Roy Moore Story Unraveling? One Accuser Worked For Hillary, Another Claims Several Pastors Made Sexual Advances

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From the outset, several aspects of the Washington Post‘s decades-old accusations of Roy Moore having inappropriate relations with four young women seemed off. In addition to odd circumstances surrounding the story’s origins, the accusers themselves – and even the WaPo journalist who wrote the story – have checkered pasts and political views which some could consider ulterior motives.

If the accusations against Moore are true, he needs to immediately step aside and exit politics – as both President Trump and, oddly, Mitch McConnell have stated. Moore has vehemently denied the charges.

How did the story come together?

As Radio host Mark Levin pointed out on his show last week that there are several aspects of the case which don’t really make sense. To recap; a Washington Post reporter overheard a rumor at a Roy Moore event in Alabama about Moore sexually abusing four girls 38 years ago, then found the women, interviewed them, and the rest is history.

Per WaPo:

While reporting a story in Alabama about supporters of Moore’s Senate campaign, a Post reporter heard that Moore allegedly had sought relationships with teenage girls. Over the ensuing three weeks, two Post reporters contacted and interviewed the four women.

Levin posed the following questions:

  • How did the WaPo reporter know there were four women, who they were, and how to contact them?
  • How is it that the reporter's anonymous source, who they bumped into, knew about the four women who don’t know each other and have never met, and knew each woman's story and contact information?
  • Why hasn’t any of this been reported in Moore’s 38 years in politics? And why now – a month before an important election to fill Jeff Sessions’ senate seat?

Adding to the list of questionable circumstances - one which the Washington Post oddly omitted from it's report, is the fact that one of Moore’s accusers, Debbie Gibson, worked as a sign language interpreter for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and is actively campaigning for Moore’s Democrat opponent, Doug Jones.

As New York Times bestselling author, Attorney, Law professor and Newsmax columnis James Hirsen points out:

 Here’s Gibson, hard at work for Hillary:

Another Moore accuser, Leigh Corfman, has claimed “several pastors at various churches made sexual advances at her.” This 3x divorcee who has also filed for bankruptcy three times.

The Star reports:

She says that her teenage life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.


As the years went on, Corfman says, she did not share her story about Moore partly because of the trouble in her life. She has had three divorces and financial problems. While living in Arizona, she and her second husband started a screen-printing business that fell into debt. They filed for bankruptcy protection three times, once in 1991 with $139,689 in unpaid claims brought by the Internal Revenue Service and other creditors, according to court records.


In 2005, Corfman paid a fine for driving a boat without lights. In 2010, she was working at a convenience store when she was charged with a misdemeanor for selling beer to a minor. The charge was dismissed, court records show.

The WaPo reporter who penned the article wrote fake check, according to an 2011 Red State report

Ms. McCrummen has a rather interesting criminal history herself, as public criminal records in multiple states stretching across 4 time zones have shown.

Ms. McCrummen’s criminal history began with North Carolina Case # 1992 CR 00654, a violation of the Article 19 – False Pretenses and Cheats section of the North Carolina Criminal Code. Ms. McCrummen was convicted of a crime punishable by up to six months of imprisonment for writing a hot check that was deemed worthless.

Last but not least, former Secret Service agent Doug Lewis (@umpire43) has made an unsubstantiated claim that a WaPo reporter named “Beth” offered a family friend $1000 to accuse Roy Moore, and that a tape of the offer is in the hands of the DA. 

Again – if Roy Moore took advantage of four young women 38 years ago, it is reprehensible and he should face justice if at all possible. That said, several troubling aspects of the Moore accusations have come to light in the days since the report, casting what many feel is reasonable doubt on the entire thing.

Moore has denied the allegations and issued the following statement:


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roadhazard's picture

As horny as I have found women to be you have got to be doing something wrong if you have to be a low life about sex.

GunnyG's picture

Like your hero BJ Bubba Clinton?

roadhazard's picture

Butt, butt your hero Trump sez Moore has to go.

Robert of Ottawa's picture

No, he said he was sure Moore would do the right thing. And resisting fraudulent, politically motivated charges, is the right thing.

ogretown's picture

The allegations are all nonsense. Typical tactic by the morally bankrupt Rats. Zero surprise they would continue to rely on this kind of stunt. Shows me their bag of dirty tricks is tattered and torn.  What astounds me is the race is already tight, so there is no need to pull out this kind of desperate and seedy stunt. It could and should easily backfired on them.  

mabuhay1's picture

It used to be that 7 out of 10 rape claims were false, but now the percentage is far greater.  Rape or sexual misconduct claims are being used as "Get rich quick" mechanisms, "I'll get back at you," "This will ruin them," and other such goals, and usually there is little or no possibility of any real misconduct having occurred.  You can tell this by the ever increasing number of claimants coming out of the woodwork to claim attacks or misconduct 10 of years after the fact.  The vast majority of these are fake, manufactured claims for gain by the females (and sometimes males) involved.

