Be Careful What You Sniff In Canada

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A new crisis is developing in Canada and it’s not the housing bubble.

A far more sinister one, that is taking the country by storm, as a new wave of fentanyl has washed up on the shores of Canada from an unknown origin most likely China, and has made it onto city streets.

To our friends in the business district of Toronto, be - careful what you sniff - it might contain fentanyl. 

Here’s why:

The number of positive tests for fentanyl in samples of heroin seized by law enforcement agencies across Canada have exploded. Health Canada’s Drug Analysis Service (DAS) revealed to CBC News that in 2012 .08% of 2,337 heroin samples tested positive for fentanyl. Fast forward to today and that number stands at 60.1% of 3,337 heroin samples, an astronomical jump visualized below.

Seems as China has turned on the fentanyl spigot in 2016 and 2017…

Over the past five-years of tests, marijuana samples seized by law enforcement agencies contained no fentanyl. But on a more interesting note, cocaine and methamphetamine seized by law enforcement agencies reported an increase. A potential health hazard for the modern day bankers in Toronto…..

The most common drugs the service tests for include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, heroin, hydromorphone, oxycodone, MDMA, alprazolam and GHB.


Fentanyl was not identified in any of the marijuana samples tested over the five-year period, while cocaine and methamphetamine saw increases from 0.01 per cent to 1.8 per cent and zero per cent to 1.7 per cent, respectively. Overall, the figures are stark. In 2012, only 217 of the street drug samples tested positive for fentanyl. Just as the number of lives claimed by the deadly opioid has skyrocketed since then, so too has the number of times fentanyl has showed up in samples of illegal street drugs. As of Sept. 30, DAS found fentanyl in 4,568 samples this year – an increase of 2,005 per cent.

According to Dr. David Juurlink, head of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto:

“...the exponential increase of street drugs testing positive for fentanyl over the last five years doesn’t surprise.The illicit drug supply has never been more dangerous because of the profusion of fentanyl-related compounds. This is why so many people are dying. They’re dying because the drugs they’re using contain, you know, much more opioid than they thought.”

In fact, Juurlink is right as shown below...

Dr. Michael Krausz, a professor of psychiatry specializing in addiction at the University of British Columbia, explains drug dealers “want to save money or make higher profits”, so fentanyl is mixed into drugs like heroin or cocaine to stretch their supplies.

Krausz also said drug dealers are not skilled enough to keep fentanyl doses in a survivable range while mixing it with heroin or cocaine, which is why many experts believe overdoses are occurring. Simply, the end user is not realizing what he/she is getting and ends up dead.

Juurlink said several factors sparked fentanyl’s rise:

  • increase in demand for opioids as overprescription of painkillers led to addiction
  • flood of prescription medication
  • fentanyl patches
  • blackmarket

In British Columbia, 80% of the street drugs are laced with fentanyl. Four mothers who have lost their sons to overdoses advocate for state controlled drugs.

The Globe And Mail explains: Fentanyl’s deadly path

China is a key source of illicit fentanyl coming to Canada in response to demand from prescription-painkiller addicts as well as users of street drugs, traffickers are turning to a pharmaceutical-manufacturing giant to produce deadly, black-market versions of fentanyl, according to the RCMP.

Across Canada, police are seizing illicit fentanyl from China - Three examples from 2015: A package of fentanyl declared as a muffler was stopped on its way to Calgary; a man in Brampton, Ont., was charged with importing more than 500 grams of the drug; and a parcel destined for Halifax was found to contain 514 grams, worth about $1-million.

Once the drug is in, it is processed – often in Western Canada - Because illicit fentanyl and fentanyl analogues are so potent, the white powder is cut or mixed with other drugs and fillers, before it can be sold on the street. Most of the 21 clandestine labs dismantled by police since 2013 operated in British Columbia and Alberta, according to a Globe and Mail analysis.

Bootleg fentanyl is highly lucrative - The math works like this, according to Edmonton physician Hakique Virani: A kilogram of pure fentanyl powder costs $12,500. A kilo is enough to make 1,000,000 tablets. Each tab sells for $20 in major cities, for total proceeds of $20-million. In smaller markets, the street price is as high as $80.

