"This Is A Dangerous Iranian Escalation": Bahrain Blames Pipeline Explosion On Iran, Terrorists

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There was something odd about Friday's night's explosion of an oil pipeline belonging to Bahrain's state-run oil company BAPCO, which local authorities initially said was the result of an accident: as we said, the giant fireball had all the hallmarks of either sabotage or a terrorist event, the only question is whether it was real or staged, and who would ultimately be blamed for it.  

We didn't have long to wait for the answer: on Saturday Bahrain government claimed the blast was a "terorrist act" directed by Iran.

In a statement on Twitter, the Bahrain Ministry of Interior said that "evidence gathered by the inspection team confirms that this was an intentional act undertaken by terrorists intending to undermine the security of the Kingdom" with Bahrain's interior minister, Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, adding that the blast was "the latest example of a terrorist act performed by terrorists in direct contact with & under instruction from, Iran."

Bahrain's Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa later tweeted that the explosion had targeted a pipeline running between the island nation and neighboring Saudi Arabia, which provides financial and security support to the kingdom.

"This is a dangerous Iranian escalation aimed at terrorizing citizens and damaging the world's oil industry," the minister tweeted.

In a carefully orchestrated escalation, one largely staged for public consumption purposes, also on Saturday Saudi Arabia said it was suspending pumping oil to Bahrain following the pipeline blast. The Saudi energy minister also said it had increased security precautions at all facilities following the Bahrain blast. Which, for the cynics out there, means a "pipeline explosion" in Saudi Arabia, one which will also be blamed on Iran-guided terrorists, is likely imminent.

While Iran had no immediate comment Saturday, it has long denied being behind Bahrain's militant groups.

The explosion damaged cars and nearby buildings, forcing firefighters to evacuate those close to the flames in Buri, just outside of the capital, Manama. Authorities later extinguished the blaze on the pipeline belonging to the state-run Bahrain Petroleum Co. While no one was injured in the explosion late Friday night near the Shiite village of Buri and no militant group immediately claimed the blast, Bahrain's reaction which was the latest to scapegoat Iran for the plethora of problems to hit the Gulf region, opened a new front in the low-level insurgency plaguing Bahrain since its 2011 Arab Spring protests.

Bahrain, which is a critical Gulf nation to regional US strategic interests as it is home to the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet, faces occasional attacks from local Shiite militant groups as the kingdom ruled by the Sunni Al Khalifa family continues a crackdown on all dissent, imprisoning or forcing politicians and activists into exile. Independent news gathering there has grown more difficult, with the government refusing to accredit two AP reporters and others .

However, as AP notes, that previous campaign of bombings and shootings had not seen the island's oil infrastructure targeted, even immediately after Emirati and Saudi forces helped Bahrain put down its 2011 Arab Spring protests. As such Friday's pipeline attack could be a sign of a far more dangerous escalation - whether real or "false flagged" - one which seeks to scapegoat Iran.

Unlike its oil export powerhouse neighbors, Bahrain produced only 64,000 barrels of crude oil a day in 2016, far lower than the other oil-producing nations of the Persian Gulf, according to the EIA. Additionally, due to ongoing budget difficulties, Bahrain's foreign currency reserves had plunged to levels not seen in over a decade.

Bahrain has faced increasing financial pressure in recent years: the IMF estimates that Bahrain needs oil prices at $99 a barrel to balance its budget this year, compared with $73.1 a barrel for Saudi Arabia, which is overhauling its economy. While Brent crude is trading at the highest level in more than two years, it’s still almost $40 below Bahrain’s breakeven price.

Things took a turn for the worse last week, when we observed the plunge in the Bahrain Dinar forward market...

... following a Bloomberg report that Bahrain had requested a bailout from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  And judging by the surge in reserves immediately after...

... Bahrain may have received it.

“Most people are fully expecting the other Gulf countries to come to Bahrain’s aid,” said Jason Tuvey, a London-based economist at Capital Economics. “If Bahrain was forced to devalue its currency it would probably start to raise questions about other currency pegs.”

True, but Saudi Arabia - which itself is facing a dire financial situation - would not have given Bahrain billions with no strings attached. And as may be the case, one of the conditions appears to have been to blame any "imminent terrorist attacks" on Iran. That's precisely what happened overnight. As to whether this will be the tipping point that launches what now appears to be inevitable war between Iran/Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council - in addition to Israel - we'll just have to wait and see...

