Venezuela Bans Magazines From Publishing Photos Of Women In Bikinis

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While Venezuela’s embattled government struggles with the fallout from being declared officially in default by ISDA after delaying a principal payment on the Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA, bond that matured Nov. 2, its Supreme Court has been busy robbing the country’s downtrodden public one of the few small pleasures still available in a country that has been deprived of seemingly every necessity, from food to medicine.

Local media reported that Venezuela’s Supreme Court on Friday ruled that magazines that circulate to the general public can no longer feature images of scantily clad women on their covers.

The decree specifically mentions “pornographic” content, yet includes many mainstream magazines: According to the court, “images of nude or partially nude women in compromising and suggestive poses that stimulate sexual arousal for commercial ends” are now banned from magazines, regardless of whether the photos are editorial content, or found in advertisements.



The decision was a response to a complaint filed by a citizen against weekly sports publication El Heraldo, a subsidiary of 6° Poder. The complaint requested that the government prohibit the “publication of any example, be it digital or printed, including private subscriptions, of images with sexual content … whether it be by way of a photograph, other image, advertisements or links that could be accessed by children and young people."

The court claimed that when such images go public, the publishers aren’t aware of their responsibilities as “media outlets in society to transmit appropriate content” seen by both adults and children.

This ruling directly affects the country’s primary publications Meridiano and Líder, both of which make use of images of women in bathing suits on their covers.

“These types of sexual images don’t come with a warning, which could bring about negative consequences with respect to people’s baser instincts, and thereby put at risk the constitutional rights of the most vulnerable, namely children and young people,” the court’s ruling continues.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court has regularly kowtowed to the whims of the Maduro government, most famously when it certified a Maduro-approved directive to disband the country’s Congress, a ruling that led to the successful (if rigged) referendum vote to create a new National Assembly to help Maduro change the country’s Constitution to cement his long-term grip on power - and marginalize political dissidents who have been rallying in the streets of the country’s cities for months.

Venezuela’s economy has been locked in a vicious downward spiral after falling oil prices and years of mismanagement by Maduro and his predecessor, President Hugo Chavez have spurred inflation rates above 2,000%.

Given these endemic economic troubles, it would appear women in bikinis are the least of the societal ills plaguing Latin America’s favorite Socialist Paradise.

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Pretty girls with a smile can sell more than most.

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The only +1 you are likely to get from me.

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I fucking LOVE that bitch on the right, with the gun.

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Hmmm.  No gun pics on my page.  darn.

the last sentence summarized my opinion.   I guess the Venezuelans will have to import Brazilian mags...

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Ban fake boobs while you are at it.

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What?  ban them?   I don't care if they are glands,  fat or silicone. I like 'em big.

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How about banning airbrushing and silicone boobs?

I will never get the image of my coworker jumping up and down in the bathroom to show me her new D cup boobs didn't move. They re so wonderful Miffed, I don't need to wear a bra!!

I found it rather bizarre looking. Two melons on a wall. I guess that's sexy now.


moorewasthebestbond's picture

Real men don't want that shit but it would have been nice to be a fly on the wall.

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completely agree! bikinis should be banned!

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Maybe they are worried about the Clinton Foundation, CIA and Mossad showing up down there and trafficking all of them during a time of extreme economic duress (doubt it).  When your country is starving it is probably is not wise to advertise the good looks of your population or the demons who hunt meat will come down to harvest the benefits of their suffering.  They say Grandmothers were whoring themselves out on the streets of Germany after WWI and to try and feed their hungry Grandchildren.  This type of thing always attracts the most depraved of evil.



I wondered what all the collapse and hunger was about, it's them lass's in bikinis that's the problem. They should have banned them sooner and everything would be hunky dory. At least it’s not the Russians.

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They were Russian made bikinis.


Dam. I knew them Russians would be involved somehow.