Fentanyl has been found in police busts all over the country -  The first known fentanyl seizure in Canada was from a clandestine lab in Montreal in April, 2013. Since then, police have busted traffickers in almost every province and the Northwest Territories, for a total of 58 across the country, according to The Globe’s analysis.

Bottom line: China is flooding North America with fentanyl through shipping routes into Canada. The opioid crisis is far from over and its about to kick into hyperdrive. The one question we ask: how will bankers in Toronto and or on Wall Street deal with the very real possibility their blackmarket stimulants could contain fentanyl?

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Eyes Opened's picture

Because dealers want legalization ?? Think before u type dude...

Mementoil's picture

On the contrary.
If people were allowed to get their fix legally, they wouldn't need to buy it from a drug dealer.
They could buy at a regular pharmacy and know exactly what is in it.
On top of that you would be eliminating a major income source for criminals, and the economic incentive to join their gangs.

TemporarySecurity's picture

I would say the exact opposite time to go back to Bayer Heroin, at least you know what you are getting.

Lyman54's picture

The article is wrong, two kids in Barrhead Alberta ended up in the emergency room at the hospital from smoking pot laced with fentenyl.

HRClinton's picture

Who cares.  Long Darwin Awards.


unsafe-space-time's picture

Damn. I guess chinese drug dealers have been reading my posts. Killing the customer isn't good for business. But what do I know about commie business practices.  

Anyway continue the good work in slaughtering the druggie scum

Dragon HAwk's picture

Somebody is trying to bump off an awful lot of useless eaters on this planet.

  ( OR )  it's just a case, of " Thats why they Call it Dope Kid "

TemporarySecurity's picture

When it come to illegal drugs it is about the money.  When it comes to legal drugs it is about the money also but you can sue a pharmaceutical company if they do wrong.

The war on drugs has been a lost cause from the beginning.  If we stop the smuggling from China somebody will set up manufacturing here.  The cheap super opioid will be provided there is just too much money to be made.

Time to go back to Bayer Heroin at least they have manufacturing control and know dosage.

afronaut's picture

No if it actually were a war, druggies would be shot. That's a war.

BidnessMan's picture

Darwinian cleansing of the gene pool

Normalcy Bias's picture

Don't be too smug. A tiny amount of this shit is fatal. It makes for an excellent weapon.

buzzsaw99's picture

yeah, and who knows if that house you just bought was used as a processing lab?

max2205's picture

I sold  $mat before the close....I could fentenal myself 

boattrash's picture

China, or the CIA? WTF? But hey, the spooks are hiring. You might even get a job as a Nightclub Shooter!

Loved this line...

"We seek and speak the truth – to our colleagues and to our customers."


Like Soros? and Hitlery...

GeezerGeek's picture

Perhaps Agenda 21 and chemtrails and GMO foods aren't killing enough of the sheeple fast enough. This may speed things up a bit.

earleflorida's picture

how thefuck are the drug dealers gonna make moar money when their clientele dies off as soon as they become customers?

boattrash's picture

Well, there must be some shitty dealers out there, as they even test Fentanyl for Fentanyl (according to the article).


"The most common drugs the service tests for include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl,..."

earleflorida's picture

just like the 'FDC' with a 'Good HouseKeeping Approval' control`[?] sample test of integrity?

zak718's picture

Did you see the part where 12.5k makes 20million? 


A low level dealer can take 500 dollars out on credit and make 1/2 million? Its free


The gym teacher will put it in our kids water for that type of money

armageddon addahere's picture

how thefuck are the drug dealers gonna make moar money when their clientele dies off as soon as they become customers?

There's lots more where they came from. You only need to be in business a few years and retire to your island in the Aegean.

TemporarySecurity's picture

The number of both addicts and casual users have stayed the same for the last 60 years.  It make no difference how many die or how many get thrown in jail.

