Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately

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In a odd coincidence, just moments after we published an article laying out Hezbollah's military power at a time when both Saudi Arabia and Lebanon appear to be targeting Lebanon, and just two days after we discussed a leaked Israeli cable that confirmed Saudi Arabia and Israel are deliberately coordinating to destabilize the region and push Lebanon to a state of war, Saudi Arabia has ordered its citizens residing in Lebanon to leave immediately in a travel warning issued on Thursday, November 9. As Al Arabiya adds, the travel warning also called for Saudi nationals not to travel to Lebanon from any point of origin.

Full advisory below:

Official Source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Saudi nationals visiting or residing in Lebanon are asked to leave the country as soon as possible.


Riyadh, Safar 20, 1439, November 09, 2017, SPA -- Due to the situations in the Republic of Lebanon, the official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Saudi nationals visiting or residing in Lebanon are asked to leave the country as soon as possible.


The Kingdom advised all citizens not to travel to Lebanon from any other international destinations.

This follows a similar warning issued by the Kingdom of Bahrain on November 5 urghing its nationals residing in Lebanon to leave immediately and to "exercise caution.” The Bahraini call came a day after Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation, while on location in Saudi Arabia, citing concerns he could be assassinated like his father, criticized the Lebanon-based Hezbollah paramilitary and political movement and accused Iran of alleged attempts to bring destruction to the region. The Bahraini foreign ministry said in a statement received by AFP that its call was "in the interest of its citizens’ safety and to avoid any risks they may be exposed due to the conditions and developments” that Lebanon is going through.

Earlier, Reuters reported that Lebanon believes former premier Saad al-Hariri, who as noted above resigned on Saturday while in Saudi Arabia, is being held by Riyadh, and Beirut plans to work with foreign states to secure his return, a top Lebanese government official said on Thursday. A second Reuters source, a senior politician close to Saudi-allied Hariri, said Saudi Arabia had ordered him to resign and put him under house arrest. A third source familiar with the situation said Saudi Arabia was controlling and limiting his movement.

Saudi Arabia and members of Hariri’s Future Movement have denied reports that he is under house arrest. But he has put out no statements himself denying his movements are being restricted. He made a one-day flying visit to the United Arab Emirates earlier this week before returning to Saudi Arabia.

Earlier on Thursday, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister also urged the international community to slap fresh sanctions against Iran, accusing its regional rival of supporting terrorism.

"We would like to see sanctions on Iran for its support of terrorism and sanctions on Iran for violating the ballistic missile resolutions of the United Nations," Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi minister of foreign affairs, told CNBC Thursday.

Al-Jubeir also said that the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers was "weak," especially given Tehran would be capable of assembling a bomb "within weeks." He added he would like to see international agencies carry out a "much more robust" job when conducting inspections in Iran.

Al-Jubeir also described the situation in Lebanon as "unfortunate" and went on to accuse Hezbollah of "hijacking the system" and putting "roadblocks" in front of Hariri at every opportunity. When asked whether Saudi Arabia was headed for a direct conflict with Iran, Al-Jubeir replied, "We hope not", and yet just hours later Riyadh made it clear that any Saudi citizens in Lebanon are now in danger.

Needless to say, traditionally such accelerate evacuation orders have preceded military intervention. Should that be the case again, keep a close eye on oil.

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Bullish:  New Jewish settlements.

Crazy Or Not's picture

Strong realty market for 1st time buyers in the lively neighborhood of New North Jerusalem...
now accepting 0% down mortgages for military service personel / with loss of spouse cover after 5years.

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Notice the run upon oil before it was announced. Insider information? What insider information?

Any war in the Middle East at all makes oil spike.

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The top Saudis know that Mecca is not the city referred to in the Koran which means the Koran has errors and cannot be "the word of God" which then means that the core beliefs of Islam are in error.  The Saudis have been sitting on this archaeological truth for nearly a century.  This is what explains the disconnect between the Wahhabism preached by out-of-the-loop clerics to the lower level masses and the top Saudi leadership who are willing to work with Israel and the USA and EU. 

