Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately

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In a odd coincidence, just moments after we published an article laying out Hezbollah's military power at a time when both Saudi Arabia and Lebanon appear to be targeting Lebanon, and just two days after we discussed a leaked Israeli cable that confirmed Saudi Arabia and Israel are deliberately coordinating to destabilize the region and push Lebanon to a state of war, Saudi Arabia has ordered its citizens residing in Lebanon to leave immediately in a travel warning issued on Thursday, November 9. As Al Arabiya adds, the travel warning also called for Saudi nationals not to travel to Lebanon from any point of origin.

Full advisory below:

Official Source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Saudi nationals visiting or residing in Lebanon are asked to leave the country as soon as possible.


Riyadh, Safar 20, 1439, November 09, 2017, SPA -- Due to the situations in the Republic of Lebanon, the official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Saudi nationals visiting or residing in Lebanon are asked to leave the country as soon as possible.


The Kingdom advised all citizens not to travel to Lebanon from any other international destinations.

This follows a similar warning issued by the Kingdom of Bahrain on November 5 urghing its nationals residing in Lebanon to leave immediately and to "exercise caution.” The Bahraini call came a day after Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation, while on location in Saudi Arabia, citing concerns he could be assassinated like his father, criticized the Lebanon-based Hezbollah paramilitary and political movement and accused Iran of alleged attempts to bring destruction to the region. The Bahraini foreign ministry said in a statement received by AFP that its call was "in the interest of its citizens’ safety and to avoid any risks they may be exposed due to the conditions and developments” that Lebanon is going through.

Earlier, Reuters reported that Lebanon believes former premier Saad al-Hariri, who as noted above resigned on Saturday while in Saudi Arabia, is being held by Riyadh, and Beirut plans to work with foreign states to secure his return, a top Lebanese government official said on Thursday. A second Reuters source, a senior politician close to Saudi-allied Hariri, said Saudi Arabia had ordered him to resign and put him under house arrest. A third source familiar with the situation said Saudi Arabia was controlling and limiting his movement.

Saudi Arabia and members of Hariri’s Future Movement have denied reports that he is under house arrest. But he has put out no statements himself denying his movements are being restricted. He made a one-day flying visit to the United Arab Emirates earlier this week before returning to Saudi Arabia.

Earlier on Thursday, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister also urged the international community to slap fresh sanctions against Iran, accusing its regional rival of supporting terrorism.

"We would like to see sanctions on Iran for its support of terrorism and sanctions on Iran for violating the ballistic missile resolutions of the United Nations," Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi minister of foreign affairs, told CNBC Thursday.

Al-Jubeir also said that the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers was "weak," especially given Tehran would be capable of assembling a bomb "within weeks." He added he would like to see international agencies carry out a "much more robust" job when conducting inspections in Iran.

Al-Jubeir also described the situation in Lebanon as "unfortunate" and went on to accuse Hezbollah of "hijacking the system" and putting "roadblocks" in front of Hariri at every opportunity. When asked whether Saudi Arabia was headed for a direct conflict with Iran, Al-Jubeir replied, "We hope not", and yet just hours later Riyadh made it clear that any Saudi citizens in Lebanon are now in danger.

Needless to say, traditionally such accelerate evacuation orders have preceded military intervention. Should that be the case again, keep a close eye on oil.

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tion's picture

>Trump isn't driving this clown car, he does what he's told in important things.

 I agree full heartedly on this point.

But JMO things are very different than how they appear.

I think we're at a place where Donald Trump isn't going to get what he materially wants, Hilary Clinton isn't going to get what she wants, Kevin Spacey isn't going to get what he wants, Harvey Weinstein isn't going to get what he wants, Israel won't get what they want, KSA won't get what they want, USSA won't get what they want.  You and I won't get what we materially want.

I think the President realizes something else is at work, and that what allows him to ride and push the waves so well.  


Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.



To submit to the Lord and to surrender to the guidance of the Holy Spirit is not an easy path to walk.

The way forward, for all of us, won't be painless. And we probably won't get much of what we want.  But hopefully we will get what we need.