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(if you'er old enough)... "velly nice... next"

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Thats it. Send in everything

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this is coming from the venezuelan vice president.  the islamization of latin america.

tareck el-aissami mother was lebanese, his father was druze.  aissami's great uncle was saddam hussein's right hand man and head of the ba'ath party in iraq.  this guy as veep in venzuela is like having the HNIC as potus in the US.

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Remember, if you touch yourself while looking at a woman's photo you have raped her.

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just masturbation?   or does that include picking my nose?


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is that a plantain in your pants, or are you just reading the articles?


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I'll take the one in the middle for 10 Alex.

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ahhhh so its the bikinis that have been destroying governments in South America.




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In other news, Chief Justice of the SCOTUS upheld a resolution passed by the Democratic Congressional Caucus forbidding members of the MSM from printing any facts that might support Donald Trump or hinder Hillary Clinton et al. Said Justice Roberts, "This is now the law of the land, and if you try printing inconvenient facts we will tax you into oblivion."

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Man, I don't get this at all. Venezuela has had more Ms. Universe's than any other country and only has 20 million people. The Miss Venezuela pagent has as many viewers as the world cup. Venezuelan women then are trained to flaunt their beauty and are proud to do so.

Panama has so many Venezuelans now the country is being called Panamazeula and other countries like Peru and Colombia are awash with Venezuelan, and the irony is I have been dating one of these hot women and moved her to Peru. She is smoking hot, doing modeling work in Peru, and I help her with her rent. That allows her to send more money home to the folks. Maybe that is the plan: forbid our hotties to make money at home, have them emigrate, and they will send HARD currency back to Ven. Besides oil, that is all they have the rest of the world wants. 

I will say for a country with people in every town eating out of garbage cans, where the simplest of infections can be life threatening due to the scarcity of antibiotics, and you can be shot for your cell phone, this is not about morality because the Venezuelan government has no morals. 


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Typically MS "V" has mass lipo done as well as removing the two lower ribs on each side.....and lets not forget the 100+K in facial surgury...

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This is true. I know a plastic surgeon who performs such operations who has an international clientele. I was aghast when he described the procedure and a bit accusatory I might add. He did say in his defense he would never do such a procedure on his wife. It is simply business. I got off my high horse.


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Venezuela is in default, lets ban bikini pics.   Typical Marxist tactics.  When you have fucked up for the whole world to see and can no longer sell ideological bullshit , create a diversion hoping to avoid the free helicopter ride.

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Must be connected with the tissue shortage

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They ought to show more skinny models to take peoples minds off of food.

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Clearly, they know they're going to run out of pussy very quickly. 

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Good. Maybe they have some morals and common sense after all.

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Man, just when the female population had slimmed down to bikini weight.   At least folks can afford to hang around the beach. (being free and all)

Next stop - anorexia.

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If socialist bullshit doesn't do the trick of sinking the government in Venezeula, this should start the armed revolution.

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OK, without bikini's then...

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Is this what would have happened to the dollar if Bernie had won?

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They could sell more magazines if they made the pages edible,  Just Saying..

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Prior news reports said many professional and other Venezuelan women have gone to work as prostitutes in Columbia.

Are there any Venezuelan models left in Venezuela to be photographed?

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Damn, can't even have a wank, in Venezuela. What a shitty place.

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They will stab you in your sleep

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Women in bikinis are polite enough to expose 90% of their bodies, and men are polite enough to stare at the 10% that are covered.  Seems like a win-win to me. 

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Pure madness, why not bring in the burkinis while they are at it.  Guess the out of control inflation is not much of a concern for them.

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Page Two, they are demoted to.

So; news-stands, a page fold over...



When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

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Is that last chart tumescence vs time after being exposed to these pics?

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-You clicked to look at the women in bikinis.

-You clicked to read the article.

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Shit all they need is a magazine of the hispanic weather/news ladies who barely wear anything as it is

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I don't know about this.  Choosing not to degrade your own goyim women is ANTI-SEMITIC!  In fact, those Venezualan shiksas should be NAKED.  

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 Watch as sales tank. lol