Steve Keen: How I Sold Out To The Putin-Soros-Murdoch Conspiracy To Destroy Western Civilization

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Authored by Steve Keen via,

I was delighted to find myself in the Top Ten (alright; top 15) of the European Values list of 2,326 “Useful Idiots” appearing regularly on RT shows, and thus legitimizing Vladimir Putin’s attempt to destroy Western civilization as we know it.

Why delighted? Because it completes the set of conspiracies to which I can now be accused of belonging. They include:

  • The Putin Conspiracy, since I am regularly interviewed on Russia Today (and even worse, I now get paid to write for RT!);

  • The Soros Conspiracy, since my research, has been funded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) which he established;

  • The Murdoch Conspiracy, since I appear every week on Sky News Australia with Carson Scott, and I used to get paid by News Ltd to write a weekly column; and

  • The Alt-Right Conspiracy, since I’ve signed a book contract with Vox Day’s publishing firm Castalia House.

So not only am I a “useful idiot,” I’m a useful idiot for four contradictory conspiracies. Does that make me a double-double agent?

No, it makes me someone who’s quadruple pissed off with people who attempt to understand the world from the perspective of conspiracy theories in the first place. I don’t deny the existence of conspiracies: in fact, far from it, because they’re everywhere. What I do deny is the implicit assumption that the conspirators understand the system they’re attempting to manipulate.

For example, I’ve heard plenty of conspiracy theorists assert that the 2008 financial crisis was caused by the Federal Reserve/George Soros (Hi George!)/Hedge Funds/Academic-Economists-Who-Peddle-The-Efficient-Markets-Hypothesis, and “they” profited from it.

This implies “they” knew what “they” were doing. Pardon me, but I’ve met many of these protagonists - and in the case of academic economists, I’ve worked with them for 30 years. “They” don’t have a clue (except George). Even those that were actively conspiring—like many hedge funds during the subprime bubble were doing so on the basis of utterly deluded theories about how the system they were trying to game actually worked. Where apparent conspiracies did work, like Soros’s punt against the British Pound decades ago, they did so because a CSP (Clever Sinister Person) bet against the conventional wisdom of others who thought they understood the system (and did not), rather than because the CSP set up the whole thing in the first place.

Higher standards

As for the argument that I’m unwittingly playing into Vladimir Putin’s malevolent plans for Western democracy by being interviewed on RT, I have three rebuttals.

The first and most important is that RT simply has better programs and better journalists than, for example, the BBC.

I would gladly discuss issues such as what caused the 2008 economic crisis on the BBC, were I asked. But the BBC (and most other Western outlets that European Values and other conspiracy theorists think are superior to RT) just isn’t interested in the issues. With precisely two honorable exceptions, BBC programs and its journalists have only been interested in a story involving me when there was a personality angle to it.

I have been interviewed by the BBC 11 times since I arrived in the UK in mid-2014. Only two interviews were motivated by the journalist’s or program’s genuine interest in my non-orthodox approach to economics: a HARDtalk interview in August 2016, and an interview by Alice Baxter in January 2016.

Fully six were about my friend Yanis Varoufakis when he was Greece’s finance minister.

Two others were on November 3rd, 2016, about some news story that I’ve since forgotten.

And my most recent interview on the BBC, on September 14th this year to mark the 10th anniversary of the collapse of Northern Rock, was the clincher for me. That failure was the most significant financial event in the UK in almost eighty years: it was the first bank run since the Great Depression. I was pleased to be asked to discuss it on air, and I expected a serious treatment of it.

Instead, the item consisted of a two-minute introduction by one presenter, and a three-minute exchange with another which rates as one of the most vacuous interviews I’ve experienced in forty-five years of being interviewed by journalists (my first was as a 19-year-old politically active student at the University of Sydney in 1972). I did my best to answer inane questions seriously, but as one member of my Patreon community commented, you could see my answers parting the journalist’s hair. That was a cruel remark, but frankly a fair one.

BBC vacuum

Which raises the second riposte: why aren’t there shows that are interested in the in-depth analysis of economic issues on the BBC? Shows like the RT staples on which I was and continue to be interviewed regularly: Capital Account, the Boom Bust, the Keiser Report, Renegade Inc, the 7pm News with Bill Dod, and Going Underground.

