The Surveillance State: An Inexorable March Toward Totalitarianism

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Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

The Surveillance State has slowed down its rate of growth since the President took office, however, it has not halted that growth. Instead, it lies festering below the veneer of daily events, inexorably growing its tentacles and extending their reach.

Akin to an infestation of weeds, the roots are deep within the fabric of our communications networks: telephones, CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras, the Internet…all are thoroughly permeated.

Gizmodo released an article entitled US Homeland Security Wants Facial Recognition to Identify People in Moving Cars,” on 11/2/17 by Matt Novak. Here is an excerpt from that article:

The proposed program would allow Homeland Security to maintain a database of everyone who leaves and enters the US that would now include photos taken by spying robot-cameras at every border crossing.


Not only does DHS want this new facial recognition program to work without anyone having to exit their vehicle, the agency wants it to work even if the travelers are wearing things like sunglasses and hats. DHS also wants it to work without cars having to stop.

Seems they really want our information for their database. There is something more. One of the readers on the article’s website who uses the handle Artiofab posted this comment that is important, as he lives on the Texas border with Mexico:

 “11/02/17 12:31pm  Hi everybody I live near the US-MX border so I’m happy to give informed opinions on this topic, since I know that a lot of the audience at Gizmodo dot com apparently lives closer to the US-CA border.


Near the US-MX border along major US highways there are these interior checkpoints. If you’re traveling “into” the US (e.g., if you’re in New Mexico and you’re driving north) you stop your car, a USBP agent asks if you’re all US citizens, you say yes, they let you keep going.


(I have no personal anecdote about what happens if you don’t say yes. I have some secondhand anecdote about what happens if you are transporting a small amount of substances that the US considers illegal. But that’s tangential…)  If you’re traveling “towards” Mexico, you don’t have to stop. Instead you drive past one of these.



Yes, those are cameras and lights that take images of your car as you drive past them. What does the USBP do with the images? Great question! I don’t know the answer. But I imagine that they might really like some facial recognition software to do some biometric data-gathering on anyone passing past those cameras.”

This is interesting. Illegal aliens (yes, the Mexicans and foreigners who cross the border illegally are aliens: foreigners entering the United States illegally) are crossing our borders every day. These measures are not to keep the illegal aliens out.

These measures are to keep the subjects (taxpaying American citizen-slaves) in.

Why else would they be requiring the use of a passport starting next year on domestic flights? This is the internal passport system of the former Soviet Union, materializing before our eyes. They will not need the “Mark of the Beast” implanted or bar-coded…they have the cellular telephones.

The taxpayer slave-serfs carry these around…willingly, of their own free will…to transmit their every activity and location every four seconds…events that are all recorded for future use in whatever capacity the rulers see fit.

China has been the “testing ground” ever since free trade with them was initiated along with NAFTA (George H.W. Bush created this: Clinton just signed it into law). There is another revelatory article about the increase in surveillance technology in China. Entitled “This is What a 21st Century Police State Really Looks Like,” by Megha Rajagopalan for Buzz Feed News, released 10/17/17. 

Here is an excerpt from that important article:

For millions of people in China’s remote far west, this dystopian future is already here. China, which has already deployed the world’s most sophisticated internet censorship system, is building a surveillance state in Xinjiang, a four-hour flight from Beijing, that uses both the newest technology and human policing to keep tabs on every aspect of citizens’ daily lives.


The region is home to a Muslim ethnic minority called the Uighurs, who China has blamed for forming separatist groups and fueling terrorism. Since this spring, thousands of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities have disappeared into so-called political education centers, apparently for offenses from using Western social media apps to studying abroad in Muslim countries, according to relatives of those detained.

The reason the article is important is that Miss Rajagopalan was in the area for two months, accumulating firsthand interviews, reports, and photos. Here’s the big news. The Chinese have devices that allow them to scan cell phones and laptops from a distance at any time. They have biometric facial scanners they employ when stopping individuals on the street. The photos are a must-see: it shows an almost cowed populace infringed upon in every area of life.

That is the type of life coming to the United States, and soon.

