Dramatic Footage: Bahrain Oil Pipeline Explodes, Bursts Into Giant Flames

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An oil pipeline in Bahrain exploded, bursting into a giant fireball, as shown by numerous videos posted on social media. According to the Saudi Gazette, an explosion caused a fire in an oil pipeline near Buri village. It adds that no injuries have been reported, and that civil defense teams are extinguishing the fire.

More from Al-bilad Press (google translated):

A large explosion of one of the oil pipelines near the area of ??Buri overlooking the market Waqif, and evacuate all houses near the scene of the explosion. The Waqif market was completely closed so firefighters could control the fire. The Ministry of the Interior through its official account on the site "Twitter" there is no casualties at the scene. It also announced the cutting off of traffic on the Crown Prince's road towards Hamad City.

The representative of the "country" from the heart of the pipe fire in the village of Buri that a huge fire block devoured a group of cars parked off the village and Souq Waqif.

The delegate added that the civil defense mechanisms rushed to the scene of the incident from the area centered in the village of Damastan and began to block the flames of escalating fire and has been strengthened from the number of other centers.

Residents of the houses adjacent to the fire site were reported to have been evacuated.

Yet, one can't help but wonder just how "quality" these pipelines are if they tend to not only explode on their own but burst in giant flaming fireballs. Of course, the alternative is that the explosion was not accidental, but what some would call a terrorist event, although the government of Bahrain, which houses the Naval Base for the US Fifth Fleet, would probably be the last to admit that is the case.

In light of recent dramatic tremors in the region, and following last week's news that Bahrain's finances are in dire straits, prompting the tiny nation to beg for a bailout from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, an act of terrorism certainly can not be discounted.

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A message to the ruling towel heads from the mop heads.

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bravo, you seem to know what's going on. 

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Today's history lesson:


Faulty US software was to blame for one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions the world has ever seen, which took place in a Siberian natural gas pipeline, according to a new book published on Monday.

Standard Disclaimer: U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

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Does this have anything to do with Prince IwannaAltheWeed?

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Bahrain won't have to worry for long, the Saudis and the Zionists are going to start a big war that the US will pay for, and get the price of oil back up over 100 bucks a barrel.

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Safety valve made in China with child-slave labor.

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pathetic, that's all you can say about this?

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It was just an accident!  Nothing o see there!  Move along . . . NOW!

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Bahrain is a country with a majority Shia muslims but controlled by a sunni family, it is quite broke and its gulf neighbors did not come to the rescue because they are broke too.

It house a huge american fleet for free.


The pipeline was blown by rebels who will bring the ruler of Bahrain down and replace him by a shia government , another notch in Iran's belt. I love every minute of it.

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I can see from the posts that people have no clue about what's going on because it is not in the media. but on the weekend, some clown will come up with a stupid explaination and everybody will follow.

Iran has Qatar on its side and now Bahrain will follow. Great job Iran, if Saudi could have a coup and the military take over and have a democratic government, Iran would be happy to have peace finally in the region without american influence and without the petro dollar crap.