-woman counterforce to build up what the trolls were trying to tear down. 


As for the trolls and genuine haters in the comments section, I agree they spew a lot of useless and counter productive drivel. But there are also many insightful and intelligent comments. And when you compare the ZH comments sections to those of other sites where you don’t see any signs of racism you know it’s not because these beliefs don’t exist but because elsewhere they are censored whereas here they are tolerated. And I think most of the ZH readership would agree that the beauty of freedom of expression outweighs the ugliness that comes out of some people’s mouths.  

Ristretto X4's picture

Here is where you want to be mars:


They never have ads </sarc> and you will be immersed in a brown, black, red, yellow & lgbt cesspool of joy!

"So to those whose intelligence is limited to relentless drivel, please, GFY, then E S & D."

My reply is STFU and STFD! Wanna play acronym scrabble?

cheech_wizard's picture

Try the Brave browser... Heck, you can still run Flash with it. 

shovelhead's picture

You got to mix it up with some cute dog vids and funny Russian car crash cams to keep perspective.

francis_the_wonder_hamster's picture


I think your post was one of the better ones on this, or any other thread that I've read here in quite some time.  The fact that it didn't receive more validating upvotes and even has some also-validating downvotes is actually validation of your point.

I long ago chose to stick to posting only on the subjects where I thought I had something to add that the average reader didn't know.  I wish more would do the same, as it would make it much easier to wade through the vast amounts of crap looking for the gems.

Anon2017's picture

I am reading your post on my desk top using the Brave browser. No ads to clutter up the experience. Brave also works pretty well on my Android smartphone, but for people who want to write comments, using a large screen and a keyboard is a lot easier than using a smartphone in my opinion. 

1800Vindication's picture

Moved to brave on android a few weeks ago. No more iPhone 8 pop up tabs.. saved my life. 

JuliaS's picture

Alexander Bard says that the internet is tribal ground. To get ahead here you have to find a niche and become a voice that speaks on behalf on any emotional trend that's somewhat underrepresented in the mainstream. ZH is simply a niche for crazies - for a very special type of crazy that enjoys a sense of intellectual superiority. A mini-reddit, a financial 4chan, an anti-social social network. Call it whatever you want. It's fashionable to bash facebook outside of facebook. Every internet forum exhibits same patterns as every other social netrowk. "We're in the know. Everything else is garbage."

My TV network, my cola brand, my political party, my website.

It's all bullshit. A sorry excuse for lack of identity and the desire to belong and rationalize in order to maintain a world view. "Opinions are like assholes - everyone has one". Welcome to ZH! If you're a resident here, you know it's just another Facebook. A counter-culture culture. An anti-mainstream mainstream. An anti for the sake of anti. An outlet with its own dopamine rewards.

That's why comments have those arrows next to them. You see karma rating anywhere, and you may as well be browsing facebook. You're just as hooked. Laugh all you want from your high tower. You know it to be true.

Refuse-Resist's picture

I like your posts and I think  you're a solid contributor here, but I'm going to disagree about the social media aspect.

For many of us, we post whatever we're thinking or feeling about a particular issue, then that;s it.

Fire and forget as some others have said. I get absolutely no validation from here and I don't need it.

I've learned a great deal from commenters here in the last 8 years or so.

The biggest difference between Social Media and ZH is that.  We post what we want anonymously, vent, and speak truths that on FB would have us lose everything.

Fuck FB. They archive EVERYTHING you post, like, dislike, all your private messenger conversations -- all of it.

And if the day comes when 'liking' a 'racist' post is a crime, then they're going to go back and ex post facto fuck every single user of FB if they want.

FUck Facebook. I knew it was bullshit when I first heard of it in 2005 and that has been my stock response to any FB query since that time.

Fuck Facebook. They would ban me if I posted that there. And I would get a deluge of email notifications telling me how much other FB users hate me.

Here I can write it. Then I never look at up or down arrows. I just don't give a fuck whether others here agree with me or not. Although I know many do.

Shit posting in an open environment is what won the election for Trump in part. The memes from /POL were devastating to the shitlibs and woke many sleeping Whites.

