UK Prosecutors Admit Destroying Emails In Julian Assange Case

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Next month will mark seven years since Julian Assange first sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Even though Sweden dropped a sex crimes investigation into Assange back in May, he has been forced to remain confined to a cramped room, where he has no access to the outdoors, since AG Jeff Sessions reaffirmed that the DOJ intends to prosecute Assange for his role in leaking the Iraq war logs, State Department cables and DNC emails.

And with a Freedom of Information case brought by a journalist for the Italian newspaper La Repubblica set to be decided in London next week, surprising details published by the Guardian Friday suggest a representative for the UK government intentionally discouraged Swedish investigators from meeting with Assange in person - something that investigators say could’ve led the country’s government to drop its charges against the Wikileaks founder years ago. The report also shows that the Crown Prosecution Service, the branch of UK law enforcement responsible for criminal prosecutions, deleted emails pertaining to Assange's extradition case after the lawyer in charge of it - the same lawyer who advised Swedish investigators not to interview Assange in London - retired.

The Crown Prosecution Service is facing embarrassment after admitting it destroyed key emails relating to the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy fighting extradition.


Email exchanges between the CPS and its Swedish counterparts over the high-profile case were deleted after the lawyer at the UK end retired in 2014.


The destruction of potentially sensitive and revealing information comes ahead of a tribunal hearing in London next week.


Adding to the intrigue, it emerged the CPS lawyer involved had, unaccountably, advised the Swedes in 2010 or 2011 not to visit London to interview Assange. An interview at that time could have prevented the long-running embassy standoff. In a laughably ironic admission, the prosecutors’ office said it had no knowledge of the content of the emails - but assured the Guardian that they didn’t contain anything that could’ve influenced the outcome of a criminal case involving Assange.

UK government officials have said the CPS inadvertently destroyed the emails after the lawyer in charge of the Assange extradition case retired in 2014. By that time, an office spokesperson said, the case had been settled.



Of course, one can’t help but wonder, given the repeated denials and stonewalling, if this is some kind of coverup. Assange’s allies feared that if he had been extradited to Sweden, he could then be extradited from Sweden to the US.

The CPS, responding to questions from the Guardian, denied there were any legal implications of the data loss for an Assange case if it were to come to court in the future. Asked if the CPS had any idea what was destroyed, a spokesperson said: “We have no way of knowing the content of email accounts once they have been deleted."


Assange, whose WikiLeaks has been involved in a series of controversial leaks that include the Iraq war logs, US state department cables and Democratic party emails, was wanted by Sweden as part of a preliminary investigation into rape allegations. Sweden dropped the investigation in May.


Detractors of Assange, who sought refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in 2012, accuse him of collaborating with Russian propagandists in undermining Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency and helping Donald Trump secure it.


Supporters of Assange fear he could have been extradited to the US from Sweden and might yet from the UK. The US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, said this year Assange was a priority for the justice department and US federal prosecutors are believed to be considering charges against him over the leaks.

The FOIA request that led to this revelation was filed by Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi a reporter for the Italian Newspaper La Repubblica, who will be represented at the FOIA hearing next week by two Barristers.

Maurizi unearthed two years ago, through an FOI request to the Swedish prosecutors, an email from a lawyer in the CPS extradition unit on Jan. 25 2011 saying: “My earlier advice remains, that in my view it would not be prudent for the Swedish authorities to try to interview the defendant in the UK."

The sentence was redacted in the email obtained by Maurizi from the CPS under an FOI request but not when it was released under an FOI request from the Swedish prosecutors.

As La Repubblica points out, Assange is the only western publisher being arbitrarily detained in Europe, according to two decisions by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions in February 2016, a decision that has completely faded into oblivion. Dec. 7 will mark seven years since he lost his freedom, yet as far as we know, in the course of these last 7 years no media has tried to access the full file on Julian Assange. Maurizi will appear before a Freedom of Information tribunal in London on Monday to argue for the release of more information. Jennifer Robinson, a Doughty Street chambers barrister, and Estelle Dehon, who specialises in freedom of information, will be representing Maurizi at the tribunal, set for Monday and Tuesday.