MS7's picture

Where are you getting the 7/10 figure? There is no way it can be that high, in my opinion.

VisionQuest's picture

In 1958 Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin and that caused a media stir for a week or England. Then in 1960 Johnny Burnett charted #8 in Billboard with: "you're sixteen, you're beautiful and you're mine..." There wasn't a peep of outrage then and even ol' Ringo remade it in the Nineties without incident.  Some people need to get a life besides the politics of personal destruction. There really are bigger fish to fry...BTW: Not all but a great many of the females in America who grew up reading Helen Gurley Brown's COSMOPOLITAN trash are now certifiably insane. Between Ms Brown's propaganda and Gloria Steinem's feminist militancy, a lotta girls forgot all about what it means to be a woman. Miles of excellent P going to waste...

EDIT: Birmingham Alabama ABC affiliate cannot find even one voter who believes the report of allegations against Judge Moore

jin187's picture

There wasn't a peep of outrage for a hell of a lot of shit that there should have been back then. That doesn't make it right. I'm not trying to crucify the guy for possibly taking part in the white trash festivities back in the day, but
I'm sure as hell not condoning it.

willspeaks's picture

Good Morning little schoolgirl, Goodmorning little schoolgirl. Can I come home, can I come home, with you?. Tell your momma and your papa, I once was a schoolboy too.

I am curious as to why nobody has asked the question, Why did your momma supposedly leave you on a park bench with a 32 year old man she just met?

tnuctipun's picture

Average length of vag = 7 inches

average length of penis = 6 inches

average length of unused vag in NYC = 67 miles

MoreFreedom's picture

In the never right world of what constitutes an accecptable action to find a female mate, Steinem said men get one free grope, and as long as any no was respected, then it was OK.  Apparently even that isn't OK considering that appears to be Ben Afflack's approach, for which he's in hot water.

jin187's picture

This day and age, the only safe man is one that fills his bedroom with cameras, and has his partners fill out consent forms. Make sure you live in a 1-party consent state too, as far as recording devices go, so you can't get burned for illegal surveillance or wiretapping.

shovelhead's picture

Well, a lot of girls may have been reading that crap but it didn't slow them down from doing the Juicy Watusi.

Thankfully, I can testify from experience.

Consuelo's picture




"Purportedly Moore’s main accuser Leigh Corfman has had three divorces, filed for bankruptcy three times, and has been charged with multiple misdemeanors."

'We' accuse the Leninists of this tactic when they attempt to dredge the bottom on a 'conservative'.    Not that there isn't truth in the statement, but call it what it is nonetheless: An attempt at character assassination.    So we are like unto them, no...?


And then at the end of the piece, this:

"Our children and grandchildren’s futures are on the line."


A more appropriate response would have been:

'The facts will come out, the dirt will be exposed and all of this will be proven False.'

343 Guilty Spark's picture

They are calling out allegations of sexual misconduct without providing any evidence.  So we essentually have Moore's word vs. those of the various accusers.  In order to determine who's word has more merit, we look at one's character.  Looking into his accuser's history and character is natural.

Now, if actual evidence was provided, people would be looking into that and not the accusers.  So yeah...blame WAPO for publishing the story with zero facts.  If they had published a story that had actual evidence than no one would be really digging into the accusers this deep and would be focusing on the evidence.

Minack's picture

The Left wrote the playbook -- we're just playing by the rules they set. Boomer politics is finally over and done with. It's time to win and make the Left eat shit for a change.

The Gladiator's picture

I don't care if he raped 14 nuns 38 years ago,or yesterday. This religious zealot has no place in government. Trying cases in Alabama as per the 10 commandments? The statue of lady liberty doesn't have a bible on either scale.

lennysrv's picture

Interesting. I didn't know that the Statue of Liberty was just a disguised version of the scales of justice. She doesn't even have a blindfold on. Wait! WTF just happened?

Minack's picture

The absolute state of New Atheism. Militant Fedoras need to be rounded up and gassed.

RKae's picture

The statue of Liberty does not hold a scale.

Shit, next time before you beclown yourself, just do a quick image search. You won't throw your shoulder out just doing a few clicks.

Evil Liberals's picture

Likewise, fairness demands that an Atheist zealot not be allowed in public office.

You don't have to be a member an acknowledged religion to have an agenda that is

religious (shoving your own personal sick, twisted morals on others).

I'm an Atheist but not a zealot.

RKae's picture

Exaclty. As if we haven't had gay zealots in elected offices over the past few decades!

falconflight's picture

Hey Gladiator what does the statute of liberty have to do w/ the US Constitution?

Consuelo's picture



Where do you think our 'just' laws are derived from --- the Flying Spaghetti Monster'...?  

amor terra's picture

Mostly the Magna Carta, dear.