In an article by the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Who Wants to Supply China’s Surveillance State?  The West,” by Dan Strumpf on 11/1/17.  This excerpt reveals the meaning of the article’s title:

Companies from across the globe packed one of the world’s biggest surveillance trade shows to demonstrate the latest gizmos and algorithms powering the high-tech revolution in the industry, of which China is on the vanguard. Tools being hawked included facial-recognition cameras, iris scanners, software that can read a subject’s mood and cameras that can scan license plates in the dark.  The surveillance-equipment market in China was valued at $6.4 billion last year, according to IHS Markit .


China is a big buyer of surveillance technology as Beijing steps up its efforts to better monitor its 1.4 billion people. That is providing a boon for equipment makers, who are looking to export their gear abroad. But it has also sparked concern from rights activists about how the authoritarian government is using the souped-up “Big Brother” technology.

China is the testing ground for the eventual use of this surveillance technology in the United States. An article posted on 11/6/17 shows us just how far the police state has come along toward completion. “Texas National Guard Using Cellphone Spy Tech on Surveillance Planes,” is the article’s title, by Michael Thalen of Info Wars.  The Texas National Guard is using technology to mimic cell phone towers and capture locations of thousands at a time. Here is part of the article:

The devices, purchased with drug-asset forfeiture money from Maryland-based Digital Receiver Technology Inc. (DRT), are designed to locate cellphones within a certain range by emulating a cell tower.  The specific model obtained by the Texas National Guard, known as the DRT 1301C, is even capable of intercepting and recording phone calls in real-time. A leaked U.S. government catalogue of cellphone surveillance devices obtained by The Intercept in 2015 also notes the ability of the DRT 1301C, nicknamed the “dirt box,” to “locate up to 10,000 targets and can process multiple analog and digital wireless devices all at the same time.”

There is a large question as to whether a National Guard Unit is allowed to take on the role of a police force. That question has already been covered under legislation and executive orders passed under the Color of Law that basically has thrown the rulebook out the window. Posse Comitatus has been supplanted by the Warner Defense Act of 2006, and the NDAA’s and accompanying Executive Orders under Obama have all but federalized both Active Duty military forces and National Guard troops in the never-ending “War on Terror.”

As can be seen with these articles, the U.S. government has a new President and a new “pitch,” but many things are not changing, or if so…it is for the worse. The increasing surveillance is tightening of the noose around the necks of the American citizens.

The surveillance state is growing more powerful and thanks to legislation, is becoming more invulnerable to challenges to its supremacy. Soon its inexorable march will be irreversible. Totalitarian control will be in place, and most of the citizens are either unaware of such, or they do not care that it is so.

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Croesus's picture

Save us, Big Brother!!!

(Aren't we lucky? We have Big Brother, and anonymous ex-Green Berets to protect us).

J S Bach's picture

Fuck this surveiilance state shit.  If the local police departments actions are any indicatication as to immediate "fear"... then there's nothing to worry about.

An hour after an intruder enters your home, you MIGHT just be lucky enough to have your local police enter the scene... make a report... and be ready to "take on the case".  Two weeks later, you'd be lucky to even get a response from them.  Lethargy and indifference are rife today.  It will require much more suffering and immediacy to spark real revolutionary action.

wee-weed up's picture

Trump, are you listening?

Manthong's picture


Well, the good news is that soon we will all get QR codes on the hookers and a QOS guarantee.


QR is better tats than some of that crrazy crap the sluts have now.


BennyBoy's picture


"if you've nothing to hide you have nothing to fear"

This should apply to all politicians, CIA, NSA.
Why do they have lots of somethings to hide? Lots of fear of doing illegal, bad things.

doctor10's picture

Business and economic reality will provide some curb.

Traditional currencies really aren't worth all that much in a surveillance society -which essentially all big governments are today. All opportunity for arbitrage is stolen by the sociopsyopaths pre-occupied with going through everybodies bank accounts, real estate holdings, telephone and email records, tax returns and health records seeking "opportunity".

Not much business can be done profitably. At the end of the day its why interest rates -at least in 100% traceable accountable taxable regulatable and ultimately takable currencies are basically 0% give or take a few fractions of a percent-worldwide.

FWIW if you want to borrow BTC -atBitBond today  interest rates can be 22%!!

