Putin, Trump Meet In Vietnam: This Handshake Followed

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While officials cited "scheduling conflicts" that dashed hopes of a bilateral meeting between President Trump and President Putin on the sidelines of the APEC summit, the two 'old friends' came face-to-face during the photo-op at the start of the conference... and the handshake took place...

The two were all smiles while shaking hands during the photo call...

Preparing for the traditional leaders’ photo at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit – held this year in Da Nang, Vietnam – Putin had already taken his spot when Trump approached him, extending his hand. In the manner which has become famous, the US president then held onto Putin’s hand for several seconds, patting his counterpart on the back.

The leaders were dressed in Vietnamese national attire, in accordance with the informal APEC tradition. Both Putin and Trump put on blue shirts, while some of the other participants chose to wear white ones.

Notably the positioning of the leaders this year...right next to the Vietnamese leader and Putin...

Quite different from that of three years ago when President Obama appeared to be demoted to the old wives club...

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Guentzburgh's picture

It is only chess, after taking his castles you have to pat your opponent in the back

Dickweed Wang's picture

A pat on the back while you're putting a knife in the guts, eh??  I think that's more of a Turkish thing . . . or maybe it was a knife in the ass.

Anunnaki's picture

A knife in the ass is now forever known as the Qadaffi

Nunyadambizness's picture

I think it should be known as the Obuttfuck. 

Megaton Jim's picture

"Oh, what a lovely way to die!" -B. Obama

Dickweed Wang's picture

The reason Obuttfuck was put next to the women was because they were scared of his homo creepy crawlies contaminating the leaders at the summit. 

On second thought, it could have been because when they shook hands with him his limp wristed grip made them think he was actually a woman.

We'll just never know . . . 

Kefeer's picture

They could trust him with the women??meh

cesarsp_us's picture

Turd to Putin thanks for getting me elected..

Dickweed Wang's picture

Turd to Putin thanks for getting me elected.


Wow!  We didn't know you ran for orifice! Congratulations!

nah's picture

Lots of natural resources


Not natural enemy's

THORAX's picture

Onward Christian Soldiers! 

Village-idiot's picture

That handshake was actually Putin slipping an updated list of paedophiles in Washington DC.

loveyajimbo's picture

LOL!!  Good memory of Barry Obunghole getting humiliated... he had to get off the plane from the back too, no red carpet... Chinese are smart... they knew what an asshole the guy was... and is.

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francis scott falseflag's picture

"dashed hopes of a bilateral meeting between President Trump and President Putin"


From what I can see, there is only one reason for the bilateral meeting not taking place and that

is Putin.  From the consulates in San Francisco, to the unjustified politicalization of Russian athletes,

to the removal of Daesh Leaders by helicopters from Mosul, Raqqa, and Deir ez-Zor, to the US blaming

Iran for the missile strike in Riyadh, to the American and EU objection to Nord Stream, to the registration of RT as

a foreign agent, et cetera, et cetera.  ((( I'm sure I left many out)))


There's no doubt in my mind that Putin set many preconditions for a meeting with Trump.

Why bother with talks with Trump about Syria, Ukraine, etc., when the US is still lying about those

responsible for the false flag gas attacks there the last few years.




Anunnaki's picture

How do you say Fuck Trump in Russian.

Cheetolini betrayed us to the Swamp Creatures

francis scott falseflag's picture

They don't say that in Russia.  The Russians are smart enough to know the

American 'deep state' responsible for all the crap in their relations with the US.


I'm not sure if Trump was even aware that he would inherit the 'deep state's' policies

and attitudes viz-a-vis Russia if he won. 


Be patient.  All will be revealed.

Anunnaki's picture

None dare call it treason /s

viator's picture

Does Robert Meuller know about this?

silverer's picture

The handshake:

Putin: "Thank Hillary for the uranium."
Trump: "OK Vlad, I'll let her know after the sentencing."