The Saudi head political leaders of the Sunni branches of Islam know they preside over a phony cult.  That should give us some hope that what we are seeing now is a move to curtail and purge further Islam-inspired violence and dreams of a new Turkish-Iranian caliphate. That is very good news. But it will not help the EU deal with its Muslim invasion unless these secrets become widely known.

Akzed's picture

The top Saudis know that Mecca is not the city referred to in the Koran

Interesting, source?

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture was really Mericca.

Falconsixone's picture

Direct fire to Israel.

wow thats crazy's picture

it is about oil! Been watching the price and it doesn't want to go down the last few days!!

The markets are waiting for something to happen for sure!

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Is there a safe border crossing to the Zionai penninsula ? (penninsula: a thin piece of land surrounded on three sides by a sea of hate)

balz's picture

It seems to me that the "Zionai penninsula" IS the principal cause of hate in the region... Aka coming to the land, stealing it from its inhabitants, sponsoring terrorism, wars against Egypt, wars against Palestinians, wars against Lebanon, undercover war against Syria...

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It seems to me that the "Zionai penninsula" IS the principal cause of hate in the region.


Absolutely!  That illegitimate country is a pox on the rest of the world.

Mylifedependsonit's picture

Well. Shit.


Is this it? How it really starts? I would have bet a dollar to a donut that the big one would begin with the DPRK fucking up the trajectory of an ICBM. 


So the KSA goes to war with Hezbollah (Iran) in Lebanon, the Houthies (spelling, and also Iran) in Yemen. Iran rolls through Iraq to northern Saudi Arabia, and east into Afghanistan. Russia will be compelled by treaty to back Iran, and the US will engage from Afghanistan? 

And it's on. 


Fuck me running.

css1971's picture

'I would have bet a dollar to a donut that the big one would begin with the DPRK fucking up the trajectory of an ICBM'

Switch off the TV. Life will make more sense.

It was always going to be about Saudi.

Fireman's picture

The fecal filled feudal crypt of Saudi Barbaria is about to blow; how long before the Saudi Mercan IOU petroscrip fiat filth "reserve currency" dollah clogging the Wall St sewer brings down the rigged market USSAN Potemkin Village (idiot) "economy" of global war for the profit of the zero 1% anglozionazi elite that own US?


Onward with the tsunami of toxic derivative shit coming home to drown US after all our lost judaic war$!

Wrenching Away's picture

I agree, but wow, is that how the voices inside your head really talk on a daily basis?

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"Aggressive Expansion"~Joker(while breaking a Pool Stick) 

stant's picture

Skyking going ape shit! Something's up! 5

Barley Burnside's picture

“Skyking, Skyking.”
“This is Staghound Radio, Staghound Radio.” 
“Do not answer, do not answer.” 
“Break, break.”
“ __, __, __, __.” (The Foxtrot message.)
“Break, break.”
“Time ## .“ (Minutes after the hour.)
“Authentication: __, __.” (New, two letter authentication code per current, new, time.)
“I say again.” (Repeat the entire message.)
“Staghound out.”

stant's picture

Skyking going ape shit! Something's up! 5

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Trump will send many thousands of americans to their death for his masters in Israel!


Sandmann's picture

That is very problematic. With Russian Air Defence sweeps over Lebanon and Turkey on the frontier, life could become very interesting. No doubt a Shia Rising in Saudi where all the oilfields are could unhinge the Aramco IPO and bring Saudi to its knees. Ultimately the USA wants Saudi brought to heel.

These could be interesting times in Middle East because without Egyptian manpower Saudi has nothing, but Egypt with Saudi oil is something

valjoux7750's picture

Well if it happens I'll know about it cause during the buildup to the first gulf war every day for weeks I seen air Force cargo planes flying overhead to the coast. No such action yet. I'll keep the board posted

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

MBS is nothing but a fucking traitor. Simples. WTF can Saudi Arabia do?  At best when it starts losing, it will call for holy war and draft the Sunni lunatic fringe, to help them out, from the east Atlantic, to Indonesia.

The Saudi's getting fucked and the Shias in north east/east Saudi Arabia declare independence and just cut it off and join up with their Shia brothers, across the Persian Gulf in Iran, would be poetic justice for these Wahhabi terrorist supporting fucking cunts. 

