Saudi "Deep State" Prince Bandar Among Those Arrested In Purge: Report

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According to a new report by Middle East Eye, Prince Bandar bin Sultan - Saudi Arabia's most famous arms dealer, longtime former ambassador to the US, and recent head of Saudi intelligence - was among those detained as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's (MBS) so-called "corruption purge" that started with the initial arrests of up to a dozen princes and other top officials last weekend.

If confirmed, the arrest and detention of Bandar would constitute the most significant and high profile figure caught up in the purge - even above that of high profile billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal - given Bandar's closeness to multiple US administrations and involvement in events ranging from Reagan's Nicaraguan Contra program (including direct involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal), to making the case for the Iraq War as a trusted friend of Bush and Cheney, to directing US-Saudi covert operations overseeing the arming of jihadists in Syria.

Famous photograph of George W. Bush and his close confidant Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

Middle East Eye issued the report based on multiple contacts "inside the royal court" and indicates further that the scale of MBS' aggressive crackdown is much larger than previously reported, and even involves the torture of "senior figures" among those detained:

Some senior figures detained in last Saturday's purge in Saudi Arabia were beaten and tortured so badly during their arrest or subsequent interrogations that they required hospital treatment, Middle East Eye can reveal.  People inside the royal court also told MEE that the scale of the crackdown, which has brought new arrests each day, is much bigger than Saudi authorities have admitted, with more than 500 people detained and double that number questioned.

And shockingly, those sources say that the longtime Saudi 'deep state' power broker and liaison with the West, Prince Bandar, is among the detained:

One of the most famous is Prince Bandar bin Sultan, a former Saudi ambassador to Washington and confidant of former US President George W Bush.  There is no word on his fate, but Saudi authorities said that one of the corruption cases they are looking at is the al-Yamamah arms deal, in which Bandar was involved.

While no doubt Bandar's very well-known role in Saudi "oil for arms" programs which have come to define Saudi relations with the West over the past decades is a trumped up and "selective" charge (insofar as the highest levels of the state have overseen such shady dealing) the al-Yamamah deal in particular - which goes back to the mid-1980's - has been an historical embarrassment to both the UK and Saudi governments (BAE Systems was the prime British contractor involved) for the astounding level of fraudulent accounting exposed in UK courts. 

Concerning Prince Bandar's role in the al-Yamamah deal, Middle East Eye continues

Bandar bought an entire village in the Cotswolds, a picturesque area of central England, and a 2,000-acre sporting estate with part of the proceeds from kickbacks he received in the al-Yamamah arms deal, which netted British manufacturer BAE £43bn ($56.5bn) in contracts for fighter aircraft.


As much as $30m (£15m) is alleged to have been paid into Bandar’s dollar account at Riggs Bank in Washington and the affair led to corruption probes in the US and UK, although the case was dropped in the UK in 2006 after an intervention by then-prime minister Tony Blair.

But more likely is that Bandar has been caught up in this week's MBS dragnet for his closeness to Western heads of state and foreign intelligence services. With MBS' aggressive consolidation of power which could result in ascension to the throne at any moment, and with fate of multiple princes and officials still unknown - not the least of which is now ex-PM of Lebanon Saad Hariri - a shroud of secrecy has resulted in myriad theories concerning what is really happening behind the scenes. 

Likely, Bandar has been detained to ensure a communications blackout with Western intelligence and media until MBS' plans are complete, with the added benefit of ensuring the "anti-corruption" angle to the purges for the consumption of international media. 

Bandar (left) has been close to multiple US administrations
 spanning decades with direct involvement in events ranging from Reagan's Nicaraguan Contra program (including being named in the Iran-Contra scandal), to making the case for the Iraq War as a trusted friend of Bush and Cheney, to directing Obama-era covert operations to arm jihadists in Syria.

Ironically, Bandar himself once seemed to publicly boast about receiving massive kickbacks in relation to Saudi weapons dealing, which perhaps further made him an easy and high profile target in this week's crackdown. According to a royal family profile highlighting corruption in the New York Times from early this week

Perhaps the most famous statement on corruption in Saudi Arabia was made by Prince Bandar. In an interview with PBS in 2001, he said: “If you tell me that building this whole country, and spending $350 billion out of $400 billion, that we had misused or got corrupted with $50 billion, I’ll tell you, yes. But I’ll take that anytime.”

And the New York Times summarized the key events of the multi-billion pound weapons deal with the UK as follows:

Weapons contracts have long been a source of wealth. British media reported that Prince Bandar received well over $1 billion in secret payments from BAE Systems, the leading British military contractor, over the course of a decade. The son of founding King Abdulaziz’s personal doctor, Adnan Khashoggi, became a billionaire as an arms dealer and go-between for weapons makers and members of the royal family.

Meanwhile news of Bandar's possible arrest and detention hasn't spread very widely in international media reports as of this writing, but it will be interesting to see the response in the West should the news be confirmed. Will Bandar's friends in Washington and London go to bat for him? Or will Prince Bandar quietly recede into the background of a permanent forced retirement from public life?

