"Israel Will Not Let This Happen": Iran Is Reportedly Building A Military Base In Syria

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On Friday, the "western press" started to set the stage for war between Lebanon (and Iran) and Saudi Arabia (and Israel).

First, it was the third reminder in a row that, despite no presentation of evidence, the ballistic missile that was fired last Saturday by Houthi rebels in Yemen, and supposedly meant to strike the Riyadh airport before it was intercepted by Saudi defense forces, the ballistic missile belonged to Iran. As the AP reported this morning, "the ballistic missile fired by Yemeni rebels that targeted the Saudi capital was from Iran and bore “Iranian markings,” the top U.S. Air Force official in the Mideast said Friday." Lt. Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian, who oversees the Air Forces Central Command in Qatar and made the comments at a news conference in Dubai, declined to offer any specifics on what type of missile they believed it was.

It was unclear what, exactly, constitutes "Iranian markings": perhaps - we mused - a stamp on the side saying "this ballistic missile was made in Iran, if found please return to PO Box 666, Tehran."

Ultimately, it was irrelevant, because just a few hours later, a far more provocative report was published by the BBC, according to which Iran is establishing a permanent military base inside Syria, citing a Western intelligence source. The report, predictably, comes amid growing tensions over Iranian influence in Syria and across the region, and as the Saudi-Israel "alliance" is desperate to find a pretext to begin war.

As the BBC adds, the Iranian military is said to have established a compound at a site used by the Syrian army outside El-Kiswah, 14 km (8 miles) south of Damascus.

Needless to say, for Israel this would constitute the crossing of a "red line" by Iran: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu recently warned that Iran wanted to establish itself militarily in Syria. "Israel will not let that happen," he said.

Satellite images commissioned by the BBC "seem to show" construction activity at the site referenced by the intelligence source between January and October this year. The images shows a series of two dozen large low-rise buildings - likely for housing soldiers and vehicles.

According to the satellite images, in recent months additional buildings have been added to the site. However, the BBC at least concedes that it is impossible to independently verify the purpose of the site and the presence of the Iranian military. Still, that did not prevent someone, arguably the CIA, to "conclude" what is going on.

An official from another Western country told the BBC that ambitions for such a long-term presence in Syria would not be illogical for Iran. Its adversaries have accused Iran of seeking to establish not just an arc of influence but a logistical land supply line from Iran through to the Shia Hezbollah movement in Lebanon. With so-called Islamic State having sufffered terminal defeats on the battlefield and losing its last strongholds, attention is increasingly turning to what comes next and the new map of power and influence in Syria.

This means focusing on Iran.

Iran has been a consistent backer of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Photographs published on social media in the past few days also showed a senior Iranian general in Deir Ezzor shortly after IS was driven out of the town. The photos show Maj Gen Qasem Soleimani, head of the Quds force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) alongside members of a militia.

With a significant number of IRGC fighting - and in some cases dying - in Syria, there has already been a significant presence in the country but the question is now whether they are preparing to remain in the long term.

Going back to the satellite images of the alleged base, they do not reveal any signs of large or unconventional weaponry which means if it was a base it would most likely be to house soldiers and vehicles. One source said it was possible that senior Iranian military officials may have visited the compound in recent weeks. Independent analysis of the images commissioned by the BBC says the facility is military in nature. The analysis also suggests there are a series of garages that can hold six to eight vehicles each.

The analysis suggests new buildings have been constructed and other buildings renovated in the past six months although the exact role of the new structures cannot be determined. Analysts estimate up to 500 troops could be based at the site. Furthermore, it is not clear whether the facility is currently occupied. Shia fighters from other countries - including Pakistan and Afghanistan - are also alleged to be operating in Syria under the control of the IRGC and it is possible the base could be used by them, however for the purposes of the loudly beating wardrums which demand a war with Iran soon, that would not be practical.

According to the developing narrative, while the presence of Iranian forces in Syria has been reported for some time, the claim of a potentially more permanent Iranian base raises the possibility of military action by Israel which has repeatedly warned it will not tolerate such a development.

Assuring that when once confirmed the base belongs it Iran Netanyahu will be forced the respond, the base lies just about 50 km from the Golan Heights - Syrian territory occupied and then annexed by Israel and where it now has a significant military presence.  

And just to underscore that Iran is now the new ISIS, Netanyahu tweeted on Sunday that "As Isis [IS] moves out, Iran moves in."

"Iran wants to establish itself militarily in Syria, right next to Israel. Israel will not let that happen," he added.

