Podesta Group CEO Unexpectedly Quits Just Days After Tony's Departure

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Less than two weeks after John Podesta's brother, Tony, quit as head of the prominent Democratic lobbying group, the Podesta Group just days after it was revealed that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was investigating Podesta for potentially violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act for his work involving Ukraine clients, Politico reported overnight that Podesta Group longtime CEO, Kimberley Fritts, is leaving the firm to start her own lobbying shop, according to three Podesta Group staffers.

Tony Podesta

Tony Podesta tapped Fritts as his successor when he announced he'd step down as chairman last week, hours after an indictment charging Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, with violating foreign lobbying law, was unsealed. As a reminder, the widely leaked indictment accused Manafort of hiring the Podesta Group to lobby for an ostensibly independent nonprofit that “was under the ultimate direction” of the Ukrainian president, his party and the Ukrainian government.

And while Fritts had been expected to relaunch the Podesta Group - under a new name of course - in the days after Podesta stepped down, after just a week of trying to hammer out the details of what the new firm would look like, Fritts announced at a staff meeting late on Thursday that she would resign and start a new firm, "exacerbating questions about the future of the Podesta Group and its dozens of employees" as Politico politely puts it. Which, of course, is a less polite way of saying that the Podesta group is almost certain to be formally charged for the same violations that dragged down Manafort.

Fitts' was just the latest exodus from the sinking ship: last week Paul Brathwaite, a Podesta Group principal, said that he was leaving to start his own shop, Federal Street Strategies.

Politico quoted one Podesta Group staffer who described Fritts’ decision as as the next step in rebuilding the firm without Tony Podesta: “Tony Podesta’s name had become a scarlet letter,” the staffer said, speaking on condition of anonymity."

Wells Fargo and Oracle, two of the firm's highest-paying clients, cut ties with the firm, although others said last week they would stick with the Podesta Group for now.

But it's not clear how many staffers — and how many of the firm's clients — will follow Fritts to her new firm.


"I just don't know," said another Podesta Group staffer. "This is a really painful process, trying to navigate who can go with and who can be let go."


Fritts declined to comment.

While neither Tony Podesta, nor the Podesta Group has been charged publicly with crimes in the Manafort investigation, that is likely to change in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, rival lobbying firms see the implosion of the Podesta Group as a prime moment to poach the Podesta Group’s top lobbyists. At least six other firms have reached out to Podesta

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Needs moar walnut sauce.

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They're coming for you fuckers.

Oh wait...retired?

Never mind, since you retired, we'll forget about you.

My bad.

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There are a number of lawsuits that have been filed by the US over the last 24 hours including some against "Podesta" and "Abedin".

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Bob Mueller is hired to find connections between Russia and the election, aka Russia and Trump collusion because, let's be fair, we all know Hillary didn't have any Russian ties (/sarc). Bob Mueller rolls out indictments nearly a year later involving lobbyists and Ukraine? What the actual hell!?! Can this "special counsel" be ended already? This ridiculous distraction is completely worthless and will accomplish nothing.

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The Podesta Group will provide the Archduke Ferdinand moment.

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Some internet sources are reporting that over 100 sealed indictments have been filed in the DC courts over the past few days... Got my popcorn, waiting for the fireworks... 

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If I had a mini-gun….

I could have a lot of fun with the rats trying to escape the sinking ship.


Or better yet…….




auricle's picture

Once she assumed full control she was able to see what was going on under the the company umbrella. 

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George Webb has unmasked all of the illegal gov BS over the past year and is now filing lawsuits to blow it all up.


The Big Bang!


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I’m glad I never came into any contact from the Podesta Grope.

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Are those suspenders he's wearing?  Even if they're not, the image on them looks a little inappropriate in a business setting.

OK, I see those have been discussed on various other blogs, etc.

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Naked children on your suspenders is avante guarde in Washington.

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The Q stuff of 4 chan is creating quite a buzz.

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Sorry, filed by George Webb Sweigert, not the US government.


There are a bunch of sealed indictments being handed out there, and some clever fellow correlated them to areas where the Clinton Foundation was under investigation.