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Anonymous IX's picture

Uh oh.  And so it begins.

bloostar's picture

One way to get the oil price up I suppose!

Yukon Cornholius's picture

It seems to me all these "big moves" are just an elaborate plan for the US Navy to rid itself of its carriers. Dead tech needs an excuse to go bye-bye.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Lemme guess, these pipes were old and needed to be replaced eventually, kinda like asbestos laden twin towers. Perfect FF fodder.

auricle's picture

Who bothers to listen to the liars in the MIC spin their bullshit narratives. 

Socratic Dog's picture

Let me guess, the terrorists dropped their passports at the scene?

Better get FBI behavioural sciences onto this, quick.

bobcatz's picture

And YOU CAN BET they were Israhellis, as this only benefits them. http://wp.me/p4OZ4v-2g9

They've had a hard on for Iran for a long time. They're trying to get somebody else to do their dirty job.

svayambhu108's picture

There was a guy yesterday here saying it was a false flag. If it was so fast contained. Makes me think that it conveniently exploded downstream of one of those big faucets


hoos bin pharteen's picture

Spam alert! Obfuscated URL from the so called 'biblicism' institute.

shovelhead's picture

Beat me to the obvious passport joke.

"These blast marks are typical of an Iranian device..."

OverTheHedge's picture

But only Saudi passports are indestructible, so any passport material at the scene means either a) Saudi Arabia is working hand in glove with Iran or b) it was a false flag.

Am I on track with this passport thing? Or am I one theory beyond the conspiracy?

Eyes Opened's picture

Tracking straight & true... steady as she goes....

land_of_the_few's picture

Perhaps it was the whirling dervishes that gave the game away. They are intensively trained since they can only fire one gunshot per turn, like a WWI biplane firing through the gaps in its own propeller arc.

king leon's picture

A US General In from Pentagon claimed they found Iranian markings on the C4 explosives 

Txpl9421's picture

With US reserves at a high level, and the tech for getting oil out of the shale fields, the US and Canada could replace the Saudi oil without a whole lot of disruption.

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture


< It was the internation church of terrorism
< Totally Iran

BandGap's picture

Begin? You aren't watching the big board. The pieces are being put in place for the big show.

Freddie's picture

Paveway IV over on on of Alabama (he used to post here) is thinking Saudi jets or UAE or Israeli jets painted saudi may bomb HEzbollah in Lebanon.  The pilots will be Israeli like the Saudi jets bombing Yemen.  American pilots might also be used or merc pililots

If the Saudis/ISrael try that then hopefully Hezbollah or Iran will blkow up Saudi pipelines.  Saudi Arabia is broke.  Money is coming into SA but they spend it faster than Elton John does.

thatthingcanfly's picture

What do you mean, "And so it begins."?

NEWS FLASH: Muslims have been killing each other and blowing themselves up for 14 centuries now.

MasterControl's picture

Cue the ZH iranian fanclub

peddling-fiction's picture

"Cue the ZH iranian fanclub"

Shilling for a living?

waterwitch's picture

Wait until Saudi's oil production choke point gets hit! 

king leon's picture

Why can't people see what is going on. Putin in levering the Saudis out of the US camp with a crowbar, with help from China, just like he did with Turkey. Putin is offering the Saudis the S 400, China is demanding the Saudis dump the US$$$$ if they want to keep supplying China with oil, if the Saudis won't play ball then Russia and Iran will gladly supply.

Just look at the Middle East geography since Putin got involved. Putin has cleared Isis out of Syria/Iraq with Help from Iran He has also brought Turkey onboard. Iraq have told the US they have to leave, now that they have the might of Russia and China behind them. If the Saudis climb aboard then it's over in the ME for the US, the rest of the ME will cave in too, Uncle Sam can go home and concentrate on making Moonshine, Netanyahu will have to bend over and receive severe Ass fucking retribution.    

GUS100CORRINA's picture

"This Is A Dangerous Iranian Escalation": Bahrain Blames Pipeline Explosion On Terrorists, Iran

My response: If IRAN was indeed behind this terrorist act, then they must be desparate. Their day of reckoning maybe at hand.

