ALERT: Everyone is announcing Bitcoin but no one is doing – it’s all vapor

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(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 11/10/2017 We’d just like to note here that amidst Bitcoin’s historic rise there’s been a flurry of announcements with few ‘releases’ of finished products.  In fact only one company in the US, TZero, has a real regulated product that’s ready to go (which we noted as early as March 2016, but who was listening back then?).  Only one major Forex Broker, IC Markets, is offering 5 Crypto pairs in the MT4/5 platform.

Let’s take a look at what Bitcoin in Meta Trader 5 looks like:


Amazing, when you put it like that, it looks like FX!  That’s because Bitcoin and Ethereum are Currencies, no different from the Euro and Yen from a trading / investment perspective.  Obviously, there are the fundamental differences that Crypto is not backed by a Government, but that can change soon.  Traders can sign up free to see this screen above by clicking here: Open an account with IC Markets

So we all know someone who bought Bitcoin in 2011 or several years ago – so what?  Today BTCUSD is down.  So what?  Like is the fashion with many bubbles, it seems that traders have become irrational.  The big question that we have at Elite E Services is that – why jump into something completely risky and unknown when there are proven systems with a long track record that are independent of market movement, like Magic FX.  The point is that it will take time for such algos to be developed for Bitcoin, the market is just starting to mature and evolve.

We did something, we didn’t just announce that we have plans to get into Bitcoin – we wrote a book.  A sequel to our Splitting Pennies it’s logically called Splitting Bits – your user guide for the regulated side of Bitcoin and Blockchain which are posed to cannibalize half of the world’s banking industry.

Calling all traders – this is a traders market!  Now is the time to start building your bots!  The real wave of the Crypto market is going to be the investment grade products, such as the Bitgos (Bit-Algos).  We’re launching a marketplace for them, stay tuned..

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Bitcoin is about as useful as the FANGS.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Oh... My... But the Max Keiser "fangs" come out when the alternative news of any bias brushes up against the "gold painted" ponzi-of-Butt!!!

So. I'll ask this question again...

If I walk into any reputable precious metal dealer and buy "Buttcoin" by selling my PM?... Can I also buy PM by selling my "Buttcoin"???...

And by all means provide a consolidated list World wide of all the PM shops that are willing to accommodate that reciprocal arrangement!...


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In a BTC network, the powerful mining servers are like the American elites..

and the PCs are like the American middle-poor class...



CH1's picture

Ah, more Bitcoin doomer porn.

A lot of good you've done with this horseshit, Tyler. You chased people away from the buy of the decade.

HRClinton's picture

Buy of a lifetime! But what do you expect from ZH?

TD doesn't bite the golden hand that feeds him. Look at the many sponsors on ZH, who are in the Bullion trade.

The sad thing is, that it is the Bullion Trade people who are the real scumbags. They prey on the simple, naive and gullible Whites. They are the modern equivalent of Florida swamp land Realtors: "It's always a good time to buy."

Everyone missed the PARADIGM SHIFT that BTC represents, because they were still stuck on their "2D Flat Earth" model. Wankers, idiots and sheisters, posing as "Money Experts". That includes you, Rickards, Sprott, etc.

BTC is where gold should be, if it were not oppressed for the benefit of China and bankrupt Central Banks. In the end, the Free Market found a way around the fiat corruption. If money is pouring into BTC, that could have gone into gold, you should blame the CBs, not BTC or the people buying it. "Misplaced frustration", gold bugs have. 

(So glad that I disagreed with these clowns and assholes, when I bought BTC 4 years ago. Now I get to gloat at these goat fuckers.)

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

Be careful that PARADIGM doesn't hit you in the head when it collides with another PARADIGM that happens to be run by the people with all of the guns, lawyers, and money:

Look up "Howey test" and ask yourself whether Bitcoin meets all four of them.

So it's yellow, quacks, has feathers, wings, a beak, it can fly, and it usually sits on a pond... but it's NOT a duck. Mm-hmm.

Karl Marxist's picture

So, Globalintelhub, your solution is ... stay in your system of fraud and corruption? Of course. Entities like you want to suck the future dry with your systems of pain and death.

Dragon HAwk's picture

I am sure nobody on wallstreet is making any money on 3 hr Latency...  /s

Spaced Out's picture

Who was listening to GlobalIntelHub back then?

Nobody, same as now.

Grandad Grumps's picture

Right now bitcoin is a big nothing burger that could die a Ponzi scheme OR it could be rescued by the banks and their proxy governments.

I do not see other alternatives. It will not become a people's currency.

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This article is crap,  Bitcoin is great, a simple blockchain currency that is rock solid secure for the next decade or so,  another live blockchain implementation I actualy use for sports punting is nolimitcoin which I will be using this afternoon.  Ethereum is a huge risk,  think of how hard it has and continues to be to build a rock solid secure operating system,  and Vitalik seems to think he can build a totaly secure turing complete computer on a blockchain first time,  maybe he get there in the end but with all that cash at risk while he gets there is a nightmare waiting to happen and has happened already.

but there is a hell of a lot of moey to be made in crypto land if you pick the right unicorn for 24 hrs.


