America Is The 22nd 'Best' Country In The World For Women

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To the surprise of many, Saudi Arabia recently announced it would end its longstanding ban on women driving with the change set to come into effect from June 2018. That ban has served as a major symbol of female oppression throughout the world and it has also done huge damage to the kingdom's reputation for years. The situation could improve even further in the years ahead with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pushing to implement more reforms in order to return the country to moderate Islam.

However, as Statista's Niall McCarthy points out, Saudi Arabia isn't alone in how it treats women and a new index has gauged the status of women in different countries.

Infographic: The Best And Worst Countries For Women Worldwide  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

The global Women, Peace and Security Index was launched by The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo.

It measures women's well-being by assessing various factors such as inclusion, justice and security in 153 countries.

Iceland comes first, followed by Norway and Switzerland.

The U.S. is in 22nd position and its lack of paid-maternity leave is one possible reason it trails other developed countries. Along with Papua New Guinea, the U.S. is the only country worldwide that doesn't offer new mothers paid maternity leave.

Countries that are less peaceful and unstable tended to score poorly in the index with Afghanistan and Syria both rock bottom.

Yemen is also embroiled in conflict and it comes third-last. Pakistan is amongst the worst countries in the index and various studies have shown that domestic violence and "honor killings" are widespread there. Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai is a key example of just how dangerous Pakistan can get for women. She was shot and nearly killed in 2012 for publicly speaking about women's right to an education.

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yarpos's picture

I live in what most here would regard as a socilaist hell hole.  My monthly private health premium for a retired couple $300,  excess (deductible in your speak) $500 but that is only for the first admission in a calendar year,  zero after that for that year.     Or I can get in the queue and go to a public hospital for nada.

quadraspleen's picture

£300 a month. No deductible (self-employed) £100 excess per claim. I think that’s expensive. I have no idea how people manage to have health insurance in the US

rejected's picture

Well America would be on top if long term memory pay outs were considered.

pippi68's picture

What a stupid study if it was largely measured based on maternity leave! The US medical system insurance is tied to employment. I got paid maternity leave through my employer's short-term disability insurance plan-- not for a full year, but it was ample. Women have great opportunities here in the USA. We'll have to check back in with Europe on this ranking in 20 years when they are all living under Sharia law. ;-)

JerseyJoe's picture

LOL It is already there but the Euro-idiots ignore all that stuff.  What happens in the "No Go zones?"  The cops won't even go there.   What honor killings?  What Burka?  Head scarves?   FUCKING BULLSHIT from Marxist propagandists - the same assholes letting the barbarians in.   

When a famous young lady was murdered by her brother and father after years of being the spokeswoman for Muzzy oppression of women, Scotland Yard decided they should look into all the young muzzy women who drown in there bathtubs in small apartments while other adults were home in the small apartment.  They wondered why so many dozens had commit suicide this way.  

Oh and let's not forget the rape ring that the political types ignored for years - all run by muzzies - raping young british women. 

Or who could forget that several different judges in Germany gave light sentenses to relatives who killed their wives and daughters because it was a culture thing.  

Marxist shitheads ignore Muslim crimes right under their noses.  

GeezerGeek's picture

Marxists despise Christianity. Muslims despise Christianity. For the time being Marxists consider another enemy of their enemy to be their friend.

If the Christians all suddenly disappeared (I'm not saying I do or don't believe in any Rapture, just positing a situation) I wonder what the Marxists would do. Would they then engage in a battle with Islam? Would they win or lose that battle? Karma (sorry to mix religions on you) may be a bitch.

Utopia Planitia's picture

The atheist Marxists had better Pray it never reaches that point...

Kidbuck's picture

You need more diversity training.

Trogdor's picture

WTF-ever.... We (in the US) live in one of the most gyno-centric societies I've ever seen. Feminists won't be happy until they can get ANYTYHING and EVERYTHING they want with ZERO effort and ZERO responsibility. They want to be giant infants whose every fantasy is made real by government mandate ... and we're almost there...

