NATO Ministerial Meeting: Preparing For War On Russia?

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Authored by Stephen Lendman,

America controls NATO policymaking. The alliance serves as its global imperial arm – warmaking its mission, not fostering world peace and stability.

Nor does it have anything to do with defense at a time the only threats alliance members face are invented ones. Real ones don’t exist.

World peace and stability notions are contrary to US objectives, wanting unchallenged dominance over world nations, their resources and populations.

America’s diabolical agenda involves endless wars of aggression, wanting all sovereign independent nations replaced by US vassal states, creating ruler/serf societies globally, an open-air prison for ordinary people disposed of if resist – a world unsafe and unfit to live in.

On November 8 and 9, NATO ministers met in Brussels. Like his predecessors, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg was appointed to serve US interests, taking orders from Washington.

Issues discussed included revising NATO’s command structure, including “a new command to help protect sea lines of communication between North America and Europe, and another command to improve the movement of troops and equipment within Europe,” said Stoltenberg – stressing “our ability to move forces,” he added.

Against what, he didn’t explain – preparing for war on Russia the unstated objective, whether or not waged. It’s more likely than not ahead – a modern-day Operation Barbarossa with nukes if launched.

Russia and China represent the final frontier of resistance against US sought global dominance.

Eventual conflict against both nations is ominously possible, maybe likely or certain, a grim prospect if happens.

High on the ministerial agenda is improving infrastructure for warmaking, including upgraded roads and bridges, facilitating movement of troops, weapons and equipment.

So-called “deterrence for collective defense” is code language for possible offensive operations. The private sector in NATO countries have an “important role to play,” said Stoltenberg.

In late October, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu explained his nation must deal with serious threats on its western borders.

During a Defense Ministry Board meeting, he said “(t)he military and political situation at our western borders remains tense and shows a tendency to escalation.”

US-led NATO forces are deployed menacingly close to Russia’s borders, their hostile presence a cause for great concern.

If Russian troops were positioned along America’s north and/or southern borders, or offshore near its east, west, or Gulf coasts, Washington would consider their presence an act of war. Conflict could follow.

America’s provocative Eastern European presence has Moscow justifiably concerned, Shoigu explaining:

“The intensity and scale of the operational and combat training of the bloc member-countries’ military forces near our borders are growing.”


“Only in the past three months there have been over 30 drills in East European and Baltic states” – heightening tensions, Shoigu adding:


“We’re implementing a set of measures to neutralize the emerging challenges and threats,” including modernized hardware positioned by yearend and upgraded infrastructure.

Former head of Russian airborne troops/current lower house State Duma Defense Committee chairman Vladimir Shamanov warned about hostile NATO saber-rattling, “bring(ing) nothing positive,” he said.

Given America’s rage for endless wars and global dominance, the threat of catastrophic nuclear war is ominously real.

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Silversides's picture

Wars and rumours of wars

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

“America controls NATO policymaking...”

God help us all.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

NATO mission statement: "If the US can't have Europe, nobody can."

HowdyDoody's picture

US - "Russia, please pretty please, attack Europe, even though you know we, the US, are behind the aggression against you".

Putin - Nyet.

Blue Steel 309's picture

The US is a puppet of Israel and Central Bankers.

monk27's picture

I hope their drones & robots work really well, 'cause preciously few humans (regardless of nationality) will be willing to fight a stupid war against Russia no matter the motive invented. Anyway, the high tech war will be over in a week tops, immediately after the warring parties will neutralize each others satellites. Then, NATO will have to fight the Russians the hard way. The Germans and the French might have some advice for such a case...

HRClinton's picture

That's a shitload of planes, choppers and naval platforms for both, that the West has. The fact that France or even Italy has more than Germany, is telling in itself.

These are needed for an Offensive war, not for Defense.

Crazy Or Not's picture

>Blah Blah Blah...
Are you just spamming "The sounding line" or is it your go-to info source for
E V E R Y T H I N G! ?

Boeing Boy's picture

Nato trying desperately to be relevant and failing....

cryingfreeman's picture

I am a UK expat living in Latvia and much as I loathe Western imperialism, I struggle to see how NATO's presence here can be construed by Russia as a threat.

I could understand it better if NATO had anything more than a token presence here, but it just doesn't. All that's here, numerically, is an assurance-giving measure for the locals.