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Bawah aha ahhaha ahahhhah ahhahah

Currently, the japs own 55% of the Market and the USs own about 30%.

The Japs are trying to off load to the Americans.. the 3rd player getting into the market.

groundedkiwi's picture

How many pyramids are there in the world?

tangent's picture

Visa does nearly 3,000 transactions a second. Bitcoin does 3 a second. The fact they canceled Segwit means Bitcoin is no longer a buy. 3 transactions a second is a joke. I'll hold my Bitcoins but would rather accumulate alternatives like Dash, Monero, and Ethereum. Seems like $7,000 will be a top for maybe a couple years. I've been saying I'm accumulating and long Bitcoin for several months on this site but I won't be saying that if they can't even increase from 3 transactions of second to 6 to 12 with Segwit. Of course if Segwit would as rumored allow unauthorized transfers with a majority processing power it was useless any ways, but I never looked into whether that was true though I doubt it was. Why would a vendor want to adopt Bitcoin when they can instead adopt Dash (instant), Monero (private), or God for forbid Bitcoin Cash (pennies per transaction) and they did Segwit.

disagreeableness's picture

Bitshares Graphene is capable of 100k tps. It's completely decentralized, anonymous and 100% secure. For around 500 bucks you can pick up 7k shares (or so) @ Like the man said, Google is your friend. Bitshares DEX trading platform is 100% decentralized, completely un-hackable, and anonymous. It is the future of crypto exchange platforms. Just don't park your Lambo in the driveway :)

disagreeableness's picture

Skepticism is Good! Here's the technical data:

Spaced Out's picture

So many misapprehensions in your post I'm not sure where to begin......OK, here we go:

3 transactions a second would be a joke, if it were true, which it isn't.

Segwit wasn't cancelled, the highly controversial/no replay protection segwit 2 was though, and for very good reasons.

BTC still has Segwit.

$7k will not be a "top for several years".

You should really look into whether things are "true or not" before you come to any conclusions.

"Why would a vendor want to adopt Bitcoin when they can instead adopt Dash (instant), Monero (private), or God for forbid Bitcoin Cash"? Network effect and security.

Google is your friend.


Jay's picture

Also, VISA processes 56000+ transactions per second during Christmas season.

Spaced Out's picture

Not strictly true, as those transactions are not validated in real time. They are validated later and can be reversed.

quesnay's picture

It is only getting a little over 3 transactions per second. See for yourself.

"Google is your friend."

Spaced Out's picture

"over 3"

So....., not 3 then!

Facts are your friend.

I note that you don't dispute all the other corrections ;)

quesnay's picture

So 3 is a joke, but 3.5 is 'totally fine'? LOL. Alrighty then. ;-)

You're points (more than one) are not all or nothing. Some can be wrong and some can be correct. On the 'pathetic' transaction rate, you were wrong.

Golden Phoenix's picture

That 'article' was a poopsicle with an affiliate referral link for a stick. Apparently SEO qualifies as information now.

RedMile's picture


Oh! I forgot to add no fucking attachments to fucking Bankster accounts!


No One is doing It?

Try BitMex and trade futures and Swaps!

High Volume and High Margin!

RedMile's picture

No one is doing It?

Try BitMex and trade futures and Swaps!

High Volume and High Margin!

Lore's picture

The more cryptos there are, the more I hold my PMs.  (That said, I'm still sitting on 1 BTC, but it's just for spec shits 'n giggles.) 

Silver Savior's picture

I feel the same but I like holding 20k of Ripple just for the heck of it instead of a Bitcoin. Been buying some Bitcoin though and I have no idea why. I am losing interest in crypto. Been looking on JM Bullion an awful lot the last few days. 

Consuelo's picture



You hang onto that Ripple...   You will be amazed at its worth when shit goes south and the zombies wandering the streets need something to dull the pain...

frank further's picture

You're assuming the power as well as the internet will be up and running in that situation?

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Been looking on JM Bullion an awful lot the last few days. "

That can be a sign that your crypto profits are good enough to take a bit of cream off the top and turn it into Au

Aireannpure's picture

Madhatter project...looking to split the first bit...blockchain reaction.

Sabibaby's picture

I'm working on a trading bot using python running on a $50 raspberry pi 

Anonymous_Beneficiary's picture

I'm using linuxcnc on a $50 raspberry pi to run a DIY 8 x 20' cnc plasma table cutting metal art scenes for custom driveway gates. I couldn't have bought a table that size for less than $250,000 but managed to build my own for less than $5,000 total.

Hardware and input costs are practically zero today... from here on out it's all about that knowledge capital!

observer2017's picture

You could sell the plans for your table

Nature_Boy_Wooooo's picture

If (Dip);

   fuckingBuy () = BuyMax;


LyLo's picture

Whodafuck downboats something as beautiful as this?  JFC...

Ban KKiller's picture

Bong hits all around, harvest is in. 

Solosides's picture

My outdoor crop still needs a few days to dry. Then it's time for the 29 ton rosin press!