Spanish Government Blames Russian "Dezinformatsiya" Campaign For Catalan Uprising

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No, not The Onion...

In what is perhaps the least surprising tactic from the Spanish establishment, a government-backed research institute in Madrid has stated that Spain’s struggle to quash separatism in its Catalonia region was disrupted by Russian hackers agitating for a break-up, in a hallmark propaganda effort to fracture Europe.

As Bloomberg reports, the unidentified Russians spread both true and false messages on Facebook and Twitter during the illegal separatist referendum on Oct. 1, according to Mira Milosevich, a senior analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute.

The “dezinformatsiya” campaign deployed trolls, bots and fake accounts, and was backed by intense coverage from Russia’s state-supported television, she said.

“Russia has a nationalist agenda, and it supports nationalist, populist movements in Europe because that serves to divide Europe,” Milosevich said Wednesday in an interview.


The researcher had just published an article building on a Sept. 25 El Pais newspaper report that linked fake news on Catalonia with allegations of Russian influence in the Brexit campaign.


Elcano is part-funded by the Spanish government and its board’s honorary chairman is King Felipe VI.

Milosevich further claims that the most significant comments spread on Twitter and Facebook came from WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange and government-secrets leaker Edward Snowden, Milosevich said, particularly that the “banana republic” of Spain used violence to suffocate a democratic vote.

For his Twitter profile photo, Assange is using a shot of Spanish riot police, clad in black protective gear, with one of them swinging his baton.

“What is happening in Catalonia in the most significant Western conflict between people and state since the fall of the Berlin Wall -- but its methods are 2017, from VPNs, proxies, mirrors and encrypted chat to internet surveillance and censorship, bot propaganda and body armor,” Assange tweeted the day before the Oct. 1 separatist vote.

And os there it is - the Catalans - who have been fighting for independence for centuries, were tricked by Russian trolls (thanks to enemies of the state Snowden and Assange) into voting for secession... we have no words.

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RumpleShitzkin's picture

So gay.
Spic commies should blame themselves.
He place was a shithole long before Putin and will be so long after he is gone.

Looney's picture

Which excuse is better, smarter, and more sophisticated?

<<<   The dog ate my homework

<<<   It is the Russians’ fault

Looney   ;-)

Manthong's picture


goddamit… I knew it was the f’ng Russians all along………

Gaius Frakkin&#039; Baltar's picture

We're all going to be labeled Russian agents before it is over...

skbull44's picture

Catalonian secession movements have been going on a LONG time...Russia is really playing the Long Game well!!

Bes's picture

hey when you have a good boogie man around

tptb use it


for example:  


flag kneelers

trans troops



greenspanator's picture

Those words are some Mira Milosevich's (very Spanish name btw) who belongs to some Royal Institute Elcano... yet ZH says they are the Spanish Government's.

I thought I would see no more nonsense of the Catalan thing for a while given it has lost steam but here comes ZH yet again... developing a very suspicious pattern of always siding with Russia.

Abapom's picture

Mira Milosevich is Serbian, belonging to Otpor wing. This Mira is not be mistaken with late Slobodan Milosevich wife, who lives in Russia somewhere.

Otpor group is created by Sorosh to fight Slobodan Milosevic and to bring in Serbia in line with Brussels and NATO and

to prevent Serbia to be close to Russia. Otpor is collection of worst scumbags highly paid by hemorrhoid-Soros to destroy their own

country people and to kiss NATO boots. But as we saw it took them billions of dollars to topple Milosevic.

After bombing of Serbia and when they crushed Serbia, took Milosevic to private court in Hague Holland prosecuted him and killed him

Otpor Imbeciles where guns for hire. They could be seen causing shit everywhere from Ukraine to Toronto ( Toronto occupy demonstrations).

and here is one more Mira popping up in Spain paid to defecate -on-who-else than Russians.