The greatest of victories will be found through surrender.




justa minute's picture

you need to use AV1611 not a paraphrase

veritas semper vinces's picture

You are so right,except this will be the third attempt

As for tmosley,peanutz don't do geopolitics,it's a known fact,their activity consists only of worshiping the Donald ,no matter waht and bitcoins.

I don't know about bitcoins.

as for the Don,also I voted for him,I am not blind and I can see he is a total zionist tool,a shabbos-goy.

taoJones's picture

When female saudi robots are allowed to drive, then I will believe you...

Grumbleduke's picture

yes, and women are allowed to travel! And to shit and piss! Can you imagine!?

Thing is, that driving and travelling for women is only allowed, if the husband/male parent agrees to it, in writing no less.

Feminist paradise, i tell ya!

Celebrating that shit in the 21. century... Hopefully we'll live to see the day when that salafi/wahabi shit turns to dust.

Deres's picture

Allowed to drive, but under the supervision of a male member of their family ... Viva la libertad !

Deres's picture

Allowed to drive, but under the supervision of a male member of their family ... Viva la libertad !

The Wizard's picture

Terrorists calling their adversaries terrorists

I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say about me bounces back and sticks to you.

Boogity's picture

The Orange Dotard is dumber than Ronny Raygun, and he lives inside of Bibi's smelly Kosher bunghole and vacations in King Salmon's cavernous nostrils. 

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Kushner - an Orthodox Jew, ultra Zionist, Chabad Libavitcher, friends with Bibi... met with the Saudis as Trump's emissary 3 times.

Honestly that should disabuse even the Mosleys out there (along w/ Cohn and Mnuchin and the expansion of SF/SO in Syria) of the notion Trump is putting any nation but Likudistan first.

Saudi and Israeli support for Al Qaeda and ISIS is absolutely clear. Trump supposedly told CIA to stop arming the takfiris but Al Qaeda is still being armed officially, isis fighters saved and rebranded, and there have to be 12,000 US troops in Syria now including support.

And why?

Is Hezbollah a threat to invade or even start an attack on Israel?


This is ENTIRELY about removing amap a counterpunch from the north of Israel when the US leads the attack on Iran.

Longer term of course Israel wants to steal as much Syrian and Lebanese land, gas, and water as possible.

The Oded Yinon plan is even more basic to these conflicts than pipelines or the petrodollar.

Not all wars are {primarily} bankers wars.

Sometimes religious zealotry and ultranationalism do just fine as primary motives.

Iudaea Delenda Est

veritas semper vinces's picture

Amen ,brother.Absolutely spot on.

Have you seen the Alqaeda training camps at the border with Israhell?

I think US is stupid enough to attack Iran on behalf of the zionist entity

The increase in troops in Afghanistan is aalso part of the same plan,attack from the north.Attack from the south(Syria,aka Kurdistan,they need to block Hezbollah in Lebanon to prevent their help),and they need lebanon's water as you said.

They are low on proxies,as those were killed courtesy of Russia/Syria/Hezbollah/Iran/Iraq. But they probabily have enough to create FF and sabotage and Lebanon is a small country.And their plan B failed(creation of Kurdistan in Iraq)

I think this is plan C.

Zip_the_Zap's picture

1) Reagan was foolish, not dumb. And..... when he realized his mistake, at the coast of 300+ Marines, he got out of "Dodge." It is hard for me not to vomit while writing  this, as I realize my country's very very very very very very expensive military is nothing but a mercenary force for the Joooos and A-Rabs; and that every single aspect of our current foreign policy is nothing but a reflection of the corruption and graft operating in Washington, DC, wherein $100,000,000 in bribes gets you control over a $600,000,000,000 military force. The Jooos are so comfortable in the knowledge that they control our government, and that the US Citizens no longer care about endless war, endless debt, endless cultural decline, endless economic decline, they no longer have to pretend to be concerned about appearances. Just whip up a little racial and sexual tension, show some Kardashian ass and voila bankruptcy and degeneracy seem hip.

