Putin, Trump Meet In Vietnam: This Handshake Followed

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While officials cited "scheduling conflicts" that dashed hopes of a bilateral meeting between President Trump and President Putin on the sidelines of the APEC summit, the two 'old friends' came face-to-face during the photo-op at the start of the conference... and the handshake took place...

The two were all smiles while shaking hands during the photo call...

Preparing for the traditional leaders’ photo at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit – held this year in Da Nang, Vietnam – Putin had already taken his spot when Trump approached him, extending his hand. In the manner which has become famous, the US president then held onto Putin’s hand for several seconds, patting his counterpart on the back.

The leaders were dressed in Vietnamese national attire, in accordance with the informal APEC tradition. Both Putin and Trump put on blue shirts, while some of the other participants chose to wear white ones.

Notably the positioning of the leaders this year...right next to the Vietnamese leader and Putin...

Quite different from that of three years ago when President Obama appeared to be demoted to the old wives club...

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and anyone who thinks DJT aint in complete control is kidding themselves IMO

the whole notion that he is getting played by deep state/swamp or sessions and/or muller (or anyone) is bullshit. you dont have the run he's had in life by getting fucked. by anyone.  

he's playing these clowns (and his naysayers) like a fiddle.

time will tell - but in the mean time, take it to the bank!




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I agree.  Trump hasn't really done anything which is exactly what I wanted him to do.

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Until Hillary is in handcuffs, his Presdiency is a rank failure

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if i didn't read an aviation blog as well as a financial blog, these dots may not connect.  they may not connect anyway.  but it made me say hmmmmmmmmmmm


like a rollercoaster.

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Vlad, The Donald, and the American People share a common enemy ....Fat Bitch ..Canckles Clinton and Shitstain Obama.

Totin's picture

So many conspiracy theories for the retards to pick from. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

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wtf is with the startrek jackets?

steveo77's picture

I looged in to upvote you

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They are either customary local formal dress for such occassions, or they are a way members of the Borg Collective recognize one another. I'll go with the first explanation, because Mad Maxine is sure to choose the other.

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Trudeau is NOT wearing red.

Ar15ak47rpg7's picture

Vlad, The Donald, and the American People share a common enemy ....Fat Bitch ..Canckles Clinton and Shitstain Obama.

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Yes, but Canckles and Obollah are high ranking soldiers. The Rothschild clan runs the show.

Lost in translation's picture

What the!?

Quick, someone alert CNN!

Investigate! INVESTIGAAATE!!!

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Putin was face to face with Lucifer's servant. Obama was/is a full member of the Rothschild clan. Look at the Wikileaks of how then Secretary of State Hyena Rodent sucked up to Lynn Forester de Rothschild. It speaks volume about who is actually running the show.

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de Rothschild.

Interesting bio.on wiki.

It supports my hypothesis that our pure genes are Gold. She spent her inheritance on herself. Never passed her legacy on to her descendants.

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I hope Putin washed his hands afterwords. you never know where trump has been skullking.

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Yes!! This is indisputable evidence that Trump is a Putin agent. Can't wait to watch Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper point this out tonight. Of clourse Fox will see it differently  -but who do you believe  -white Christian male Tucker carlson or or CNN which has proven itself with the promotion of homosexual spokespersons. 

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Did you see the position that Putin put his thumb on Trump during that handshake....something is nefarious about that.  I agree Chuck.

eduard khil's picture

Greatest handshake since Dillon and Dutch 

Hillarys Server's picture

Wait a sec, wasn't a handshake.

Trump just slipped him some cash for the sheets.

arby63's picture

Trump and Putin kept everyone off guard and still got together. I like it.

DaikaijuGojira's picture

Lookie!! Finally proof of collusion!! LOL 

Seriously though, we are fucked. Globalism on the rise.

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It's very cool Trump and Putin put on the traditional attire (blue jackets).

This is a meeting of diplomacy  and given the strained situation in the world,  all these "images" matter.

Trump and Putin make themselves  "like everyone else" with this -- it shows they are willing to level the playing field and work with other nations.   It's really important.  

Look at the  debt we have that China owns  (as they are trying to unwind all the US treasuries they own),  the tension around No. Korea,  the public accusations of China's trade policies -- but in spite of that,  the  great kindness of China and Vietnam toward all these negotiations,  I really like it that they are all appearing as friends.

What else is there?  War?   It's time for the US  to work with other nations,  in whatever way we can.

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La la land; I like your style.  The world is in the lap of Satan - reality check!

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Hey if it makes lefties foam at the mouth its more than alright with me. 

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So many people reading so much into a photo-op. What the fuck was he supposed to do? Punch him?

I'm not so sure that would go well for Trump in any way. Vlad might rip that shirt off, and use his romance novel cover physique, and his googleplex degree black belt in Judo. He'll shove his arm up Trump's ass to the elbow, and find a golf ball from one of Kim Il Jong's amazing shots.

SRV's picture

CNN Panels will be all abuzz tonight!

If you listen closely you can hear Wolf howling in the distance...

robertocarlos's picture

They'll be too busy talking about Louis CK's suicide.

Anderson Coopers Gerbil's picture

His grandaughter is a ChiCom spy. Over to you Wolf

rjdsaldanha's picture


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Not that CO2 is the enemy, but......

How Many Trees Needed to Offset the CO2 From 1 Human In A Year?

backup here

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Just hope Trump can tell his deep state chaperones to FO so he can negotiate and even “collude” with Putin for some significant rapprochement between the two nations. 

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I hear Putin made a couple of gay jokes about obama at the APEC summit.

Village-idiot's picture

I'm sure at least a couple of those jokes had the word "skidmark" in them.

Kefeer's picture

We all hope he will get skid-rowed. Can we digress very quickly...Friday!

Deep Snorkeler's picture

Combat Veteran Trump

visits his old battlegrounds in Vietnam.

Trump was almost hit be a golf ball once

and successfully battled venereal disease

in the 60s-70s.

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Killing gooks was so honorable.

Anunnaki's picture

I think I missed that episode of Ken Burns' Vietnam series

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They're both fags...

homiegot's picture

Two great leaders.

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We were never taught power dynamics in middle school.

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A special hat tip to all of those veterans who were conscripted and didn't want to go but did anyway.

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Trump to Putin: "I thank you for your efforts to support those forthcoming indictments so we can finally drain the swamp, my friend"

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The level  of alphaness when these two guys are in the room is awesome!