Slobodan was patriot trying to unite Serbian people in one state. Soros Creates Otpor ( means Resistance) movement.

Serbs at that time where Resisting Clinton/NATO/Brussels orders yet Soros creates Resistance movement.WTF? Serbs Where Resistance!!!

so he steals WORD that actually describes what the are destroying !!!

This is signature of Soros and Deep State and CIA OPS for every conflict we saw since Serbia war!

Ukraine being part of Russia forever was invaded - Yet NATO who came from far away to Ukraine did not - LOL

Syrian army is enemy of Syrian people - Yet foreign ISIS fighters are democrats liberating Syria by slaughtering Syrians



The Wizard's picture

She is just another talking head for the global elite.

NPR, of all places interviewed Serbs on the street about why NATO attacked the Serbs rather than protecting them. It wasn't because of the purported ethnic cleansing. They told the reporter it was because Slobodan wanted to divest from the dollar and create a gold back currency. I never heard that repeated on NPR or PBS. They did it to Qaddafi, Mubarak, Sadaam, etc.

Also, the Radical Muslims in Kosovo were a link to the opium trade in Europe and the U.S. The people no longer wanted the KLA in their neighborhoods. NATO called it ethnic cleansing.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

The Royal Elcano Institute claims to be an independent think tank.  However, it receives 10% of its funding from the Spanish government, and its Board of Directors includes the King of Spain, three former Prime Ministers, as well as the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Economy, and Education.  The rest of its funding is provided by a handful of major Spanish companies, whose appointees comprise the remainder of the board.

While you are correct that the institute is not technically part of the Spanish government, characterizing it as such may be less misleading than the institute's claim to be independent of government and private corporate interests.

GreatUncle's picture

If everybody in the world is labelled a Russian agent who is the odd one out.

Anybody that is not a Russian agent!

Manthong's picture

Maybe if she was stripped naked and strung up by the wrists in a cold dungeon  and hosed down a few times with ice cold water……she might tell the truth.

not suggesting anything …just thinking….  


the discerning eye can ID a lib leftie a mile a way


silverer's picture

And all those years of Madrid robbing Catalonia. Must have been Russian infiltrators in Madrid as well.

Manthong's picture


From each Catalonian according to his abilities ……

To each Andalucían according to his needs......


....the EU Way


RumpleShitzkin's picture

I think the dog one, really.

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture


< Fascism is the way to go
< Communism is the way to go

P-51 Stiletto's picture

<Libertarianism is the way to go

<Any "ism" will do

GreatUncle's picture

Had to log in for the dog ate my homework :-) So goddam plausible that.

dlweld's picture

Well, it's coming: "The Russians ate my homework!"

Diatom's picture

Pick the size and specs. of the spanish gubmint:

1- 25 kg sack of shit gubmint.

2- 25 kg box of shit gubmint.



EddieLomax's picture

They are deliberately talking nonsense too.

Yes Russia has a nationalist agenda, it serves its own interests, but what type of nationalism is happening in Spain?

There are three types, Imperialism where your borders are beyond your country, unionism/status quo where you are non-expansive but preserve boundaries, or seperatism where your borders are within a larger country.

Catalonia is clearly seperatism, the problem is there not because of Russia but because both there is no external threat that justifies the union of Spanish nations, and also because of the gross mismanagement of Madrid.

If Madrid grews some balls, started taking responsibility for its own actions and left the EU then this seperatism would be a weak cause.  They won't so it will only grow.

44magnum's picture

ONLY Israeli nationalism MATTERS ,all other countries its BAD very very BAD

Slippery Slope's picture

Russian has no reason to want the fall of Europe. It’s one large trading bloc, that is no military threat.

Individual trade relationships with multiple countries would be difficult to maintain.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Laughable that anyone would have to interfere with anything that went down in Spain.
All you have to do is watch from a reasonable distance and enjoy your popcorn.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

Mira Milosevich....lemme guess...Ukrainian cheesepope?