"value" is anonymity and privacy in conduct, thought and action-one of the consequences of which is enhanced ability to keep the fruits of your own labor. It also is the ONLY means through which individual productivity can increase-and thus increase productivity across an entire nation.

Electronic/digital currencies actually fulfilling those needs will be the most valuable-there is yet to emerge one that clearly does so.

Ask East Germany and the Soviet Union exactly how well a surveillance society worked out during the 20th century. The 21st is no different in that regard-except that surveillance is cheaper and more intrusive and consequently more deleterious to society.  It is a cancer

Escrava Isaura's picture

Sorry honey, your ‘7 paragraphs’ post has no connection to reality. And it confuses more than helping understanding.

I understand that it’s very human to live in a fantasy and wishful thinking world. And that you can acquire lots of friends out there within this propaganda model. However, in the internet, wishful thinking sounds stupid.  

If you want to connect the dots. If you want to understand. And be prepared.

You need to step outside the current left and right propaganda models.

We all have the ability to do so.

But, will you?


_triplesix_'s picture

"I understand that it’s very human to live in a fantasy and wishful thinking world."


Because that's where you currently live?

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Zoo keepers need to make sure the cage doors have not been breached.  They have an innate fear of free rabbits, wolves, and tigers.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Again, if the readers thought talking abstractly couldn’t get any worse, you had to add rabbits and wolves. What hell are these suppose to mean?

Once at it, check this paragraph from Doctor 10:

Not much business can be done profitably. At the end of the day its why interest rates -at least in 100% traceable accountable taxable regulatable and ultimately takable currencies are basically 0% give or take a few fractions of a percent-worldwide. 

Now tell us, what kind of sausage is this?



UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Use your imagination. Judging by your posts here, it appears you have a very fertile one...although one deeply steeped in socialist fantasies.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well and with population of like 322 Million, 146 Million are working, it seems employment in Govt is like 1/3 of working people when you add in contractors, education, universities, health care, telecommunications, social websites.

FRED Charts have one for Federal Employee Total
Education and health services 23,456
Health care and social assistance 19,609.7

You can quote B-1 Table from Federal Reserve (thousands of employees)

Government 22,511
Federal Government 2,755
Federal, except U.S. Postal Service 2,156.3
U.S. Postal Service 598.9
State government 5,294
State government education 2,628.0
State government, excluding education 2,666.1
Local government 14,462
Local government education 8,165.7
Local government, excluding education 6,296.6

Nostradumbass's picture

As you can see, there was no j00 conspiracy at work on 9-11-2001. They were merely there to "record the event" -  lulz.


"As Hamza notes, the report’s conclusion is thought provoking: the FBI informs the local police detaining the suspects that, "the FBI has no further interest in investigating the prisoners and ’appropriate immigration procedures should be initiated [11]." A letter from the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service in fact shows that the FBI management recommended the termination of the investigation on September 24, 2001. However, the five Israelis spent 71 days in prison in Brooklyn, during which they refused, then failed several lie detector tests. They were subsequently repatriated under the simple charges of visa violations.


Omer Marmari, Oded Ellner and Yaron Shmuel, three of the five "dancing Israelis" are invited to report in an Israeli TV programe upon their return in November 2001. Denying being members of Mossad, one of them said candidly: "Our goal was to record the event.""

Blue Steel 309's picture

Pokemon Go! Gotta catchem all! It is just a game.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Talking about fakeness in another language in hope that the ‘naive’ reader won’t notice it’s a hallmark of deception:

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume……, 

Then, talking propaganda at the very first line:

The Surveillance State has slowed down its rate of growth since the President took office……

How is this thing ‘article’ suppose to have credibility?


shovelhead's picture

I love you. You're so retarded. You're like a puppy that bangs into walls.

peddling-fiction's picture


You get shovelhead and me to agree on something.

Our exotic village idiot; Isaura.

loves the truth's picture

good thing we have the NSA to stop all the bad shootings we have had lately... HUH,, nothing,, 

only spying un us to find out who are not with them as communists to be eliminated when it hits the fan.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Do you mean the red states?

Most red states are good people.

They just don't like to help anyone because they will be called socialists and their mothers’ communists.

Of course, until they need help themselves.

Which they call blessing.


rubiconsolutions's picture

"The Surveillance State has slowed down its rate of growth since the President took office..."