It’s not because the programs were devised by dastardly Russian stooges: most of them were developed by independent broadcasters and pitched to a number of outlets. I know for a fact that at least one of these shows was pitched to the BBC before it was offered to RT. They weren’t interested, but RT was.

This isn’t because the BBC - and most Western media outlets - were too highbrow for these programs: the opposite is more the case. The BBC and its commercial rivals seem more interested in infotainment than analysis, more concerned with filling time with fancy graphics and pretty (male and female) talking torsos, than in actually getting to grips with the serious economic issues in a seriously challenging world.

The third rebuttal, which I’ll develop in more depth in a later column, is that if I can help strengthen Russia as a rival axis of power to the USA, then I think that’s a good thing. I’d rather have a bipolar (or tripolar) battle for global dominance between two (or more) Superpowers, than have a unipolar world with a single Superpower, led by a leader with a bipolar personality.

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Home of the Excess Hubris Brave, Land of the Once Free

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I like RT. What the MSM pretends to be.

The Russia fluff pieces are easy to spot.

knukles's picture

On the US MSM the fluff pieces are easy to spot: rule of thumb.
If the program's started, the propaganda's started.  All fluff 24/7/365

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The fact that statist post-Keynesian clowns like Keen are considered anti-establishment gives me no hope that politics can ever improve.  Just shuffle power back and forth between whatever set of pro-government ideas are popular at whatever moment.  Never give freedom a chance.  We must avoid freedom at all costs.

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Keen is correct that RT programs and journalists are far superior to their Western equivalents. Realistically, there probably is an Editorial bias towards those "paying the piper" but it is far from obvious. Detractors would say, "Ah, that is the beauty of propoganda" but that is a cynical response. The quality and depth of RT programing makes it the only TV/Cable "News" coverage worth watching and its "News" comes closer to real "News" than any of its Western counterparts, which are almost entirely propoganda. IMHO.

That said, Keen's philosophy is more "Post-Keynseian" (Government spending to infinity) than Austrian in its approach.

PS. My RT comments should have been qualified by ""other than Keiser". I grew tired of him yelling at his guests, not giving them adequate opportunity to answer questions (By yelling over them) and banging rubber chickens on the table (Not entirely intellectual and adds little to the content). But of course, Keiser is catering to a US audience. I also find it hypocritical of him to live in London yet to despise England and the English so much. He could just as easily be based in Moscow?

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I can't argue with Keen, on the Russia hysterics nonsense, but...

This implies “they” knew what “they” were doing. Pardon me, but I’ve met many of these protagonists - and in the case of academic economists, I’ve worked with them for 30 years. “They” don’t have a clue

his pat answer to the direction we're being corralled into being aimless mistakes is BULLSHIT!  They're not so much stupid, as they are simply cunningly evil.

They're purposely driving the world into the dirt, so that when they spring they're evil plan, those who've survived will be so desperate, it will be ignorantly embraced.

While they spin their evil plan with cunning wickedness, I believe it will blow up in their face, they will fail spectacularly, because their ignorance is spiritual! 

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth!

Oldwood's picture

People who espouse ideas also espouse some power structure to impose their "wisdom" upon others...i.e. GOVERNMENT.

Notions of individual liberty and responsibility are nonstarters as they can impose no force, no organized power, no GOVERNMENT.

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RT is moderated by Israel.

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"Taboola was founded in 2007[3] by Adam Singolda.[4] The company began in Israel[5] and initially provided a recommendation engine for video content.[3] Headquarters were later moved to New York City."

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Fuck the left. Morons of the highest order. Not much better on thr right, either, but the left eats bags of dicks.

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I like Keen, though me thinks he needs more data, re: conspiracies.

Keen strives to be an honest commentator, but it's only useful so far as his knowledge base goes.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

but it's only useful so far as his knowledge base goes.

His knowledge base fumbles, stumbles and face plants at the starting line.

Ignatius's picture

He knows how to model debt, and is one of the few who does so.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Yamaguchi is another who actually models debt and money.  

NeoClassical economists who think money is a neutral "veil" should be laughed out of the room.  Keen is doing good work. 

finametrics's picture

hedge fund in australia models debt and money. spoke to 1 of their guys the other day, he completely understands the system and how it works. told me that according to their models, money creation in US just went negative for the 1st time since 97. Also said there's a 15-18month lag after money creation ceases for the effects to take hold.

falak pema's picture

why squint in one direction when you can squint both ways.

css1971's picture

""They” don’t have a clue"


Steve... Steve.. I'm disappointed. You seem to be a lovely guy and far more clued up than almost any other modern "economist" around...