The Saudi's, despite all their wealth are fucking useless fighters and in many ways worse than Africans and that's saying something. MBS embodies everything wrong with Saudi Arabia since its inception. It in nothing more than a clueless vassal state, more interested in ruling, than nation building. Start by employing your own people, instead of foreigners.

Rex Andrus's picture

If he knew you have internet access at the Ritz you wouldn't.

zen0's picture

But they are doing the jobs Saudis won't do!

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

You don't seriously buy into that PR line you do. How many Saudi's do you know? There are a lot of poor Saudi's, who would love to take up some of the work done by ex-pats.

The image stereotype of a Saudi, hiring the whole of a top floor for one week, of the most expensive hotel in town and fucking white pussy, is just one picture. The otherside is a good 12% of population live in abject poverty.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

What I don't understand is how or where a Saudi-Lebanon war could take place. No land border,  and can't see an airborne or amphibious invastion from the Saudis.

shankster's picture

As Bush and Obama applaud. All hail the Kings of war.

shankster's picture

Prepare for false flags.

redmudhooch's picture

Remember 9/11?

We will never forget?

No American help for Saudis or Israel this time.

Payback is a bitch.

TRM's picture

While egging them on and then leaving them high and dry would be nice payback I doubt it. Given how owned congress is by AIPAC they will vote to have lots of Americans die for their allies.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

"No American help for Saudis or Israel this time."

If only. The bought Congressianal whores' only questions to the Israelis will be 'how much money do you want, how many Americans you need to die?'.

Laughing.Man's picture

Rest assured that Americans will be ordered to help.

Dickweed Wang's picture

It's obvious IsraHell and their Saudi proxies aren't thinking real clearly about this. IsraHell got their asses kicked the last time they fucked with Hezbollah so what make them think this time will be different?  Help from their Saudi pals?? Give me a break . . . 

Also, if they make the mistake to really attack Syria they are going to end up dealing with Russia directly and that won't be good for them, or anyone for that matter.

mkkby's picture

Really bad chess by Israel.

If regime change comes to Lebanon, it should be assumed Iran, Russia and Syria will come to the aide of their pals Hezbollah.

Israel has been able to fly over Lebanon unchallenged. That will obviously end if Russia starts protecting them the way they did in Syria. Hezbollah with air support would be a powerful enemy. I don't think Russia would allow them to invade Israel, but Israel would be unable to stop terrorism coming thru that border.

shankster's picture

DEFCON currently still remains 5. 

css1971's picture

In a Lebanon (Hezbollah) vs Saudi confrontation, I see the Saudi state getting completely wiped out. The only question would be can Hezbollah really advance fast enough to take advantage of the utter carnage they inflict on Saudi forces?

Anunnaki's picture

America won't Saudio Arabia go down. But MBS might get his head lopped

shankster's picture

Iran and Lebanon's relationsip has always been a odd one to say the least but in the last 5 years it's become even more complicated.

shankster's picture

Hezbollah-Saudi confrontation is problematic for Putin.

TRM's picture

To the contrary it will provide him an opportunity to be mediator and further advance their position in the mid east. Nobody would trust the Americans or Europeans to be impartial and honest brokers. They may be leary of Russia's ties to Iran but they also know Russia does what is best for Russia.

Mena Arkansas's picture

Judas McCain and Linda Graham must be masturbating each other to a simultaneous orgasm with the hope of moar war.

While they wait for the call from their jew controllers to activate their US golem to enter the coming war for israel and SA.

This may of course lead to russia and iran entering the coming war on behalf of lebanon and syria.

Leading to WWIII with the US facing off against the russians.

Millions will die while the jew bankers rub their hands in glee at the slaughter.

newmacroman's picture

Trump will lean into Putin this weekend and whisper,

"I'll have more flexibility after the invasion"

ironmace's picture

Welp, this is it.

shankster's picture

9II, 2 planes, 3 buildings.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

How can it be in a supposed democary that this outrage still remains unexplained and anyone questioning it gets fired?