In an interview on the BBC's Andrew Marr show on the same day he said Iran wanted to bring its air force and submarines as well as military divisions right next to Israel.

Israel has raised further concerns of Iran seeking to use Syrian ports and bases for its submarines. When asked whether Israel would use military force to stop such developments, Mr Netanyahu told the BBC: "You know, the more we're prepared to stop it, the less likely we'll have to resort to much greater things. There is a principle I very much adhere to, which is to nip bad things in the bud."


However, international pressure is likely to be the first avenue pursued by Israel. Other countries have also raised concerns over potential long-term Iranian presence in the region.

It's not just Israel whose opinion matters, however.

The issue of potential Iranian military bases is likely to have been raised by Israeli officials with Syria's ally Russia. In October, Russia's defence minister was in Jerusalem and was told by Netanyahu that Israel would not allow the Iranian military "to gain a foothold in Syria", according to reports at the time.

While it is not clear how that conversation ended, last week Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Iran and Russian media suggested Syria - including Iran's influence in the country - would be on the agenda.

Finally, closing the loop on the recent escalation in tensions between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, over the past year, the Israeli air force has struck targets in Syria a number of times which it has linked to Hezbollah.

And with that one base - which may or may not belong to Iran - the media now has the narrative "alibi" it will need to push for popular support for the Israel-Saudi axis in the upcoming military conflict against Iran and Lebanon.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Reuters reported that Iran's president Hassan Rouhani said Saudi Arabia had made a “strategic mistake” by considering the United States and Israel as friends and Iran as an enemy. The next few weeks should confirm if he is correct.

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Mazzy's picture

If it weren't for jews the entire region would be at peace.

Not only that, but tens of millions of Christians would still have their lives and economic prosperity along with the good relations they held with their Muslim neighbors for centuries.

Jews are the problem, always have been, always will be.  They will be a difficult tumor to dislodge.

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You sound mildly retarded.

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Do you offer a rebuttal like an adult, or will you continue resorting to means of communication more commonly reserved for seven year olds on the playground?

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An adult rebuttal to one of normal average intellegence.  To look across the entire middle east's history just since WWII, and the past 5 years in particular, and actually make a childish statement that there would be peace but for Israel, rates me analyzing you as a dull normal, at best.

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You've been there since WWII stirring the pot.

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who said this? if thy light be darkness how great is that darkness indeed

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Getting mighty fucking hard to keep track of all the proxiness.

Maybe they want it this way.

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Only a fool would believe anything Israel says...

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Questioning Israel's lies is anti-semitic.

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By deception shall we wage war.  Mossad motto.

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I don't doubt it. Israel takes out arms shipments to Hezbola so an Iranian base is a no brainier. I would not want to be an Iranian soldier on that base. B O O M !

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Use your mind for a change. Who would want to be a zino-idiot like you?  Mind the blowback. Boom!


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Israel will be all alone fighting their own battles. So?

scaleindependent's picture

Don't be silly. Of course, Israel and Saudi Arabia will not be fighting their own battles.

Your kids and your bank account will be fighting with them at their whim.

With neocon chicken hawks like Lindsey Graham and McStain chomping at the bit, this is almost guaranteed. Maybe not this year or the next. But war is coming. 

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The U.S. is building a military base in Israel.

Sudden Debt's picture

only russian spies would say that...

Conscious Reviver's picture

Sudden, snap out of it.

In first, US establishes permanent military base in Israel


Thanks for nothing Trumpstein.

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Oh please... let them fight it out and mind their own business!!!


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Fake satellite image. Take a good look at those building shadows. Compare them.

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Point out the anomaly, even if you are out of time.

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Yeah, I wouldn't get too attached to that base.

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nuke israel for peace on earth!

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Hitler said (maybe): "I could have killed all the jews but I left some of them alive for you to know why I did it."

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A few hundred thousand died as a result of malnourishment due to late-war allied bombing of rail hubs preventing food from reaching the camps- the rest is BS.

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I wish I was Vladimir Putin.

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Why?  Russian and Israel have closer relations today than probably ever.  You don't read much do you?

I Write Code's picture

Haven't Russia and Israel been rather tussling over this exact issue for some time now?  If Iran builds a base near Damascus, Russia probably wants to keep their personnel away from it, or things will get seriously messy.

falconflight's picture

The Russian interests always comes first, and Iran is only an interest insofar as it fits into the Russian government's interests.  The Russians and Israelis have had more diplomatic contacts than I've ever seen during the past five years or so.  Russia isn't going to protect Iranians building a base in Syria.  Israel will wipe it out and warn them to keep a very tight leash on Hezbullah or a war will come to Tehran.  The Ayatollahs aren't loved in Tehran.