But you're also Australian....


Where's the "fucking" man?

ThirdWorldDude's picture

He's a bloody gatekeeper, just like Chomsky.

This same Steve truly believes our central planners are deliberately blind and don't really know/ care about the effects of their catastrophic decisions like ZIRP/NIRP and printing "easy money". Plausible deniability, how quaint is that?

Oh, and he's also in Al Gore's AGW camp...

Implied Violins's picture

Yup. The tell that one is a globalist tool is their use of the words "Unipolar" and "Multipolar". The fact he is an AlGorian just adds further proof.

peddling-fiction's picture

Keen = Koen = Kuhn = Cohen


falak pema's picture

I could go on; it means Cain; it means keen; it means clean; it means conned, it means cloned, it means ...

whatever you want it to mean; a rose by any other name would be Keen !

Still peddling fiction !

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Wikipedia's opinion (not a complete list):

  • English: Cohen, Cowen, Cahn, Cahan, Carne, Cohn, Cone, Conn, Conway, Cohan, Cohaner, Cahanman, Chaplan, Keohan, Kaplan (Cohan is also an Irish surname and Conway is also a surname of Welsh origin; Cowen is often a variant of the Scottish surname Cowan.)
  • GermanKohn, Cohn, Kogen, Korn, Kuhn, Kahn, Cahn, Kane, Konel, Cön/Coen, Katz (a Hebrew abbreviation for kohen zedek (??? ???) i.e. "righteous priest"), Jachmann, Jachmann-Kohn, Jachkone, Kogenmann, Kogenman, Kogner, Kogener, Kagen, Cohner, Kohner, Kahnmann, Kahaneman, Cahnmann
  • DutchCohen, Käin, Kohn, Kon, Cogen
  • FrenchCahen, Cohen, Caen, Cahun, Chon, Kahane
  • GreekKoen, Kots, Kotais, Kotatis, Kothanis (Romaniote Jews)
  • HungarianKohen, Káhán, Konel
  • RussianKogan, Kogen, Kokhen (Kochen), Pop (PriestBrevda, Kagedan/Kagidan (in Hebrew, this name is spelled "kaf-shin-daled-nun" and is an acronym for "Kohanei Shluchei DeShmaya Ninhu," which is Aramaic for "priests are the messengers of heaven"). Kamadan, Kazhdan, Kazdan, Kasdan, Kasdin, Kasden, Kogan, Kogon, Kozen, Kozer, Kogensohn, Kagan, Kaganovich, Kaganovsky are also possible variations of this name
  • GeorgianKotais, Kotatis, Kutatisi, Kutaïssi
  • SerbianKoen, Kon, Kojen
  • PolishKon, Kochan, Jach, Kaplan, Kaplin, Kaplon
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  • PersianKohan, Kahen, Kohanzâd, Kohanchi, Kohani, Kohanqâdoš‎‎
  • TurkishKohen
  • RomanianCozer
  • Arabical-Kohen, al-Kahen, al-Kahin, Tawil, Tabili, Taguili‎‎
  • Ancient/Modern HebrewKohen, HaKohen, ben-Kohen, bar-Kohen, Koheni, Kahana, Kohanim, Kohen-Tzedek/Kohen-Tzadik (Katz)
  • Others: Maze/MazoMazer (acronym of the Hebrew phrase mi zera Aharon,meaning "from [the] seed [of] Aaron [the Kohen/Priest]"), Azoulai (acronym of the Hebrew phrase ishah zonah ve'challelah lo yikachu, meaning "a foreign [non-Israelite woman] or divorced [Israelite woman] shall not he [a Kohen] take": prohibition binding on kohanim), Kahane

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or Keen=coon, undercover dindo.

Kina's picture

Keen must be cutting to close to the establishment bone for your liking.

Have to pull out the old...oh my god his name has jewish roots... nonsense.

Somebody with a name from jewish roots is like a big dog-whislte for some with deep ingrained bigotry.

Its fucking tiresome, and demeans this site - which is maybe what they are trying to do.

peddling-fiction's picture

When truth is nonsense, you live in a haze, and your life is a lie.

There are a handful of good Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The Holy Spirit's discernment is the shared gift.

Ruach Ha Kodesh is watching, and not happy.