RumpleShitzkin's picture

One day...Russian patience and sense of humor is going to run out.

Amazing they’ve taken this much in stride. Peace Prize a world where that institution wasn’t a complete sham.

Manthong's picture



I detect something good happening...

...the President is starting to dump big time on the Intel Community,,,, errrrr I think I mean Intel Conspiracy.........

I hope I am somewhat correct here.

EddieLomax's picture

Yeah, and there is a lot of dirt to dump back on them.

Such as the Syria intel for starters, that seems like a total load of crap to someone who does not believe Assad is no saint.  I just think he's the best dictator for that country, the only way to improve the place would be to get rid of Islam then there would be no need for a strongman in control.

Anunnaki's picture

Bismarck on the Russians: the are slow to take to the saddle, but when they do they ride like the wind

DrData02's picture

God those Russians are good. 

buzzsaw99's picture

They took the bar!  THE WHOLE FUCKING BAR!!  [/bluto]

Voice of insanity's picture

I need to replace my whole marketing team with Russians - they sure know how to get bang for your buck!

Lumberjack's picture

Britian (London) is responsible for the creation of rogue countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. They fucked with China and India too among many others. Their banks have sovereign immunities above and beyond anything and anyone else on earth, including God and even the Devil himself. They invented the sport of dogging, tried invading the US and failed (although their banking institutions succeeded etc. etc..

Blame them Spain....Think Brexit and there you have it. Rothschild and Hillary too.

kehar857's picture

damn russians are responsible for my toilet nt flushing right and cancer and global warming and the fact that my parrot picks his feathers and sworl hunger and people eating too much and everything not mentioned. damn ruskies

BritBob's picture

Perhaps they will heve to rewrite the law on self-determination? It certainly needs clarifying...


Catalonia’s push for independence from Spain is illegitimate, as the region has not been recognized by the United Nations as a non-autonomous territory, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Spanish media.


When one speaks of self-determination, certain areas have been recognized by the United Nations as non-autonomous territories. But Catalonia does not fall into this category,” Ban Ki-Moon said in an interview with Spanish newspapers El Pais, El Mundo, ABC and La Vanguardia. (31 Oct 2015).

Ex-Oligarch's picture

Britbob, I know I have teased you a lot in the past, but this is an excellent observation, and I had not run across that appalling quote before.  Thank you. 

It's so rare when someone of the Secretary-General's rank comes right out and says that a people's natural right to self-determination is circumscribed by the pronouncements of some committee of globalist bureaucrats at the UN.   

tuetenueggel's picture

UN is an US-bribed bunch of morons.

Hoppingpot's picture

Milosevich, I believe you are mistaken in your assertions.....

silverer's picture

These countries and news outlets lose more credibility everyday constantly accusing Russia of good deeds. In the meanwhile, the Amish are sitting around laughing so hard, they're falling out of their chairs.

EddieLomax's picture

The insidious Amish? :) 

Joe A's picture

I knew it! Don Diego is actually a Russian agent,  spewing the Spanish nationalistic propaganda in order to fuel Catalan separatism.

SpanishGoop's picture

"When it becomes serious, you have to lie (or blaim the Russians or iranians)."

So many ways out.

Voice of insanity's picture

"As Bloomberg reports, the unidentified Russians spread both true and false messages on Facebook and Twitter during the illegal separatist referendum"


WTF - we can't have people spreading true messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Sudden Debt's picture

You know they've lost once they use the "Russia" word :)



"Russia did it" is now the crede of all idiots on earth

any_mouse's picture

Spain says Catalonians are incapable of thinking for themselves and need Russian influence.

In other news, the long running resistance to the government in Bahrain is now due to Iranian influence.


In other news, no news about DPRK.

HRC and the DNC, Russia is the problems.

In two stores I was in yesterday, each had a self serve kiosk that crashed. Russian hackers?