Trump Will Not Meet Putin In Vietnam, White House Says

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Two days after the Kremlin said there was a “strong possibility” that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet on the sidelines of the upcoming Asia-Pacific summit in Vietnam, the Trump White House has seemingly caved to outside pressure and confirmed that there are currently no plans for a formal meeting between Putin and Trump on the sidelines of the summit.

The Kremlin had announced that both sides were working on a suitable time and format for a meeting when both men are in Vietnam starting Friday. But US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had downplayed the possibility in an interview on his flight from China to Vietnam. He said if there wasn’t the likelihood of progress on a number of issues, there was no point to a meeting. The White House communications department later confirmed Tillerson’s assessment.

As Bloomberg points out, any Putin-Trump meeting would be fraught with complications given the recent indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Furthermore, the revelation that former foreign policy aide George Papadopoulos agreed to cooperate with the probe over the summer – and may even have worn a wire in meetings with Trump associates – has created tension among Trump's inner circle.

“Are they going to bump into each other and say hello? Certainly possible and likely,” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters. “But in terms of a scheduled, formal meeting, there’s not one on the calendar and we don’t anticipate that there will be one.”

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said Friday it was "hard to overestimate the importance and significance of any contact between the president of Russia and the United States for all international matters."

As Strategic Culture Foundation's Andrei Akulov notes, President Donald Trump told Fox News last week that he may meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said it was very important to meet the Russian leader. The US president expressed hope that Russia would help solve the North Korea problem. "It's hard to overestimate the importance and significance for all international matters of any contact between the presidents of Russia and the United States," said Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Putin and Trump first met at the G20 summit in Hamburg in July when they discussed allegations of Russian meddling in the US presidential election. Back then, the leaders agreed to focus on better ties. However, the relations have soured further since that time as the diplomatic scandal broke out. In August, the president signed new sanctions against Russia. During the election campaign, Donald Trump pitched himself as a leader who would normalize the relationship. The American voters backed this stance. But the promised improvement has not materialized.

Today, the relations between Russia and the US are on a downward spiral of sanctions and accusations. It’s true that the Russian-American relations are struggling through their most difficult period since the end of the Cold War.

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overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Trump will meet..this is how the msm tries to set the story..He knows their tricks very well

aurum4040's picture

So G Pad wore a wire over the summer? I dont believe it at all. You mean to tell me they were at that point in this bullshit investigation, gathered damning evidence of collusion, then did nothing about it allowing Trump to get elected, and then they allow the treasonous administration to continue as the most serious national security issue in American history for well over a year after they knew about it? Doesnt even pass a sniff test. What a fucking joke. 

y3maxx's picture

Trump and Putin will instead spend a moment or two chatting, sharing burgers and  glasses of borscht, on the tarmac, just prior to their planes taking off.

Theta_Burn's picture


Have to maintain appearances, see its not what you try to accomplish, Trump/Putin know the idiocy that is American politics, a meeting will only breath new life into the collusion stupidity. 

They could however meet on the tarmac to talk...privately about the awesome coffee and apple pie they serve at these functions, as that was acceptable and common practice not long ago..

Scar Bro's picture

Every president (or candidate) must appease AIPAC and must go to the filthy wall and wear a skull cap but they can't have a meeting with the Russian leader?

Fucking jews. t-20 seconds before we start hearing "ANTI-SEMITE"!!

lucitanian's picture

"a meeting will only breath new life into the collusion stupidity"

No, actually not meeting is what reaferms the stupitity.

It means that Trump and his administration gives credence to this whole ani-Russia meme. 

The raiding of Consulates and the legal attacks on RT are obvious signs that Trump is as on board as the rest of the swamp.

Russia shares a boarder with N. Korea and Iran, and it is an "invited" and legitimate participant in the conflict in Syria (as apposed to the US). Russia is also a member of the UNSC,  If the foreign policy matters and there is any reality in resolving differences through negotiation, surely at this intersection, if none other, it is ridiculous that the heads of state do not meet and speak. If anything this shows the weakness, myopia, and complete degradation to an Alice in Wonderland world reality of Washington, in that the PTB feel it is important that it is publicized that the their head of state, who is threatening these two neighbors of Russia and Russia itself, probably the second most powerful military in the world, does not talk to his counterpart.  

I have never seen or could imagine such stupidity, indicative of an appetite for real and potentially nuclear war at any cost.

All this while the US seems more interested in who's rogering little boys or girls, as if that was news or relatively important in a country of sexually immature deviants, obsessed by conditioning to objectivize their desires through media indoctrination. (thank you Mr Bernays).



SoDamnMad's picture

I figured Bebe told him he couldn't meet Putin. Only important people like him.

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

nah, it was putin that did not want to meet with trump.  putin is awesome and he does not need to meet with losers.  he is too busy making russia great again.

Davidduke2000's picture

He tried to cover for trump's stupidity, but trump wants to be seen as stupid and a con. 

Scar Bro's picture

fucking retarted downvoters. I'd happily have Putin as president instead of the orange jew loving oaf who is essentially jewish just to top things off!

Crazy Or Not's picture

Best venue - Hillary's wake.

otschelnik's picture

Sorry to see DOJ trying to force RT to register as foreign agent.  Ridiculous.  With Russia were going from bad to worse.