Old Hippie Patriot's picture

The US and Russia have been allies for a longer spans of time than enemies.  We are excellent partners in space and in the fight against the globalism and City of London. The Russian Czar kept Britain and France out of the War of Northern Aggression which saved the US from an existential threat like France did in the revolution. We bailed the Czar out financially by buying Alaska.  Hopefully there will be a speech by a US President who will publicly state that America owes Russia the same debt the US owes France in perpetuity.

Extra Oink's picture

It amazes me that the Hillary-supporting-Left is aching for war with Russia. I for one want a President who persues peace through strength.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Vietnam is still a backwater communist shithole.

Heywood Jablomi's picture

who blows who first? that's what i want to know.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Your name suggests that you like to go second.

joeyusa's picture


exartizo's picture

The Asian folks are big on respect.


Mr. Trump get's respect from Asian leaders, like Putin does.

Mr. Obama did not.

Jakeee's picture

What is this "Mr. Obama" crap. He doesn't even deserve caps.

incharge1976's picture

Rumors are swirling that the FBI is going to arresting everyone tonight and it's all lobbyists. The FBI offices with the 300+ sealed indictments are the offices that were investigating the Hillary Foundation. 

Mylifedependsonit's picture

I wonder if Podesta is on that list. The campaign manager Podesta.

yellowsub's picture

Don't think that will give them a pass for the dirty deeds they still continue to perpetrate upon us.

Jakeee's picture

fuck obama. May he be slowly eaten by a shark

DaBard51's picture

My eyes are failing.  Who are the two handshakers to the RIGHT of the center?

Putin, Trump are LEFT of center... Hmmmm...

Enthusiastic, also, they on the right seem.



When nine hundred years old you become, look thsi good you will not.

BailoutBlues's picture

Love the contrasting photos between Trump's visit and Obama's.  Thank you for that.

incharge1976's picture

Alabama woman says she was approached and offered money to accuse Moore of sexual abuse. 



Deep Snorkeler's picture

Nietzschean Superman Trump

Our Golden-Perfect Leader,

pilots our Judeo-Christian fantasy world

toward deep faith in the goodness of big corporations,

hostility to business and environmental regulations,

and reinvigorates the importance of greed in our political-economy.

The whole world fears his rage reactions.

Nunyadambizness's picture

WTF have you be snorkling lately?  Batshit?

CultiVader's picture

Take a fucking smoke break, dude. Fuck your wife, play with your kids.

w4mps's picture

While he's there, please pass along regards from the 70,000 of my contemporaries who were slaughtered there for absolutely nothing.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Tweren't for nothing.

We had to prove to the world how much we hated communism before we recognized China.

Grandad Grumps's picture

So, fake, replacement Trump, meets fake, replacement Putin.

Wakie wakie!

francis scott falseflag's picture

An exclusive report by ZH's own fake grandad

MuffDiver69's picture

I believe you give Trump time and he will prove the Russian hack is bull crap..The CIA director met with Binney already about data transfer speeds and such. The Awan character who ran the democrat House IT for a decade was stealing info and had access to Wasserman-Schultz computer and DNC...Mueller and his gang of thugs are in a tough spot as the Dossier is garbage and at the moment have no premise besides Dossier to even investigate the President..Why then would we believe Russia hacked anything is my question...

DaBard51's picture

Tarmac topics.  Discussing grandkids, no doubt.

All that's needed is an airport.




When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

silverserfer's picture

Obama will always be in the wives club. Wearing a blouse. 

Dumpster Elite's picture

Collusion!!!!! SEE the collusion!!!! WHY did they shake hands???? They are supposed to be at each other's throats! How much more proof do you need that THIS is how Trump won?! No one actually voted for him. It's all those evil Russians and Putin. Oooooooo, evil, I tell ya.

CultiVader's picture

Still better than Obama or Clinton.

Obsidian Samctum's picture

Debt reset. Just sayin. Fuckem.