Most likely the latter will be the case. Regardless, for friends of the former powerful Saudi intelligence director on either side of the Atlantic and within Saudi Arabia itself, Bandar no doubt knows where all the skeletons are buried, and this alone makes him a worrisome, volatile and unpredictable figure in the midst of a transfer of power.

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weburke's picture

the israelis have worked for a long time on this. takeover the riches with a king of their making.

null's picture

Concentrate, firm hold on your crayon, now try to color within the lines.

Katos's picture

We can only hope and pray that Bandar BUSH IS tortured and spills THE beans on the entire BUSH FAMILY CRIME CABAL??? THESE SICK PEDOPHILES should be in Leavenworth awaiting the firing squad for Treason, for child trafficking, for SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE OF SMALL CHILDREN! FOR THE manipulation OF our government and our MEDIA through the CARLYLE GROUP ! THE STEALING OF trillions of taxpayers dollars by bombing MIDDLE East COUNTRIES back to the stone age!

bigkahuna's picture

The royals in Saudi know all about all of this. Pedophilia and war profiteering are seen a bit differently over there.

Joe Mama 3's picture

this is a dead mutherfuckker now !!!!!!!!!!    some one so close to the bushes about to be taken out make me think we really live in interesting times.

Offthebeach's picture

I heard three, 55 gallon barrels have been burning papers day and night out at Walker Point

tmosley's picture

One wonders if the peanut gallery will EVER understand what has happened here?

It should be fucking obvious that Trump is eliminating the Deep State, starting with the Saudis. Those in power are playing ball. With their foreign support gone, the ones left at home are going to be easy pickings. Sealed indictments have been filed, likely against the Clinton Foundation.

"Swinging from nooses" indeed.

BaBaBouy's picture

Calm Down, nothings' gonna happen to the Elitists, Deep State gets Deeper, Shaddow Govt gets Shaddowier ...

Thought Processor's picture



This one is interesting.  Bandar was a huge player in the NWO US / Saudi quid pro quo system. 


May be a very interesting weekend both here (U.S.) and abroad.  

fattail's picture

I'm confused.  All the Bush era Saudi's are being arrested, beaten, and tortured, but by some other Saudi prince who is likely just another power hungry pychopath.  Who are we rooting for?  

I think I like this new guy, but Im not sure?

STP's picture

If you look at how the Saudi's are 'draining' their swamp, they're not draining it, so much as dynamiting it.   Wonder why all those R's are retiring and leaving suddenly...

Carl Spackler's picture

This is the Saudi form of “draining the swamp.”

Although their slogan may be “drain the oasis!”

malek's picture

You mean Mohammed bin Salman is the good guy, and you know that for sure?

MK13's picture

MBS is the new guy for the Deep State that's trying to bury its still breathing skeletons. Clinton Foundation and its contacts are lose ends that need to be tied.

vato poco's picture

I don't know a damn thing about MBS. one way to make conclusions as to who he is, is to look at his enemies: all longtime deep state scum.

don't think that's a BAD sign, do you?

tmosley's picture

No, he's a mudshit. But now they won't be mudshits dictating US policy.

TheReplacement's picture

MBS certainly has his own motivations, useful temporarily or otherwise is the question.

BetweenThe Coasts's picture

Might be equally obvious new Saudi prince-dictator-whatever is getting free of US control (Deep State and political temps).

Future Jim's picture

"Trump is eliminating the Deep State"


As Benjamin Netanyahu said,there is no greater friend to Israel and the Jewish people than Donald Trump.

Israel wants the oil under Lebanon and the Golan Heights, and it seems like they are having their puppets (Saudi Arabia and Hezbollah) fight in order to create an opportunity to stop anyone else from getting any of that oil.

redmudhooch's picture

"trusted friend of Bush and Cheney, to directing Obama-era covert operations to arm jihadists in Syria."

Isis is Israel, Zionist banksters. You gotta love how Israel keeps getting left out of these stories.

I'm waiting to see Bush, all the Noeocon

PNACer's in cuffs.

Open your mind, we're all not so different.

This guy is lucky to be alive, this is an awesome video, watch it, beginning to end.

''The Conspiracy Of The International Bankers''

Joe Mama 3's picture

I'm waiting for the day all these mutherfuckers start crying balling and pointing fingers at each other, ( the bushes, clintons, obama, etc.) trying to be the first snitch to avoid the noose !!!!!!!   Unfortunately for poppy and his boyz, they  have the most traitorous dirt than any of the other players by far.

Alfred's picture

The Golan Hieghts is about water... always has been. When you need water, who gives a fuck about oil?

farflungstar's picture

They'll just steal it like everything else they, water, oil, etc...the supreme international grifters

Omen IV's picture

rather than the analysis is Trump instigating this house cleaning it is closer to the truth that power is being consolidated, leakage of Billions in bribes stopped & reversed, strategic direction changed to conserve liquidity & face the reality on the ground and the recognition that resources that underpin this House of Cards are on an accelerating decline.

without SA there is no offset to Iran and the Shia Crescent and therefore Israel is out in the cold with the wind blowing harder. Even if "wounded" SA must be preserved and consolidated.


as Brennan said they made a mistake with Iran and pressed too hard for too long and they dont forget

KrazyMax's picture

There's no way to KNOW of course, but from the multitude of sources I access, including what I learn from the contributor's on ZH, it's obvious a "change" is in the works.

