Kuwait Orders Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately "As Precaution Against Any Negative Impact That Might Take Place"

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The drums of war are beating at a deafening pace: with Saudi Arabia ordering its citizens to immediately leave Lebanon on Thursday, just a few hours later Kuwait joined in.

According to the Kuwait News Agency, citing a foreign ministry statement, Kuwait citizens currently in Lebanon are urged to leave the country immediately.

The statement said the order is due to the "circumstances experienced by Lebanon at the moment, as well as a precautionary measure against any negative impact that might take place."

The ministry also urged citizens not to travel to Lebanon, "wishing at the same time security and stability for the Arab country."

At this point it is safe to assume that war between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia/Israel is just a matter of time.

For those wondering what this next regional war could look like, please read our earlier article "As Israel And Saudi Arabia Target Lebanon, What Are Hezbollah's Military Capabilities"

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strannick's picture

killl kill. Saudi, Isreal must have more war at all costs, now that peace reared its head in Syria. Imbecile Jeff Sessions shutting down dissenting RT just before the US supported Lebanon shitstorm. Isreal gets Lebanon Litani water, Saudi gets Irans' oil market share. US sells arms to all. Its win win win. Cept of course for Lebanon. Gotta break a few genocidal eggs to make a Globalist omelete

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*whispers* t3h j00manji is coming 

y3maxx's picture

Saudi gas pipeline will go thru Israel/Lebanon.....will by pass Syria?

MozartIII's picture

Well since Russia is in the way in Syria. Guess we now have plan B, Lebanon's turn. Go long detruction, stay away from hospitals as well.



svayambhu108's picture

Hesbollah will get more training and more strong

auricle's picture

Why do they fear freedom bombs. Everybody knows they only kill evildoers. 

flapdoodle's picture

So the question is one of logistics. How will Saudi Arabia attack Lebanon? Or will they just cut to the chase and let the IDF invade which is plan anyway?

I think SA already has its hands full with Yemen...

Truther's picture

It'll be IDF jets manned by US pilots and guided with UK cruisers and Managed by MBS directly while sucking on Trump's d*ck.

It's on folks. Watch crude the next few days while gold goes parabolic.

E5's picture

Unless Pakistan / KSA nuclear program is activiated.  Say goodbye to Latakia and the advanced Hezbo units in Palestine.

8 hours later DC and Miami go Poof.

You will be wishing you had gone long in food and friends and short the commercial trade.  No one will accept gold as it will be instantly illegal to posess or accept.  Your friends will be gettting 30% in USD to turn your ass in.

As far as the rest goes... well sorry but there is no way oil will not be a siezed state commoditey all over the world.

You are wasting your stored labor in the final hour.

peddling-fiction's picture

My bet is that open hostilities start by 11.11.

Kabbalistic power date.

veritas semper vinces's picture

SA has its hands full with sh*t.

Sorry ,but sometimes you need to be vulgar to cut to the chase.

wolf pup's picture


Damn the warmongers roaming this planet since humans roamed free.

Thought Processor's picture



What happens when someone lobs a nuke in the area?  I'm thinkin this is gonna happen sometime soon.

TheSilentMajority's picture

Russia should inmediately setup a large base in Lebanon to protect it from foreign aggressors/colonizers.

dasein211's picture

It has one in Damascus which is only 50-70 miles away from Beirut. This is still about Syria. Start the war in Lebanon to spill over to Damascus.

dasein211's picture

It has one in Damascus which is only 50-70 miles away from Beirut. This is still about Syria. Start the war in Lebanon to spill over to Damascus.

DEMIZEN's picture

saudis and kuwaitis are a bunch of fat idiots. when egyptians evacuate lebanon that will mean something. like a fat saudi towel head can do any damage other than talk. they hire pakis and indians to drive the fucking tanks. the are too fat to get in.

Abitcoinbrain's picture

I really pitty the Lebanese in this situation, they don't deserve another war!

anomalous's picture

Amen, it is sad that they are collateral damage.

FORD_FIESTA's picture

The Lebanese should stop breeding like rabbits.....

Mena Arkansas's picture

As Judas McCain and Linda Graham jerk off furiously ...

Black Sabbath "War Pigs" Live at Ozzfest 2005


Black Sabbath - "War Pigs" Live Paris 1970


Mike Masr's picture

John McBrain Tumor needs another million gallons of blood to spill in the ME before he can get his much desired "crown of death" medal from Satan.

Doom and Dust's picture

Who's gonna move against Lebanon? IDF fears Hezbolllah.

When did Hezbollah last claim a terrorist attack? Why is it relevant?


JibjeResearch's picture

Hezbollah helped Syria...

Iran will come help the Hez...; thus, a reason to pound on Iran...

The ME WW3...

Collectivism Killz's picture

Kuwait, a country that fell within hours of the Iraqi invasion. Israel, a country who lost an entire tank brigade versus a less experienced Hezbollah in 2006. And, KSA, a country who cannot beat goat herders in Yemen. They are going to unite and fight Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Russia, Iraq and rebellions from their own Shia populations. Great plan, guys.