This isn't social media and most of us don't give a fuck about the validiation of strangers.

Friedrich not Salma's picture

> They archive EVERYTHING you post, like, dislike, all
> your private messenger conversations -- all of it.

Late to the table here, but came to add that FB records your keystrokes. They are archiving even what you backspace over.

Stuck on Zero's picture

The differene between here are no comfort zones here. There are no safe spaces. No censorship. Just up and down votes.

Call it InYourFaceBook. T

JuliaS's picture

The fact that you can downvote people makes it a safe space. That's where a user retreats each time the button is pressed. Each time someone else dislikes the thing you dislike - you receive your dopamine hit. If voting had no effect, no one would be voting.They'd be simply having a conversation with no karma score. They wouldn't scan though comments to read only the ones with most up and down counts. They wouldn't be posting comments such as: "2 week ZH member, so your opinion doesn't count against someone who's been around for 2+ years" etc. In marketing terms it's measured as  "engagement".

If you break down ZH into its components it is exactly like other social networks and the user base is in now way anywhere more enlightened than someone who reads tabloids. Sure, it pretends to be counter-culture-like. Well, if you want to know what ZH is, just turn off adblock and browse for 5 minutes. They're in the "eyeballs" business like everyone else. They sell what sells. Content is nearly an afterthought.

OverTheHedge's picture

I see downvotes as lazy: if you disagree, say so! Make the counter-argument. Trolls, spammers and racists are irrelevant, so ignore them. Living in a time zone 12 hours away from the US is also liberating: I am usually so out of sync with everyone else, only Ghordius gets to read my drivel.

Zh has changed so many times over the years, and in its latest, high readership phase the real people are being endlessly droned out by the trolls, government agencies and Christ knows who else, that I feel it is important to make a valid contribution, just to keep the place vaguely real. Sometime I wonder if there is just me, and a thousand automated chat bots all slugging it out for no purpose. Once the Trump/Clinton election trolls are cleared out, we will have the place to ourselves again, but some of them are obviously on a salary, and are here to keep their positions justified.

I believe that zh is the last bastion of truly free speech left, especially if you think of the borg-like enforced compliance that Facebook et al have engendered entirely by their users desire to be normal. "You are all individuals. You have to work it out for your selves"


Refuse-Resist's picture

Racists control the United States of America and they fucking hate White people.

When somebody uses 'racist' as a perjorative, then I know I'm dealing with a 'goodwhite', a jew, or shitskin -- IE somebody who hates White people.

I like White people. I prefer to live around White people.

I don't like Blacks or Mestizos or Jews. Because I have lived around them and I know how they feel about Whites. They hate us. To the bone.

It's dumbfuck White brainwashed liberals who are addicted to dopamine hits from their virtue signalling that have helped sell this country down the drain and flood it with sub 90 IQ third world trash.

You all live in your bubbles and make fun of the White people who do the real work. Call us inbred, stupid, etc. Newsflash: WE LIVE HERE. On the ground with the diversity. And it makes us fucking miserable. Because we can't afford the exclusivity.

You are wrong sir. Dead wrong. And when your mud allies turn on you, you'll realize that the only thing THEY care about is skin color and genetic relationships. Higher truths mean nothing to people incapable of abstract thought or empathy.

They are not us.

And you're goddamned right I'm a racist. Fuck anybody who loves the outgroup more than their own kin.

Downvote all you want. The truth is that the coming war, you skin is your uniform. If you don't figure that out soon you'll just be another casualty.


Endgame Napoleon's picture

I sometimes wonder how American productivity numbers are affected by the combination of 99% mom-staffed corporate offices, brimming over with employees who—when they are at work and not engaging in frequent and protracted, excused, back-watching absenteeism—are posting kid pics on FB every time you pass their cubicles on your way to the work basket.

rockstone's picture

That's a stat I could live without.

Oldwood's picture

Go into any large corporate office and note how many people are at their desk and appear to be doing anything.

Refuse-Resist's picture

Affirmative action and open borders have ruined this country.

sleigher's picture

"Does it make people depressed because of the permanent doom porn overload?"

Only because it keeps not happening...