Conscious Reviver's picture

In your dreams, chopdick. Russia put a Stop to israeli aggression in Syria. How is that helping team-zino? You and BobEore pushing the same nonsense. Is this an important bogus meme for the hasbra-troll army?

Here, read this. It says a lot about the true state of Russian Israeli relations.


You sound like one of the slow Jews. Inbreeding has consequences. I'll summarize for you.  Female Jew anti-Russia propaganda organ stabbed in the neck.  Global Jew media cranks up the meme, Putin's Russia murders faultless Jew journos. I'm sure you know and cherish the meme. Except there's a problem. The perp is caught ... at the scene. He's an Israeli Jew,  related to famous bolshi mass murderer of Russians. Zionists hate Russia with a passion. Stop playing dumber than you really are.

Enjoy the read.

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Contact is not agreement, or sticking to it.

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or so it seems, russia devastated israeli plans for greater israel, im pretty sure underneath the facade isreal is not to happy


I didn't know Israel had to give planning permission to other countries? It sounds a bit strange to me.

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I guess you're a dull normal EBT recipient, otherwise you'd not embarrass yourself.  Yes, Israel indeed has a vote, often the deciding vote...tough shit ain't it?

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How wonderful it will be to see ditches teeming with burned-out Merkava hulls 

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It hasn't happened yet, who is going to perform this miracle?

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Shalom, brother!  You tell those goyim.

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Suck me, you aren't Chosen.

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Only as long as they are not a smoldering hole in the ground, which is inevitable at some point.  The hubris they have while completely surrounded with enemies is amazing. 

You know one thing that could shut down perpetual war and tilt the balance of power away from globalism and it's defenders in about 10 minutes?  If the next person to launch a nuke in aggression has it blow up right in their face.  That tech is a real possibility in this age.  That would render nukes worthless and anybody holding them would be essentially surrounded with grenades that could have their pins pulled any minute.  Wouldn't that be hilarious?  The balance of power would flip immediately.  Too many people have nothing left to lose and something is going to give.  Still waiting to hear how this really happened.  For people who continued to follow that, the official story was completely exposed as bogus, especially when people looked at the prior google earth views.  Wouldn't that be something if any even non-nuclear arms could be detonated at a distance, via laser or some energy weapon?  Wouldn't that make the biggest stockpilers on earth the most vulnerable?

Israel is a really small place for two hundred illegal nukes.  Even if nothing can stop those nukes, it wont matter when everybody around them has nothing left to lose.   

house biscuit's picture

What you say about israeli-provocateurism may be the intended outcome

In other words, some folks believe TPTB develop states like israel & N. Korea for the express purpose of serving as flashpoints

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This is click bait nothing fake news.  The Iranians aren't that stupid.  Israel will wipe it out upon an Iranian manned based becoming operational.  And the pussy Ayatollahs won't do shit...directly....like the punks they are. 

Juggernaut x2's picture

Who are the punks again? Israel wouldn't exist if it weren't for the USofA not to mention ginning up false evidence of WMDs to get us to take out Saddam because Iraq was getting a little too big for Israel's comfort 

falconflight's picture

You mean a 1948 US Gov't vote recognizing Israel's independence?  WMD's in Iraq has nothing to do with Israel.  You are a mental midget.  Israel bombing out Iraq's nuclear program years earlier.  Don't read much do you?  Dull normal is ok, but maybe yahoo news is more your speed.

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Israel is a little bitch of a country, all it does is hide behind the US.  They even needed the US to scold the UN who hurt their feelings it is one pathetic piece of sand.  

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Israel, for a little bitch of a country, seems to regularly punch way above its size.  That's why the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and assistance from SA and Lebanon has been beaten in every war requiring the US to stop Israel from rolling into Cairo, and Damascus and Amman, and more than once into Beirut.  

Chris88's picture

My pubic shavings could defeat those countries, it's a joke country that could not and would not exist without US backing, funding, and weapons.  To pretend otherwise is, if not dishonest, just delusional.  If the US pulled support they'd be gone in a week.

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Gawd, the ignorance is stunning.  The US Gov't had to bribe the Israeli gov't NOT to build their own fighters during Reagan's Administration, who btw, wasn't a big booster of Israel along with Casper Weinburger and George Schultz.  Remember?

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Why do the chosen people need all that Gentile money, weaponry, and abcking?  Why do they come crying to the US every time another country so much as looks at them the wrong way?  Country is a total joke.