JibjeResearch's picture

Lolz ahahahah... Don't you dare underestimate... the Saud..

chunga's picture

That's where Uncle Samowitz comes in. I'm waiting for the dotard to announce sanctions on Lebanon and Iran any time now in another one of his famous 3D chess moves.

khnum's picture

Lots of shiny new US tanks and vehicles photographed at Mina Abdulah,Kuwait in the last few days the Kuwati's are in on it the middle east is about to go Full Nostradamus

veritas semper vinces's picture

LOL. Yes,this will be a f*ckery of epic proportions,but they count on the stupid goy US to come to their help and fight for them.

Have you seen the UN US envoy,Nkki Haley hateful BS about the missile fired from Yemen? Accusing Iran?

RagaMuffin's picture

Egypt and Turkey are being awfully quiet...

JibjeResearch's picture

ahah ahahaha.... They want no part against the Hez...

silverer's picture

"...negative impact"

Do you suppose they mean a "big crater"?

NoWayJose's picture

And once again, we will need to be convinced that Hezbollah - seeing all this setup narrative - is going to be stupid enough to set off a bomb or shoot a missile into both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Mike Masr's picture

It will happen (false flag) and want to bet the so-called Hezbollah missile is loaded with sarin gas and the US blames Assad. Easy to predict. The official propaganda narrative makes me think this way.

Mike Masr's picture

The US neocon's "Regime Change" strategy in Syria was a TOTAL FAILURE.

This is todays neocon diplomacy on how to start a war next door to Syria in order to either draw them in, or to effect events inside Syria. 

Today the US is the evil empire!

earleflorida's picture


seriously[?],... who the fuck cares about kuwait!

KSA citizens in Lebanon?

Wow! there must be thousands [LOL], enjoying the country side now that the Syrian war is winding down.

Saudi Arabia couldn't fight its way out of a 'paper bag'!

this is 'International Politics', with asshole in China, and soon to talk to Putin in Vietnam about the 'Golan',.. Egypt wants nothing to do with it so that should dim a few lights?!?

KEY:   Trump wants 'ARAMCO' listed on the NYSE asap,..making it officially in our financial domain (well being?)!

Ps. the ussa and idf now have a joint strikeforce airforce established in israel since early 2017 (i would suspect the french and certainly the british are on a moments call).

It all depends on what Putin says to Trump after conferring with Xi if the 'GOLAN' is worth getting on the wrong side of 'Jew Money', which btw is well into the 10's of Trillions $$$ (this is a conservative #...--- could be as high as $100 trillion dollars)

ogretown's picture

We need the emergence of a new player on the ice.  The two pro-war rogue nations - Israel and Saudi Arabia think they have a lock on dictating regional near future events.  I would love to see Egypt come in on the side of the Coalition of Courage.  Also Turkey needs to step up and tamp down any threat from the scurrilous gang of war hawks aka NATO. 

But all in all, this has the makings of excellent theater, complete with sex, violence and rock and roll.  Can the noble, brave Coalition surprise the evil Saudi Empire by whacking their oil fields?  Can the failed grafted, Frankenstinian state of Israel be infiltrated by courageous freedom fighters toting dirty bombs in suitcases?  Will Turkey divert attention and open the floodgates, allowing millions of scuzzy refugees to invade Europe? Will American continue to play the part of the buffoon and rush to assist the rogue states? But I guess the biggest question of all - what will Vlad the Lad do?? 

Neochrome's picture

Keep digging bro, you are almost out of that hole...

Usura's picture

The jews are preparing to invade Lebanon, now that their campaign in Syria has been thwarted.  Clearly, the Saudis have been brought on board with this plan, even though it recently became necessary to purge dissident Saudi factions, some with extreme predudice.

Remember that Hezbollah won the last round when the jews invaded, handing the jews their first real defeat in decades.

Boeing Boy's picture

What do the Saudis bring to the tabke aside from incompetence and cowardice?

johnnycanuck's picture

Saudi fright, billions in flight

Money Changers Delight!


Wealthy Saudis try to move money abroad with Riyadh in hot pursuit


francis scott falseflag's picture


there's no respite from the zeit-wight of plight

francis scott falseflag's picture

All of this Saudi saber rattling has me more concerned about Qatar than Lebanon.


OTOH< It may just be a test to see what Iran, Turkey and Russia's reaction is,

Don't expect to read about their reactions in the NYT.  There's a better chance

of getting it in RT. 

dsty's picture

Fear and loathing in the ZH Islamo commie crowd!

johnnycanuck's picture

Got your ticket to watch the lawnmowing team? 

David Wooten's picture

"At this point it is safe to assume that war between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia/Israel is just a matter of time."

Or it could be a ruse to provoke elements of Hezbollah or the Lebanese army to start something.