Kuwait Orders Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately "As Precaution Against Any Negative Impact That Might Take Place"

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The drums of war are beating at a deafening pace: with Saudi Arabia ordering its citizens to immediately leave Lebanon on Thursday, just a few hours later Kuwait joined in.

According to the Kuwait News Agency, citing a foreign ministry statement, Kuwait citizens currently in Lebanon are urged to leave the country immediately.

The statement said the order is due to the "circumstances experienced by Lebanon at the moment, as well as a precautionary measure against any negative impact that might take place."

The ministry also urged citizens not to travel to Lebanon, "wishing at the same time security and stability for the Arab country."

At this point it is safe to assume that war between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia/Israel is just a matter of time.

For those wondering what this next regional war could look like, please read our earlier article "As Israel And Saudi Arabia Target Lebanon, What Are Hezbollah's Military Capabilities"

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Vageling's picture

What is it with these fucking dish towel wearing Saudi goat fuckers... Next to the fact I despise their entire fucking existence. Wahhabism for everyone but not in our own backyard please... These muppets tend to go full barbaric. DUH! And the Saudi people... DO NOTHING?! Your entire existence is on the line, muppets. Thank the zionistas. 

So Lebanon faces an imminent threat now. Guess they're [Lebanon] really happy about that one. Fucking dish towels can't even intimidate the Houthi's let alone take them head on. Buncha dress wearing guys on sandals... But, with a strong will. Armed to the teeth as well.  But lets go at Hezbollah as well too? Another strong willed group that doesn't bow down and armed to the teeth. And has Iranian support.

Death wish much?  Like Iran will take the provocation... Sure. Another Syria which they [ZOG] simply can not win. And Qatar? They're on the shit list as well. No... This will make them jump back in line... Highly doubt it. 

Egypt is shaking on it's foundation. Jordan too. The majority of the African region is on fire as well. What could possibly go wrong...?

Fucking stupid idiots. Good luck opening Pandora's box. Don't expect me to come join the party with this conscript bullshit. Fucking idiots. 

Ghordius did had one point today. The never ending wars that Doubya laid the foundation for. All it takes is a fart in the wrong direction nowadays to declare war. 

Rex Andrus's picture

Beloved slaves you are ordered to drive 100 miles to your safe places. Shalom, (((Bibi)))

Vageling's picture

And what is the definition of such damned "safe space", if I may be so bold to ask? The underground coffin? Hiding under my desk? 

What is this shit... The robbermint got me covered? I rather trust the maffia than those fools. I ain't running nowhere. I'll be surviving on my own with my own allies. And the .gov are the terrorist. 

Going to fucking slave camps so the chosenite can catalogue the gentiles. Fuck that. Rather die fighting. 

Blue Steel 309's picture

Now we know the USSA is backing Israel's move to go to war with Lebanon and Iran.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

wait for it.........

.........Lebanon orders citizens to leave Lebanon.



zeroboris's picture

Where did I hear that?.. Oh yeah, that story about how almighty Saudi Arabia brutally punished little naughty Qatar. In fact, tried and failed miserably, losers.

But Israel want something like the second front against Syria.

marcusfenix's picture

The saudi's are smoking some really strong hash if they think they are anywhere near ready to take on hezbolla. The Kingdom would get their asses handed back to them gift wrapped on a diamond crusted silver platter. If Yemen has proven anything it's that despite having all the best toys amd plenty of money to burn they simply cannot fight. The Saudi campaign in Yemen can only be described as an abysmal performance by their military and a strong example of their complete lack of national will and ability to successfully execute this type of endeavor.

But I also believe they already know this and while they will kick start this war because that's what the optics demand it is Israel that will be in charge of the actual military operations. Along of course with Washington but to what extent remains to be seen, sadly it's really not much of a stretch to see trump pushing direct military intervention as he clearly has a hard on for war with Iran and loves him some Bibi.

Make greater Israel great again even if you have to kill a whole bunch of Americans and level half of Lebanon to do it. I really hope I'm wrong about trump on this more than anything else but I have zero faith on that being the case.

The real question here is how will Moscow react? I think Putin will do whatever he can to avoid getting directly involved and turning this already really bad situation into the kind of trouble that will take millions of body bags to clean up after.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee he will be successful and who knows where it ends once the two military heavyweights of planet earth start swinging at each other directly.

I just hope we can avoid the glowing compulsory radiation therapy bit.

historian40's picture

Putting all those weapons the US is sending to use. 

Funny how on one side you have Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Lebanon, with Russia "aiding".

Then on the other, ISIS, AL-CIA-DA, the antichrist "jewish state", the US, wahhabi Arabia.