Driver Who Wounded 3 In Toulouse Car Attack Suffered From "Acute Schizophrenia"

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Update (3 pm ET): The Daily Mail is reporting that the driver in today's car attack near Toulous was "suffering from acute schizophrenia". While being arrested, he admited to hearing voices telling him to hurt someone. The three victims are Chinese students - a 22-year-old man and two 23-year-old women.

'The car mounted the pavement soon after 4pm and caused immense panic as it targeted students leaving the college,' said a local police source.

The driver has yet to be named.

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Three students have been seriously hurt after witnesses said a car appeared to deliberately rammed them outside a college in suburban Blagnac near Toulouse. Local media reports citing police say the act appears to have been deliberate, though the attacker's motive is not yet known.

Two of the injured are said to be in a serious condition. All three are thought to be of Chinese origin, the BBC reported.

The incident occurred outside a college in the suburb of Blagnac.

French media quoted police as saying the incident was deliberate but the driver, a 28-year-old man whose name has not been released, was not on a security watch list. He was arrested minutes after the attack, the BBC said. Police say the man was being sought for previous minor offences, notably drugs-related. Unconfirmed reports say he suffered from major psychological problems. The injured students, said to be aged 22 and 23, have been taken to hospital in Toulouse. The public prosecutor has visited the scene of the accident and for the moment there has been no suggestion that it is an act of terrorism.

“At 15:54, a man driving a [Reanault] Clio car presumably deliberately hit three people at a pedestrian crossing,” Toulouse prosecutor Pierre-Yves Couilleau told BFMTV. “He was immediately arrested afterwards.”

Toulouse Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc tweeted (in French): "Very shocked by the aggression towards the students in Blagnac. We offer all our support to them and their loved ones."


The incident happened about 4 pm local time, French media reported. The driver is reportedly of "Asian origin," according to Russia Today.

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The religion of peace strikes again?

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Ban muslims from driving and this problem goes away.  

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Just ban Whites already.

No one to hate then.

The world will be a paradise.

The perfect shithole that degenerates and non-Whites dream about it.

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The victims were Chinese dipshit.  LOL

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No need to twist the fork in man, they're already dead. Why do you call them "chinese dipshit" ??

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3 less people moving to CA this winter. Too soon?

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the driver felt he had nothing left toulouse

too soon?

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Did the driver suffer from multiple arm/leg/jaw fractures before authorities arrived? If not....why not?


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All you guys are obviously racist. It had to be Russian hackers.


"And the silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload"

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'Self Driving Cars' agenda in plain sight as well as the "terrorists" meme.

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Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm a schizo and so am I..

Too soon?

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I called the previous poster dipshit for not reading the article.   Guess I should have put that comma in place to be more specific.   Oh well.

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Maybe all the races need to go home for awhile and let things cool off.

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That's the idea. Though the reality is that non-Whites are much more racial/ethno-collectivists than Europeans so in reality without anyone to keep them in check, the world would just devolve in an endless racial/ethnic conflict...

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Man Who Came to Aid of Underage Girl Attacked in Berlin ‘No-Go Zone’



A 20-year-old man was severely beaten by a group of seven young men in Berlin’s troubled Alexanderplatz area after he tried to defend a 14-year-old girl from harassment.



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Just as soon as we get off this paleolithic planet you can have it.

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I have a brilliant idea.

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All the non-Caucasians in Europe should be required to leave.

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imagine how bad it would be if the muslim woman is allowed to drive.

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Saudi women have to learn how to drive somewhere. Better there than here.

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Onward peaceful soldiers...

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No - that would have been chronic schizophrenia...

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Do you know how many students get injured every year?  Ban Students.

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When are they going to ban these horrendous vehicles???


Mimir's picture

It will take some time, but let's start by banning guns, it would solve 90% of such attacks. Luckily for Europeans it mostly happens elsewhere.

Kprime's picture

the driver was not on a security watch list

it's going to take a while to scan  a watch list with 7 billion+ names

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Just like tsa wasting time spot-checking midwestern Grandma — don’t pay Mohammed any extra attention ...

Muzzie’s are the risk group. Islam (dar-al-Islam) has been at war with us (dar-al-Harb) since it existed. It’s not a metaphors and it’s in their nasty diabolic religion.

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Was it an evil black automatic assault car?

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I heard it had a "bump seat"

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A bump seat is standard equipment on most women.

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High capacity automatic from the factory.

Bastiat's picture

. . . with a silencer, no doubt.

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...and a chainsaw bayonet.

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"The driver, a 28-year-old man who was known to police for committing minor offences, was arrested at the scene, polices sources said."

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French media quoted police as saying the incident was deliberate but the driver was not on a security watch list.

So confused. He must have been on the commiting minor offences but not likely to drive into people list. 

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Right, he was not on a watch list but they were looking for him...

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Just think, when cars are all electric you will not even hear them coming.

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That is actually scary. Just when walking in parking lots, when drivers back out of their spot, you can't differentiate between a stopped car and one that's about to back up. Almost got run over couple of times. Gotta pay more attention to the white backup lights...

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"Just think, when cars are all electric you will not even hear them coming"


The good thing is we'll be able to "plug" the Muzzie into the car to make cough the name of his accomplices...


In the older days (war in Algeria) it was more difficult : you needed a radio battery, wires. Thx to Tesla cars electric torure will soon be **that** easy!

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Squirrels are lobbying against electric cars as we speak

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Truck of Peace drivers always deliver on time.

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If it was a self driving car, the people that got hit would have been at fault.

Muslims need to make robodriving suicide cars. Nomatter what happens, it can't be the car's fault. The Eiffel Tower shouldn't have been standing there when the bomb went off. The car was using Waymo tech, so it can't be at fault.

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Any new ideas, do not give to terrorists.  They have enough...



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