Republican Senatorial Committee Cuts Off Roy Moore's Funding

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Update: A Republican Virginia Congresswoman in a district carried by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election is calling for Roy Moore to drop out of the race. Rep. Barbara Comstock in her statement compared Moore with other men recently accused of sexual harassment, assault and other crimes, the Hill reported.

“Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Roger Ailes, Roy Moore…No MOORE of this,” Comstock said Friday in a statement. “I believed the stories from the victims of Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes and others because they were substantiated and consistent with the stories of how sexual predators operate."

“To date Roy Moore has not provided any credible explanation or response to the detailed allegations,” Comstock continued. “The defense from some of his supporters is beyond disturbing. Today, the National Review Editorial board also set out the case against Roy Moore and why he should drop out. Roy Moore should not serve in the U.S. Senate."

Comstock won Virginia’s 10th District by 6 points in 2016, but President Trump lost the district to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by 10 points, according to The Hill.

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Update: The National Republican Senatorial Committee has reportedly removed itself from its joint fundraising agreement with Roy Moore.

Politico reports that Federal Election Commission paperwork filed on Friday showed that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is no longer listed as part of a joint fundraising committee with Moore's campaign, the Alabama Republican Party, and the Republican National Committee.

The other three entities remain in the contract, as of Friday afternoon.

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As we detailed earlier, yesterday, we reported that Roy Moore, the Steve Bannon-backed Republican candidate for the Alabama Senate seat formerly held by AG Jeff Sessions, has been accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a 14-year old girl back in 1979, when he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney.

Moore handily won the Republican primary in the race to fill Session's old seat back in September, and was gearing up to face Democrat and former US Attorney Doug Jones in a special election next month.

But the allegations are threatening to derail his campaign, and possibly throw the senate seat to Democratic contender Doug Jones, a former US attorney.

Several Republicans have already stepped up to condemn Moore and demand that he ‘step aside’ (with the important caveat that he should do so only if the allegations are true). And now, the White House has offered its thoughts about the allegations.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters traveling with Trump in Asia that the president believes a “mere allegation”, especially one from many years ago, shouldn’t be allowed to destroy a person’s life.

But that if the accusations are true, President Donald Trump is confident Moore “will do the right thing and step aside."

The Washington Post reported Thursday that an Alabama woman said Moore had sexual contact with her when she was 14 and he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney. It also reported he had inappropriate contact with three other women ranging in age from 16 to 18.

The Moore campaign denied the report as “the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation.

According to the Washington Post, the legal age of consent in Alabama, now, and in 1979, is 16. Today, a person who is at least 19 years old who has sexual contact with someone older than 12 and younger than 15 has committed sexual abuse in the second degree. Sexual contact is defined as touching of sexual or intimate parts. The crime is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.

In Alabama, the statute of limitations for bringing felony charges involving sexual abuse of a minor in 1979 would have run out three years later, and the time frame for filing a civil complaint would have ended when the alleged victim turned 21, according to Child USA, a nonprofit research and advocacy group at the University of Pennsylvania.

Of course, Moore has vociferously denied the claims as an attack on his campaign by his liberal opponents. While no new polls have been taken since the allegations surfaced last night, Moore was beating Jones by double digits according to at least one poll cited by RealClearPolitics.

The question now is: Will Moore step aside? And if he doesn’t, can he still win?

The fate of tax reform - not to mention the Republicans’ broader legislative agenda - may hang in the balance.

* * *

As pressure for Moore to step aside mounts, Axios is reporting that Sen. Mike Lee of Utah has asked Roy Moore's team to stop using Lee's image on their campaign fundraising materials. While it's too late for Moore to be removed from the ballot, but responses like those from Lee show he's quickly losing support from the GOP.