Some problems just cannot be fixed.

earleflorida's picture

perhaps this is designed as a death warning to the would-be addicts out there to seek a different drug as in american made marijuana

earleflorida's picture

controlling  population...--- china used to go into the opium dens and execute the users and pushers when they realized all their precious silver was getting drained from their treasury by the english pushers.

perhaps the ussa can't handle others taking our trade?!?

revenge is best served cold

Mena Arkansas's picture

The Sassoon family, known as "Rothschilds of the East" due to the great wealth they accumulated in trade, is of Baghdadi Jewish descent and international renown. It was based in Baghdad, Iraq, before moving to Bombay, India and then spreading to China, England, and other countries. It is said that the family descended from the Shoshans, one of the families of Iberian Peninsula. From the 18th century, the Sassoons were one of the wealthiest families in the world, with a merchant empire spanning the continent of Asia.

Sassoon ben Salih (1750–1830) and his family were the chief treasurers to the pashas of Baghdad and Southern Iraq. His son David (1792–1864) fled from a new and unfriendly w?li, in 1828 going first to the Persian Gulf port of Bushehr and in 1832 to Bombay, India, with his large family. In Bombay, he built the international business called David S. Sassoon, with the policy of staffing it with people brought from Baghdad. They filled the functions of the various branches of his business in India, Burma, Malaya, and east Asia. He cemented the family's dominant position in the Sino-Indian opium trade.

earleflorida's picture

funny you mention the family, being they were the East India Company, and Rothschild's were their syndicate agents name being they were known a reputable[?],...

the FRB System top shareholders, and charter member of the jewish est. City of London. this family and its zionist brothers bought up america after the civil war in 1964 until 1909,... and then went to Europe to pick the winner between Prussia and Britain, thus financing Rockefellers and Morgan's as agents.

they owned all real estate in chicago after the great fire, all nyc retail and real estate via trading houses, all the railroads, steam transpotation, western homesteads, packing houses of chicago via armour [pork, lard, bacon] & dressed beef,... and, later refrigerated rails, cattle ranches, grain plantations, new england graineries,and textile manufacturing and were behind the banking cartel selling the great western movement with their agents. yes, the vanderbilts,and the railroad owners, esp.,. the northwest rails

yes the sassoon family with iranian (persian)/baghdad roots? 

Note: the persians throughout history protected the jews from slaughter by the arab wahhabi known as the saud family tree bedoins

and yes they had a private army/navy greater than GB located in india owning the suez canal later, but the queen claims nought for the families hold the paper.

earleflorida's picture

'The East India Trading Company (the Company) and the E.I. Co. Armed Forces' {(note: years of growth of amry)(Note2: All 'Opium' was grown in India by the Jew Merchants)}

'The Influence of the Suez Canal on Steam Navigation'  {(the British Jews would eventually controll/ own all rights to Steam Technology held by the 'City of London')(the great inventor Edison was a paid agent by the City of London jews)}   *The British/Indian Expressway  

****Note: Just follow the Redirect Link on Bing **** well worth the read 

The Opium Wars where China 'almost' became a British Colony (British/India but for being outstreched?) via Military Adventurism.

Note2:   The British Army gave its troops 'cocaine' in their daily provisions rather than alcohol :) in the 18th century

julian_n's picture

The first photo is London - not USA/Canada!

earleflorida's picture

i just don't understand how this shit gets into the ussa, when the good stuff is flown into the ussa daily from afghanistan and cost $5 -$8 bucks a bag

any seasoned user can spot the bad shit on sight!    

therealestg9's picture

Wonder how many Wall Street bankers might get affected by a tainted supply of cocaine.

Mena Arkansas's picture

That's just the kind of can-do thinking that made America great!

Make it so!!

Clint Liquor's picture

All of them? Fingers crossed!

MaxThrust's picture

If a Heroin user dies from an overdoes their problems are over. They can now rest in peace.

Joyo Bliss's picture

What about the mobile version: carfentanyl?

scaleindependent's picture

That stuff is close to 1000 x more powerful than fentanyl.  Crazy! That stuff competes with nerve gas for lethality.

besnook's picture

reverse opium wars. blowback is a bitch.

chubbar's picture

Sounds like a self-correcting problem if a high percentage of users are overdosing and dying.