Specifically, La Repubblica will be defending the press’s right to access the documents regarding Assange’s case after trying in vain for the last two years. Maurizi, a reporter on La Repubblica who has covered Wikileaks since 2009, has been pressing both the CPS and its Swedish counterpart for information relating to Assange and extradition.

Government spokespeople dispute the notion that the Assange case was “live” when the emails were inadvertently deleted in 2012 because the extradition proceedings had concluded. However, Assange remains trapped in the Ecuadorean embassy.

Unhappy over the limited material released so far, she is taking her case against the CPS to an information tribunal on Monday and Tuesday.

“It is incredible to me these records about an ongoing and high-profile case have been destroyed. I think they have something to hide,” Maurizi said.

By securing the release of more documents, she is hoping to establish how much influence the UK had in the decision of the Swedish authorities at the time not to travel to London to interview Assange. She is also looking for evidence of US involvement in extradition moves.

Assange declined to travel to Sweden at the time, expressing fear it was a ruse that could pave the way for his extradition to the US. His lawyers offered a compromise in which Swedish investigators could interview him in person in London or by a video link, but the Swedish authorities did not take up the offer at the time.

If we’re reading this correctly, it would appear that a lawyer in the CPS unilaterally discouraged Swedish investigators not to interview Assange in person, knowing that Assange wouldn’t travel to Sweden voluntarily for fear of being extradited to the US. While Assange’s lawyers offered Sweden the opportunity to interview their client via video link, Swedish authorities declined to accept.

This helped pave the way for a yearslong diplomatic standoff, all the while forcing Assange to live under conditions that even prisoners in US maximum security prisons aren’t forced to endure - indeed, at least prisoners are allowed at least an hour outdoors per day.

Robinson, who has also represented Assange, said: “The missing information raises concerns about the Crown Prosecution Service’s data retention policy and what internal mechanisms are in place to review their conduct of this case in light of the fact the UK has been found to have breached its international obligations."

A spokesperson for the CPS said the agency has more than 50 files on Assange, and depending on the tribunal’s final ruling next week, much of the information contained therein could be released to the public.

We’re certainly curious to learn more.



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Fuck the establishment is all I have to say.

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As always, ask the NSA if you really want them, they have copies

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Do the brits do anything correctly? First a friggin ramp on their carrier and now this!!!!

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Don't worry, they are making a major contribution to world peace.

Those things will get parked safely west of the Azores if there is any kind of shooting war with a real opponent.


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how about the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar strait? Let's ask BritBob.

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They drive on the wrong side of the road,  wire their cars backwards, don't even know how to speak English correctly, and think they have province in other peoples lands. Someone get Julian out of that madhouse.

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The copies in Cheltenham are much closer,just ask the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries for them.

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Case dismissed (in a just society that is).

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Not case dismissed in the UK then !!!.

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Interesting to note that Assange's friend Snowden revealed that the UK was keeping tabs on Argentina and her Falklands aspirations. About time the Argentinians gave up on that old chestnut.

Seriously, have you heard of a territory being usurped in the 19th century?

Falkland Islands – The Usurpation (1 pg):


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Hey, Bob, next time the UK decides to steam across an entire fucking ocean to grab some crappy little islands, give us a heads up, will ya?

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"Hey, Bob, next time the UK decides to steam across an entire fucking ocean to grab some crappy little islands, give us a heads up, will ya?"   You forgot murder the indigenous people. The last two natives were elderly sisters and died in my lifetime. I remember well reading the article, and now it has disappeared from the search engine.

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Fuck the Malvinas. What about Gibraltar?

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Needs to be given back to the Carthaginians. An elephant task force should persuade the locals to put down their jellied eels and surrender.

