Rupert Murdoch Offered To Buy CNN: Report

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With the Murdoch family's push to buy out Sky News stalled in the UK as members of parliament raise concerns about his fitness for ownership given the myriad sexually harassment and abuse scandals at Fox News, it appears the Australian-born octogenarian TV mogul may be setting his sights on a new prize: CNN.

Following the revelation earlier this week that the DOJ was pushing Time Warner to sell off CNN as one of the conditions for its proposed acquisition by AT&T after President Donald Trump threatened to block the deal just to spite the "fake news" purveyor, Reuters is reporting that Rupert Murdoch telephoned AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson twice in the last six months to talk about buying the cable news channel.

The DOJ later said that Time Warner offered to sell CNN if it would help the deal win approval, but regardless of who first proposed it, one thing is clear: it appears CNN, along with the rest of TW's broadcasting unit, is for sale. And with Murdoch gradually handing more and more power to his sons, James and Lachlan, an acquisition of CNN - which has benefited recently from a bump in ratings thanks in large part to Trump's campaign and presidency - would be a potentially legacy cementing achievement. An official told Reuters Thursday that the Justice Department staff have recommended that AT&T sell either its DirecTV unit or Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting unit, which includes news company CNN, afor the deal to gain approval.

However, another source told Reuters that Murdoch has "zero" interest in CNN. AT&T agreed to buy Time Warner in October 2016. Stephenson also said he has no interest in selling CNN, and is ready to defend the deal in court, if necessary.

According to one of the sources on Friday, Murdoch called Stephenson twice unprompted on May 16 and Aug. 8 and on both occasions asked if CNN was for sale. Stephenson replied both times that it was not, according to the source.

Time Warner shares jumped 4% on the news.

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Damn, how much infant blood does this old lizard need to keep from keeling over and dying?

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Don't fucking ask. Dirty bastards seem intent on clinging to their miserable lives whatever the cost.

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I'll give TW $0.07 for CNN.

There, I offered to buy that lying piece of shit.

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Octogenarian pedophiles need not apply. But, he is a suitable owner for CNN... a match made by Satan.

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FOX and CNN? Sounds perfect, lol.

Fuck this guy.

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Yeah..CNN has seen a bump in ratings slightly above Home and Garden channel where people literally enjoy watching paint dry. One million viewers a night in prime time is a joke and so is three million at Fox..Let’s not kid ourselves about the influence of this garbage..

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Buy CNN and clean house of all those fake reporters! Hire back Greg Hunter and give him an anchor spot !!

Sanity_is_Dead's picture

Control both sides of the message - what could go wrong?

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He probably offered them $1 for it.

milo_hoffman's picture

Imagine actually going back to being a news channel with actual news desk reporting 24/7 like CNN was originally. And not being yet another political talk show 24/7. Think there is a market for that?

khnum's picture

Control of both the left and right narratives-wouldn't some anti-trust law apply?

Stan522's picture

Not so fast.... perhaps the two narratives are merging....

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CNN hanging on for the last boomers still asleep

cstu7011's picture





at this point what difference does it make??

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These media companies need to be broken up not merged. I guess they're finding it difficult to stay on message and brainwash citizens with six whole media conglomerates instead of the three they used to have.

NAV's picture

An Establishment dictatorship rules today in America because the people are no longer informed; because they no longer have a free press. They have a media monopoly, an Establishment press.

What is the difference between Pravda in the U.S.S.R. and an unchecked monopoly over the press in the U.S.A.? Nothing. Yet all media, as you and Business Insider report, comes from the same six sources. And that's consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983.

All you need to create tyranny over representative government is a Congress that refuses to protect the nation’s right to a free press and allows a media monopoly.  It was the same in the USSR

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers." -- John Adams

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Ruprecht, dont take the cork off the fork!

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I offered to buy CNN but they refused my jar of change.

roadhazard's picture

Murdoch is getting ready to sell FOX broadcasting to Disney.

QIG's picture

CNN? Murdoch? Two names we could all live happier without having to hear them spoken.

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Do these jew vampires ever die?

south40_dreams's picture

We have WAY too many media conglomerates

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We have WAY to many ziojoo media conglomerates

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Somebody kick that crikey bastard in the teeth...hate what he and his family did to the WSJ...fucking pos globalist

brewing_it's picture

Its refreshing to know that the UK Government is on such a moral and ethical high plain that they can make moral judgements as to whether Murdoch can buy out Sky News.

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He's done wunders with fact free faux friends, just imagine what he can do with cnn ...

brewing_it's picture

Where would he start...Its already on cruise control overthere.

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Rupert, in that photo, looks pretty good... for a guy who died in 2003.

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Murdoch should not own 21st Century Fox. He's from Australia. The FCC rules had to be bent to allow him to purchase 21st Century Fox. For the GOP, remember, the Benghazi Hearings yielded nothing but wasting tax payer money for political grandstanding and BS.

Notice 3 Republicans are under indictment. Mueller had 0 hearings.

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First thing I would do if I bought CNN is fire all the marque names other Allison Comareta(or whatever her name is because she is cute].

Second, is to hire all low budget news casters and just report news. Car accidents, fires, etc.

Just news

War footage. No commentary. No round tables, just news. Like a CB radio. Local news, International news etc, People would watch because who does not like a train wreck??

YouTube of television. Sounds like Head Line News but that channel is not news anymore either.

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CNN is already controlled by jews, so what is the point of this?