Bozo the Beret lost me at the first line his weekly drivel. What proof does he have that the surveillance state has slowed down since Trump took office? None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Have they begun to dismantle the Google office, er, NSA compound in Bluffdale? Nope. The march toward a total surveillance society marches on unabated. 

WTFUD's picture

Take away the food stamps and opiates and you'll see revolution within 48 hours.

Escrava Isaura's picture

But, they don’t want a revolution.

They want a coup like in France and Russia, meaning that the power structure remains intact but, in the hands of private power.


JRobby's picture

They will tell you that you should have invested in an expensive home security / monitoring systen.

10 gauge seems cheaper? But you can't be home all the time. So have some dogs there too. They know their jobs.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Just try robbing a bank, then you'll see who they are paid to protect!

Citxmech's picture

Banks (at least the branches) barely have any cash these days.  Try withdrawing more than $5k and see what happens.

junction's picture

The police like to eavesdrop but they are not required to protect you.

Why The Cops Won't Help You When You're Getting Stabbed

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

It's very common for cops to r@pe women. Something like 1/10 do it several times a year.

jeff montanye's picture

have a link or are you a woman who meets a lot of cops?

shovelhead's picture

He's a guy with a thing for uniforms.

He trying to up his numbers.

New_Meat's picture

That may be the most particularly stupid comment of the month.

WTFUD's picture

They're private security guards given carte blanche to extract by any means a monthly target bonus at the expense of the not so much by the day unsuspecting public. The FREEMASONS control this Extortion Mob.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

They are all Freemasons, as is the rest of the Just Us system and gubmint.

SixIsNinE's picture

surprised jeremiah didn't include this :

truthfactory totally covered this chinese behavior mod game with the smartphones to get people to comply -

it should come as no surprise around here that this is what yuckerborg has been conspiring to rig fartbook up to emulate

sadly, as truthfactory cat concludes, we can see this working - and to extremes.

we had a very nice vets day parade today - but no one spoke at lunch - except at the end and one vet gushed about how nice it is to hear thank you for your service in town and how it was so horrible after Nam to not see that respect.

no acknowledgement about the jfk files released. nothing of importance that we discuss at the zh lounge.

willful ignorance. learned helplessness. american zombies. don't know what to say about it.

however, i did get to chat with a woman bagpiper and vet who made it down here to play in the parade and she's also a bow-hunter who bagged a couple massive kodiak bears way North this year.... surprisingly very pretty lady hands ...the kind you wouldn't expect to be hunting with, very cool.

kentmills's picture

Six: Thanks for that link. I really enjoy the way they present news :)

Ace006's picture

Niw that you've blurted out the first thing that came to mind, do you have a substantive comment? 

New_Meat's picture

I did like the part where the anonymous bug-eater is aghast that the U.S. military has been federalzed.

Algos's picture

Just wait until surveillance becomes all too pervasive at the workplace for all slaves. There is no place to hide. 

redmudhooch's picture

Apparently at Mandalay Bay in Vegas there are lots of places to hide.......

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

All rise. All hail ZOG. ZOG is good. ZOG is love. OBEY!

TeethVillage88s's picture

"The Enemy is now our Ally, and our Ally is now our Enemy"

Endless War requires Big Brother to Watch over you.

cherry picker's picture

Time to take away some of government's powers.

Time to let currency be controlled by a nation, not banks.

Time to rebel.

Save a couple of dollars to take a two week sabbatical from work next year in the spring as in strike.

We'll see who wins in the end, the people or the necon over lords.

White Devil's picture

For most of the 1970s I had to walk to school. On the way to school was a junk yard with a bunch of shitty dogs that guarded it. They would run around and go ape-shit crazy when I walked by. Eventually, one morning, one of these wild dogs with huge dangling nads got loose and bit my leg and hands. I had to go to the hospital and get stitches as well as a series of shots.
Then for Christmas in 1978 I got a pump b b gun. The following spring and summer I would shoot that fucking dog in its nuts on an almost daily basis. It never even looked at me wrong, let alone barked or bit me again.
The lesson of the story is if you have big balls don’t be a dick about it, because comeuppance is a mutherfucker disguised as a vengeful boy with a b b gun shooting your nuts over and over again.