Blue Vervain's picture

And the UK is not far behind. Our Secretary of State for International Development was recently caught offering the Israeli Military a cut of Britain's International Aid fund so they could manage "humanitarian projects" for Syrians in the Golan Heights. But the Syrian border of the Golan Heights is where ISIS are located. So UK taxpayers would be funding ISIS in Syria.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Priti Patel

Not only funds for Israhell to fight in the Golan Heights.

She met 12 times with high Israhelli officials,including Satanyahoo,while on vacation in israhell,and "forgot" to inform the PM.

remember the British MP that was targeted for assasination by Israhelli officials not too long ago bc she was pro Palestinian?

Does this  count as foreign country interference (proved)or only imaginary Russian one does?


Another in context issue: US had again heliborne operations ,lifting ISIS leaders(there are videos,pictures) from the Al Bukamal,that was the last ISIS held city,now liberated by Syria/Russia/Hezbollah/Iran revolutionary guards,with help from Iraq PMU.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Yep.  More proof that the world has entered bazzarro status.  Jews and Muslims joining forces to fight other Muslims.  I guess that ME saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is true.

HillaryOdor's picture

Only bizarre to those who haven't been paying attention.

Haus-Targaryen's picture


Perhaps we should just leave them alone.  Iran is in a unique position to completely destroy KSA's oil fields with their ballistic missile inventory. Doing such a thing would send oil prices to the moon and crush Western Economies.  All Iran needs to do is sit back and play this war of attrition as the U.S. taking on Saddam Hussein is a materially different beast than the U.S. taking on Iran in Iran. The Iranians have had almost two decades to prepare for this and are likely going to inflict more damage on the U.S. than Baath Iraq could. 

While I have no doubt the U.S. would defeat Iran eventually -- the cost of doing so would be so astronomically high it would permanently weaken the US. 

Its also important to keep in mind that there are only two ways for the U.S. to win in this global contest of geopolitical supremacy; one is by improving one's own performance while the other is by weakening the performances of one's competitors.  The United States is now relying almost entirely upon the latter.  

In such a situation -- the only way for the U.S. to remain the sole world power would be to materially weaken its next closest rivals, namely China and Russia but Germany and India to a lesser extent as well. How do you do that without blowing up the world's financial system and thus slit your own throat?  No one knows. 

It is why, I think, more and more and more nations are willing to go toe-to-toe with the U.S. -- they knew we are a big old dog with little bite left. 

markar's picture

Factoring in Russia and China's interests in Iran it's worse than that for the US--much worse.

geno-econ's picture

 Good analysis of Super Power chess game.   Just remember it all started with Kissinger's Realpolitik to open up China in order to spite the Soviet Union.   Now we have two major advesaries---China and Russia with a U.S. economy close to financial collapse.  Meanwhile China is growing based on manufacturing technology obtained gratis and with a huge cost of labor advantage in ample supply.  The future it seems belongs to China.  Trump with all his bluster cannot change this reality.

DaveyJones's picture

Well said

It's going to be a LOT harder to weaken its main rivals when those rivals (1) have played the empire a game a helluva lot longer than the US (2) are now interlinked with some of the the largest energy contracts and construction projects in human history (3) are successfully building financial delivery systems outside the petrodollar (4) look a lot less worse to rest of the world now that the rest of the world is sick of the US and finally (5) simply enjoy the economic leverage of billions of consumers in a global economy worlds apart from 1945.     

JohninMK's picture

I doubt that Iran could be conquered given that that would need an invading army at least the size that hit Iraq.

The key is where it could be assembled over months and over which border could it invade? Unless it crossed the Gulf there isn't one.

RafterManFMJ's picture

While I have no doubt the U.S. would defeat Iran eventually...

Right there is when you went off the rails and into La-La land.

Juggernaut x2's picture

And you would just like to play with Trump's balls

scaleindependent's picture

Yes, you are right. It is not an argument. It is a statement of fact.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

President Kushner was always going to use Anerican blood and treasure for Israel's economic rivals.

You're just too drunk on Trumpian Hope and Change to see this clearly, despite otherwise being one of the smarter fellas here.


tmosley's picture

What evidence would convince you otherwise? If there is no war with Lebanon within 6 months?