Russia, meanwhile, has enough manpower near its border to invade and occupy the entire Baltic region. So there is no balance of power here, just a lopsided setup.

07564111's picture

^^^^ Zio Grub ^^^^

I have friends and family in Latvia, both ethnic Latvian and of Russia decent so I tell you no one, other than the bought and payed for politicians looking to save their corrupt arses, wants NATO there at all.

There's no shortage of videos available showing the build up of forces that's not made public in the MSM in the Baltics and the rest of the EU. Northern Fist is still the NATO plan, but it's doomed to fail.

The Baltic peoples are seen as expendable collateral pawns in the game....and you are a lying piece of shit.

cryingfreeman's picture

Bloody hell, I've been called many things before but never that.

What, precisely, am I lying about?

I am no fan of NATO, but likewise, even though my wife is Russian and our kids are thus half Russian, I am no fan of Putin either.

Juliette's picture

How can anyone NOT be a fan of Putin?

cryingfreeman's picture

Putin who said, "Once a chekist (communist enforcer), always a chekist"?

We're talking about THAT Putin?

You people are so stupid it's breathtaking.

07564111's picture

LoL No

This is an example of stupid ..

1) I am a UK expat living in Latvia.

2) my wife is Russian and our kids are thus half Russian.

2 million citizens in Latvia, 1.5 million Latvians, that leaves 500000. number of UK expats married to a Russian in Latvia ? Do I need to go further ?

Yep, I think you win first prize here. I also think you are employed in that new NATO building in Latvia ;)

cryingfreeman's picture

I wish I was, then I'd be able to fund my way out of this dump!

Crazy Or Not's picture

>I am no fan of NATO, but...

Hopefully you're familiar with the expression "everything before but is bullshit!"

olibur's picture

Your story is a bunch of bull. I concur with a post above that you’re either a lying POS or just plain stupid. I live near by and freaging military planes roaming over my head on a daily basis now including various types of copters. Major highways are being rebuilt and bridges are reinforced as we speak.

cryingfreeman's picture

As I type this I am looking out towards Riga airport and as usual, nothing much is happening. Low hazy clouds, bit of blue sky, sun very low in the sky casting long shadows across my garden...

You're the liar if you are saying this area is abuzz with military activity when it's plainly not.

And major highways being rebuilt?


The main road between Riga and Jurmula looks like it has been bombed and has a lovely groove in the middle lane that turns into an aquaplaning nightmare every time it rains.

The rest of the country has mostly only single carriageway roads, making for a slow exit route.

Now, let's see about those highways being rebuilt - go to Google Maps and plot a route between Riga and Suwalki in Poland and see how many roadworks signs appear.

Who's the liar now?

BlindMonkey's picture

Here are 2 basic facts:

1. The Baltics are a strategic launch point for attacking Russia.

2. The Baltics have no strategic value attacking Western Europe. 


When you grasp that, everything else falls into place. 

cryingfreeman's picture

Yes, because Russia would never want to secure the territory close to its Baltic sea lanes in the event of war...

Why don't you actually write about stuff you know about?

olibur's picture

I’m in a neighboring sh*thole, next to “THE aggressor”

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Not a fan of the greatest statesman alive today. Says a lot about you. I wonder who you are a fan of? Trump (joke), Bibi (evil POS) Macron (pawn) May (a nobody) Merkel (traitor) Poroshenko etc etc and on and on? Tell us do.

Crazy Or Not's picture

>no one, other than the bought and payed for politicians ..(&).. their corrupt arses, wants NATO there at all..

+1000  I've employed Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians in the UK, and the ones I've met have been under no illusions whatsoever as to what NATO's game is, and that their part is "being good tank country".

cryingfreeman - get used to it! cos you are a lying peice of shit that will happily/ignorantly get others killed. 

cryingfreeman's picture

You'll do until a Kremlin troll arrives on this thread.

Crazy Or Not's picture

>You'll do until a Kremlin troll arrives on this thread.
I take that as a compliment - a kind of Fuck you and your downvotes (which mean what exactly?).
But to respond to your obvious banality and give you a chance of redemption via use of intelect:

Compare and contrast the following:
In 2006 Putin announces that the Rouble will become a petroleum commodity currency.