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incharge1976's picture

The Republicans are friggin' traitors. I'm sick of this shit. 

shovelhead's picture

Yes. I always enjoy the leader in fake news.

cheka's picture

already debunked -- paid accuser

Gap Admirer's picture

The leftist "news" corporations and the democrat party, but I repeat myself, regularly come up with allegations - allegations that can not be proven or disproved - against the republican candidate days before the election.  And this poor, poor, 14 year old.  She was so traumatized that she couldn't bring out the allegations for more than three DECADES or for **any** other political race that Judge Moore was in.  Only this one and only days before the vote.  Not even in the primaries.

A bunch of bullshit.  The dems actually do the abuse then accuse republicans of doing what they do.  Sadly, the media campaign for the dems and run with it.

Too tiresome.

cheka's picture

the paymaster is dem operative with ties to clinton demons and

she went around offering a thousand dollars to anyone that would make the claim

847328_3527's picture

Odd the DNC never cut off funding for traitorous Soweeto bin Bama, crooked Hillary or the druggie dems who ran for mayoral positions in various cities like marion barry in DC.

cheka's picture

i read that this is the woman offering the bribes:

Beth Reinhard

Gap Admirer's picture

Link directly to the payolla offer recording?  There was a lot of stuff at that twitter link but I couldn't find the recording link.

cheka's picture

haven't seen it yet either -- just that it was recorded and given to the local DA

Gap Admirer's picture

If true it will be YUGE.

Sanity Bear's picture

Super obvious intentional defamation.

This is ultimately about Bezos waging a war for control of the Senate.

It's time to discuss the merits of a Saudi solution to the Bezos problem.

Dukes's picture

Washington Post published original article, not WSJ.

Does this Beth person work for both?

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

Democracy is a failure. It's not possible to elect those who serve our interests. It can't happen, due to the mud-machine. We must demand an alternative to Democracy.

Gap Admirer's picture

Yes, a representative republic with a Constitution that is adsgered to.  That would do it.

Déjà view's picture

Bannon...'Moore' Kosher Commandments...

We must remember that Israel is the United States' most important ally and partner in the Middle East and should reject agreements or policies that undermine Israel's security. We should pass the Taylor Force Act and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.


SerfsUp's picture

Anyone the swamp hates gets accused of sexual improprieties.  Its pathetic, like the pedos aren't a dime-a-dozen up in DC.  Voters should interpret this news as a stamp of approval for Roy Moore.  He is 100% clean, anti-swamp, and worthy of your vote. 

sleigher's picture

That's been my stance on things for a while now.  The guy is probably exactly who we need in Congress.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Republican Senatorial Committee Cuts Off Roy Moore's Funding

My response: This is PURE and UNMITIGATED BULLSHIT!!!!

Planned Parenthood and deep state probably behind this CRAP.

Roy Moore is an honorable man above this sort of stuff.

The DEEP STATE DESPOTS are a bunch of GUTLESS WONDERS who should be put out of business permanently.

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

It's time for an alternative to democracy. The Deep State controls it completely.

loves the truth's picture

You dont believe that Satan exists? He is the father of the lie and is misleading the entire enhabited earth. REV 12:9


The world is full of slanderers!

Omen IV's picture

she said she had severe money problems. This will be the defining debacle of the establishment republicans and the leadership of  McCain / McConnell

this is a HIGH TECH LYNCHING as the man said a long time ago

nothing will stop these people  - which suggests that Mueller is more dangerous than before - since ANY of his allegation against Trump is grist for immediate  impeachment


sedition is everywhere

AGuy's picture

RussiaGate Trumped with RapeGate. In the future, every Alt-Right candidate will be accused of Rape or Sexual misconduct.

E5's picture

What difference does it make?

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.


Bilderberg Member's picture

Impeccable timing by the accuser

mkkby's picture

Only thing that can believed now is wikileaks. Thank you putin or who ever does this invaluable public service.

E5's picture

Exactly.  The McCain, etc. bunch hate Liberty conservatives.  They would rather have a democrat

curbjob's picture

Roy Moore believes the earth is 6000 years old so,



As a resident of Alabama ,  it's a fucking insult that you syphilated cunt republicans expect me to vote for someone who thinks jeebers petted dinosaurs . You think we're fucking dumb cunts down here who are going to vote for a retard just because there's a R after his name ?  ... because Bannon says so ? 