Always need a null hypothesis for your theories.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

sending a Chabad Lubavitcher Orthodox Jewish Zionist to 'negotiate mideast peace' and meet with the Saudis very shortly before the purge snd this accelerating war on Lebanon (plus Trump's regurgitation on Zioganda on Iran) creates a rebuttable assumption that he is in the pocket of Likud Israel and ergo not acting primarily in America First fashion.

We aren't doing falsifiable science experiments here, but sharing analysis.

Given the above, what would it take for you to concede Trump is acting in concert with Likud Israel's interests... as did Obama (mostly) and Shrub...

Honestly, how much room do you leave for doubt that President Trump is not what Candidate Trump claimed?

Doom and Dust's picture

Say what you want about 0bama, and if you like your first black president you can keep him, but he did give Likud the proverbial in his last year of office by backing the Iran deal.

Orthodox Jew-backed Trump opposed it at every turn and war on Iran will probably turn out to be one of his only kept promises. MAGA one MENA country at a time.

tmosley's picture

>We aren't doing falsifiable science experiments here

Then your opinions are worth nothing. There is no method by which to change your mind. You are a slave to your current mental state.

>what would it take for you to concede Trump is acting in concert with Likud Israel's interests... as did Obama (mostly) and Shrub...

American boots on the ground in a new conflict at the level of Iraq or Afghanistan. I don't doubt one whit that he is acting "in concert" with them, but I do very much doubt that they are in the drivers' seat. They most likely will benefit from Trump's actions, but that is what negotiations are. Both sides benefit. In this case, Trump is negotiating on the behalf of the United States, and he is getting us a good deal.

I will reappraise that if he starts another war. Recall that I briefly dropped my support for him when it looked like he was going to invade Syria. But he didn't. At some point, you have to see the pattern or people are going to start thinking you are really an idiot.

Juliette's picture

You better stick to cryptos, tmosley, as that is your field of expertise. Politics and war ... not so much!

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Actually, I think he is making a salient point here. Trump is stirring the pot, everybody can see that - NK, China, Iran... lots of tweeted bluster, and the sum total result so far? Billions in arms sales, but none of them fired.

Trump is playing with fire. Eventually he will get burned, however the "wheels within wheels" of real geopolitics dictates that not is always as it looks from the outside.

Everyone is looking at a different angle, much like the blind men describing an elephant by the part they are touching. Israel needs the water, but it also needs someone else to fight for it for them. SA needs to raise oil prices, needs to diversify its economy, needs to untangle itself from its quagmires. And Trump wants to MAGA by supporting the only industry left in the USA - the MIC.

The IDF and the Saudis arent going to fight Lebanon and Hezbollah by themselves, much less Iran, and the US force projection team are projecting force an ocean away ( Currently there is one ARG in the gulf area, and no carriers. What, do you think 50%er tomahawks from subs and ICBM's from Wyoming and Minesota are the most effective choice of weapons in this situation?

I fully back tmosley on his assertion that until this bru-ha-ha goes hot there is no way of knowing whats real and whats simply maneuvering and hot air.

tmosley's picture

Spoken like a true loser.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

I'm not sure how/why you are conflating geopolitical analysis with the scientific method/empirical verification but saying I need a 'null hypothesis' to test my 'theory' suggest we may not be in your wheelhouse.

We can keep it simple: where do we start and why and what would change our analyis.

Your threshold for not seeing Orange Jesus as America First patriot guy is he not get in a massive war in Lebanon (or Iran) - that's a pretty high threshold, but you are entitled to it.

On the other hand, given Kushner, expansion of US sf/so footprint in Syria, and given Trump's regurgitation of Netanyahu's agitprop on Iran... combined with sending another ultra-zionist to be US ambassador and a shabbos shiksa ultra-zio to the UN, leaving unesco because some people think Palestinians are human and Israel is in violation of about 2 dozen UZn resolutions..

I could go on..

But this for me creates a presumption that Trump is adhering to the same fucking Jew/Israeli led neocon FP as Obama (mostly) and Bush.