Rex Andrus's picture

I hate doctors. I avoid them and their carriers except when I'm unconscious. I have re-stitched really bad work on my own vitals, post surgery, done by (((doctors))). That's it. If you're asleep, you will die in your sleep. If you're stupid you will die stupid. If you are my enemy, your corpses will be public.

Fuck You. If Charlie Sheen fucked you, guess what? Be happy! You got fucked!

Fuck You.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Feminists won't be happy until misogyny men like you go join those in Middle East and don't come back here.

Obsidian Samctum's picture

Lol did the saudi do the poll?

thisguyoverhere's picture

People are so easily manipulated.  Watch 'The Century of The Self' reagrding the original madman of advertising and public relations, Eddie Bernays and then read 'the doors of perception' by Aldous Huxley.


The polls and consensus articles about 'rating' this and that are meant to manufacture consent.



bonin006's picture

Syria was last place for men too, due to the USA supported terrorists and bombing.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Last I heard Syria is still a country on the map.

bonin006's picture

"was" refered to being last place.

JerseyJoe's picture

I wonder where Sweden sits on the bullshit list - they now lead the world in GANG RAPES! 

moorewasthebestbond's picture

The armed home partrol don't play that shit in the Balkans and Donbass.


Muslim invader-rapists are dealt with swiftly and off the books.

DaveA's picture

Sweden tied with Canada and the Netherlands for 7th place. They have the world's highest rate of rape, but rape only counts when white men do it.

besnook's picture

yea, but, american women are liberated feminists wearing vagina hats. they are free biatches

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Women aren't all bad.


Some can still work the kitchen and the bedroom like nobody's business.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

They are with MGTOW group or I Middle East, you should go join them.

Lots misogyny men should become transgender females so that you guys can play with like minded men. Lol

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Here comes misogyny man bitching against women due to his own failure in his miserable little life.

Aireannpure's picture

Iceland? It figures, a happy woman is a frigide one.

Northern Lights's picture

Interestingly, if it was from a man's perspective, I'd bet the statistics would be flipped if the question was which countries is it worst to be a man in.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Easy, it must be the reverse countries in the list.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

The world was such a better place when men worked in the fields and the mines...


and women worked in the kitchen and the bedroom.


If you are an American, female or otherwise, you are in the 1% and not 22nd on some dumb ass list.

slipreedip's picture

You live in the "Land of the Free" presumably, im sure there is nothing stopping you from working in a mine or a field if you choose, but I bet you probably dont.

You choose to work at something else.


So why shouldnt women get to choose what they want to do?


falconflight's picture

Nothing, but they have no right to another special maternity leave, especially paid. And they certainly have no right to special standards just because they don't have a penis.

youshallnotkill's picture

That's right they should give birth while working, it's not called labor for nothing.

(I pity your mother).

dchang0's picture

Women can take time off of work for birth if they want. But they shouldn't be paid for it. If they are not providing work output to their employer during the time they are out, why should the employer pay them?

If you feel like voluntarily setting up a charity to pay women while they are on maternity leave, go right ahead. Businesses are not the proper way to deliver charity.

Keep in mind I do not oppose businesses voluntarily giving women paid maternity leave--they can do so if they like to attract more talented women employees. But to be made to do so or to be expected by society to do so perverts the primary mission of businesses: to turn a profit, not to be charities.

bloofer's picture

Personally, I completely agree with you. It is the responsibility of neither business nor government to provide for maternity leave. Although I don't agree that such provisions are "charity." What they ARE is the responsibility of husbands and fathers. If they were doing this, there would be no need to ask business or government to do it.

Here again, as with welfare, we have a demand that arises entirely because of male abdication of responsibility.


tion's picture

^^ Thank you for this.  This is a point that many would rather not acknowledge.  Many of the proponents of compelling paid maternity leave for women are actually men who want to shift the responsibility for providing for their family, and who fail to exercise the strong male headship needed to adequately plan for the future.  Many many men these days are actually cucky feminists trying to disguise themselves in alpha clothing.