Soon it will be time to act for the Paracleet.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

There is group of good PEOPLE out there and a group of bad. The remaining 80% go back and forth, incessantly. Why would you think anyone cares to listen as you busy yourself trying to label those YOU perceive as bad people? A person's ethnic background has little to do with their behavior.

Paul E. Math's picture

I have also often wondered if undermining the credibility of ZH is the true purpose behind of all the racist and and anti-semitic commentary on this site.

peddling-fiction's picture

What can you say about the truth exposed here?

We are not asking you for your opinion, because we know the truth.

The truth is not anti-semitic.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

"The truth is not anti-semitic."

Correct. But you ARE when you spend an inordinate amount of time (or % of comments) pointing out people you don't like and declare them to be Jewish by blood (as if there is some "evil" nature to that in the first place, LOL) when you actually have no idea whether they are Jewish or not. Truth.

peddling-fiction's picture

Are you a member of a secret brotherhood?

If you were you would have a better idea of what really is going on in the world, and it is not pretty.

Sadly Zionists with their Central Bank control and funds, are at the top of that pyramid, and they changed the nature of these brotherhoods, to something far darker. Kabbalism was forced on them; good Jews know to keep away from this abomination, but most secret brotherhoods are on Kabbalistic steroids, and many New Agers, like most Hollywood starlets and pop stars swear by it.

They have no idea what they are involved with.

These brotherhoods rule all over the world, and their techniques are merciless and ruthless.

Others without their "support" have no chance.

The cards are stacked, and zios are in the leading spots, due to their control of worldwide intel.

As I wrote before, I am aware of a very small group of Jews, Muslims and Christians that are holy and saintly.

Sadly they have no earthly power. Whether you believe me or not, it makes no bigger difference.

You seem to be programmed to believe what you have been taught, or simply are shilling.

The games these people play will soon be over, and you will get to know their dark and sinister side, even if you work for them.

Read about Soviet purges and how fellow comrades were treated.

To the few good Jews, Shalom; you know I write the truth and are scared of them and their ways.

No fear and seek the discernment that only Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) can grant the deserving few.

abgary1's picture

You wouldn't be giving the neo-classical economists so much credit if you understood neo-classical economic theory.

It is total garbage. The central planners do not have a clue.

If you have an open mind read Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned?

Is-Be's picture

The Central Planners don't need to have a clue.

They dare not test their intellect against the self-correcting, goal-seeking, iterative, spring-loaded AI. They must obey or lose.

Only Ideals, the goals, need be discussed.

What is your desired outcome hominids?

I'll go first. No stress.Good health. 

Musk's warnings are moot. The genie is out of the bottle. Disobedience will be rewarded by embarrassing failure.

Batman11's picture

Luckily China's central banker read Steve Keen's book.

On page 97 he found out China was heading for a Minsky Moment.

"can we avoid another financial crisis?" on page 97 you can see how bad it is.


Batman11's picture

Yellen, I've told you before about this, stop marking me down you old tart.

Central bankers are useless.


GoyimUprising's picture

So what you're saying is that you are a pedophile? #PizzaGate

besnook's picture

this post is a reminder that the first thing every tyrant has done upon sitting on the throne is to get rid of the intelligentsia because the truth has to be gagged lest the people find out what their real reality is. rt and many other altnews sites are under attack for this very reason.

GoyimUprising's picture

Nope. They're all run by Jews

shovelhead's picture

I think you're run by Jews.

See how that works?

peddling-fiction's picture

Nope, please explain. can explain better with hard facts.


GoyimUprising's picture

No, I don't see your faulty logic golem.

rosiescenario's picture

....well no one in our MSM then needs to worry since "intelligentsia" certainly does not apply to them. Unfortunately the same can be said of our university profs as well as all those working for the government.

aliens is here's picture

Little too late now don't you think? You dumb fk.

Dr. Acula's picture

What's the point of this article?

>The BBC and its commercial rivals seem more interested in infotainment than analysis

I thought BBC is better known for the knighted pedophiles.


The Gladiator's picture

I have found that anybody who respects George Soros or Noam Chomsky is a clueless motherfucker.

venturen's picture

define respect? I respect their power, wealth and manipulation. Or did you mean do I "like" their "ethos"?

falak pema's picture

you have just defined prejudice in action. Bravo.

sunkeye's picture

Sure RT has a Rooskiy slant but it's still less Marxist than the nowadays US main stream media.