TeethVillage88s's picture

Someone on 4Chan just asked for link to Debbie Gibson nudes. I have no idea what he wants these for. But seems very likely these 'nudes' 'do exist'.

How about it ZH? Can you find her nudes and post link?

Asking for a friend.

Moving and Grooving's picture

Well. I googled debbie gibson nude, switched to images, and there were pages of them.


I also have to admit that I wasn't looking at the faces, so I can't positively confirm if any were actually her, but I'm pretty sure there were some.



jin187's picture

I hope you guys are aware that there are other, more famous Debbie Gibsons.

Rex Andrus's picture

Corporate msm shills have already convicted and sentenced him. They won't say a word when his accusers are busted. All MSM shills and (((fugly dyke cows))) need to be similarly tried and executed. Do it for the children. Should take about 200 man hours.

Dumpster Elite's picture

Remember last year's election? I'm STILL waiting to hear more about those women's know, the one's who claimed that Trump had sexually assaulted them? What is the verdict??? I mean, the MSM had them out there, front and center! So their stories MUST be true, right? After all, they were ALLEGATIONS. ALLEGATIONS = TRUTH. So shouldn't Trump be in prison right about now? I mean, these were WOMEN. WOMEN NEVER LIE, EVER! Especially about sexual assault. I wonder where these women are???? They must be fearing for their lives right about now. That's the only conclusion I can draw from this. WHy isn't the MSM reporting more on this????? They were right on top of it just last year!

jin187's picture

You must have missed the part where Trump said he was going to sue the shit out of them. One of them actually broke down crying during an interview a couple days later, apologized for lying, and begged Trump not to sue her into oblivion. Pretty sure that was what made the whole thing simply fade away.

RKae's picture

Amazing how Trump was a spotlight celebrity for decades... No rape or racist allegations.

He has a high-profile, popular TV series... No rape or racist allegations.

He takes a shot at president... No rape or racist allegations.

He makes a serious run at the presidency... RAPIST! RACIST!

And people believe this shit.

my new username's picture

Moore is going to win by a landslide - which will bury Mitch mcConnell.

jin187's picture

Bitch McConnell looks like he was already buried, and rose again when someone drove by playing 'Thriller'.

NoWayJose's picture

The problem with setting up a fake smear attack on a judge is that he knows exactly which laws to use against WaPo!

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

He needs to sue for libel at the very least as WaPo and CNN fake news meet that standard right out of the gate.



shadow54's picture

No man is safe from accusations.
These are the days of the feminazi media tarts, everyone is being accused.
Weinstein and Weiner taught them that sex accusations sell big.
This not going to end.
If they can't find a woman or you are gay, then they'll find a boy to get you.
The National Enquirer now has to compete with WAPO, NYT, CNN all the rest.

EnragedUSMCExpat's picture

It will end, with CNN/MSM fake news being eviscerated in the courts. CNN is already toast:

Zucker ‘Out’ At CNN Due To Abysmal Ratings -

The die is cast, DIE being the operative word.

NoWayJose's picture

Men don't flirt with ugly women.

Ugly women stir this up so men don't flirt with pretty women either.

jin187's picture

Did you ever see the chick that Herman Cain was accused of having an affair with? I know he's black, but c'mon...

She looked like someone forced 100 Big Mac's down Lisa Lampinelli's throat, then gave her an extra chromosome. The MSM still managed to make the story stick long enough for him to drop out. I'm not saying some men won't fuck anything that walks, or rides on a Hoveround, but people with 8-figure bank accounts usually have somewhat higher standards.

brushhog's picture

Its just dirty politics. The dems are better at because they have a larger pool morally bankrupt supporters to mobilize.

RKae's picture

Although the Battleship Tinseltown has taken fire recently and is listing precariously to one side.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Those who wrote this fake story have committed a very serious crime and all of them should go to jail for 15-20 years and WAPO should have to pay the Judge tens of millions in damages.

Abaco's picture

Alabaman's need to demand a criminal investigation into this with real hard hitting charges and jail time for anyine invilved when it turns out to be fake.  This is an offense against the foundations of the country that enable civilized life.

RedBaron616's picture

The Socialists/Communists and the GOP cannot stand someone who takes a Christian stand and believes that the Constitution should be applied to every law passed by Congress. They will lie, smear, and do anything humanly possible to make sure they aren't elected. Of course, if he were Muslim, they would be flocking to say all these stories were lies. Funny how that works.

Mazzy's picture

It may not matter, the damage may already be done.  If ALLEGATIONS alone convict an honest and forthright man in the eyes of 5% or's enough to lose an election.

Dems know it's all lies if conservatives were to try the same tactics, so it's best to just not play that game.  They're going to vote for their Marxist candidates anyway.