US State Department

State Sponsors of Terrorism Overview (IRAN is #2)


thatthingcanfly's picture

Gus, PLEASE...

Enough of the millenarian garbage. Muslims have been at war with each other (and the rest of the world) for 14 centuries now. There is little different this time. Day of reckoning my ass.

Also, it's "may be."

Socratic Dog's picture

Gus, you seem like you have a good heart, but fer crissakes wake up mate.  Does "false flag" mean anything to you?

And that list of states sponsoring terrorism, where does Israel come in on it?  What about the US?  The Saudis?

thatthingcanfly's picture


It's a little too soon to be jumping to false flag conspiracy theories, don't ya think?

shovelhead's picture

My response:

Jesus told me so.

Eyes Opened's picture

Gus... stop impersonating the shovelhead please... your Dog would not approve....


Oh wait ....

The downvote made me realise I got it the rong way around...


Shovelhead... stop impersonating Gus please... his Dog would not approve....


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Odd, he didn't mention it to me.

Freddie's picture

Are you paid in shekels or matzos?

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It just goes to show Trump was right. Trump quitting US involvement by trashing the 5+1 nuclear deal, describing Iran as a terrorist country. Iran duly obliging by already committing 2 of what I am sure will be many many terrorist acts in the future/SARC

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"Shilling for a living?"

No doubt, another greasy inbred Weinstein hasbarat toiling away in their basement.

Eyes Opened's picture

A shilling is all he's worth... lol

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Still butt-hurt the CIA hasn’t responded to your CV, huh?

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He forgot to add some underground code for fag or bi in his CV.

The CeeIgAy are special...

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He should have listed pole vaulting on his CV as a special hobby.

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They're too busy gangstalking him because a Finnish reindeer roper is so important to them.

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A dull tool showing his butthurt.


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I'd rather be in the Persian fan club than the liver-eating company of the KSA cheerleaders. 


It looks like the KSA and Israel won't stop until the ME is in flames. 

Yukon Cornholius's picture

As long as (((they both))) end up in flames as well I see no problem with the current direction of SandNigga politics.

Freddie's picture

My God.  At least I can respect the Iranians aka Persians because they have been around for thousands of years and are pretty damn intelligent.  The Saudis?  Inbred just like the money changers.  They cannot fight worth a shit.They can't even do work.

Israel and the Saudis are shit scared to death of Hezbollah for good reason.

Hezbollah, Iran, Russia and a few others helped the Syrian military defend Syria and innocent Syrians from the vile Saudis headchoppers aka fake ass ISIS.  ISIS wounded were treated at Israeli field hospitals in the Golan and in Jordan.

Google Damascus at Christmas and you will see pictures of Christmas lights everywhere in Damascus.  Assad never ran or fled and said he was going nowhere.  Can you imagine that little evil chickenshits like MCCain, Lindsey Graham or Chuck Schumer?  They would be soiling their diapers.

Truthoutthere's picture

You are a fucking clueless moron, even with deep state cock up your ass.

peddling-fiction's picture

Like I said, blame Iran.

It's on....

land_of_the_few's picture

Iran also ate their homework, and made Bahrain poor by fracking in the USA and making Bahrain's big helper KSA suddenly pump too much oil thereby making Bahrain destitute

Perhaps the pipeline got hit by another of those flying "Iranian" automobile gearboxes. Sadly this was unconvincing, because they were not from Peugeot 504 sedan - the chariot of Xerxes.

RationalLuddite's picture

Yeah - the Saudis make even the US pathetic false flags look plausible.  Didn't you know that rockets need gear boxes? Change up to fifth for reentry

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How can that be? We were told Russia would never allow Iran to be attacked. That Iran had developed a ray cannon that disables all electronics on ships and knocks jets right out of the sky. That China was also firmly backing Iran and is ready to engage NATO to defend them.

Right now it seems TPTB did not read those comments and have plans to take down Iran sooner not later. Perhaps they will go to war on Lebanon first, or maybe they will just attack Lebanon to make Hezbollah go home to defend their lands. And maybe they plan a slower move on Iran not a shock and awe type situation. Thus making Iran bring troops home from Syria for defense. Thus changing the situation in Syria so it can be finished.