One Year later in 2007: -President George W. Bush's family were receiving "friend Vladimir" earlier his month, Putin had been particularly fretting about the prospective deployment in Europe of the U.S. Anti-Ballistic Missile system (ABM), a shield against missiles that rogue countries, Iran in particular, may be able to launch in future. In addition to ABM, which Putin considers a threat to Russia, NATO failed to ratify the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE) — a key European arms control treaty that has been regulating the deployment of troops and the monitoring of weapons systems on the continent since 1990.

Early Saturday morning, the Kremlin abruptly announced Putin's decree to halt Russia's participation in the CFE treaty due to "extraordinary circumstances ... which affect the security of the Russian Federation and require immediate measures."

Putin's "extraordinary circumstances" are clear: first, he says missile shield in Europe will see through entire Russia's defenses all the way to the Urals; Russia seeks to counter that, but the treaty stands very much in the way. Second, NATO countries have failed to ratify the treaty's 1999 amended version — a failure that Putin insists upsets the balance of forces in Europe.

Do you see any connection between the two events?
Please include National economic outlook factors in your answer.

cryingfreeman's picture

Apparently Russia's current nuclear posture is to attack the US primarily, not continental Europe in general, and to do so using the over-the-pole route as its main, but not exclusive, avenue.

With that in mind, the missile shield is a convenient grievance for a Russian regime that is priming its populace for war with the West.

That said, it's understandable they wouldn't want its prying capabilities on its doorstep, much less any potential it possesses for conversion to offensive missile launching.

The bottom line is that BOTH sides stink in this debate, not just one. I know it doesn't suit the more paranoid on this thread for me to say that, but I really am only telling it as I, a mere layman, see it.

Crazy Or Not's picture

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the Country that emerged from that debacle was Russia - a different Country BTW. 
It has been very much on the economic back foot from the start plagued by corruption, nepotism and loaded with debt. Putin has been instrumental in holding the chaos together and rebuilding it into a functional Nation (which as it has substantial arsenals we should be grateful for the stability)  - and yes its far from anywhere near perfect. Some of that time has been rebuilding the armed forces and repelling interlopers.

Howfuckingever, there is no way on Gods green Earth that he has the forces to one, attack or second to hold territory or advance against the United States whose military bases are scattered like peppercorns across the planet. Putin may lie awake at night dreaming of such a plan - but I doubt it. He's far more interested in supplying gas to Europe for foreign cash (and preventing forced competion doing the same via Syrian territory) ..and using this foreign cash to rebuild Russia. Which has some ways to go before it can be called a modern Nation. It has how many substantial cities? I would recommend you in the first instance check out the 8 hours of interviews he made with Oliver Stone (a Purple Heart holder) and get some idea of the man and them research the reality of the disparity between old rolling stock Russia and her NATO opposites. and do both before commenting further. Thanks. Now Fuck off.

MozartIII's picture

Have seen division movements for show! Very little build up, where is this build up?

cryingfreeman's picture

Careful, you're going to get called a liar / a piece of shit / a NATO troll for telling the truth here!

Khan Bodin's picture

You are a piece of shit, liar and supporter of your western terrorism, Anglo. It's all clearly visible from your posts, you imbecile. ehehehehe

cryingfreeman's picture

I'll let God judge between you and me on that accusation.

fx's picture

Baltic countries are NATO member states. Assuming a Russian attack on NATO is as ridiculous as it gets. the Russians have been going out of their ways to NOT escalate tensions with USA/NATO. They have been seriously and deliberately provoked by the US and Turkish military in Syria at various instances, yet they just swallowed those and never responded in kind.

You really think, you are able to see everything that NATO does in the baltics? Just because you live in a given country, you can get a feel for the military capabilities built up there? Seriously? For instance, I bet you, that not one in a million Romanians has a clue about the dead-serious misslie installations that are currently set up by the US, for the sole purpose of making a preemptive nuclear war somewhat winnable against Russia (the most dangerous strategy imagineable). Guess what, that hasn't increased Romanian security, it has made the country a number one target for any Russian counter strike. Same for the Baltics, Poland and Czech.

Yeah, reassuring the locals, my ass....

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Full agreement with your sentiment (and pretty much most of your other sensible comments on ZH) but please note that countries like Czech are doing their best to avert being made a target and a stomping ground... they have a long history of trying to do the same.

