Saudi King May Relinquish Throne To Crown Prince Within 48 Hours: Reports

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Multiple reports and rumors currently abound that the ailing king Salman could elevate his son Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the throne at any moment (or rather, it looks like bin Salman is set to seize the throne) after a shocking week of events following the so-called "corruption purge" that left the kingdom in a rare moment of internal political chaos and which further sent geopolitical shock waves through the region, most especially in Lebanon

Though a transfer of power to the crown prince has long been predicted and expected, especially after a lesser known round of mass arrests targeting well-known Saudi clerics took place in September, this week's events point to a final "house cleaning" purge in preparation for bin Salman's likely imminent ascent.

After the September arrests against clerics who were largely seen as regime insiders, yet who were mildly critical of the new aggressive stance against Qatar, the WSJ quoted an adviser to the Saudi government as saying, “Mohammed bin Salman is definitely preparing to become king. He wants to tackle the internal debate about him becoming the king and focus on consolidating his power, rather than doing that while being distracted by dissidents.”

During the September crackdown, which is currently receiving little commentary in relation to last weekend's turmoil, over 30 prominent political figures were detained, most of them clerics with large social media followings and broad influence in the Arab world. The WSJ further noted at that time that...

The government has denied an abdication is planned, but several people close to the royal family say preparations have already started. The transfer of power, which several people close to the royal family had expected to occur this month, is likely to take place late this year or early next year, these people say.

At that time, one of the few commentators to rightly point out that this was not fundamentally about rounding up "outsiders" and "oppositionists" was Middle East history professor and expert on Saudi affairs, As'ad AbuKhalil. He predicted the crackdown was part of a broader campaign aimed at regime insiders and prominent voices who threatened push-back against the crown prince's vision for Saudi foreign policy:

Unlike what some in the media are writing on social media, this crackdown is not directed against dissidents.  Many of those arrested are loyal propagandists for the Saudi regime.  They are being punished not for what they say but for what they are not saying: they are being punished for not being vocal against Qatar and against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Indeed, this week's internal Saudi earthquake which has witness two deaths of prominent princes and the detention of about a dozen other princes, as well as the freezing in billions in assets, further confirms AbuKhalil's analysis. 

And AbuKhalil, who authored a book which examined internal Saudi regime fault lines called The Battle for Saudi Arabia: Royalty, Fundamentalism, and Global Power, has just made another prediction based on his extensive contacts within Saudi Arabia. Last night he said bin Salman will declare himself king in less than 2 days:

I am hearing that he will be declaring himself king in the next 36 hours and that recent arrests paved the way.

The photo released by the Saudi Royal Palace shows King Salman (R) being welcomed by his son Crown Mohammed bin Salman (L) at Jeddah airport upon his return from holiday in Morocco on August 23, 2017.

Meanwhile, it appears that Saudi state-owned Al-Arabiya news may have tipped its hand early through a mistaken post to its official Twitter account. According to Iran's PressTV:

A Saudi-owned television news channel has retracted a message on Twitter that had said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would be appointed as the king during a planned ceremony.


Al-Arabiya state television, on its Twitter account, said on Wednesday that it would soon release or broadcast further details about the scheduled ceremony.


However, the channel deleted the tweet hours later.


The regime in Riyadh is apparently seeking to examine public reaction regarding a surprise shift in power. 


In early September, the Arabic-language al-Manar daily reported that bin Salman had formed a team of aides to prepare the kingdom for celebrating his succession to power as the new king.

And here is the now deleted Al-Arabiya tweet which PressTV says prematurely revealed details of the ascension ceremony:

In the next 48 hours we could have a new king in Saudi Arabia.

The story is developing

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anyone short term consiquenses? 

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Okay, well now we have to go back and redo the orb thing.

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"The King looks dead......

   Long live the King"

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At least they're all ready for an ad-hoc picnic

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I'm hearing rumors Hillary wants to be Queen of S A, since she totally screwed the pooch chasing the Presidency

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Saudi King May Relinquish Throne To Crown Prince Within 48 Hours

I am Jack's complete lack of democracy.

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Democracy hasn't done much for Western White man lately.

We need a civil war in KSA though. That place should go to hell.

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Hell to the king, Hell to the king!  oh I mean Hail to the king! 

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If you insist.

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Is this part of the pivot towards Russia and China, or to counteract the pivot to Russia and China?

It seems like it is bad for Israel, probably why they are trying to start a war with Lebanon all of a 'sudden'.

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so which side of

the saudi swamp

is trump holding orbs with......?

no one can answer my question.

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The side that didn't orchestrate the Lav Vegas shooting and blatantly attempt to buy our election, that rich prince has had his assets frozen and is sitting under arrest.  McCain has been very quiet since the Saudi round up....

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I can .See the Donald's tweet: Mohammad bin Salman knows what he is doing,I approve him.So,you have it.

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Heavy is the head, that wears the towel.

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Real life game of thrones.

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These guys can afford gold-plated lambos, but when they need a hat, they rob the pizza place of its tablecloths.

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At the rate SA is burning through cash, they'll all be back to riding camels in less then 10 years...  Just as predicted.

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Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of head chopping goat fuckers if you ask me. 

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only a problem if the world is still here in 10 years........  seems like there are reasons to doubt it

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You get a green one for making me laugh out loud, but it's a tablecloth not a towel

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MBS is attempting something NO SA king did:rule with no alliances.

I give him 2 months

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Stephen Gaghan told this story in Syriana - back in 2007...
But then he was advised by Robert Baur CIA 's Mid East go-to man for 21 years. 

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This place could use purge and cleaning out also..,

Just saying...

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Donald Jr is going to be jealous...

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He'll have to wrest the crown from his brother-in-law's head

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Exactly. Isn't the official line of succession supposed to be the older generation first? In this instance it would be the brother of the king.

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How will obama know which one to bow to?

Oh yeah - he will bow to any of them.

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Trump bowed too.


If you're going to accept the medal why not ask that the King stand on a platform so that he could place the medal around your neck without you having to bow before him?

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You can choose not to hold ridiculous opinions.

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There is something so...  'Trustworthy' looking about Arab Royalty, don't you think...?

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As the old Emir of Bahrain(wee Jock) told me personally;

Never trust an arab.

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Game On

Keep Stacking...might wanna do a little more Preps while your out shopping

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How is the mess in SA bad for gold?

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don't ask me, it's about to be a PM sale! LOAD UP THE BOAT.

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"Multiple rumors are ramant"...

file under "#Duh".

this is the sort of cutting edge reporting i expect from CNN.... really ZH?

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The old King is probably already dead with a knife in his back.

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Now thats how you do a purge, bitchez.

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In the US we just lurch from one hand-picked flunky to another in the White House