Russia Warns It Will Retaliate Against American Media Next Week

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It has been over a month since Russia and the US engaged in political tit-for-tat escalations, but that is about to change: after a recent crackdown by the U.S. government, which ordered state broadcaster RT to register as a foreign agent following accusations it interfered in last year’s presidential elections, and which saw Twitter ban all RT-sourced advertising (despite actively seeking RT's business beforehand) Russia said on Thursday it would retaliate next week against the American media, Bloomberg reports.

While the Russians didn’t specify what measures would be taken, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday that “practical implementation” of steps in response to the U.S. move would begin next week. Russia has previously warned its retaliation would mirror restrictions imposed by the U.S. The foreign-agent label, which applies to several state-owned outlets operating in the U.S. including Japan’s NHK and the China Daily newspaper, requires disclosure of the media organization’s foreign funding.

As reported earlier today, RT's editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, said on the broadcaster’s website that it has no choice but to comply with the DOJ’s demand to register as a foreign agent by a final deadline of Monday. Otherwise, the head of the channel’s U.S. subsidiary would face arrest and its bank accounts would be frozen, she said. “This demand violates U.S. law and we intend to appeal it in U.S. courts.

What may Russia's next move be?  One month ago, Zakharova said that “we have never used Russian law in relation to foreign correspondents as a lever of pressure, or censorship, or some kind of political influence, never. But this is a particular case..."

She cited a 1991 Russian law which, she said, stated that if a Russian media outlet is subject to restrictions in a foreign country, then Moscow has the right to impose proportionate restrictions on media outlets from that country operating inside Russia. “Correspondingly, everything that Russian journalists and the RT station are subject to on U.S. soil, after we qualified it as restriction of their activities, we can apply similar measures to American journalists, American media here, on Russian territory." She did not identify any specific U.S. media outlets that would be targeted. She said it made no difference from the Russian government’s point of view if those outlets were backed by the U.S. state, or privately-funded.

In September, Russia’s state communications regulator accused CNN International of violating its license to broadcast in Russia and said it had summoned the broadcaster’s representatives in connection with the matter. The watchdog did not publicly disclose the nature of the violation. The head of the regulator said it was a technical matter and denied that politics was involved. The U.S. Congress is investigating RT’s role in the 2016 election, as well as possible influence by state-owned Sputnik news service.

Russian authorities have signaled that CNN and Radio Liberty could be among those targeted in response to the action against RT.

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wisebastard's picture

HR5736 Smith Mundt Moderization act the US Government is baiscally using the same propaganda that Hitler dont have to do anything to america that they are not doing to themselves

wisebastard's picture

Soros said the Jews should have saw it a gangstalking victim. i get mocked almost everywhere i go because i present the general public with facts that are above their thinking. it is basically book burning with cell phones. america is fucked long term.

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 If they are dumb enought to follow you in cars take um on a three hour tour into the boonies. Bring a spare 5 gallons of gas.

 There are a host of great tricks you could employ.

Ajax-1's picture

Perhaps the ol banana in the tailpipe trick.

VWAndy's picture

 No need when you can count on them doing X.

SWRichmond's picture

Please nuke CNN headquarters on work day.  Thanks.

VWAndy's picture

 I always wanted to do a pickled garlic fart during a live interview. Kinda a reverse ambush thing. Its almost felony farting. One little tiny fart will clear a building.

Save_America1st's picture

gee, I sure never heard of Al Jazeera being given the same fucking fact, the gubment and the cable companies snuck hidden fees into every American's cable/sat bills specifically to fund the Al Jazeera channel even though nobody wants that shit in America other than dune coons and funny enough...our treasonous gubment.  go figger

VWAndy's picture

 Timming red lights would be another good one.

peddling-fiction's picture

Hang in there wise.

Seek the Holy Spirit after confessing your sins, and live the seven virtues.

Discernment comes to the deserving.

You have nothing to lose, and much to gain.

Man will not save you.

Grace is above the Law.

Pick wisely.

max2205's picture

They must have some good dirt on msm......