My Czech father-in-law is proud of their attempts to resist.

cryingfreeman's picture

Nice, unbiased reply from someone with a KGB enforcer as his avatar...

fx's picture

While Putin has his flaws and shortcomings (every human being has, to a greater or lesser extent), I regard the man the most capable, modest and straightforward of all current statesmen. The cleanest dirtry shirt among those, if you will, since leading any country will inevitably involve making your hands dirty to a least some extent.

As for the rest of my above "biased" statement, feel free to refute it - with facts.

cryingfreeman's picture

I would tend to agree with you that he's capable and straightforward, but modest? Not when he's riding bareback on horses or flying firefighting planes, no.

peddling-fiction's picture

Crying men would not understand.

Be a man for once.

cryingfreeman's picture

...said someone with CNN as his avatar.

Some of the postings on this site stink of COINTELPRO and the Russian counterpart. Why don't you all grow up?

BustedUpBiker's picture

By flaws and shortcomings you are implying that Putin kills his political enemies, then I agree.

Crazy Or Not's picture

another +1000

I could say here (but won't) of the details of helicopter/small sub missions run by UK to drop their respected SF the wrong side of the line to do SF stuff. A significant portion would be known here as FF events. It's what they do, change outcomes by fixing and massaging the agenda, for the desired outcome.
To think otherwise is to have a Pollyanna view of the world (crying freeman). If so Fuck off, you don't belong here.  

steaua's picture

well, let me tell you as a Romanian that I fully agree that the defenssive system will not protect Romania and it is not designed to protect Romania.

But what is your proposal? Romania goes out of NATO and goes alone?

Yes we have been neutral in WW1 & WW2. How did that go?

1. In 1939 URSS demanded 30% of the teritory or will roll the tanks.

2. Romania gave without battle said 30%

3. USSR demanded more

4. Romania joined Germany to recover said 30%

5. Germany pressured Romania to go further than our teritory which we did

6. USRR said we attacked them (ha ha ha let's see them lose 30% of teritory and be considered attackers)

7. 1944 Romania switched sides and accepted the peace with USSR in USSR terms

8. USSR didn't sign the treaty for 2 weeks in which time they killed or deported 80% of allied now Romania army.


Oh yeah we should trust Russia will behave better next time they feel like rolling the tanks, stealing the crops and killing the population. WHy exactly?


Khan Bodin's picture

Vlach, you attacked Russia in 1918 and took Bessarabia while Russia was still in that Boshevik Jewish war for the crown. In WW2., 1940 I think, USSR recovered Bessarabia. What are you blathering about?

steaua's picture

oh my, didn't learn any history in school?

go back to school and pick a map of Basarabia (in Romanian language) from 1300 to 1812 and you will see it nicely located in the principality of Moldova, unfortunately for centuries as vassal of Otoman empire.

the protector of Ortodoxism (aka Russia - muahahahaha) obtained it at the end of the Russia-Turkey war 1812-1814.

80% of the population was back then Romanian and was relocated to (mostly) Siberia while the Romanian language was banned.

so what's your point?

Royotoyo's picture

Interesting, the last time I flew through Riga airport (catching a connecting flight, I would never waste any more time visiting that miserable country) the tarmac was literally covered with USAF aircraft.  If it looks like an an occupation, and smells like one, then it probably is.  The Balts are pretty pathetic, they have to be someone's colony, before it was the Russians, now they're licking the boots of their American masters.  The funny thing is, they don't really hate the Russians for being Russians, they're just bummed out the Nazis lost.  Still.

cryingfreeman's picture

Must have been a very long time ago because I live very close to Riga airport and seeing any military aircraft there is extremely rare.

But, you know, THERE ARE VIDEOS - yes, videos I tells ya - that PROVE this region is heavily occupied by NATO forces!!!

Royotoyo's picture

It was summer 2016, maybe that's "a very long time ago" in your world, I don't know.  Apparently, this was during one of the many US exercises to show force to its enemies and commitment to its NATO allies.  For all you or I know, the planes never left and were just parked somewhere out of the way of prying eyes.  

Anyway, you can fantasize all you want, together with your Baltic brethren, about some mythical Russian invasion that's never going to happen.  You, a Brit living in Latvia, are the agressor, and you will be exterminated together with all the other agressors that have attacked Russia in the past.