LetThemEatRand's picture

The war on drugs is the biggest failure in the history of wars, which is saying something.  It has cost untold trillions, it has created a massive crime wave ranging from local dealers to cartels to addicts whose addiction is criminalized, it creates a risk of products like those described in this article, and it has resulted in untold numbers of people being incarcerated.  Then again, it has been a huge success for law enforcement and private prison budgets and justifying the police state apparatus.  Carry on.

GeezerGeek's picture

As far as money is concerned I think the War on Poverty would give the War on Drugs a run for the money. I say we just declare victory and go home.

Drater's picture

Trsnny hookers and fent bitchez!

Cluster_Frak's picture

Legalize all drugs NOW!

GoyimUprising's picture

I only smoke weed and drink beer.  They probably have fentanyl in them too. Hell, it's probably sprinkled in everything to keep everyone docile and enslaved.  I just naturally hate everyone, but myself.


ThePhantom's picture

maybe we just figured out how to deal with the bankers?

pippi68's picture

How do they know it is from China? No reason given in this article. We know it is manufactured and sent into the US from Pakistan and then trafficked across the border to Canada but the China claim is suspect. Fentanyl is highly concentrated so not good for making the drug supply more valuable. Put in enough to stretch the supply and you've killed off all your clients. It is more likely some other reason... (more highly addictive?) that it is getting into all the regular street drugs. I guess drug users need to sample smaller amounts before ramping up since they cannot gauge the strength of what they get on the street anymore. Or even better, quit using these drugs.

Dickweed Wang's picture

How do they know it is from China? No reason given in this article. 


Because all of the "wholesale" dealers (ahem, "vendors") on the Dark Web Markets (like the defunct AlphaBay or Silk Road) are all based in China, that's why. They ship it to your door in the US and Canada using EMS shipping. In the past it has been reported that at least 75% of those packages were clearing Customs into the US.  That number is supposedly down to 40-50% but that's still a lot of shit coming in.

pippi68's picture

All that tells us is that it's coming _through_ China.

Dickweed Wang's picture

Sure,  that makes perfect sense.  Smuggle the stuff into China so that it can then be smuggled to the US . . . right.  If you're right about what you said about India and Pakistan then why wouldn't they ship it from there?  Black market pharmaceuticals on the DWMs like xanax and valium get shipped to the US all the time from India, so why aren't they shipping fent from there if that's where it's made?  Because it is being shipped from where it's made . . . China.  At least that's what the DEA says,  but what do they know,  right?

GoyimUprising's picture

The Jews are spiking your Frosted Flakes!

Dickweed Wang's picture

The dealers that mix Fent with any other drug and sell it to people without them knowing about it should go to prison for LIFE if caught. That's because that act is like putting 2 bullets in a revolver, spinning the cylinder, pointing the gun at someone's head and pulling the trigger . . . it's that fucking EVIL.  That shit is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin and an amount as small as .5 mg can kill someone that is opiate naive (not used to opiates).  There is an even more sinister version of Fent called carfentynal which is 10,000 TIMES stronger than heroin and it looks just like regular Fent (it's used as an elephant anesthetic and the people administering it have to wear biohazard gear and respirators to prevent them from ODing on the residual dust from it).  A dose of carfentynal as small as 20 micro-grams (about the size of a very small speck of dust) can kill you if you have no tolerance to opiates.  IMO all fentanyl products should be completely banned worldwide, even in restricted environments like surgery anesthesia.  Anyone caught illegally manufacturing or distributing Fent of any kind should get a mandatory life sentence as well.  There are other less dangerous chemicals that can be used for things like anesthesia and for chronic pain relief . . . and to get high on if that's your thing.  At least with those alternatives you can actually see what's going to kill you. 

Of course we have Big Pharma (Jansen Pharmaceuticals) to thank for inventing that shit . . . assholes.

Atam Gits's picture

Impossible.  Prohibition always works, 100% of the time.