HardAssets's picture

If the Russkies were serious they’d release files on all the pedos in msm

VWAndy's picture

 Take them for a long walk to a friends house and get a ride home. If you timmed it right they might not have a proper coat for being out after dark.

  A few stunts like these should do the trick. Go camping kinda thing would suck for a fool not ready.

Buck Johnson's picture

The reason  they didn't see it coming is because they didn't want to see, just like the American people.  And it wasn't until it was to late that they saw the error of their ways and then everyone was to scared to do anything.



johngaltfla's picture

I wonder if CNN will actually have to close it's Moscow bureau and go back to Berlin to re-open at Gestapo HQ, er, their main European office.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Sessions has just stepped over the line and gone full Alabama retard.

johngaltfla's picture

Never, ever, go full retard.

Whoa Dammit's picture

We need to start calling the DOJ by it's rightful name, DOH, the Department of Hillary.

VWAndy's picture

Dodge for short is fitting.

land_of_the_few's picture

For his splendid, graciously presented Tat, I raise him a magnificent, Titanic, Tit. May it do him much good and bring him much wisdom.

bornlastnight's picture

You mean Rip Van Sessions didn't recuse himself?  This is about Russia.  Sessions breaks out in hives at the mention of "Russia" ever since he happened to look at a Russian Ambassador some years ago.  Surely you jest.

MozartIII's picture

You Sir are correct. The US is using the same propaganda and even implimenting the same rules as hitler within the US. People don't know history....

lincolnsteffens's picture

Government educators do not want you to know history. You should only know their version of selected bits useful in getting the historically ignorant to dance to their tune.


Buck Johnson's picture

Everything we have been doing in this country has been exactly what the Nazi's did.



VWAndy's picture

 How does one go about embarassing a cheap whore?

VWAndy's picture

 Send um a 2$ bill?

johngaltfla's picture

Give them a fake Bitcoin key.

land_of_the_few's picture

2-pack epoxy resin, bond a silver dollar to the sidewalk in front of City Hall.

VWAndy's picture

 I did that in my old bosses VW shop. So many people busted nails on it. Even the bosses wife. lol We had a pretty good laugh outta that quarter.

Lumberjack's picture

Can’t blame them.

Mena Arkansas's picture

Here's the lat longs for CNN HQ. Hope that helps.


bobbbny's picture

Ironic that RT has the most objective & wide ranging reporting of all of them.
Guess Amerika wants more TV newsreaders not actual reporting.

cossack55's picture

US MSM is all about 3 things: HBL (hair,boobs,legs)

Kartolas's picture

Do it Russia! I would love to see the MSM Presstitutes bitching and whining about it.

land_of_the_few's picture

Will this somehow involve abject humiliation for any "correspondents" that never bothered to learn a single word of Russian and spent their entire time schmoozing malcontents in hotel bars miles away from any action? How terrible, if it would be so.

Grave's picture

all about asymmetric warfare
last year western state terrorist services started assassinating russian diplomats
and lo behold, all of sudden western psychopaths in power and their lackeys are getting ousted as pedophiles and criminals they are :)
not to mention the number of terrorist bunkers in syria (western secret service command centers) get nuked with all the fucker "advisors" roasted

Yars Revenge's picture

Russia hopefully will boot CNN out of the countey

besnook's picture

cnn is the comedy channel on russian tv.

JohninMK's picture

The timing is interesting. It looks like Trump and Putin will have a pow wow in Da Nang (interesting connotations re that place) tomorrow.

No doubt Putin will mention this in passing.

Swamp Yankee's picture


How can I help?

And where the hell is Boris when we need him?

Sudden Debt's picture



because they tell the truth...

and when you look the the US MSN, it makes me want to puke.

silverer's picture

It's easy for the "evil Russians" to whip up propaganda if you think about it. Because that's what they are using. The truth. It's gotten that bad in the US.

land_of_the_few's picture

Perhaps they can somehow invoke microbiological / farm produce hygiene laws on CNN. I absolutely double-dog dare them.