To rebut this presumption of being a zionist stooge, he could support a fair 2 state deal for I/P, he could get our guys out of Syria, he could stop spouting absolute horseshit on Iran's non-existent race for nukes...

And he could stop taking advice from a Jewish Supremacist Ultra Zionist who has absolutely no conceivable business advising the US president on foreign policy matters.

A fair analysis ALREADY reveals Trump to be a shabbos goy.

You don't see it because short of actually fellating Netanyahu on Fox... nothing he could do will change your analysis here.


Take the Orange Pill finally, Mosley.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Nice,very nice. You cut to the chase. Sharp.

tmosley's picture

>I'm not sure how/why you are conflating geopolitical analysis with the scientific method/empirical verification

Science is a method for discovering the truth. If you are not interested in the truth, then you don't need science. If you ARE interested in the truth, then you MUST adhere to the method, or your poorly designed brain will lead you astray.

>You don't see it because short of actually fellating Netanyahu on Fox... nothing he could do will change your analysis here.

I stated my null hypothesis, and it is in direct contradiction to the predictions of the peanut gallery. The difference is that when I am shown to be right, the peanutz won't change their minds, whereas if my null hypothesis were triggered, I would change my mind.

I want to believe in what is real, and nothing else. Peanutz would do better if they did the same.

ptolemy_newit's picture

Who really owns the oil!

Just look at the ME map of Shia and Sunni controlled areas and then find the oil deposit maps that show true GEO positions and viola!

who actually owns the most OIL, some conspiracy theorists will have you believe that everything in the Middle East is about oil, including the US invasion of Iraq. But the fact is that, years after the invasion, the Americans have not acquired any Iraqi oilfield.

Hezbollah has become a hero to Muslims throughout the Middle East, even Sunnis. This makes Sunni rulers uneasy. The have long relied on Sunni-Shia antagonism to keep Iranian machinations at bay. But if Iran and Hezbollah attain heroic status among all Muslims in the Gulf, Sunni rulers fear loss of authority, and maybe of their oilfields too.

scroll down to the Map/

Raffie's picture

Iran still on the OhBummer plan which is to destroy America and keep Islam rocketing forward.

No clue how this will play out, but I'm sure soon we will see.

Conscious Reviver's picture

Empty nonsense. You say Iran has it in for America, but we have to go half-way around the World to bother Iran? What if we just kept our military at home and payed them fair and square for their oil?

quadraspleen's picture

"especially given Tehran would be capable of assembling a bomb "within weeks." 


Where have we heard this before? let me think *cough 45 minutes Tony Blair cough*


Cue Bibi with his kids picture of a bomb at the UN

Ghordius's picture

+1 note also this part:

"Al-Jubeir also said that the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers was "weak," especially given Tehran would be capable of assembling a bomb "within weeks." He added he would like to see international agencies carry out a "much more robust" job when conducting inspections in Iran. "

one of them is the US. the other five... are, more or less loudly, saying to Washington that it's not the US alone that can scrap that deal

I am emphasising "more or less loudly" because usually in the US this kind of shouts... don't get heard

the kind of situation where Paris shouted "Saddam has no WMDs" in choir with Moscow... and all people remember is Homer Simpson's "cheese eating surrendering monkeys" joke, and forgot how the Congress Cafeteria switched from French Fries to Freedom Fries

RafterManFMJ's picture

Been hearing this same shit for 30 FUCKING YEARS LOL ... the Israelis and NeoCond have it on a recording that they roll out every 6-9 months

divingengineer's picture

You know Saudi Arabia might already have nukes, right?

Gorgeous's picture

The Israel playbook you mean.  Find a proxy that stands to benefit to fight your war for you.

In this case methinks they have their eye on diverting the Litani River a couple miles to the south east.  KSA doesn't care about Lebanon.

Truther's picture

I just warned about that in the previous thread. Things going hot.

Batten down and BTFD.

Crazy Or Not's picture

MRE's online orders, & Home Bunker searches skyrocket. 
BTFD and BDTFH (Batten Down The Fucking Hatches)