That's the same assumption democrats make about the dindu vote except in this case they're not pushing a tALibani 


Liberty Conservative ? are you fucking high ? Roy Moore wants to waterboard you for smoking a blunt you dumb fuck.


MickV's picture

That doesn't mean he is guilty.

curbjob's picture

He's guilty of being a fucking moron, which is enough for me.

My state is 50th in almost every negative metric and Roy Moore represents the Alabama political establishment responsible for the state's standing. 

Minack's picture

I take it you voted for Mo Brooks in the primary then right? Or Strange?

Minack's picture

Is there anything more insufferable than a fedorafag? You were expected to vote for an establishment empty suit named Luther Strange and since the people didn't go along with McConnell's choice, other measures had to be taken. Moore is supposed to be a shiv in the GOP's side.

Maybe in between waterboarding sessions you can put down the blunt and pay attention to more than two days worth of news headlines.

curbjob's picture

I never voted in the primary because both candidates were equally bad. 

Not to worry tho, I intend to shiv the GOP with my vote.

Minack's picture

Ok, just another lefty shill. Thanks for clearing that up.

curbjob's picture

... because if you don't support a religious zealot you must be leftist shill ?

Another faithful foot soldier in the war on intelligence . 

undertow1141's picture

Take the black cock outta your mouth, you're mumbling.

curbjob's picture

Projecting again ? or is that how you get cigarettes   ? 

Minack's picture

Oh, you're not really a lefty, you just vote for them. I guess you're one of the walking wounded in that war on intelligence. Friendly fire incident?


curbjob's picture

Curious, when Jones wins next month, is your argument going to be that Alabama is a left leaning state ?


Minack's picture

No, why would it be? Moore's going to win because people are sick of media and establishment BS games. The attack on Moore only adds fuel to the anti-establishment fire. So go ahead. Keep attacking Christians. Keep attacking whites. Keep attacking guns and all the other things you degenerates hate because it wakes up more people and encourages them to go out and vote just to spite the left.

curbjob's picture

"So go ahead. Keep attacking Christians."

Moore isn't a christian. That bible he waves around is just to get votes and, apparently to get laid.


"Keep attacking whites."

Huh ? Last I checked, both candidates are white.


"Keep attacking guns "

Again, wtf  ? 

Aside, Jones is an avid hunter and pro the 2nd.

Minack's picture

John Kerry went hunting a couple of times too.

curbjob's picture

So did Dick Cheney , but he wasn't very good at it

secretargentman's picture

You've obviously been educated (indoctrinated) beyond your intelligence by the godless heathens. Get a clue. 

curbjob's picture

Are you trying to make my point.

Publicus_Reanimated's picture

Last I heard there was no test for religious belief OR the lack thereof to hold office in this country.  How many bright lights in US history do you want to extinguish because they held similar beliefs?  Asshole.

AGuy's picture

"As a resident of Alabama , it's a fucking insult that you syphilated cunt republicans expect me to vote for someone who thinks jeebers petted dinosaurs ."

Well Stalin, Mao believe the world was much older than 6K, but just because the believed in evolution does mean you should vote for them. FWIW: You never see many non-religous conservatives that promote Libertarian views.

Which would you rather have:

1. A Christian Politican that believes in the Bible to the letter, but honors the constitution, less taxes, less gov't interfernce

2. An athetist Politican that has substituted the state for God and believe citizen don't have any rights (except if your non-white gay transgender that cross dresses). Who wants to tax ever dollar you earn, take away your healthcare, and teach your kid to love & worship the state.

You don't have a third option: Choose one of the above. Sorry life sucks and isn't fair. Deal with it.

curbjob's picture

None of the above.

Perhaps you live in a state that can afford a safe space in schools to teach creationism  ... mine can't .