I pray it's for the better, because the way things have been going... I fear we're fairly close to the edge!

TheReplacement's picture

An America centric question might be:  Are any of these perps being tortured into testifying against TPTB in the west?

"Now Bandar, what do you know of the Clinton Foundation?"

Lolitsa's picture

I'm fairly certain this towel head is being waterboarded into telling some tales. Hex, they probably don't even have to torture. Just ask.

when the saxon began's picture

It is good that there is still time remaining to dream...

dark pools of soros's picture

you STILL care about gold as bitcoin flew past the moon outta the milkyway?

Gold doesnt go up unless this and everysite goes dark.. so there is no reason to squwak about gold since you will never be able to tell anyone once it skyrockets

go to puerto rico and live the gold stacker fantasy scenario

TheReplacement's picture

A fool would dismiss history.

A wiser man might stfu learn from history and stack 10% of his bitcoin winnings for a rainy day.

tmosley's picture

Wiser car owners would buy horses for a rainy day.

Wait, what!?

pliny the longer's picture

u r probably correct that we only know about 5%

that having been said, our stawks are gonna be ok, right? this is bullish, isn't it? 

Ghordius's picture

"I'll never get that picture of Thump doing the Woar "Sword Dance" with the Sheiks ... I think we only have 5% of the actual story thats going on Here ..."

I think I have to defend your Mr. Trump, here. He is still a saint, compared to Dubya

a Sword Dance is just this: a party feature, an innocuos, non-bloody fun

Dubya,,, caused endless blood to flow, with no end in sight

give me the dancer anytime, if the warmonger is the other option

Griffin's picture

Mohammad Salman will build the new mega city Neom, where they will all get their heads chopped off by robots wielding lightsabers.


HRClinton's picture

Can I get that on HBO, Netflix or Amazon Prime?

I need to be entertained. 

cheech_wizard's picture

Isn't you question best answered by Abdallah al-Bishi?

Standard Disclaimer: If this man is having his swords sharpened, you have your answer...

Normally Aspirated's picture

Do you think it's possible that those rumours that Trump is working behind the scenes to expose the Pedophiles in the Clinton & Obama networks as well as the financial skullduggery that's occured may actually be true???

Maybe this is all a part of a sting to get these crooks? When you think of the 11 'so called' sealed indictments for the arrest of the Podesta brothers and Hillary and join it with these guys... it makes for one helluva conspiract theory.

MK13's picture

I'd like to believe that swamp is getting drained, but it's more likely being rechanneled - which may be better than where we were headed. But if you think alphabet agencies will be left out of new order, there is November 22nd in Dallas that can served by them at any time, for public consumption.

Clashfan's picture

BANDAR BUSH?? BANDAR BUSH?? I smell pizza!


SofaPapa's picture

With both him and Al-Waleed going down, this is the real thing.

More popcorn!

BurningFuld's picture

Did Kushner give the Saudis some insider info? Could this be Trump draining the swamp?

any_mouse's picture

Sure. Be Happy.

Kushner? Part of the problem.

This is the KSA getting ready for a non-Petrodollar world.

Don't forget the KSA is decalring war on Lebanon, because, well, just because.

Operation Just Because.

Rockatanski's picture

interesting angle ya got there.

SixIsNinE's picture

like it or not, the kush is trumpus's son in law.

the chinks the joos & the yanks are all in together. 

get it?


5D chess Trumpmaster.

remember, Trump has Talpiot on his side.  Even da Joos can get weirded out sometimes on the aberrant hollyweirdos.

in any case,  it does bode well for popcorn suppliers this holiday season ;)


el buitre's picture

Prince MBS so far has pulled off three epic failures;

1) For the Saudi's, the Syrian ISIS fiasco.  Admittedly he inherited this bag of shit.

2) His War on Yemen.  His baby.

3) His cold war with Qatar - his bady.

But these will look like a walk in the park if he thinks he can waltz through the battle hardened Hezbollah into Iran.  In reality, he works for the Banking Cabal's operational arm, i.e. the CIA.  He has been designated as the pivotal idiot to start WWIII, just like that other Crown Prince - Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.  When the banking cabal has a good script they can use it for a century.

The scorecard will read Gulf pseudo royal thugs, Nutsy Yahoo, and Exceptionalstan versus Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia, with China playing tag team ally to Russia.  Barring strategic nuclear war, the former group will get a royal reaming which will hasten the demise of the dollar, which this operation was a desparate attempt to prevent.

el buitre's picture

P.S.  Jared of Arabia works for Nutsy Yahoo.

king leon's picture

The Saudis won't be going anywhere near Iran, that's if they want to keep supplying China with oil. China/Russia Are investing billions of "NOT" U$D into Iran. There will be new container port facilities and rail links up through Russia into Europe, bypassing the Suez Canal shaving 2 weeks off delivery times

cheech_wizard's picture

Does Saudi Arabia have swamps?

No? Well there is always this method of disposal...