GeezerGeek's picture

True, Americans don't realize how well off they are. Most Europeans don't either, and worse, they look down on Americans because they spend more on "social justice" issues than America spends.

If the USSA wasn't there to protect Europe for the last 70+ years those Euroweenies either would have had to protect themselves - spend more of their own money on defense - or found themselves seriously short of security for women and for men. Now that places like Sweden and France and the UK are on their way to being conquered by Islam they may find that the women aren't going to be doing so well. Western Europe is apparently ahead of the USSA in destroying white male toxicity.

But don't worry, Americans. Your government indoctrination centers are busy convincing all those young minds full of mush to surrender to the Borg collective, eschewing individuality in favor of servitude to "the needs of the many" as defined by the oligarchs.

youshallnotkill's picture

"If the USSA wasn't there to protect Europe ..."


So Poland, Hungary etc. don't belong to Europe? You know another reason Europeans look down on 'murikans? Lacking basic education like geography. 

Solomonpal's picture

A simple technicality. Mr. high and mighty .

youshallnotkill's picture

Another technicality is the fact the the UK and France always had enough nukes to deter a Soviet invasion. But who's counting.

Oh and BTW people in Iceland are pretty darn white. So much for white male toxicity. Maybe more a problem of male jerk oversupply in the US of A? But no, I am sure all the commenters here are just perfect gentlemen in RL ..

medium giraffe's picture

I get a little sick of hearing about how the US entered World Wars to 'protect' Britian, when really, the US entered World Wars to protect their investments.  Your 'boys' didn't die for Europe, they died for JP Morgan.  You can't seriously be suggesting that history's greediest and greatest warmonger is capable of altruism.

MusicalE's picture

You know I am tired of Europeans and their superior attitudes. I am tired of expected of being open minded when I am judged as stupid because of my nationality.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

You are free to work in any field that you wanted, but women are also free to stay away from misogyny men like you. Don't bitch when no women choose your bitching ass, everyone gets freedom of choice to make their own living, there can be gold diggers which men like you seems to encourage and there can be hard working individuals that doesn't rely on anyone. But you are one of those men that's jealous of women's choose of freedom in choosing someone better than you, thus you are on hateful rant against women due to your own inability to attract one. Go MGTOW and ask a man to marry you instead maybe he can also wait on you hand and foot.

bloofer's picture

I think many women would choose to be wives, mothers, and hommakers, if it were a viable career option. Ultimately, the reason so few women choose to do this is because it is the proverbial "poor career choice." This is how you find yourself high and dry at the age of 40, with several kids to support--alone--and a rather poor choice of employment opportunities to do so.

Scornd's picture

what i find is that men in american think women need to work and do all the everything now that we are free. so to these socialist scumbags staying at home is lazy. it makes then jealous

bloofer's picture

Yes, the men have been raised (or trained, or propagandized) to view "women's work" as not really work at all, and that women should uncomplainingly take on two full-time jobs, one in the workforce and a second in the home.

Oddly, even though they do not view "women's work" as work, this does not mean they will do any of it in order to lessen their wives' workload.

My beef with the "women's liberation" movement is that the only people liberated were the men, who were liberated from all social, sexual, or financial responsibility.

tion's picture

It's pretty incredible really.  Gender roles really need to be negotiated before people consider getting married.  We need to stop assuming that things will work themselves out without having some very frank up front conversations about them.  If you value the traditional role as a woman and marry a male feminist that expects you to fill the traditional role and also go farm the fiat, you are up a creek without a paddle really.  It's like SHTF if you get dinner on the table late but if you worked and he had the day off.. well.. he probably ran out and picked up some food, for just himself lol. 

And before you know it, he can't even be bothered to take out the trash.  Or mow the lawn.  But he might bring home a new truck that you get to pay for.  Yeah.. feminism is cancer, and the men who think only women and commietarded men are feminists need to consider taking a cold hard look at themselves.