Davidduke2000's picture

until Putin lose his cool and start acting decisevly against the us especilly in Latinn america, arm them all with the surplus soviet stuff,  still better than nothing of course for free.

Then position some balistic missiles in few of these countries than can reach the us esily.

Not worry about Canada , we are unarmed. 

Royotoyo's picture

This is extremely bad news.  Peskov is right, of course, they need to meet and speak as much as possible for all our sakes'.  Ah, well, mankind's had a good run, probably about a good a time as any to wind down this cosmic mistake.

medium giraffe's picture

I suppose that's one way to negate the Nimrodean 'big plan'.  Better than the alternative I suspect.

bigkahuna's picture

The show must go on!

zeroboris's picture

In fact, now they have nothing to discuss with each other.

Crazy Or Not's picture

They could celebrate their outstanding collaboration and joint defeat of ISIS in Syria ;)  /s

lucitanian's picture

How do you talk to the queen of hearts? when all you hear is:

"we're so great, huuuuuuge, simply fantastic,.... off with his head!

Dank fur Kopf's picture

Because talking and working out stuff is for people that aren't aiming at going to war.

Eyes Opened's picture

No point in talking to Trump...

he is the monkey , not the organ grinder....

shovelhead's picture

And they're still trying to push this stupid "Russians stole muh election" bullshit.

Why are these goofs reacting to it?

Face it Deepies, you lost in Syria. Get over it. Russia's going to be selling gas to Europe for a long time.

BlindMonkey's picture

There was a recent story that Brussels demands Nordstream-2 be immediately canceled.  This should go over well with the Germans. 

lucitanian's picture

You lost the "petro-dollar"

Infinite QE's picture

Nuttyahoo continues the controls on puppet Drumpf.

Davidduke2000's picture

he is not controling him with string, he has his arm up his ass like kid's puppets.




TheLastTrump's picture

Did someone say....PUTIN?


Here you go you fucking morons.



“This reminds me of anti-Semitism,” Putin said. “The Jews are to blame for everything. An idiot cannot do anything himself, so the Jews are to blame. But we know what such attitudes lead to. They end with nothing good.”

Calculus99's picture

Hilarious from the great (nasty) Russian Ivan Koloff - 

"I became interested in wrestling when my father showed me pictures of American wrestlers. I said 'father, is this what American women look like?' and he said, 'No my son, these are American wrestling men'. I decided then that it was time to show the superiority of the Russian people.

Got to love old school wrestling... 

Fireman's picture

USSA got hacked to pieces once before.

Fireman's picture

Apparently Chump's ventriloquist was too scared the dummy could get hacked.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

When Donny has "NO AIRS" left that will hold him or his Country up... Only worthless "paper"!...

JoeTurner's picture

Probably best that this meeting not happen....the levels of white male testosterone in the room would shatter the soy-boy-goy fake news "journalists"

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Not to mention the fact that any American advising the President of the United States to use Vietnam as a backdrop for a "Reykjavik Part II" wasn't thinkin real good considering what we did to it for 10 years!...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Let's hope that China's latest window dressing initiative with the "9/11 partner" ( won't supersede the only path to genuine viable sovereignty that Russia represents ( to the rest of the World right now!

buzzsaw99's picture

poor putin, he bribed hitlary and then after that it all went to shit for him.

Viggy, Viggy, Viggy, you have been a bad monkey! [/Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters 2 ]

Oh buddy, did you back the wrong horse! [/Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters 2 ]

Davidduke2000's picture

president Putin should shun this imbecile and leave him to the swamp to devour him, he does not deserve the sympathy.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

It’s true that the Russian-American relations are struggling through their most difficult period since the end of the Cold War.

YES, thanks to the Washington establishment, RINO Republicans, Progressive Democrats, and the MSM...  Fuck all you globalist idiots

RawPawg's picture

don't kid yourself

they will meet,they will talk

NickPeeMe's picture

Trump is such a cock teaser. Putin is not goingto like this.

TheLastTrump's picture

Look at the pro Russian shills flocking to this Russian thread....

JoseyWalesTheOutlaw's picture

He spends all his time sucking obama's dik....the line is shorter for him these days

ThinkAgain's picture

The USA lives in a bubble of self-over-importance:

The economic sun shines in the near double digit growth Global East:

The Global East is releasing itself out of the global tax structure of the empire by ditching the dollar:

How they do that? By bilateral currency swaps facilitating mutual trade:



A. Boaty's picture

No F2F = a symbolic gesture, but practically, does anyone really need a F2F?

TheLastTrump's picture

These people that are constantly attacking president Trump are undermining American power & leading us towards war. They're making war more likely by presenting a divided front.


United we stand, divided we fall...

redmudhooch's picture

Who killed 3000 Americans on 9/11?

Russia? Iran? Korea?

Get the fuck out of here, why you waste your time for?

No one in America is as dumb as you are, no one buys it.

Sandmann's picture

Trump is the man to stroke The Orb..........that's not for Putin !

Sandmann's picture

Trump is the man to stroke The Orb..........that's not for Putin !

Stan522's picture

And if this FAKE Russian collusion story wasn't fabricated by the dems perhaps we'd have better cooperation around the world....