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I think the apes were there before them.

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I think they should refocus all their efforts on reacquiring India and making her subjects submit to the crown.

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The maverick outsider refuses to talk to him and his offer of proof regarding collusion.

Dilly Dilly!

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President Trump Had A Plan Close To His Vest – Aided By His Beloved Military – Moving Fast – Indictments – Mainstream Media Blackout.

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Does anyone believe this is even remotely true????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

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The time has come to support fascism.

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It's unfolding right before your  eyes, Short Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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'Obama captured in the Philippines...?


To its credit, there hasn't been much in the news about our former Savior, but then again - he is 'former', so it isn't like the reflection of Narcissus shines on him anymore for us to gaze at on a daily basis.      

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The Ex Clown President reported to jury duty in Shitcago this week. 

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British Justice..the best that money can buy!

The blindfolded lady with the scales has dropped them, been bent forward over the bench and is being rogered from behind by the wealthy elite!

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And the entertainment-addled ignoramuses she represents seem to be liking it...


By the way, 'rogered'...?    

Love it...!!!

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British Justice?  What about American Injustice? 

Swish Sessions strikes again!

What yellow-bellied Deep-State weasel!  What a LOSER! 

Still sniffing leather chairs, Jeff?

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" in my view it would not be prudent for the Swedish authorities to try to interview the defendant in the UK."


And the Swedes remain home after receiving that sentence?!

The elaboration of course is not shared but what type of prosecutor is one when in such a situation one remains at home?

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Perhaps, the concept of "neutral territory" was terrifying them. Or not-so-subtle threats against Sweden from Camoron.

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SO the UK lawyer said: " in my view it would not be prudent for...." - that's coded gangster talk - just like: "If you don't give us the money we want - things may go badly for you". That "prudent" stuff is a threat clear and simple - one government to another - with the US pulling the strings.

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I dare them to put him on trial. Who knows what damning info that would reveal.

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(((They))) 'll have Cancered him off the field long before he's allowed to go public with his Doomsday Trove.

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A judge can deny admission of documents in a case. Then you have to go through the appeals process which requires tons of money to prepare a brief and appear before the appeals court. Then if the inferior appeals court rules against you it is on to a higher or highest appeals court. Fortunately Assange may have the financial resources to go through several more years of legal proceedings.

This is the arduous task which takes a grinding psychological toll. Most people do not have the assets to pay a legal team for an initial hearing and 1st trial. 90% of the people do not have that intestinal fortitude or financial reserves to force a government to give up. Governments and corporations depend on this to intimidate and punish you or force you to settle for the short end of the stick.

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Just like our FBI....LAWLESS.

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What Nation State's are unethical! Shock!
see also: FBI / CIA redact/destroy JFK data... ;/
Caution Deeeep State Rabbit Holes Ahead...

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so surprised. how can that be? lol.

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 So why has the case not been thrown out? And why are the ones that destroyed the evidence not been locked up? 

 Are people going to stand by and watch him get rail roaded?  Why?

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 The bad guys watch each others backs way better than we do.  It sucks but its true.

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The US National Security Agency (NSA) has copies of all these emails.  They can ring up and get a copy from them.

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It may better suit Wiki, Assange, and the world if sources were revealed upon the murder of the source.

Jullian spill the Seth Rich beans and flip the table!

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Yup, feel the emergence of GLOBAL LEAKS has been result of flawed Wiki Doc management. 

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Julian could be holding the Rook. Only to be played when needed. 

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Assange did reveal a cryptic passphrase(?) a while back. Another dead man's handle?

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On his present course Trump's AG is finishing off the red team.

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I concede my anti-Sessions posts to you. 

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Thanks Hammer!

My sentiments exactly.

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Very nice,man.You can take a deep breath now and admit that nothing changed and nothing will in the Evil Empire of lies,theft and murder.

Jeff is a gatekeeper put there by our shabbos-goy -in-chief.