Someone is going to have a very bad weekend, I think.

RightLineBacker's picture

Not sorry!

George is the one true American trying to take down our whole corrupt Government cabal.



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This sums it up quite well. If this happens I party for two days, at least.


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THIS couldn't happen to a more deserving couple of CREEPY FUCKING child rapists! I hope they'e convicted and put in the general POPULATION of some state penitentiary!!

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These two Podesta pedo-twats need to be taken out to the weeds and shot in the face.

Lesve the gun...take the cannoli

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Ukraine is NOT Russia.

The government is a coup of Nazi's who Obama illegally recognized without the 1 year cooling off period.  Any way you slice this you get Democrats.  Why any surprise?  These are the party of the USSR... central planning, social programs... wake up people.  If you are a member of a political party you have sworn allegience to a group whose sole purpose is the complete overthrow of the government of the citizens loyal to their United States.  Republican or Democrat: you are by definition anti-american.

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As much as I am trying to believe it, Mueller seems to be going after the holy cabal of the Democrat party. I think from what I have been reading from many sources is that the dam is about ready to blow and everyone is going down. PizzaGate, Uranium One, Russuan Collusion, money laundering, running a child sex trafficking ring from countries where they have had hurricanes and other devastations. The house of cards is falling. Trump sourrounded himself with generals for a reason. I think Mueller took a plea. Maybe he changed his tune. Many, many unsealed indictments in numerical order are awaiting to be opened. Follow Q.

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We can hope for justice, however, I doubt it!

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Snow White.

Snow White and the SEVEN dwarfs.

Seven dwarfs = UAE (A federation of 7 emerates)

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Can I get a free Soviet Officers cap?

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Dude just probably wanted to make another pizza run with Epstein. 

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how sweet it is to be loved by you

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Execute everyone on K-street already.  America will be much better off.

In the meantime

"Full Faith and Credit"

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I'll see your Kstreet and raise you The Hamptons. The banksters need some lamppost action too. 

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I'll see your Hamptons and raise you Martha's Vineyard.

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Ill see your Martha's Vinyard and raise you Silicon Valley.

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I'll see your silicone valley and raise you 30 Rock.

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It's a Flaming Bag of Poo, and no one wants to be nearby when they stomp it out.

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She takes the corruption with her and brands it under a new name.

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That and the box of Dunkin' Donuts leftover from the morning meeting.


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holy crap.  she really does like pizza, a lot.  literally, she's in it strictly for the pizza.  when i say pizza, in her case, i mean actual pizza.  it isn't code for anything, she likes pies, okay?

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Next up: Putin on the Fritts

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What bothers me is the Ukraine thingy. Penny Pritzker, then Commerce Secretary (now head of the Obama Foundation) did quite a lot in Ukraine.


She also used a private email account to discuss things with John Podesta.

Her name also appears in the Paradise papers.

Her brother who is running for Illinois Governor, has 3 entities listed in the Panama Papers.

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Fritts: "So all of these allegations are just political bullshit right?"

Podestas: "Ummm...welll...we plead the 5th."

Fritts: "See ya."

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Podesta: "Destroy these hard drives".

Fritts: "See ya."  :thumb drive of clients in pocket:

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they are probably wiping hard drives day and night up in there.

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You mean like, with a cloth?

buzzsaw99's picture

exactly.  what difference, at this point, does it make?

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NSA already captured everything they need and the MOSSAD moles aren't going to blow their cover for any worn out Clintonista era tools. Besides, Russia has it all too.

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Nice suspenders, Tony

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Yes lobbyist... why bother with elections

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i'd just like to know why we the people can't hire lobbyists to bribe the congress to work for us for a change.

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Because somehow, somehow our money ended up the their pockets.

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i think it has more to do with them keeping us fighting amongst ourselves.  "they" are organized, we aren't.  congress is nothing but cheap whores.  $50K here, a steak dinner there, give their daughter in law a job for a few years.  the people could easily afford that.  hell $10 per person could buy the whole legislative branch.  when the shtf things will change for the worse for everyone, even them.  the congressional whores are cheap, cheap, cheap, but they are also weak and easily extorted by the maggots.